Lesson 9 – Light Your Food Photo

Let's Starting Lighting This

So now you have a story. Right? You exactly know what story you would to like to communicate through the photo.

Today we start talking about lighting. Lighting, as it is apparent from the numerous emails and comments, is the most challenging aspect of food photography.

In next several days, we’ll look at different aspects of lighting and how to use lighting to tell the story. While lighting is a huge topic and covering all of that in detail will take several weeks, for the purpose of this 30-Day challenge, we’ll focus on few lessons and how to take your story forward.

Light varies greatly in quality and temperature. Light is hard and light is soft. Depending on the source, light varies. Outdoor light is sometimes harsh, sometimes can be soft with overcast days.

If you are outdoor on a patio or desk (or porch, if that makes you happy), managing light can be a bit more challenging versus if you were indoor and light was coming through one window. Window light can be controlled better and can be softened up by using diffusers.

So how do you decide what type of light to choose?

I think you know the answer. Go back to what story are you trying to tell?

In some cases, light can play a really important role. If your story is about two people having breakfast, you better get that morning light. If your story is about picnic (or outing) and the sandwiches, hard shadows may be appropriate and hard light would work .

Light sets the mood of the story. So depending on your story, you have to choose what type of light you want.

Lighting and Direction

There are two most commonly used lights in food photography -backlighting and side lighting.

Lighting for Food Photography

Backlighting with Reflectors

Back lighting is when the light source is behind the subject and photographer is facing the light source.



In general, back light that’s bright and soft in quality tends to provide a feeling of freshness and can be early morning. It also provides feeling of elegance and pureness.

Side lighting for a scene can be achieved if the main source is on right or left side of the subject.

Side light enhances texture and form and volume. Depending on the mood or story you are going for, side light can be amazing addition for your story.

There are other ways to light like front lighting - or lighting coming from front of the subject (and behind the camera) and overhead lighting.

Quality of light is also important. Soft light works best in many cases when you don’t need any sense of direction or emphasis on light. Soft light is usually diffused light that creates no shadows or shine or reflection. This type of light is particularly useful when you want light to not standout and contributes minimally to the story.

Learn More: The theory of lighting discussed here is very very basic. However we will talk about lighting for next couple of days. Also take a look at the extra credit (blue) section below this post. Artificial light is whole another topic and needs much more understanding. At this point, we will leave artificial light discussions out.

In next few days, we will talk about modifying the light and getting color right. Now today's assignment...

Today Assignment

Time estimated: 30-60 mins

One quick note: These assignments are not very direct.. From the emails and feedback, these assignments are pushing you to do more and think more. Some days you wont’ be able to answer these questions easily… Other days, you won’t be able to answer at all. That’s okay. Creating something new is sometimes frustrating. Some days it feels like nothing is working.. that’s okay. Do your best and give your best and move on to the next challenge.

Step 1 – Today again, select the subject. Ideally use the same food subject, you have been using last couple of days.

Step 2  – Set up the food subject in a way that the source of light is on one side. Take a photograph using all the principles we talked about in last few days.

Step 3 – Move yourself (or the light source) so that light source is in the background. Take a photograph.

Step 4 – If you can find a harsh light source (direct sunlight), take a photograph with that source. If you use on camera flash, take a photo with flash turned on.

Step 5 – Now compare these photos. Recall your story and the specific elements we discussed yesterday. Which one of these photos compares closely with your story? Tell us which lighting do you like in general?

Step 6 – Upload the best photo in the lesson album on the facebook group.

Lighting is a vast topic. There can be an entire course on Lighting itself, however we are trying to cover this topic in 3-4 days. So while we won't be able to cover everything here, we've written before about lighting that you can find in the section below.

Extra Credit

Below are some articles that we have written before. Some of these talk about more basics about lighting and are good resources if you have not seen them before.

  1. Understanding Light
  2. Lighting Equipment - 3 Basics Equipment
  3. Aritificial Light Buying Guide
  • Today’s assignment was interesting, something I have been dealing with almost every day of shooting session. I personally choose both side lighting and back lighting for my photos.Yeah, I like both the lighting. I shoot all my photos with these 2 lights. With a overcast day, light was soft and I shot my photos in the living area near the window. First click is using side lighting from right and the second one is using back lighting

    For today’s assignment, I choose to shoot my Finger millet carrot cake that I baked last night. I’m alone at home, having a little late breakfast, while I’m having break fast I’m enjoying the clicks from the book I’m reading.

    Hot cuppa coffee, Finger millet cake, fruits and a nice book to ready, is a perfect relaxed way to start off the day fresh.

    • shikha Bhatia

      nice photos.red base makes everything stand out.

    • Sandra

      Great photos.. I really love the second one.. so bright and inviting – nice use of lighting 🙂

    • aPathite

      I like the saturated colors and the angle of the second photo. It certailnly tells the story. I particular like the fact that it is not an ‘artificial’ composition. This look like a delicious real world photo.

    • Sandy

      Both pictures are nice but the second really tells the story. Love how everything makes the red pop. Great use of lighting!

    • Bam’s Kitchen

      Both are great photos. However I really like photo 2 as I like the soft back light in this photo and of course some bites out of your snacks really tells the story. Take Care

      • Thank you. Yep, I like the bite on apple, couldn’t wait till the end of photo session 🙂

  • aPathite

    Old Dutch Masters “ostentatious still lifes”. I shoot my food when it is dark outside. So I have to use artificial light. I put an indirect light diagonal behind and and indirect light on the opposite. My lightsources are 2 led desk lamps, the reflector is the non-shiny side of alu foil glued on cardboard.

    • aPathite

      … I cannot post a photo from my iphone. I try it again at home this evening 🙁

      • aPathite

        And the second one

        • Sandy

          Absolutely beautiful….love the flower bud!

        • Bam’s Kitchen

          Stunning! Loving that reflector idea. How did you get your background black and the reflection from the counter top?

          • aPathite

            Thank you Bam! The background is a black pillowcase that I shaped in a U-shape around my subject. The reflective surface is a coffee table made with a black glass surface.

          • Bam’s Kitchen

            Awesome! I guess I need to invest in a black pillow case. Have a super day!

        • shikha Bhatia

          Wow, I love both of your photos.

        • Gorgeous! These could be framed and hung up in a kitchen or dining room.

          • aPathite

            Thank you! Good idea (not sure if the quality of my smartphone is good enough for print 😉 )

        • Kris Giamouridou

          Both are great! Great job, thank for sharing ”behind the scenes” details 😀

      • Sandy

        Wow, I truly enjoy both of your photos. The colors really come to life and represent a still life picture. Your lighting was very effectively. Love the reflections!

      • Wow… that looks beautiful. I have never tried artificial light, I’m still nor very confident with artificial light. But your photo’s are brilliant. Love the way light pops up the color of those tomatoes.
        Thank you for sharing your photos and details of the way to use LED lamps.

        • aPathite

          Thank you @Jyothi! I use the app camera+ on my smartphone. With that app you can lock the white balance at the moment the colors right. First, I lock the white balance and exposure on a neutral gray color and then I take the picture. A little workaround, but it works for me.

          • That’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing the details, this is very useful information to someone like me who never used artificial light. I’m going to try to use the camera+ app and experiment with it.

    • I just love these pics. What would be very interesting to see, is a picture of the entire setup, including background, lights, reflectors… just for instructional purposes

      • aPathite

        This is my setup and an example of the result. I discovered on the internet that it is called a ‘photo tent’ of ‘light tent’. And that these things are also commercially available.

        • Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated. Off to the store I go…

        • Sandy

          I like your setup and have seen this before, but how is the top piece suspended in the air as such. It looks like a heavy piece of equipment.

          • aPathite

            It is a bit heavy. The piece suspended in the air is the top of the little table.

  • Generally I like the morning light. Especially beautiful is the light just after sunrise. But I’m lazy and do not go photographing that time. Today’s theme is the same: I’am in the kitchen it’s morning. Drinking coffee and making breakfast (eggs were out, but I found some shells for shooting:) I used the back light from the window, the sun was strong, but then came the moment with cloud. Photo from that moment I liked the most.

    • Kitchen Karma

      Love the way you captured the steam of the cup…

    • Even I am lazy to photograph in the morning when the lighting is not too harsh. Like the way you captured the steam

    • Sarah Linden

      Oh wow, nice job capturing the steam. I love the broken eggs and other food products in the background. The box on the left is a bit distracting because I don’t know what it is. I do like how the light bounces off the top of of the coffee cup.

    • Yesibeth

      How did you capture the steam? I would like to do that too : )
      Also remove the box from the left, brings nothing extra on the picture

      • Background must be dark, then the steam looks out. And you must shoot quickly, after bouring the coffe.

        • Yesibeth

          Thanks for sharing this!

    • I love it. I love the smoke coming from the coffee 🙂 great shot

    • The steam is so perfect ! It’s very personal but I would have clean the background before taking the shot or zoom in a bit to focus on the coffee and the nice steam. Eggs and spoon make me understand that I’m in a kitchen so we don’t need that much.

    • You did a great job capturing the subject, and like everyone else has stated, the steam is incredible.

  • Today i decided to take picture of red onion again. I brought some more details to my new story.

    There is more vegetable on the scene and my onion is cutting to the rings and small pieces with a knife. I used also my silver vintage bowl and similar background to it.

    And what about light? I tried back lighting (picture on the left) and side lighting (picture on the right). I used an reflector on left side of scene.

    I prefere the picture with back lighting because of better mood. I like that dark shadows, contrast, colors…

    It is about preparation of food in the bright morning in the kitchen.

    • Sandy

      I have to agree your picture on the left has a better mood. It brings your colors to life. Great photos!

      • Thank you Sandy for your opinion 🙂

    • Kairit

      Picture on the left (backlight) looks better. Shows the tray beautifully, and the onions.

    • I agree, the back lit photo has better mood compared to side lighting.Like the way the light falls on the onions.

    • Sona, I like the way you styled the food here. It does tell the story you wanted to convey and yes, back lighting works well for this story.

      • Thank you, my friend Usha for your comment. I am trying to do my best 🙂

    • Sarah Linden

      Lovely! I also like the picture on the left. Like you said, it creates a certain mood. The other picture has a bit too much reflection off the silver plate that is distracting for me. Great shots! I also like how you’ve further developed your story.

    • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

      Totally agree with you, the first photo looks really soft and amazing with the shadows in contrast with he onion over the plate

    • Claudia Briandi

      I really like the composition and light from behind is more beautiful

    • I agree with you, the back lighting is the better picture. I also love how you have two exactly the same pictures by the way haha, well done, it shows the differences very well like this. The back lighting creates a mood, which is lacking a bit o side lighting.

      • Thank you Claudia, I had also the same picture with front light, but in that case the structure and texture was completely lost…

  • Marta

    My today’s subject is baked cabbage dish. I find it’s rather challenging to shoot dishes like casseroles in an interesting way. It didn’t look very appetizing up close. So I went with an overhead shot.

    I shot it on my balcony with side sunlight. I didn’t like harsh shadows in my picture. I preferred it to have softer and warmer look. So I diffused light with a thin white piece of fabric.

    Any comments on colors, composition and light will be very appreciated.

    • Marta

      And here is the picture (hopefully)

  • Kairit

    I was shooting poached egg and pasta today. I used backlight and side light. Decided to upload backlight photo, because the one with side light appeared to be too gloomy. Your feedback is appreciated.

    • Great shot, that looks absolutely delicious by the way 🙂

      • Kairit

        Thank you Kristin. It did taste pretty good;)

  • Little almond and peach cup cakes. The best shot was with the light coming through the window at 9 O’clock. I used a little portable fill light disk at about 4 O’clock to bring out the lines on the cup cake holder.

    It did take some time this morning to find something to shot in yet another home not mine. In the end I went for total simplicity.

  • Suhasini Pradeep

    Hi all,
    For today’s lesson i chose kid friendly breakfast cereal.
    I shot my photos with 2 different lighting that is back light and the side light .

    • I like the backlight better 🙂

    • I like the side light better than the back lighting. With the side light, texture of the cereal stands out which is nice.

  • Guest

    For todays lesson i chose kid friendly breakfast cereal. ive taken the photo in 2 lighting that is back and side.

  • Guest

    Light coming from the background express for me that farm of my grandma, where I spent my Summer holidays as a child.

    • aPathite

      I like the one with the light from the background. The translucent bright green salade is really an eye catcher.

  • Suhasini Pradeep

    For today’s lesson ive chose kid friendly breakfast cereal. i ve taken 2 photos with 2 lighting ,one frm back & one from side

  • shikha Bhatia

    I have mainly been shooting tea & coffee in previous assignment but found this spring water bottle quite interesting for today’s assignment. Back lighting was best in comparison to the one clicked with flash and side lighting.

    • Nice reflexion and it’s so sad that we don’t see that much !!! Maybe you should try a vertical shot.

      • shikha Bhatia

        Thanks Nadia for the feedback. You are right I should have tried a vertical shot.

    • Great shot

      • shikha Bhatia

        Thanks Kristen

    • I actually like this a lot. The water looks so refreshing and the water on the table and the background is kind of mysterious.

      • shikha Bhatia

        Thanks Linda for appreciating it.

    • great shot, I have never tried anything like this so refreshing

      • shikha Bhatia

        Thanks Jayasri.

  • These are my two photos. The first on is with backlight, the second with sidelight. I didn,t have any reflector so I used aluminium foil. Taking the first foto was more challenging. Your feedback is very appreciated

    • I like both the pictures but prefer the second where you used side lighting. The light is falling on the pasta making pasta the hero of this photo.

    • nice shot and light.

    • The second shot with side light is the winner for me. It’s a nice composition, but the second shot brings out more colours, such as the flowers and the sauce on the jar.

  • Fernando

    Light coming from the background express for me that farm of my grandma, where I spent my Summer holidays as a child.

    • Sarah Linden

      I agree–the backlighting works really well here. There’s an etherial and nostalgic quality that the other two don’t capture. And I love the story about spending time on the farm with your grandma!

    • These 3 pics really show the impact of different lights.

    • Oh i love your three examples. The best for me is picture 1 and 2. 🙂 I NEVER use flash.

    • The backlight works beautifully here!

    • Backlight wins! I don’t like pictures with flash.

  • Sanja Manasijević

    I was shooting nectarines today. I love backlight, but frequently I use sade light… I used reflector on both pic.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I like both pics… Maybe a bit more the 2nd one (50-51%) – Where did you place the reflector?

      • Sanja Manasijević


        On the front, to throw light on the food from that side…

        • Kris Giamouridou

          Thanks for the information…

    • Sarah Linden

      I like the quality of light in the backlit photo. The composition is great, too!

  • Nicole Campbell

    Once again I left this assignment until late in the day and the natural light was fading fast. Of the two photos I think I prefer the photo that focuses more on the cake, it is not as busy. I moved away from my story today as we ate my props and I needed to bake something else.

  • Guest

    I usually find my comfort zone in backlight as it is easy to work with, that’s what I think. I love the shadows created while using natural light and I never miss them in my photographs. Here are two shots of Mutton keema (Indian Curry), the first one is shot using side light (window on my right hand side) while second one is shot using backlight with reflectors. Through this styling I wanted to show quiteness, Indian food is not always about loudness and colors, I wanted to give it a very urban presentation.

  • Hina

    I usually find my comfort zone in backlight as it is easy to work with, that’s what I think. I love the shadows created while using natural light and I never miss them in my photographs. Here are two shots of Mutton keema (Indian Curry), the first one is shot using side light (window on my right hand side) while second one is shot using backlight with reflectors. Through this styling I wanted to show quiteness, Indian food is not always about loudness and colors, I wanted to give it a very urban presentation

  • This was taken in the morning on an overcast day, so the lighting is soft. The light is coming from the right side through a window.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I like the first one… even though it is a bit underexposed. I also like the sunflowers at the backround of your pic.

      • Thank you for your feedback Kris!

        • Kris Giamouridou

          I am looking forward for the next lesson and see some new pics. Enjoy your day

    • I like the photos but the light is so soft that they look dark. I had the same issue today, cloudy, gray, and rainy.

      • You’re right Linda, they are a bit dark. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Larissa Temmink

    Making photos today was very ” frustrating” for me , because I couldn’t get all this beautiful colours on my shots. Nevertheless I dare to publish them here. These photos are made inside by the afternoon light.

    • I like the second photo very much.

      • Larissa Temmink

        Thank you Elis )))

    • When the sun is too harsh on the photo, you can try turning the dish around. Setting it away from the window, so that your back is facing the window. Play with your aperture and ISO, this helps too.

      • Larissa Temmink

        Kristin thank you for good advices, in my next shots I will apply them ( at least try 🙂

    • I understand what you’re saying but I kind of like the fact that the light allows us to see through the berries. The second one is really pretty.

      • Larissa Temmink

        Thank you Linda for your encouraging words 🙂

    • The harsh light makes the berries look really pretty though. I don’t mind it one bit.

  • Alina Kun Gazda

    Hi everybody! I just picked this courgette from my garden to make a nice cake later and decided to use it for the assignment first. I usually go for back light but in this case I like the side light better.

    • I agree 🙂

    • First pic all the way 🙂

    • I actually prefer the second picture. Makes me think of a dark rainy afternoon in autumn

  • Julie Benz

    Today I continued the blackberry story, trying to enliven a dark subject with leaves and a few more red berries and a rustic, rose detailed basket. Shot in the garden, first I started with vertical images using side light, but a quick break in the clouds gave me the harsher light look, which helped with the contrasts on the blackberries but I felt looked a bit too contrasty on the text, which I had wanted in focus…by trial and error I found that moving the plank to dappled shade, sun behind and with silver reflector gave my favourite shot (last image, horizontal, again preferred this orientation as I thought gave more space to the berries).
    As they say, No FT, no comment! Look forward to any readers comments!…

    • The third one is very nice. Gives the impression of a sunny day in the garden.

      • Julie Benz

        Thank you Elis… yes, it is very hot and sunny…too hot for baking them…

    • I think the lighting in the third picture is great!

      • Julie Benz

        Thanks very much Judy…it did help to have the movable plank, to change orientation and play with the sun light source and shade.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      These pictures look much better from the last time. You were right! Green leaves made the difference. About the photos: The second one caught immediately my eye, because it creates beautiful harsh shadows and their is this leafy boarder on the bottom. A small detail 😀 I can also see an open end scissors on the top left, I wish I could see more of it.
      Why don’ t I like the 3rd one? That’s because I do not like the cropping. It would have been a wonderfull picture.

      p.s. pls do not misunderstand my comments, I write what is coming to my mind when I see the pics at the first glance.

      • Julie Benz

        Hi Kris, thank you- great to know that you liked the second one, with harsh shadows and berry border at bottom- it made me look again and realise that the blackberries ‘popped out’ more on this image… sometimes you can get too personally close to an image I think- but cropping is personal… I value your openness and honesty. Please don’t hold back…any feedback valuable.

        • Kris Giamouridou

          Respect! 😉

    • wow.. what an eye catchy picture 😀

  • Yesibeth

    Hi everyone!

    My story is about having a break to relax, obviously the coffee is an important part of it.
    I share 2 pics with natural light, taken inside with the mid-morning light (about 9:00 am) from a window.
    The first one is taken with backlight, the second one is taken with side light.

    What do you think?

    • I like the back light one best, but would love to have seen the same angle with the side light to compare.

      • Yesibeth

        Thank you Judy for your nice comment! I tried but I couldn’t to take the same picture with the differents lights . I didn’t like the result, so I changed the angle. : )

  • Mary Pavona Taylor

    Good Morning!! It is an over cast day here in Virginia at 9am. My 1st image is side light, I used a reflector camera left to bounce light to soften the shadows. My 2nd is back lighting. I had a hard time with the lighting in the beginning, my image was very dark, then I place 2 reflectors on each side of the camera, that worked very nicely. I change my angle on the 2nd photo, (the window seals did not look good in the photo)

    • Mary I can so relate to the windowsill in the frame!

      • Mary Pavona Taylor

        I think I am going to lift my plat form up a few inches, that should help the distractions.

    • I like picture 1 🙂

      • Mary Pavona Taylor

        Thanks Kristin! That’s my favorite from the set too.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Hi Mary, I like the 1st pic because of the angle and not because of the light… 🙂

    • Sarah Linden

      I prefer the lighting in the first one! It looks more like morning. Pretty colors, too. Did you add a vignette? I like the slightly darker corners–it pushes my eye to the food.

  • Guest

    The photo was taken outside, on my balcony, so not in direct sunlight. The light was coming from the right hand side. I intended to capture the following story/situation. It is a hot summer day and you have just arrived home. The only thing you were waiting for was some nice slices of cold melon. You eat them on the balcony, right after kicking off your shoes at home.

  • This photo was taken outside, on my balcony, so not in direct sunlight. The light was coming from the right hand side. I intended to capture the following story/situation. It is a hot summer day and you have just arrived home. The only thing you were waiting for was some nice slices of cold melon. You eat them on the balcony, right after kicking off your shoes at home.

    • aPathite

      The no-shoe-idea does the trick, I like it!

      • Thank you! The nails in summer colour are also used as “props” here 🙂

  • The images in the lesson really helped me to see back lighting. Thank you.
    I shoot next to a window in the breakfast nook most of the time, and I’m comfortable with side lighting, so I wanted to try back lighting.
    Ingredients for a spaghetti sauce.

    • Mary Pavona Taylor

      I like the flow of your veggies from tall in the back and smaller veggies up front. Nice variety of colors too. And I’m sure this is going to be a delicious sauce!

  • Ingredients for a tomatillo salsa on a rainy summer day. Back and left natural lighting.

  • I had made a Lemon Vegetable Pasta – this was using direct sunlight. If I can get direct sunlight I absolutely love using it, it’s the best lighting. I am not always able to get direct sunlight, and lately I have been focusing on trying to get indirect sunlight in my house.

    • Kairit

      Nice colours. This blue brightens the whole picture.

    • To me it feels a bit like the sharp shadow on the blue napkin is taking my eye away from the yummy looking pasta.

    • I also love direct sunlight.

    • This looks really good! The light is good but there are a lot of shadows. I just took a look at your blog (beautiful) and you are a great photographer.

      • Thank you Linda. It was a really sunny part where I took the picture, so the shadows were hard to hide heh. It’s hard to get that perfect lighting sometimes. 🙁

  • Todd

    Open shade, side light I liked the most. Although the harsh direct sunlight brought the blue green in the eggs out better this was a more appealing shot to me.

  • Katharina

    Again I am on my subject of freshly baked bread. I wanted to create a much lighter mood in this picture. The story here is that the first slice of bread is best to be enjoyed when the bread is still warm with butter and marmelade. I am not sure which photo I like best.

    • It’s really hard to tell the difference between the two, other than a few shadows here and there that are a tiny bit different. Both are good!

      • Katharina

        The first had the light coming at an angle from left behind to have a slight shadow on the cut surface of the bread loaf. In the second picture light came from the left at 90ºangle. In both photos I use very soft window light and had an reflector opposite the light source to reflect some light into the shadows. Perhaps the second one is too evenly lit and looks flat.

    • For me they are both perfect. Maybe the second a little bit more 🙂 I love your props.

    • They are both very nice pictures. Well propped. I prefer the first one actually, simply because the jar of marmalade gets more light and therefor pops more. The second one gives the bread more attention, so it’s a matter of preference and what you want to put more emphasis on.

  • Anamaria Mejia

    I’m next to my living room window; it’s a partially cloudy day, at the Colombian mountains where I live. It’s a very quiet place, with a beautiful view of an always green landscape. I’m ready to have breakfast with my mother. I’m going to eat a small bowl of cereal with fruit and milk; I love the mix of colors and flavors of the different kind of fruits.

    I’m posting three pictures, the first one was taken with backlight from the window and some filling using a white card on each side, the second was taken with the window on the right side and white card on the left. Finally, for the third one I moved closer to the window and the pictures was taken during the short moment when the sun came out and created a hard light over the setting.

    I think I prefer the one with the side light, it has the soft look of the quiet moment, and the lighting makes easier to see the colors of the different fruits, and the cereal underneath.

    • Pretty star fruit. I like the second shot, the third is too harsh.

      • Anamaria Mejia

        Thanks 🙂

    • It is very interesting how light changes your fruitbowl. I like the third best.

      • Anamaria Mejia


    • Very pretty pictures. I have to agree with Elis, the last one brings out the fruit best in my opinion. Simple set-up but very well captured. Is it ok if I save these for future reference? (purely for personal use of course, I am working on lighting as it is my main hurdle)

      • Anamaria Mejia

        Of course Claudia, you can save them. Thanks for your comments. 😉

  • Squadrilla

    I’m really not sure about today, because for me light is a difficult matter….
    Anyway, since it was to late for the “breakfas on the terracet” story, I changed the setting and the story to an afternoon coffee for two inside the house.
    I tried with closed/open shutter, and then with a curtain to smooth the light.
    I post the latter two (open curtain, with and without curtain) as they are the best, and I prefer the second one as the light is “warmer” (that was my aim for the coffee pics!)

    PS: I don’t know why it posts the pictures on the side!

  • Today it’s dark and rainy and my apartment looks like a cave so I had to use artificial lighting (I used a Lowell EGO light). I liked this one lit from the side the best. The backlight looked too blown out and, of course, flash is awful! Not much story to this…except maybe I’m wishing it was nice enough to drink this bourbon ice tea outside!

    • Great job with the lighting! It looks like a sunny day. I also love the coasters, the burlap, and the straw. Mmmm…..bourban ice tea, sounds good.

    • Katharina

      You turned a rainy day into a sunny one. Beautiful picture!

      • Thank you Katharina! I’m learning my manual modes and it sure makes it easier to manipulate the lighting…especially on dark and gloomy days.

    • shikha Bhatia

      I don’t look like artificial lighting at all. Great job.

    • Sarah Linden

      That’s artificial lighting? Wow. Great job–it looks very natural, like your right next to a window.

      • I put the light in front of the window…and put a T-shirt over it to soften it even more

        • Sarah Linden

          Ah, gotcha. Great blog, by the way! Your pics are gorgeous.

          • Thank you so much! Just don’t look too far back in the archives or you’ll see how horrible my pictures were when I first started 🙂 haha

          • Sarah Linden

            Hah, that’s funny. You know, I came across a food blog a couple weeks ago. I was drawn to it b/c of a lovely Pavlova photo the blog author posted on Pinterest. I started to browse her archives, which weren’t so pretty to say the least. But for some reason, it made me love her more. It made her seem authentic.

            But hey, you cold always use your archived recipes for this course and update your photos! 🙂

          • Yes! I should do that….if I ever get back out to the grocery store. My fridge is empty, but my bar is full 😉

          • Sarah Linden

            Hah! This made me laugh!

    • I have never used artificial light, as I don’t know how exactly it works thanks for sharing, wish I could see how you made it up, I love it, its very beautiful

      • Here’s a picture I just snapped with my iPhone to show you the set up, and a close up of the light box.

        • oops…sorry about all the uploads…I didn’t think it was loading them 🙁

        • Interesting. Will try this next time it is cloudy here. It was a cloudy day even in my neck of the hood.

        • aPathite

          Thank you for sharing! this light is beautiful.

        • Thank you so much Judy for the trouble you have taken to show me thanks for sharing

        • Also, forgot to add that I used a white foam board on opposite side of drink to bounce some light back in the shadows

  • Kris Giamouridou

    ”Ear of sweet corn” I like/use both side and back light for my pictures, depending on the situation. In this case BACK LIGHT gave this golden sun colour I wanted to appear on the kernels, because it shows the feeling that we are on a corn production farm in the morning, having 2 freshly cut ears of corn.

    • Both are really nice shots but I think I prefer the first picture

      • Kris Giamouridou

        Thank you Judy for your comment 🙂 May I ask why do you prefer the 1st one? Is it because of the light? Thank you in advance…

        • Yes. To me the second one’s highlights are too strong and the detail in the kernels is lost just a bit.

          • Kris Giamouridou

            Ok, thank you! Enjoy your day… 🙂

    • Also the first one, because the colors are more luscious.

      • Kris Giamouridou

        Thank you Elis for your feedback! Enjoy your day…

  • Unfortunately it is rainy and dark in Chicago today, so no photographing for me. But, I did take some beautiful pictures yesterday for my blog, and I actually followed this lesson without realizing that I was doing so. I shot this at 3:00 pm and the light in my breakfast room (where I usually take pictures) was too dark. I moved the set to my family room coffee table and shot photos all around the table. The light was fantastic and I got some great shots. This is my favorite. It’s supposed to portray a relaxing, solo, afternoon snack. A reward for the chef who spent the time baking this yummy crumble.

    • Well that certainly looks delicious! It’s well lit all around that it’s hard to tell where the light is coming from but I’m guess the left?

      • Thanks Judy, I have to say that it’s pretty good. 🙂

        Yes, the light is coming from the left and above from my skylights. It was a bright and sunny day yesterday but the sun was moving toward the west and this room faces east so it worked.

  • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

    1- Side Lighting
    2- Back Lighting
    3- Harsh lighting
    I personally like the side light, but what do you guys think?

    • I agree, side light 🙂

    • Katharina

      For me this is an very interesting example of what is emphasised by the different light.
      Side light definitely makes the texture of the cookies in front stand out.
      Backlight seems to put emphasis on the cookie rack.
      In the harsh light photo the cookie rack seems to almost disappear.
      Always worth to experiment for the mood you want to create

    • Sarah Linden

      Oooo pretty. The side lighting has a quality and color to it that really does the cookies justice! The last photo there is looks a bit too blue, probably from the reflection of the blue sky?

      • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

        Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment, I’m really glad you like the side light.
        The last one is made with artificial light so the blue is not the sky but probably a white balance problem. I’ll tray to set it better next time!

  • Second try to upload my picture.
    Today it rained all the time. I had no good light and used the ceiling lamp in the kitchen.
    The second picture ist with side light (and the finger of my son 🙂 We made “Mozartkugeln” together.)

    • Kairit

      They look delicious. Could you share a recipe?

    • Mmmhhh.. Looks tempting! Me also want the recipe 😡

  • Oh dear, this went horribly difficult today. First off, I do not have reflectors, which is why I never ever use backlight (see attached image why, everything just becomes dark). I like side light. My side light was from the left side, the set-up is middle of my living room (the background is a foamboard covered in wallpaper, you need to be creative when living in an apartment). I forgot the harsh light so there is no picture of that.

    • When looking at other people’s pictures, I see where I went wrong (besides not having reflectors). I showed the backlight (outside) on the picture, which creates the high contrast. I will try again tomorrow with a setting with backlight but without the light showing. I might do somewhat better than. Ah well, it was a good exercise 🙂

      • Katharina

        I also don’t have reflectors, but used a piece of white cardboard to reflect light

  • For this assignment I have shot a photo of a summer cake with fresh berries. I used side light as you can easily tell from the composition 😉

    • mrundbaken

      I love the softness of this picture. The light, the whites, the textures – beautiful!

  • Silvia

    here are my 2 pictures for today’s lesson, I used both the light side (photo 1 left) that the direct light (photo 2 right) through soon, hello Silvia

  • Katherine

    This is not the same food I used yesterday, but it goes along the same idea of something that is a quick healthy easy snack between meals. I did learn yesterday with my photo how harsh direct outdoor sunlight can be as my photos came out way to overexposed yesterday. I did the light source from the side (front shot of the food) and then from behind (top shot of the food). I found for this particular window/food/time of day I liked the side light source better (first photo). The back light came out fine, there is just something softer with the side light I found.

    • The second picture.. I like it 🙂

  • This is such an important lesson today and I had no time at all to do it. But I see all those beautiful photos you did and some of you even in two different light positions. That is a great lesson as well! I will do mine later with time. I am more enthusiastic every day! Thank you Neel and thanks to you all! See you tomorrow!

  • lydiaf1963

    It’s a dark and rainy day here, too. The first photo was taken next to my window where I often shoot. The second at the table with the window to the right and the kitchen light to the left. Both were taken in AP mode, f5.6, everything else auto.The last photo was taken after I set the white balance to cloudy. (f3.2)

  • Sarah Linden

    I intentionally chose a new subject and story to make myself practice photographing a variety of subjects. (I did coffee yesterday and felt like I nailed it with the lighting. Image below for reference.)

    My story here is about Shiner Bock beer bread, fresh out of the oven. It’s a late summer afternoon, and my husband is walking in the door after a long day at work. Because he just can’t wait for dinner, he sits down with every intention to dig into the bread. (By the way, Shiner Bock is a Texas beer, in case you were wondering!)

    I think the brighter picture (back lighting) tells the story better, but aside from the story, I’m drawn to the darker photo (side lighting). It has a moody quality.

    What do you think?

    • Lia Badicu

      I love the light in the 2nd one,so warm, cosy, inviting 🙂

      • Sarah Linden

        I hadn’t thought about the lighting as inviting, but it does have that quality to it. Thanks, Lia!

    • Sarah,

      Yep that does the trick my friend….

    • Jessica

      Definitely the 2nd one. It’s dinner time so it’s ok that the summer light is not as harsh…

    • Beer bread with my all time favorite Go-To Brew! Let’s go with the second shot. More mysterious moody with the interplay of light and shadow. Yellow/warm hues of the bread echo in the Shiner label. Nice touch to have the cap in the shot. Once again I think a tighter shot cropping out some of that wire leg of the stand where it loops down and the burlap at the bottom. While it may support the bread, it does nothing to support the image :).

  • I choose today a new subject. The problem with today assignment was, that outside was really cloudy. So not so much light to play with. Here is what I got. This is the best, because the reflection is only in the bowl…in the other pictures it was also on the egg beater. Five minutes later the light was really bad.

  • I changed the story according to what we ate tonight. So instead of chicken there is cold beetroot soup with potatoes. I like side lighting in general. Maybe because it is easier to find in my kitchen. 🙂 But for this lesson I choose picture with lighting from the back. Maybe because you can see green background. It is part of the story – dinner on veranda in the village.

  • The first is backlight and the otheris sidelight

    • Jessica

      I like back lit for the depth of it.

  • Lia Badicu

    Natural light coming from left side.it’s my favorite spot in the house but maybe I should experiment a bit more

  • Hi All,
    It seems that I’m ending up making a series about my daily lunch… (I’m almost never home) so today, I got invited to a friends place (he is a chef, a very talented one) and he was more than happy to assist me with today’s challenge. It was great fun and I ended up with some lovely pics. Meet my today’s lunch, using natural light (bright sunny day), at lunchtime, the light source at the left side.

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      gorgeous display! the lighting is awesome too!

  • What an interresting lesson ! I know a lot about light in photography but that lesson is so convincing ! I prefer the side light shot, even if sometime, off camera flash gives good results.

    • Sarah Linden

      Yes! The side light for sure. Great shot.

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      thanks for putting up the various lighting examples – you can really see the difference!

    • Jessica

      I like the back lit because it gives it some depth.

  • sorry for not posting my photos today I was not be able to do the homework .

    • Hanan Moh’d Smadi

      XOXO BASOooooM

  • Lighting is very challenging for me. I live in a tiny apartment, so I don’t have a lot of space to work with. Generally, I shoot my photos in my living room (which has huge windows) with side-lighting, or if I’m photographing something in my kitchen, there is diffused light from above (skylight) and left. I have a hard time controlling the light to my benefit. The first photo is with side light and the second photo is with back light. I prefer the first photo, but I’d love to hear what you think.

    • Hi Ginnie,
      The first photo is beautiful. The light, the framing, and the story all work.

      • Thanks for your feedback, Linda:)

    • Jessica

      Definitely the first one. I have the same issues re apartment/ space. So glad to learn more about how to manipulate lightening to my advantage here.

      • I’m glad I’m not alone, Jessica:)

        • Jessica


  • Bowman

    Cold soup on a hot day. I took the pictures outside on my porch so the light was somewhat diffuse. In the first picture the light is coming from behind me. The second picture has the light from the side. In the last picture, my favorite, the light is coming from behind the objects. I like how the brightness of the light makes the soup and vegetables more vibrant and lush. The bonus of having the garden with a patch of bright light on the left side adds to the feeling of the picture.

    • I love the third picture. The blurred background tells the garden story. The only thing that I’d change is the darkness. If you brighten it up it will be perfect.

      • Bowman

        Thank you for the suggestion. I am just starting to use a camera and there is so much to learn. One of the hardest parts of the process was getting the glasses clean enough. I resorted to Windex.

  • My original choice was not quite ready for its closeup today. I went with the overused egg, Hardboiled, with chunky kosher salt and mighty tasty. I decided to push up all three of my shots just for feedback. Alas, I missed the “Story” part of the exercise, but I think there is a bit of story here: Frantic photographer rummaging through the fridge..wait..what’s this? Hard boiled eggs. PERFECT. Another thank you to my in-house stylist and chef. So in order are: side light, backlight, and we just carted the rig out on the driveway into the bright sunlight for the harsh light. Surprisingly, harshly lit doesn’t look too bad.

  • Jessica

    I have chosen the direct sunlight picture for my story as it displays the ambiance of fresh morning light best. It’s not the picture I like most but it’s the closest to the story. I noticed that the one with indirect light in the background gives the yoghurt the best texture so if it was about the yoghurt alone I would have chosen that one. Given the circumstances of my apartment I often do back lit pictures and struggle with the shadows of side lit because I only recently started working with indirect light. I am glad I started learning on lightening to be able to move away from circumstances and manipulate it the way i want to.

  • Jessica

    And here is my favourite pic, that wasn’t so good for the story as described below I think….

  • Creadora de Imágenes

    my photo today

  • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

    I made a quinoa & garbanzo bean salad with a ton of fresh veggies – this dish include both of my subjects, grains & produce.
    The horizontal photos are with me looking toward the window, so back lighting with reflectors (two pieces of white foam board).
    The vertical photos are with the photo to my left and I only used the foam board as the back “wall”. I’m not particularly fond of vertical photos, and it was hard to get these shots because I had to climb all over my kitchen counter & sink – I think it’s time to find a better window! haha

    What do you think, which type of lighting do you like and do you like the horizontal or vertical picture?

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      the other vertical picture did not load

  • It was a cloudy day & I could not use the story I used yesterday; drinking a lemonade on a sunny day. I used a different subject today. On hindsight, I wish I had used the same subject.
    Today the story is dinner. I like the side lighting photo. Although back lighting is one of my favorite lighting, I am not happy with today’s photo. I picked the best of the lot and in this the focus is on the bowl of scrambled tofu and not on the plate of tofu with Indian bread.
    Horizontal frame is side lighting and vertical is back lighting .

  • Ann G

    I am not pleased with my work today. This was my dinner, breakfast smoothie.

    • interesting idea & your food looks yummy. Maybe you don’t like it b/c theres too much contrast between the white plate & black background?

    • Ann G

      Thanks Rebecca, I guess I’ll tone down the background next time.

  • Sandy

    Normally, I try to take my pictures during the mid morning. However, it was raining on and off today with no good natural light. I tried to work with what I had, so here is my first picture which is taken with side light. The second picture is with backlight.

  • These were shot with artificial lightbulb at night. Im interested to see the effects of doing this in a window on sunny & overcast days as well
    1. Side Light
    2. Front Light
    3. Back light

    I think I like side light better

  • I took these last night. It had been a long day, tired, not much to photograph in the way of food, but spied these lovely tomatoes in the fridge. The idea was something simple but beautiful to work with and concentrate on the light.

    • What a lovely contrast with the light playing non the red tomatoes and the dark background.

      • Thank you Lyn. I had nothing else to photograph but these little tomatoes, so was happy that I could do something.

  • aPathite

    And my last picture. Playing with light like the “Old Dutch Painters”, the one with the on camera flash (I had to wait till I could shoot with daylight 😉 ) and included the biggest props available (space and clouds). I experimented with flash, but I could not make the tomatoes look delicious. So, I prefere the pictures with the indirect light I posted before.

  • Good morning! Did anyone of you get a lesson 10? I couldn’t find a mail of Neel today 🙁 Help!

    • aPathite

      Nope, can’t find lesson 10. Maybe it takes a little more time to set up facebook group?

      • Thank you very much! Yes, that could be the reason.

        • aPathite

          Time flies, now I have lesson 10, but the Facebook group link does not seem to work… But there is progress 😉

          • Which link is not working? The album or the facebook group?

          • aPathite

            The Facebook group says that it does not excist or I don’t have access (translated)

          • Were you able to access it? https://www.facebook.com/groups/30daystobetterfoodphotos We have lot of people already joining.

          • aPathite

            Thank you Neel. I just tried to post a photo in the facebook group ( I did this in a reply. Hope this is the right way to post it?). This seems to work!

          • aPathite

            It works (I switched computers, didn’t have access to fb on the other computer). Great lessons so far! Thank you Neel!

          • Yes, I just got everything, thanks Neel!

        • Hey folks… you should be getting them any minute now.

  • Marissa O’Donnell

    This is my photo fro this exercise. Between the back and side light, I chose the photo with the light on side. I just used light coming from the window, but it’s a bit overcast.

  • Marissa O’Donnell

    This is my photo with light on back. Source of light_window.

  • Pallavi Roy

    I might be the last one this thread.My personal favourite is the side light photos.The right hand side image is side lit and left and side image is back lit…I did not have reflectors hence I couldn’t manage backlit going dark in front.Sitting dwn to prepare kitchen foil and baking tray reflector.

  • Mihaela D

    A good start for a very busy day! Morning coffee

  • Shyamal Majmundar

    My best photo is first one, but little bit confuse with the 2nd one , that’s y i’ve uploaded that too. In the 2nd image i feel quite a bit of very early morning lighting feel, as light seems to me quite dim , and thus the back light may not be working exactly the same as the side light in 1st one under this particular situation.
    Any comments/critics or suggestions are most welcome, pls.

  • Isabel

    my photos for this assignment are:
    1) side light;
    2) back light

  • Chantal Tellier

    Raining today no light comming in the house so this is what I got Not too happy with the results. I had to play with the electrical lights I had

  • My subject today had nothing to do with previous days. I have been taking photos of opportunities that present themselves to me. Today was my son’s birthday and so I was making cupcakes. I wanted to take photos of the chocolate I used in the ganache. Whilst I got photos with backlight and sidelight, I found it very difficult today because of timing. The best time in my house to take photos is in the morning when I get the best light. Unfortunately I took these photos this afternoon. The sun was not quite in the right position to get beautiful light. My best photo came from side light.

    I find the best light direction depends on what the subject is. For instance, foods that have some translucency (such as green leaves) look great lit from the back. However more solid foods look great taken in side light. I find the time of day can also determine the best light direction.

  • anariva95

    I post this lesson always in facebook.
    I used backlight, side light and direct sunlight. I like more side light because direct was too harsh and the backlight I was not able to take a good photo.
    I like the evening light but today is very sunny and the sunlight very strong.

  • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

    Backlight (outdoors) worked best for me. I took 3 groups, outside on auto, using sunlight setting, and inside with light from a window. Tried different DOFs. In all three cases, the backlighting worked best to create a sunny, picnic-y feeling.

  • I didn’t like the backlighting .I found it harsh and the garden background looked faded/bleached. i’m used to letting natural light flicker over the surface so now I plan to start playing around with home made reflectors to get more pleasing results.

  • Sharon

    Very overcast day here so I really had to play around with the right spot to get some decent light. Ended up in front of the kitchen window with the light coming in from the side and diffuse by a gauze screen. I think this was the best shot for today.

  • I am starting to enjoy playing with reflecting light. This time the tea set was arranged in front of the window on an overcast day and then I got rid of some of the shadows by using a large white piece of cardboard behind it.

  • Mimis Kingdom

    Hi all! 🙂 Here are my eggs again. I usually take photos with side light, but this time I also tried back light and I liked it. I think it goes OK with my story about mum making breakfast for her family…

  • Mimis Kingdom

    Something happened with my backlit photo… Here it is again. 🙂

  • Raia Torn

    I liked the backlighting, but I definitely thought that the side lighting produced a better photo.

  • This is my best photo using side light…

  • Photo with side light…

  • Guest

    Here are my photos – side light, backlight and direct sunlight. I think that the best is the one with side light.

  • káča suchá

    Finally I have laso problem with uploading – so this is my photo with backlight and direct sunlight. I think that the best is the one with side light.

  • Sonja

    I prefer either taking pictures with side lighting through a window or back lighting. I usually use side lighting, but with the right soft mood, the back lighting is a nice touch. The flash or outdoor lighting is just way to harsh. Here is my best pic, and it’s using side lighting.

    • Karen Schmautz

      I like the soft light and your applesauce looks yummy. The only thing I am curious about is the green ribbon? It doesn’t seem to go with the rest of your picture.

      • Sonja

        Hi Karen. It went with the story of gift giving of apple sauce to a sick friend.

  • Catherine Castro

    This is the lesson I really want to learn more. Lighting because I really do struggle. (I’m 4 days late already. I need to catch up). I find it hard to decide on how to shoot what is said above. But I tried. So the props and background are the same with my last assignment. But I change the food to my other homemade treats, chocolate chip cookies because it readily available. So this shot is what I like of the three concepts. With flash on. I don’t know if I do the back light or side light right. But I don’t like the output of the picture. So I guess this will do as best photo for the elements in my story last time. “Two persons having dessert and coffee on an afternoon outside the house”. I think having flash on is good for an afternoon time of the day. But I think direct sun is still perfect when the sun rays is touching your food. haha.

    Open for comments and suggestions. 🙂

  • Guest

    My subject was lunch for two from the Farmers Market. I liked this photo best, which was backlit.

    • Karen Schmautz

      I’m not sure why this came up as “guest”, but this is my shot.

  • Elina Belova

    Here is drying cumin from my mom’s store. The light grey board was not a good choice for background. And the side light and the back light was so dispersed that they give almost similar expression to the photography. There is something interesting about the harsh light photo because of the cumin body details. The stems and shadows play together.

  • surabhi

    I could not do lesson earlier this week so trying to catch up in weekend. Here is my photo with back light and side light..

  • Bam’s Kitchen

    Submitting a little late… sorry. My photo story is sharing a spot of Japanese tea and persimmons with a dear friend in the morning. I tried the back light and a bright light from outdoors but the soft gentle light coming from the side made it feel like the sun was rising in the morning. hmm photo not showing…

  • Still catching up – this was the best of the three – back light was best gave it a really nice color and saturation. Shot these outside but maybe should have tried incised – since light was pretty nice all the way around.

  • Rice cooked in yellow lentils with seasoning.Front lighting with blurred background.Shallow DOF

  • I’m playing catch up, although I did manage to take some photos last week. I didn’t get the chance to go through them until now. Here’s photos of blueberries, shot outside and from two different angles. I like the close up of the blueberries better and it was actually show from the side with the sun in the background…so I guess that would fall into the sidelighting category. 🙂

  • Here is my shot with indirect and direct light. I usually try for indirect light, but I like the direct lighting for this shot

  • Sreedevi Mavila

    I generally click in direct light the most..and rarely with back-light. This was an interesting exercise for me because I got to check all the different kinds of lighting. This is the pic I liked the most though: taken with slightly diffused side-lighting.

  • This was an interesting assignment. I know side lighting is more frequently preferred, which makes me want to really figure out back and direct lighting just for fun. I choose this picture, which is back lit with direct lighting because I felt like the intensity of the light does a great job capturing the color of the tea (I think the color of tea is beautiful!). I also felt like the direct light does a great job telling the story I was trying to go for, which is retreating from the heat of the summer in a nice shady spot and enjoying some tea in the afternoon of summer. I’m from Phoenix, so we know a lot about how to hide from the heat in the summer. 😉
    This was my first attempt at direct lighting…let me know what you guys think! 🙂

    • Peter Block

      pretty good job! I do get a great color of the tea but I feel there is a lot of shades that are created by the back lighting

      • Thanks Peter! I really appreciate your feedback! I see what you mean about the shades in the tea…I wonder what happened with that? I’ll keep working on it 😉

  • Bashar Hijjawy

    This is my favrite shot, side lighting with a reflector. I hope I was able to convey the mood with proper lighting and the story with the props

  • Peter Block

    I favor shooting with light coming from the side. I am still learning to work with shooting into direct light. I also think I shoot to close to my natural light source so I need to try backing away farther. Lastly, my aha moment is that I really never thought about the framing or the story too much. with those concepts in my mind, I am getting a better understanding of what I am shooting at and creating.

  • Zane Sproge

    I used my story about late afternoon, cup of tea, while it’s [not] raining outside. I placed this cup of tea next to the window and made 4 photos – 1 and 4 is with back light, 2 is with side light, 3 is with direct back light. Usually I like to take photos with direct back light, but this time I prefer plain back light, maybe because of background. So my favorite of these is no.1.

  • Frode Breimo

    Stuck in a rut, and still playing catch-up. This is the photo I like the best for this lesson. A small late morning/midday snack with coffee. Sidelight, bright natural sunlight

    • Frode Breimo

      ..and here’s the picture

  • My photo for this assignment is always a breakfast, but it isn’t in a garden. It is in a room and it’s for two! The lighting is in the background with reflectors…I think it is good, but it isn’t the top! :-/

  • Catharina Linkenbach

    ok, a couple of days late…I am having a very intense time at school right now but will try and catch up… Facebook doesn’t work for me at all , so I cancelled my account again for the same reasons as 5 years ago (I only joined to be able to take part in this course). well, no going back. this means of course that I am missing out on group conversations etc but unless there is another way of connecting that’s just too bad…
    anyway, here is my photo for day 9: the initial story was someone making a mess; this here is a close up of that someone having been in the middle of preparing the pomegranate for lunch, at a kitchen table near the window, but had to leave everything to go nd answer the door.
    I like the side lit look a lot more, but that’s probably to do with the situation in our flat. today is challenging because there’s not much light to begin with, and today is overcast and rainy. in the little corner for my set there’s not much room to manoeuvre, so close ups are easier for me than whole scenes. let me know what you think ( if anyone is ever reading this, cos I seem to be the only one posting here…)

  • Ingunn Løvik

    I used the little boy’s breakfast as a subject today too.
    I shot in the morning using sunlight coming in from the window. First from one side, then from the back. The story was about breakfast in the spring, on a sunny day, hence the long shadows fits the story well. With the light coming in from the back it reflects on the spoon which I like. Let me know what you think. Pictures in the facebook lesson album.

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f90bf578118625f40a8a5cd1bad00b865f9f5b50b5e65cec24d03dbb0c419c4.jpg
    Not a perfect photo but I liked the backlit photo giving a bright summery feel to this simple breakfast of bread, pesto, olive oil, cherry tomatoes and ripe camambert cheese

  • karthika krishnan

    I used tomatoes as my subject. I arranged tomatoes in a cup and clicked using side light and back light. I felt that back light didnt elevated the subject. I inclined one cup so that light falls on the tomatoes. I liked side lighting better than back light. Then i tried different angles with side light. I felt that topdown didnt work for this photo. I felt that 10 degree worked fine as it clearly captured the light and looked great.

  • Anna Zazdravnaya

    I picked breakfast as subject and did these two photos. What I liked – both back and side light shows texture of things, and it was surprise for me) I haven’t seen the texture while making photos, but when I opened them in computer and saw beautiful edges and other things I was happy:) look at that cheese – it has knife traces, and eggs have that little holes on the surface not to tell about bread texture.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0d3033caf9527ce6e21069424a8621abd8f1616c4f9be2589a3742f3ae581427.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c8047d0c8967e00c6f668749337c03d3fb63e7fb670b16e4e11fac10a0ae7c01.jpg

  • Linda Joyce

    I thought I’d photograph a snack, And just concentrate on the light, using bounce, etc.. Much more difficult subject than I thought it would be. I like this photo with side light, with a white bounce card on the opposite side. I wanted to show the swirl and the texture of the bread, and I wanted to photograph the bread whole as well. Neither shot turned out the way I wanted, but will post one on Facebook anyway.

  • Marina Skår

    I used the cup of tea as subject. For my story I need actually artificial light. But I think side light fits here better. But I need to train more to understand this topic better!

  • Alan Sharp

    I used a new recipe which was a pie (slice). As I need to learn more in regards to lighting with my photography, I decided to concentrate on the lighting aspect of the assignment only, and not so much with camera settings and props. Under natural light via the window back light was fairly harsh, and the photo came out quite a bit on the overexposed side. With side light, even tho still on the over exposed side, this was much more favorable and more even than the back light photo. Although a hard task, this was very interesting and a positive learning experience.