The Ultimate Resource Guide for Food Photographers

Finally, it's here. The ultimate guide to food photography resources.

This guide is categorized into several sections. On this page you will find various type of resources, not just photo gear resources, but software, books and customer relationship tools as well.

Camera Gear

What lens to buy? What camera is best for food bloggers? Below you will find answer to all of that.

Camera body

With so many camera bodies to choose from, which one should you buy? Here's the thumb rule:

If you are just starting out - go for crop frame. Crop frame are typically lighter, easier to handle for new users.

If you have taken photos for a while, choose something from Intermediate category. These cameras typically have great features. If you are wanting to buy something, buy these.

The All-in Cameras are more suited for those who are full time photographers and typically earn all their income from photography. If you are reading this guide, most likely you will need either entry level or intermediate type camera.

However, if you do want to try your hand on top of the line, pro cameras, rent them before you buy them.

Top Three Entry Level Cameras

Top Intermediate Level Cameras

Top All-in Cameras

In case you are wondering... -> World's Most Expensive Camera


Sometime back we asked food photographers what lenses do they most use. Based on the feedback and data, we found 6 popular lenses

Popular Lenses for Food Photography

  • 50 mm 1.4 - This and the next lens make the most popular lenses. You can find one for your brand here. f stop of 1.4 makes this lens useful in the lowest of light conditions.
  • 50 mm 1.8 - Here's one for your brand is here.
  • 24-70 mm 2.8 - This is a zoom lens and useful for wide shots. With aperture of f 2.8, it certainly will work in low light conditions.
  • 35 mm 1.4 - At f 1.4, this is again a fast lens. Unlike the previous lens, this is a prime lens constraining your scope and making you move (on your feet). This is expensive though compared to a 50 mm, check out these prices.
  • 105 mm 2.8 Macro - So here's finally a macro on the list. Most people say macro is the only lens to use for food photography - not in my opinion. Editorial type work - where you are telling a story, does not need a macro. Here's the macro again.

Finally my favorite - not to buy, but to ogle at -> Here it is.

Photo Editing Software

World Class Softwares

Adobe Lightroom - Specially designed for photographers, this software has been an amazing tool for doing darkroom work. Lightroom has less options when compared to Photoshop and that makes it really powerful. You can focus on important aspects of post processing without going crazy. Tip: If you don't need it, buy an older version - those are usually cheaper and specially LR4 is good. LR5 is certainly better, but check out the cost of LR4 and LR5.


There are several books in the market now on food photography. Some of them are good, some could use better content. Below is the list of the books that I have looked at and would recommend.

Here are some selected books that we've used and found useful on food photography.

  1. Plate to Pixel - by Helene Dujardin
  2. Food Photography - from Snapshots to Great Shots - by Nicole S. Young
  3. Focus on Food Photography for Bloggers - by Matt Armendariz
  4. Food Styling - by Delores Custer

Photography Portfolio

Website Management

Domain and Hosting - I use bluehost for all my websites. It's very easy to use and has one click installation for most of blogging softwares. Currently they are providing domain names at a discounted rate. When starting out, highly recommend bluehost.


Printed portfolios still work, specially when you are meeting someone in person. Carry them with you and show them with proud. There is something how the touch the physical photos that creates a great impact.

Blurb - Blurb let's you download a free software on you computer that you can create your portfolios. You create photo books with great ease as well. This is the only company I recommend for creating photo books.


Your photos are not to be stored on your computer in that yellow folder. You need to share those photos with others. That's what photography is really about - sharing your experiences.

For instances, take a print out of your favorite food photo and display in the dining or kitchen area.

Canvas Prints - Have you ever tried printing your photo on canvas? Try it out.

Metal Prints - This is the new thing that's very much in trend right now. I haven't printed on metal but have seen them in galleries and such. Photos look just amazing on these.

Customer Relationship Tools

One thing that most creatives don't do well is to think about relationships as well as they should. I've used an email delivery service for this course that has helped me sent emails to thousands of you as part of this course. Add potential clients or possible

Do yourself a favor a get one of these email services.

Email Management

I recommend two specific services. Both that I have tried.

Aweber - Personally I like Aweber, it is simple to set up and easy to learn. You when you have other important thing to learn (like taking that beverage in backlit). You can start using this at only $1.

Mailchimp - I tried this, used it for a while, but this one took me way long to figure out. So I stopped using this and switched to Aweber.

Disclosure: Some of the links included in this article are affiliate links, this enables us to raise money to pay the bills for keeping this course going. Thank you for your support. 

  • Julie Benz

    Great guide Neel, thanks. Reminds me about that lens I keep putting off buying… it’s back there to do now, as is trialling a metal print. (understand the affilaite link aspect, but those Tinyprint baby shots everywhere were a bit ikky, personally. I will try via Photobox.)

  • applesnsugar

    Do you have recommendations for tripods?

  • Natalie McDermott

    I love printing on metal. I have a few landscape shots on metal and my husband loves them.
    I haven’t used Blurb, but I have used ClickonPrints for my photo books. I will definitely be checking out bluehost though for settign up my website.