Selecting a NEW Photo Posting Location

We are planning to make a change in the photo uploading mechanism and we'd like to ask for your help.

We've been using Disqus for commenting and uploading photos of the assignment. More and more, people are having trouble uploading their photos. I've tried to reach out to Disqus support, but they have been non-responsive. So finally, we are planning to move away from Disqus for uploading photos.

We've received suggestions for Flickr group. We've used Google Plus group in previous version. There is also the facebook group.

We would like to make a decision and implement this change by coming Monday.

In the poll below, if you could help us by selecting ALL options you are comfortable with, it'll help us make the decision. This poll will close tomorrow.

If you have comments or suggestions, please leave them as comments below.


  • Maybe let people continue to post in the comment section for each assignment, but also create a Flickr group utilizing the guidelines of The Strobist group, – Only a set number of food related photos per day. The Strobist group is one of the most active communities on Flickr, the discussion board is always current with relevant topics & conversations, I think there is a need for a food photography group like this one…

    • Thank you for the suggestion.

  • I am able to post photos on discus, but the don’t post automatically. Sometimes, it is hours after I post them that I see that they are there. Because they haven’t posted in a timely way, I think that they haven’t posted, and I try to do them again. On one occasion, I tried 3 times to post my assignments, only to learn a day later that they had posted after all. And, of course, they had posted three times because I had made that many attempts. Maybe switching to a facebook group would be easier since most people know how to use facebook and it wouldn’t be another learning curve.

  • Check out this photo just posted to the Strobist group on Flickr, I do not know this photog, but as required by group rules she lists her lighting equipment & technique and Flickr automatically lists type of camera, lens ISO, Fstop etc…Whenever I see a photo I like I want to know all that stuff…

  • Chef Sank

    Hi Neel. I think facebook would be much easier to use and upload photos. Most people if not all, already have an existing facebook account and are active users. So it will be user friendly and instant!

  • Sharon

    My photos have been uploading but they take quite a while to show that they have uploaded – maybe up to a minute for each image. I just use that time to create my comment. Also, if I want to see the images I have to refresh the screen.

  • Fanus Vermaak

    I was unable to load any of my photos. At first it look like it was uploaded, even after refreshing, but when i visit disqus later again, it was dropped. This continued threw the day. I looked at the link provided by SlobberBone, but I agree with Chef Sank just because i know facebook. I think 30 days to better food photos would enjoy a lot of free advertisement on fb.

  • Mukul

    On Disqus, first trial was fails because i am not able to see my images on post, (up loading was successful) so i click on edit button & some thing append & my message was deleted. On Second trial i uploading still i am not able to see images in post but as soon as log out or sign out from Discus image was displayed on post. i think ther is no problem in discus (this is my first trail)
    Regards – Mukul

  • Kitchen Karma

    My problem with Disqus is that they don’t let you see photographs easily…becomes rather difficult to hunt down the photos, even the ones we have uploaded!

  • Catherine Castro

    At first my photos are not there after I just posted it. but when I refresh it, its there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have not had much trouble uploading pictures to Disqus but going thru the comments has been a pain. I like g+ . I do have a flickr account upload pictures there but never really shared pictures with other groups on flickr. I am sure that might work as lot of people have suggested it.

  • JoDee

    Tried posting today…didn’t work ๐Ÿ™

  • GT

    I am able to upload pics on Disqus. However, it is very cumbersome to navigate the site. For instance, Disqus uses “Sort by best” as the default comment setup, therefore, I am seeing comments receives the most feed backs first. I then have to change to “sort by newest” to find my own posting and others. It is just not a intuitive setup and quite a time waster.