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  • Look at the color in this image! I love the gathering of mint leaves, the sliver in the pepper, and the sprinkling of sugar with the solo mint leaf. The side lighting, the variety of produce and spices as well as the random scatter of the spices and cloves make for a fascinating composite of mystery. What will these ingredients come together to produce?

  • Jens Erik Ebbesen

    Today I went to the greenhouse to get some tomatoes for my shoot. I started out with two tomatoes that draw my attention due to some gigantic leaves, so they became my first frame. I figured out that my camera was mounted with my 100mm macro lens so I decided to continue the macro path and got more and more exited the more details I found in the tomatoes. I did more than 40 different frame settings all getting closer. For my second picture I picked the last one where my macro lens was mounted on three extension tubes (total 68mm) and I really enjoy the many details you can find in such a small cherry tomato. What do you think? ?

    • Jens- I took a look at your website, and I love your work. I also have an 100mm macro lens, but I have never heard of an extension tube. I just looked them up on Amazon and found some different brands like Neewer and Vivitar. Do you have any suggestions on what to look for in an extension tube? I see that you purchase one that is specific for your camera. Any brand preferences? What do I look for in terms of magnifcation?

  • Jens Erik Ebbesen

    Somehow my pictures were not uploaded – I’ll try again

  • The link to the webinar only took me to youtube not to google account and it seems to be slow or behind and bits missing, because I hear things and then there is quiet for a while and I did not see the photo you were saying your’e showing. I also see now chat you are referring to

    • Found the post on google hangouts,. but it just shows me as a post, nothing I can join in, or comment

    • Are you not able to join from the link I posted? I see many people are in the Webinar now.

  • Kathy Thompson

    I’m watching from Australia. I’m only seeing a Learn Food Photography logo though…should we see something else. No blue chat button.

  • just seeing youtube and not seeing anything, youtube just has a yellow circle of Learn Food Photography logo and nothing that is shared 🙂

  • 🙂 you did get my name right and I am also from Australia, forgot to put that here.