Preparing for Success in the 30DBFP Course

30 Days to Better Food Photos

Let's get this started

Once again, congratulations on making a good decision.

In next few weeks we will learn about different aspects of food photography. We will discuss composition, lighting, food styling, using props and much more.

This will be a fast course, one new lesson everyday. You will be busy.

Those who have successfully completed all 30 lessons tell us that being prepared has been the key factor in learning from this course.

Below we recommend you few simple things you should do to be successful.

5 Things To Do to Successfully Completing This Course

  1. Block Next 15 mins - Right now, block next 15 mins and complete the remaining steps. That's right, what time is it now? What will be the time in 15 mins? Stop everything else and focus on only this activity - for only 15 mins
  2. Make a Commitment - One of the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful students of this course is explicitly committing to the course. For the next 30 days, can you find one hour for this course? Can you stop watching your favorite TV show? Can you stay up an hour late or wake up an hour early? Will you commit one hour every day for this course?
  3. Share Your Commitment - Once you have made this commitment, share it. Share it with your friends. Share it with your significant other. Share it with as many people as you can. Share it via email or share it on Facebook. Doesn't matter how you share it, but share it. Ask them to keep you accountable. Ask them to nudge you and update them about your progress.
  4. Invite a Friend - Invite a friend to join the course. Participating in a course with a friend increases both of your chances of success. With a course buddy, you can discuss topics in more detail, provide encouragement and keep each other accountable. Invite your friends by sending an email. Click here to send email.
  5. Connect with LFP - During the entire duration of the course we will share articles and inspirational posts not only in your email, but also on LFP Facebook page, Google+ and Pinterest account. Don't miss out on these special posts.

Good luck,