Lesson 8 – Describe the Elements of Your Food Story

Elements of Your Story

On Day 6 you wrote a story that you wanted to capture in a food photograph. Let’s look at what you did on Day 6.

You decided a subject and then identified the main character of the story. You also wrote few lines describing what you wanted to capture in the frame.

Today we take it even further.Before we get into Day 8, please make sure you complete Day 7 tasks. Mostly importantly, make sure you have submitted your weekly progress. Yes I am reading each one of the updates.

Seriously, update your progress before moving forward. Click here.

Have you submitted your update? Do it. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you here.

Good.. so let’s continue.

Nathalia told the story about coffee in Brasil. Mihaela also told a story about coffee.  It was amazing to see so many different stories that participants wanted to capture in a photograph.

Those five or so lines gave you a good start, but is that enough for taking a photograph? From the comments on the post, it seems like for many the exercise has helped.

Next, we take this story to even more detailed level.

Let’s take an example – drinking tea with friends and having a good time.

Many cultures around the world drink tea. So how would you photograph this concept? To make this concept actionable, we need few more details. We need to answer more questions.

Let’s look at it again – We would like to photograph “drinking tea with friends and having a good time.”

Around the world, many cultures have given great importance to drinking tea. In Japan, tea culture is very sophisticated and elegant. In India, tea drinking is more alive when it is at a street vendor. In Europe, drinking tea has a different meaning to it.

So how do we make a photograph of “drinking tea with friends and having a good time.”

We need to identify elements of the food story. In your food photo, what you do want to show? Are you in India on a street corner? or in a restaurant drinking tea? You are the photographer so make a decision.

What time is it? Is it an early morning tea? or is it mid afternoon? Again, you have to decide. It’s your photograph and it’s your story.

If you are at a street vendor, what else is going on at the street vendor that you would like to show in your photograph?

Are you eating anything with your tea?

How many friends are with you? Are they all drinking tea?

Is the tea just arrived and its hot and steamy? Or has it been sitting there for a while and the tea glass is half empty?

Too many questions to answer? Absolutely. Too many decisions to make. Yes.

The more clear you are about the concept of your photograph, the more easy it will be for you to make other decisions like camera angle, depth of field, framing decisions and bunch of other decisions that we’ll talk about in next few days.

You are probably asking do all food photographers go through this exercise in this detail? What I’ve learned after interview many many food photographers is that these decisions are part of storytelling and photography process. Every food photographer’s process is different.

All the things that we have and we will talk during this 30 Day challenge, don’t actually take 30 Days to decide, as you may have figured out. In most cases, they make the decisions about camera angle, framing etc in matter of minutes. Many times these answers surface up as part of exploration.

As you practice food photography more, you will get better at answering these questions and asking new ones.

Now moving to today’s assignment..

Today’s Assignment

Time Estimated – 30 mins

Before you start this assignment, remove yourself from all the distractions. Go to a place where you cannot be disturbed. You need to complete Day 6 assignment before starting today’s assignment. If you haven’t completed it, go to Day 6 and finish the assignment first.

Remember the goal – Your end goal is to clearly tell the story of a food dish and what’s going around this dish. This is the story you will capture in a photograph.

Additional Clarification – This is storytelling using one frame of photo. This is not a story that usually blogs write about as part of introduction. We are capturing a story about the food and what’s going around that food when you are taking the photo. Please ask questions below if this is not clear. This is a very important concept, so don’t hesitate… ask away.

Step 1 – Start with your story from Day 6. Do you recall it? Hopefully, you've written it on a piece of paper of saved it.

Step 2 - For this story, now we will take this to the next level and describe it in finer details. Let’s start -

  1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
  2. What time of the day is it?
  3. Is this happening in a certain season?
  4. Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
  5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it?

These are just few questions that you should ask.

What other questions would you ask for your subject? Tell us in the comments below.

Step 3 - Document all these decisions and save them. We will use these decisions in the remainder of this challenge.

Step 4 – In the comments below share 1) What questions you asked? 2) Their answers

Step 5 – Optional but Recommended – Make a photograph that communicates the story. Use ALL the details you’ve described as part of Step 2 to create the scene and make the photo. Submit your photo to lesson album. Remember you won't see the album page if you are not member of this private group. Request access to join this group, if you haven't already.

Extra Credit

In past years, we've interviewed dozens of outstanding food photographers. Food photographers who have shot for Nat Geo, food bloggers who became food photography experts and food stylists for magazines like Cooking light to name a few... You can listen to these interviews as a bonus assignment.

  • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

    I was a little lost of the discussion board, but here I am now.
    I like this assingment, so, as you know, I am taking this lessons to do “better” photos with my cellphone camera as a personal challenge.
    Next, the answers of the previous questions and one more I would ask to describe the story.

    1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I am in the kitchen frying an egg.

    2. What time of the day is it?
    Is 4:42 pm, of a warm and sunny mid summer day.

    3. Is this happening in a certain season?
    Summer – raining season (in Venezuela)

    4. Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    I am alone in home with my dogs.

    5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it?

    I had a cup of tea but i drinked it.

    6. How do you feel right now (eating/cooking)?
    Besides hungry, I feel happy and relaxed, I like quite days, also how rustic could look my kitchen sometimes, so that makes me feel happy. Just need a book to be 100% perfect day for me.

    • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

      Sadly I do not know why I can not upload my photographs!

      • sorry you’re having problems. I have found that if I drag & drop a photo into this box, post it, then refresh the page, it shows up. Hope this helps 🙂

        • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

          Thanks Rebecca.
          Let me try

  • Guest

    the photo…

  • Define where are you? Sitting at home

    What time of the day is it? early afternoon

    Is this happening in a certain season? I eat oreos really any time of the year, mostly when I have no homemade desserts to quench my sweet tooth.

    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? typically just myself, who shares oreos?

    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? not always, but if i do, its always milk! but no dunking
    Why is it set up as it is? Taking the time to make a treat look more appetizing via presentation, and pre-portioning it out helps me feel satisfied with a smaller number of cookies.

    • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

      I reaaly like the light of your photo!

  • Guest

  • lydiaf1963

    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch? Sitting at the dining room table
    What time of the day is it? early evening
    Is this happening in a certain season? later summer so the sun is still out
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? my adult son is coming over for dinner, just the two of us
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? nothing fancy; ham, green beans and bacon ranch potatoes

  • This was interesting for me to do… actually writing it down has been eye opening.

    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I’m at home, sitting outside under the canopy, shaded from the summer heat.
    What time of the day is it?
    Is this happening in a certain season?
    Summer sizzling around me.
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    No one else is home …yet.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    no food…
    Have I changed out of my work clothes or just poured the wine?
    changed and relaxing, waiting for my husband to come home.

    • Sandra

      Lovely! And I see you’ve got a head start on hubby 😉

  • Upasana

    In Where you are, is it important that the weather or surroundings be visible in photograph?

    • Not necessarily weather.. it could be whole lot of different clues that you can leave. For example, if you are in a diner versus and high-end classy restaurant.. you clues and props and the entire photo will be very different.. So weather doesn’t always need to be part of this.

  • I do not connect with this story telling thing. Will be back when it is over.

    • Hi Daniel, what do you mean do not connect? Can you please elaborate?

  • Let me share my fascination of restaurants with you. On day 6 I posted a photo I made in a friends restaurant, a “behind the scenes” photo in the kitchen. The reason for this is because I love good food, I love how different chefs make the same dish in their own interpretation and show us new, amazing combinations, and that restaurants are great, and good restaurants are amazing! You step through the door, absorb the atmosphere, the buzz, you sit down, observe everything around you, order, and the very moment when you get your plate! You look down and think -wow! I want to eat that now!
    So here is my “plot”: in the favorite restaurant, one lovely late afternoon/early summer evening, dining out, and that very moment when your plate arrives and you look down…
    Reminds me on so many joyful moments of my life!

    • P.S.: listened to the interview of Nicole S Young. Very inspiring and helpful!

  • Areej

    It is almost evning time… I set in my dinning room with my kids running around … Trying to relax having a warm cup of arabic mint tea with some arabic dates and pistachios cookies …

    • Bam’s Kitchen

      Beautiful. I love the intricate cookies.

      • Sandra

        This is lovely – love the vibrance! Beautiful image 🙂

    • Very beautiful cookies.
      (The picture does not show up, that kids are running) Try to tell without words, through the image:)

    • I’m looking at the photos before reading the stories so that I can give hones critiques. The picture is beautiful, but it doesn’t tell the story that you told us in writing. I would have thought that this was part of a tea party. Your table is so pretty and the cookies are gorgeous.

  • flavorsandcolorsbyaparna

    Neel a query here are we supposed to continue with same story from Day 6 or we can choose a different subject from day 2 and begin with new one ?

    • Elina Belova

      Thanks for bringing this up. I am also confused with it. I don’t understand the correlation between the Day 6 and the today’s assignment.

      • Lia Badicu

        From what I understood, we should go on the same line as with Day 6 , but this time go a bit further with the details of a new story.

  • Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I am at home.
    What time of the day is it?
    Morning time, after my little one and my hubby have left to school and office respectively.
    Is this happening in a certain season?
    Cloudy morning
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    No one ,alone
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    Relaxfully doing my suduko for the day before I head to kitchen to think of lunch prep.

    • Jens Erik Ebbesen

      Wow really nice – well done!

    • Sandy

      Well done! Love every aspect of your photograph.

    • Sandra

      great shot!

    • I am a beginner and I am glad that my click is been appreciated. I really struggled on what story to make…because I am not good at it. Well , guess from now ,have to really put effort to say a story….All thanks to this workshop!

    • Ann G

      This is sooo realistic. Love it.

    • Kairit

      This photo really tells a story by itself. So good!

    • This is lovely. The coffee (?) looks so good. The lighting is very nice and you’ve framed the picture well.

    • it’s great…but how did you take it with both hand in the pic? did you use the timer on your camera??

  • Bam’s Kitchen

    Define where are you? I am sitting on the balcony in our apartment in Hong Kong taking a little respite from studying Mandarin and having a little apple with my almond butter.
    What time of the day is it? midday
    Is this happening in a certain season? Summer/super super hot and humid Hong Kong
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? alone and take a little bit of me time
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? Cool and refreshing chamomile and lemon iced tea with my apple and almond butter.
    I really struggled with this photo as I wanted to extend my depth or field to see the ocean but the clouds kept on coming into view so had lighting issues and shadows on my fruit.

  • Sandra

    Sitting on my back porch, having afternoon tea with a good friend. It’s mid afternoon and it’s a beautiful sunny day. Because this friend is special to me I decided to get out my coffee set, and serve up some almond cookies to enjoy. My sons are both at work, so we have the afternoon to enjoy on the porch listening to the bird life around us. Very peaceful..

    • The lighting is beautiful but I don’t see two cups so I don’t see afternoon tea with a friend. Maybe it’s because I’d have no problem eating two, or more, cookies. 🙂

      • Sandra

        I see your point there, and should have added the 2nd cup! Thank you for your feedback. This was natural light on the back deck using a reflector

  • Christine P

    Where: Starbucks, inside a shopping mall
    Time: 3 pm and it’s cloudy today
    Who are around: Just me as I’m waiting for a friend while doing my usual brainstorming session
    What else do you eat/drink: None, just a glass of ice chocolate which is a wrong decision considering the cold air conditioning inside the mall.
    Took this on a haste to prevent stares from other customers around.

  • Catherine Castro

    My Day 6 story was about a girl who decided to give her special someone a gift, she decided to give him sweets for him to like her. So she made these sweet homemade Graham balls. My story continue like this. The next day she went to the house of the guy he liked. Then she found him reading a book outside his house. She approach him and told him that she has a small gift for him. When the guy saw it, he then decide to put it on a plate and prepare coffee for them to share while talking about their interest.

    So for answering step 2.
    This photo is about two persons having dessert with coffee on an afternoon outside the house. Can you tell?:)

    Other questions I guess is what specific gender are involve. I guess mine you can say that a boy and a girl. Glasses and book for the boy and bag for the girl.

    Open for comments and suggestions.
    I hope I got the assignment right.:)

    • Shyamal Majmundar

      I like this your image very much! this is your image’s so much improved version, i see!
      And i must say for you Fantastic, Amazing , that how u approach the story , i couldn’t imagine it alike, how intelligently u continued and take it further more ahead the situation! Thumbs up!
      And the one more thing to me is magical, is the lighting , amazing ! how fast u improve towards the lighting , i think i must need to learn this how did u do this.

    • Shyamal Majmundar

      Yet, not seeing your image and u on fb page! looking forward!

  • I will continue my series of”egg breakfast” from lesson 6, and try to add more story there.
    I’am in the kitchen, alone, not too early in the morning (daylight). The newspaper (magazine) has already arrived. On top of my egg is fresh chives from garden – so it’s summer? I just put salt and pepper to my egg. I’am also drinking coffee and trying to read the same time while making breakfast.

    More questions for you:
    What is the theme? – Breakfast.
    Who is the “star” – coffee?
    What accessories did you use? – Magazine
    Why? – To create a feeling on “time alone”
    Did you use spices in your food? Does it show on the picture? – Pepper and chives shows on the egg, and some jars in the back.

    • Alina Kun Gazda

      I like the story of a busy morning. The magazine and the coffee are just spot on

    • I like this photo a lot. I can really see you (or someone) in the kitchen. Good props and lighting.

    • I love this photo. I imagined exactly what you wrote. The light is perfect!

  • Ann G

    The name
    of my story for day 6 was:

    “Elegance of Ginger”

    The Main Character is
    the drink.

    This drink happened by
    accident. I love ginger, so I usually keep either fresh

    or liquid in the refrigerator. I had

    some liquid mixed ginger which I forgot to drink. As I was looking in my

    refrigerator to see what I can put together for this lesson I saw the mixture

    sitting there. The liquid was at the top and it sort of resembled champagne.

    I liked the taste also, so I decided to add a
    little fuzz to it. I halved the

    glass with the ginger liquid then poured the sparkling water just as I was

    about to take the picture.

    Looks good, and taste


    ^^^ Define where you are? …. I am on the patio, at home,
    looking for a shady spot to take this picture.

    I set up my props
    alongside some bush with a shaded tree outside my home.

    What time of the day is it? …. It is about 2:30pm

    Is this happening in a certain season?…. It’s a hot
    sunny day in the hottest month of the summer. The weather is just right for a nice cold

    Who all are around
    the display? …. My daughters are with me joking and having fun while I
    take my pictures.

    Are you
    eating/drinking something else with it? …. We all sampled the drink, there was nothing
    else, it was very humid outside, and so I just wanted to get it over with

    ^^^^ What was the response I
    got about the drink?

    When I first tested it, I thought it had a sophisticated
    look, and it was just right for the hot, humid weather


    **When I was through taking the pictures my daughter
    suggested another set up and this is what she came up with. She said my picture looked old, so it give me
    a chance to explain the highlight of my story and to express what story I got
    from her picture.

  • It’s morning. Late summer. Monday. The kids are in school, and I’m getting ready to start my day. I’m working on my upcoming book for the moment, and I have some small rituals that are dear to me – one of these is to make myself a really good cup of caffe latte. I take my time to drink it without focusing on my work. Not because I don’t like my job – I love it and feel grateful every day that I can make a living from what I am really passionated to. But I let myself indulge in other little things, I appreciate to spend my time on in order to “warm up” and build up the right sensation and motivation for the day’s work . This morning I chose just to sit in the corner of the couch thinking of the the lovely summer that brought my family and me to Mallorca and other delightful holiday destination – the summer that just ended this morning 🙂

    • I love this photo. It’s serene and inviting. I’d love to sit on that cozy sofa and sip away. Well done.

      • Oh thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. You made my day! All the best from me 🙂

    • Oh, this is so inviting! I want to sit on the sofa and sip the coffee. You use gorgeous props.

      • Thaaanks, Elis♡ Finding props is one of my huge interests. This coffee bowl is from a market in Paris – bought this summer. Wish you a great day!

    • Beautiful shot and very nice “banqueto” 😉

  • Alina Kun Gazda

    This assignment is a real struggle for me. Maybe is not the right day for this, I’m just not inspired. I tried to take the story from Lesson 6 and expand it and take another photo but it’s just not working. So I decided to share this photo that I took last month.I think this photo answers most of the questions at step 2. Hope you like the photo, without a written story.

    • A good story through the image, no words even need.

      • Alina Kun Gazda

        Thanks you. your comment means a lot

    • Lia Badicu

      Hi Alina, this is what I imagine based on your story. By the light I would say it’s late afternoon on a lazy day, you’re serounded by close friends (judging by the way the cutlery is placed ) and made a quick easy supper for everybody…and they are all waiting tio digg in :)…..I like how the spoon is full of movement

      • Alina Kun Gazda

        That’s the exact story Lia, I just wasn’t inspired to write it. I’m glad the photo delivered it

    • Did you think of a story prior to shooting this dish? It does tell one, and I like the shot. Four sets of cutlery indicate four eaters, you made some simple food with a good loaf of bread, it’s a casual setting in early evening (the picture gives the impression that the light is just fading)

      • Alina Kun Gazda

        No Claudia, I didn’t plan the story. We had friends invited for super and while I was cooking I decided to shoot this.So I just put everything on the table and started shooting. I had in mind for a while to shoot some actions like that or people sharing a meal so it was just perfect timing

  • Kairit

    At home, in my livingroom. It is my day off. I’m alone and enjoing my afternoon coffee, watching my grandmother`s old postcard album.

    • shikha Bhatia

      beautiful story.No need for description,the picture says it all for itself “collecting old memories with a cup of coffee and cookies”.

      • Kairit

        Thank you! That was my intention.

    • Lia Badicu

      The picture is lovely, I say this again: I am amazed how people incorporate things that have nothing to do with kitchen props , but they complete the story perfectly.

      • Kairit

        Thank you Lia. I am still learning how to tell a story.

    • Sanja Manasijević

      Lovely story!

      • Kairit

        Thank you Sanja!

    • Katharina

      I just love photos like this one. Memories……no words needed to explain.

      • Kairit

        Thank you Katharina!

    • Very pretty! We have the same dishes!!! 🙂 You told the story well and I love how you framed it.

      • Kairit

        Thank you, Linda!

    • I like this 🙂 the postcards are adorable (although I first thought they were old pictures of your childhood). I love the little detail of the note, the half eaten cookie and the oldfashioned tablecloth in the background (my grandma had several of them). It takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of my grandma. You capture an emotion here, very well done

      • Kairit

        Thank you Claudia. This tablecloth is actually new, my sister in law made this for me.

    • The photos are wonderful. Like the story of your picture.

      • Kairit

        Thank you Elis 🙂

    • Sawsan Abu Farha

      I love the story and the pictures Kairit. I actually thought they were childhood pictures

      • Kairit

        Thank you Sawsan. These postcards are really old. One is dated 1.Feb.1916. I’m not from that era 🙂

  • Guest

    I’m in my office cabin,I work for a event company.Had couple of hours free today so decided to complete today’s assignment.Its early afternoon in Doha.Peak summers.
    Bought some onions from a nearby grocery store.Can’t find better props so borrowed architecture book from the library,knife and salt from the pantry.

    • I like the book, onions and towel very much. The salt seems very unnatural and it very much draws the attention too. Maybe you could choose to shoot another corner of the book, so you won’t have to cover up the code? Because I believe you could have a great shot here.

  • Guest

    I am staying with family so I gathered the elements of my breakfast.
    It is morning and I am creating this for myself.
    It is a blustery summer day.

    The first shot looked straight down at the milk which distracted the eye too much plus I could see my reflection in the spoon. So I added some flax seeds to the spoon and poured away a little of the milk and moved it further back in the shot.

  • I am staying with family who were busy so I gathered my breakfast ingredients together.
    It is a blustery summer day in the morning.
    I am having breakfast by myself.

    At first the circle of the white milk was distracting so I poured some away and moved the little glass back. I could also see my reflection in the spoon so I added the ground flax and the whole thing came together.

    However the colour is once again washed out. any ideas anyone as to how I can prevent this colour loss.

    • This is such a great shot, I absolutely love how you set it up. The story doesn’t come across that well for me, it does say summer and breakfast, but I am missing the “alone” part somehow. I can’t really explain why, because you do tick the boxes, one cup and one bowl. It’s just a personal feeling I suppose

      • Thank you for your comments. Hmmm not sure how to answer your observation about “alone”. It is certainly a set up for one person.

  • Guest

    This is how we drink tea in Holland 🙂 From a wooden tea box with different sorts
    of tea bags everybody picks up one and just dump it in hot water. It is also an old tradition : To one cup of tea you
    can get one cookie.

    • Larissa Temmink

      This is my photo. On some reason I couldn’t submit it on my name.

      • I like the stroopwafels there and the Pickwick box (well hello fellow Dutchy! ). I quite like the garden feeling. Is there a reason you used different cups for this? The open box to me very much shows that you are there with multiple people.

        • Larissa Temmink

          Hello Claudia, nice to meet you here as well 🙂 I’ve used various cups to create such homely feeling where everyone has their own favorite cup.

  • I called in to see an old friend suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. It was a cold but sunny afternoon. Mike was wearing his winter clothes, jumper and scarf and was doing a little pottering in the garden. He asked me to stay and share a cup of tea and he insisted on making this for me. We sat outside on the verandah and drank our tea. He wasn’t happy to have his photo taken, so I took the tea tray instead.

    • Pallavi Roy

      That is such a beautiful capture and the story heart rendering….And i can exactly relate to this mood that you intended to capture

    • I like the old feel to it, the coldness shows with the scarf, and the oldfashioned teapot just finishes it. Love the story and I think you did a great job telling it in a single shot

      • Thanks Claudia. Good to get some feedback. Hope you are enjoying this course too.

    • julietaarias

      i like how you captured detail on the black of the sweater and the white of the napkin. It really tells the story. Winter, tea for two, the soft palette.

      • Thanks for your comment. It has been an interesting project.

  • I think my day 6 picture had a quite detailed story with it — lazy afternoon, in the back yard, with a friend, 2 glasses of wine and snacks, still the photo I am most happy with, probably because I had most time to play with it.

    I had a story in mind today as well, but as I got home as the sun was setting I did not really have much time to take pictures and what’s here, was the best, although I am not overly happy about it.
    The picture story is: early morning, frozen berries, mix a healthy breakfast juice, in home kitchen, eating /living healthy, but fast life, as there is no time to get fresh berries, just frozen ones 🙂
    Feel like I could have done much better with this assignment.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I really like the raspberries at the bottom!

  • Kris Giamouridou

    The story: ”Me, having breakfast at the hotel’s balcony” 12:30p.m.
    – Earlier, I read today’s assignment, thought the scenario I wanted to demonstrate, placed my subjects, create the scenery and started to act real time.

    – BEHIND THE SCENES Challenges/difficulties: FIRST OF ALL, there was no table to place my subject at the same level with my camera (I do not own a tripod), so I found a box and covered it with one of my textiles. I placed the camera at the couch and turned it into SELF-TIMER MODE. The first photografs I took where JUST my ”breakfast” in order to determine the frame, angle, and other settings. THEN, I placed myself in the picture. The REAL CHALLENGE was that at the same time people where working at the CONSTRUCTION AREA just next to our building and the NOISE was DEAFENING, so I couldn’t hear the camera’s SIGNAL.. As you understand, I started shooting the whole thing at 11:45a.m. and finished 12:30p.m to get a nice picture 🙁

  • Kris Giamouridou

    –>The story: ”Me, having breakfast at the hotel’s balcony” 12:30p.m.
    – Earlier, I read today’s assignment, thought the scenario I wanted to demonstrate, placed my subjects, create the scenery and started to act real time.
    – BEHIND THE SCENES Challenges/difficulties: FIRST OF ALL, there was no table to place my subject at the same level with my camera (I do not own a tripod), so I found a box and covered it with one of my textiles. I placed the camera at the couch and turned it into SELF-TIMER MODE. The first photografs I took where JUST my ”breakfast” in order to determine the frame, angle, and other settings. THEN, I placed myself in the picture. The REAL CHALLENGE was that at the same time people where working at the CONSTRUCTION AREA just next to our building and the NOISE was DEAFENING, so I couldn’t hear the camera’s SIGNAL.. As you understand, I started shooting the whole thing at 11:45a.m. and finished 12:30p.m to get a nice picture.

    • Well you get brownie points for effort! It’s a nice shot, I like how the food is in the foreground and you are eating some. The glasses however are out of place to me (they look great in the shot but I automatically thought “don’t you need those for reading?” ). Also, I wouldn’t hold the book so high. Maybe you have a good reason and this looked best, but it feels a bit unnatural.

      • Kris Giamouridou

        Thank you Claudia for your feedback. I will definately have in mind what you wrote. 🙂 First of all I have to tell you that I am short shighted. This means I can see the objects close to me clearly (e.g. when reading a book) and it is a ”natural” move for me to leave my glasses on the table 😀 About the book… Hmmm It is on my eye level and I liked the fact that the small draw on the left side of the book is exactly on that spot. Your remarks though made me rethink about it and tomorrow I am going to recreate the whole shooting again, to see what conclusions and ”lessons” can be leared from this.

        • I am short sighted as well but I have -8 in both eyes and therefore need those glasses. It’s a natural reaction of me to think you’d need them haha. I agree about the drawing, it looks good. But my attention is also overly drawn to your arm, which looks unnaturally straight. It’s kind of like you have no wrist and your elbow just goes in a straight line to your pinky.

          • Kris Giamouridou

            😀 😀 You got me there! Those small details make the difference… Take care!

    • Love the way you set up the scene. Except for the glasses, it is a nice shot.

      • Kris Giamouridou

        Thank you Usha for you feedback!

  • My story today is “Making Sandwiches.” I have tried to capture the preparation of sandwiches for my son’s lunches.

    The scene takes place in my kitchen in the early afternoon of a winter’s day. My other 2 children are otherwise occupied so I have 20 minutes to get this done undisturbed. The sandwiches are being prepared to freeze for the week so they won’t be eaten straight away.

    The other questions I would ask are:
    1. How do you feel doing this activity?
    Answer: Before I start this feels like a chore that I dread. Once I get going it can actually become a mindful, Zen-like experience as I get into a rhythm of making them.
    2. Why do you do this?
    Answer: Because it makes life easier in the mornings before school.
    3. How do you feel when you are finished?
    Answer: I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see all the sandwiches bagged and tagged, and relief that the job is over for another week.

    • Kairit

      I like your story. Was also thinking why did you describe a winter scene. But then I realized – you are from Australia! Everything is upside down 🙂

  • Sanja Manasijević

    At home, drinking my morning coffee, reading my emails, writing same ideas in my notebook. It’s cloudy…..

  • Marina Proniakova

    I am at an
    old port of Jaffa
    in Israel
    taking photos of a local restaurant. They are not only about the food; they are
    also about the people.

    The lady in
    a dark blue hat attracted my attention. She didn’t want to show her face while
    eating, she was hiding it.

    I asked

    Who is the

    What is

    Why does
    she want to stay incognito?

    What is she

    What am I
    taking a picture of – the lady or the food?

    The food on
    the photo is an element to show the mystery of the person. Could we remove the
    veil of secrecy?

    I am searching
    for such intriguing and provoking scenes while shooting.

    Of course
    it depends on what you are going to express.

    I named the
    work Incognito – in this case it’s about a person, but I had a choice of giving
    it another name – A Fish Eater, then it would have been about the food.

  • Guest

    The story from Day #06 was about drinking my favourite tea.

    My questions for the photo from Day #06:

    1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I am in my living room and have a good time for relax with a cup of my favourite tea.

    2. What time of the day is it?
    It is early morning.

    3. Is this happening in a certain season?
    It is hot summer time.

    4. Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    I am at home alone. My lovely husband just went to his work.

    5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    No, just drinking a tea.

    6. What dish do you use?
    It is nice prop from my photo-shooting stuff.

    7. What would be the continuing of this story?
    I created second part of the story. It is late afternoon and my lovely husband came back from his work. So, now we both have our hot favourite tea in our favourite daily using cup and glass. My tea is still herbal red Sudanese Hibiscus and Charlie’s is his favourite green Morrocan mint tea. We are eating some healthy snacks and we are enjoying time together and talking.

  • My story from Day #06 was about drinking my favourite tea.

    My questions for the photo from Day #06:

    1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I am in my living room and have a good time for relax with a cup of my favourite tea.

    2. What time of the day is it?
    It is early morning.

    3. Is this happening in a certain season?
    It is hot summer time.

    4. Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    I am at home alone. My lovely husband just went to his work.

    5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    No, just drinking a tea.

    6. What dish do you use?
    It is nice prop from my photo-shooting stuff.

    7. What would be the continuing of this story?
    I created second part of the story. It is late afternoon and my lovely husband came back from his work. So, now we both have our hot favourite tea in our favourite daily using cup and glass. My tea is still herbal red Sudanese Hibiscus and Charlie’s is his favourite green Morrocan mint tea. We are eating some healthy snacks and we are enjoying time together and talking.

    • Great pictures. I like the first image best, which is bright and captures your early morning in summer best for me

      • Thank you Claudia, I am glad that I captured some mood there 🙂

  • Shyamal Majmundar

    hello guys!
    Here i have use the image is from the assignment 6, actually it was not been shot on that day, was quite difficult for me to create the story and what and how to use in that! though for today’s assignment created the image and using it for both the assignment 6-8. Hope it will be considered.

    1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I’m at home, in dining area.

    2. What time of the day is it?
    It is in the morning.

    3. Is this happening in a certain season?
    No, it happens in all season.

    4. Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    No one, only me.

    5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    No, mostly the milk and banana, sometimes something else with it.

    Other question
    1. where and how exactly to position/place the main subject and the other elements in the frame?
    2. what else other thing/s i could add/remove from it?
    3. what color of the bg and other elements should be?
    4. how i want to frame it? Vertical or Horizontal? or depends on the situation of the story?
    5. whether should i first finalize the vertical or horizontal frame and according to compose the subject and the other elements?
    6. Am i sure or confident about all above question’s answer’s?
    etc. etc. etc. and the list goes on, as found something else more to decide about.

  • Guest

    I am at an old port of Jaffa in Israel taking photos of a local restaurant.

    They are not only about the food; they are also about the people.

    The lady in a dark blue hat attracted my attention.

    She didn’t want to show her face while eating, she was hiding it.

    I asked myself:
    Who is the lady?
    What is she?
    Why does she want to stay incognito?
    What is she eating?
    What am I taking a picture of – the lady or the food?

    The food onthe photo is an element to show the mystery of the person.

    Could we remove the veil of secrecy?

    I am searching for such intriguing and provoking scenes while shooting.

    Of course depends on what you are going to express.

    I named the work Incognito – in this case it’s
    about a person, but I had a choice of giving it another name – A Fish Eater, then it would have been about the food.

  • My Day 6 story was a casual breakfast of muffins and cup of coffee. I wasn’t very happy with the photos, It was a challenging assignment. For today, I wanted to retry the same scenario again. This time I used the early morning light to try to convey time of day and just focused in on the muffin and coffee and eliminated the other props. I like it better. Then the sun went behind clouds and trees and my light was gone so I was only able to snap a few photos with the natural light.
    Where: My kitchen table
    Time: Early morning
    Season: Summer (today)
    Who’s around: Nobody. I’m alone in the morning
    Eating/Drinking with it: Coffee

    • Katharina

      A photo that really grabs my attention. That muffin just looks ready to be enjoyed. Great composition and I love the use of contrasting colours.

    • You nailed it Judy! The morning light and the lone fork tells the story.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Pls send me some of your muffins! Nice composition on the pic. Which type of WB did you use?

  • Nicole Campbell

    I just typed my story and for some reason it has not saved so I will try again.

    Quality Time

    Who are am I with – I am with my husband, sharing a quiet moment together after the children have gone to bed
    What is the atmosphere – the lights are low and the candles have been lit. The tv has been turned off and there is music in the background
    Where are we – we are sitting on the couch in the family room
    What are we eating – we are sharing a homemade dessert which has been placed on the coffee table in front of the couch
    What are we doing – we are talking and catching up on things without the distraction of the children
    Are we drinking anything – we are drinking coffee, one of the things we like to do quite often
    What is the end result of the photo – a tender moment captured in time and inspired by a delectable home made dessert

  • Alessandro

    at home
    it’s one summer morning,
    we are at home
    we stay a bit more in bed with our son and then together prepare the table. Each one eat something different: mummy is vegan, baby like chocolate, me …..for me its not morning without a coffee.
    well ……my son has a bit of hurry and taste his bread and chocolate before starting our “Family breakfast”

    thet’s my story…i was able to represent it in my shot?
    Only you will answer that question.
    a great day to everybody

    • I quite like the idea behind the picture, and when you think about it, it does come across in the shot as well. But I find the bird’s eye view not beneficial for the “baby” section. Did you happen to take other angles as well (maybe with a different setting)? I would love to see them

      • Alessandro

        Claudia Thank’s for your suggestion. To be onest I don’t like to much This photo . I fell there is something wrong and lack of something else.
        I’ve some other shots but with the same set up. Later , at home, i take a look, if find one i’ll show you!

  • Sawsan Abu Farha

    My recipe is a traditional Egyptian recipe called Besara. I wanted to communicate a few things in my picture..
    First the idea that the recipe is old and traditional, I tried to convey that with the background I used

    Second, I went to Egypt for my honey moon and Egypt will always mean eternal sunshine and blue sky to me. I tried to convey that with the blue plates, cups and kitchen towel and with the bright light

    This being a traditional recipe,something an old couple could share in the sunshine, hence the two plates and a rustic back drop

    • Eternal sunshine and blue sky. Well you captured that! Lovely picture and lovely story as well

      • Sawsan Abu Farha

        Thank you kindly Claudia

    • Wonderful colors and a very nice atmosphere.

      • Sawsan Abu Farha

        Thank you Elis

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I like the yellow and aqua manire colours on the pic!

  • John Vaillancourt

    No photo yet, but I would like to point you all to my blog, Bakery Rebellion, to see some of the photos I’ve been working on as part of this course. I hope this doesn’t come across as spam, but I’ve been having difficulty posting photos in this forum and I wanted to show my work in some way. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Sarah Linden

      John, can you share think link? It’ll help get us there faster. 🙂

  • Yesibeth

    Hello everyone!

    My Story: A break before moving on …
    It’s about me and the rest I need, every day, to relax, to do what I like to do beforeproceed with the remaining tasks.
    My coffee is an important part of that breakdown.

    I was not happy with the picture I took in Lesson 6, but I think it captures the spirit of my story.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Great idea! I like that your feet are on the backround he he he

      • Yesibeth

        Thanks Kris for your nice comment!

  • Katharina

    As I was happy with I photo and story of day 6 I wanted to try something new but build on my previous theme of childhood memories. Some of my fondest memories are of baking with grandma.
    Where are you: I am in a farmhouse kitchen
    When: A cold but sunny winter morning during my childhood. The baking was done and grandma and me where enjoying some well deserved sweet dark coffee with fresh Bretzels.

    • It doesn’t really say childhood to me, although that could be because I never had pretzels when I was young. It does tell a story though. Two cups, two pretzels. To me this feels like a winter afternoon, it gives off a lovely warming feeling. Well done on this, i think it’s a very good picture

      • Katharina

        Freshly baked German Bretzel where a special treat to us which we enjoyed with my grandmother. Also my kids totally enjoy Bretzels

        • I like your grandmother already 🙂 your kids must love them too, I can imagine them being a treat for children (for anybody really)

    • I could see the story without reading 🙂 So cozy!

      • Katharina

        Thank you Elis

    • Another beautiful photo

      • Katharina

        Thank you Judy

    • Kairit

      Looks delicious!

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Nice story!

  • Good morning!

    It’s Monday morning and I’m at the table in my breakfast room – alone. I’m drinking matcha tea that I whisked with my bamboo whisker, eating toast with almond butter and strawberries, and working on my blog. The sun has just peaked out of the clouds after a night of thunderstorms and I’m feeling quite peaceful.

    • What a lovely atmosphere you create. I love that you can see what’s on the computer – delicious fruits just like the bowl with strawberries you have on the table. And what a gorgeous cup!

      • Thank you! I’ll admit, the screen is a bit of self-promotion – haha! The cup and whisk was a Christmas gift from my son. I absolutely love it.

    • I had that same idea to put my computer in the shot this morning but ditched the idea because it felt cramped. You made it work. Self promotion….Love it!

      • Haha! Thanks Judy. Self promotion isn’t my style, but I’m learning that I need to do it to get noticed. Something that is not in my comfort zone!

  • Todd

    With my Daughter at the Family country house in Winter, getting our fill of citrus off the tree…Joy

    • Beautiful – and what a cute little daughter, you have 🙂

    • Adorable picture. The idea of effort for fresh food comes across, but also her joy in it

    • Beautiful picture!

    • Julie Benz

      Really clear image, very fresh.

  • Marissa O’Donnell

    Here’s my story.. It’s a sunny day so female friends are coming to the house to catch up after lunch. Most of them are on a diet so they want something light and fresh for a little snack. There are fruits in season so just to liven up the table i m serving the fruits on skewers. And to make table bright and welcoming I used colourful things to enhance my table setting. It’s something that is refreshing on a hot
    day or it also a delightful party treat. Something light and nourishing!

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      Beautiful, brilliant colors.

      • Marissa O’Donnell

        Thank you Lorinda!

  • Squadrilla

    My Day 6 story was “lazy saturday breakfast on the terrace”.
    So today I tried to be more specific and to add some details to my story (maybe too many??).
    So I call it “lazy summer breakfast for one on a Roman terrace” and I tried to answer the previous questions in a more specific way, as long as to take a (slightly) better photo using my proper camera:
    I was sitting at the table on my rooftop terrace in Rome, it was late morning and I am alone, as you can tell from the single coffee cup. More details: we are in Italy, as you can tell from the biscuits packaging and from the Italian design coffee stoves (Bialetti coffee machine and Pantone Seletti cup). I also changed the book from an English/New Zealand one to an Italian one. It’s a lovely summer day and you can tell it from the sunglasses and the Sun lotion in the background. I tried to show that I was on a terrace/garden adding the plant and the watering can (as in previous assignment).
    I also tried to play with colors using all yellow and orange details, and I tried to experiment with DoF as yo can see in my second attempt (but I think it’s not the right angle).

  • Pallavi Roy

    This has been a rush rush day as I need to attend a special event and for the first time in these days i have used a iphone instead of my DSLR and also because of the nature of photograph that i wanted to capture.I wanted to capture steam naturally (no artificial steam added or Photoshop).I have uploaded a diptych as I need to tell my story of how hot is my cuppa of tea which is quite a solace in this Light showery English weather.
    Define where are you? – I am at my home getting ready for a event.Hence the danglers.
    What time of the day is it? – It is mid afternoon
    Is this happening in a certain season? – I am basking in the English weather with few rays of sun…spells of cloud…light showers and a rainbow.
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? – I am there along with my books as I seek for some inspiration for this shot.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? – I made these cupcakes last night which didn’t turn out good so I am the stuffer of this lack lustre food before I rush for my event.

    • The third image, with the window, is my favourite. I like the idea of staring out the window with that cup of tea, and getting the cupcake as a reward 😉

    • Julie Benz

      Hi Pallavi, lovely evokative images. Lovely colours and simplicity. Just one tiny thing about choice of book title… unfortunate use of ‘chicken’ (writ large) for any vegetarian or vegan viewer…a more neutral title or non food would have made even more powerful for me… I do eat some meat, not trying to be over PC here, just not rting to limit the appeal of this….love the steam in first image too.

  • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

    I loved the tea concept. Somehow my cookies, instead of taking center stage, were reduced to crumbles. This is tea in the afternoon with my good friend – someone I can let my hair down with. We began by nibbling cookies and sipping tea, but it quickly evolved into adding a nip of whiskey. The tables sits uncleared as we swing in the hammock and laugh.

    • Nice story and very lovely picture

      • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

        Thank you, Claudia.

    • Wonderful story! This is a place where I want to sit and chat.

      • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

        Thanks, Elis. The porch called to me from the first moment we saw the house, though I usually am a little more casual – sitting with a mug of coffee and watching the deer.

      • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

        Any time, Elis 😉

    • Great story, and your photo captures it. I love the lipstick on the tea cup on the right.

      • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

        I was hoping someone would catch that; tried not to make it too obvious. Thanks, Linda!

  • I decided to change my story. I went blackberry picking and chose that as my story for lesson 6, but didn’t realise we would need to use it again (so the chocolates I got can’t be actors either as they’ll be gone soon enough! ). So now I chose having a cheese sandwich. My story title is “A bit of peace and quiet during lunch”. My main object is the cheese, with bread and some homemade fruit chutney as add-ons.
    The questions had as answers: I am eating alone, at home, in the middle of a lot of busy things. It is lunchtime and I am having the sandwich with a cup of tea or coffee.
    I am not very happy with this entire set-up, let me know what you think. This was the first image I shot, but I preferred it over the 20 shots I took after it.

    • Hi Claudia! Maybe there are too many props. If you change the frame a little bit and cut something from the right side, so that you have the triangle: books – bread – tea. Then you have the attention on the bread. And also the color-combination of green-yellow-brown wouldn´t be disturbed.

      • Thank you. I did aim to have the bread as a part of the setting and not popping out too much, but thank you for the feedback, I will try to pay closer attention to my colours too next time. I find propping a very tricky thing to do.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Hi Claudia! I read your story and considering that it was in the middle ”of a lot of busy things” I would like to see some messy details. On the other hand you showed me the ”peace and quite” by using mainly dark colourd on your scene. I wish you had your eyeglasses on top of those books 😉 😀

  • flavorsandcolorsbyaparna

    I was bit confused about how to carry the story further from day 6 titled “Thread of love” [as the main character was sweets which got finished by day 8] ..so this is how the story continued as an experience … subject : siblings bond over a cup of tea [which is main character for this time of the day in this story], childhood memories revisited and discussion about likes [books, music] dislikes as sister unwraps the gift received from her brother

    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? = at home
    In dining area or porch? = in living room around center table
    What time of the day is it? – late afternoon
    Who all are around the food? brother around … husband out for his work, kids sleeping
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? – Biscuits
    Accessories on the table? Yes – gift wrapper, a novel received as gift and a mobile phone,

  • Danielle

    This photo is taken on a summer afternoon, in my garden. Hot summer day, and only me with refreshing smoothie. Ice was melting and I had to take photo very fast.

  • Isabel

    I am alone at home, reading and taking notes. I decide to take a break. A coffee and a piece of good chocolate are great for this moment. 🙂

    • Katharina

      I like the idea of this photo but would like to see the choclate more clearly. Without reading your description I would not have known what it is on the saucer

      • Isabel

        Katharina, thank you.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Hi there! Nice props (tea cup, books, etc.) Your pic is a bit underexposed… 🙁 I wish it was lighter…

  • I also changed my story. One week of blackberrries is enough.
    Now it is Pasta-time! And that’s the way it looks when we eat pasta at home. In August, when our tomatoes are ready for harvesting, we have pasta with tomato-sauce every second evening. Our son is always hungry, so I have to cook and prepare the table very fast. And – he always wants something special to eat. (I am not so happy with the different noodles on the picture.)

    • I actually like the different noodles. It makes me think of you having one picky child who insisted on tortellini :D. I would say this isn’t a just-made table, because the bread indicates that you are mid dinner. Overall, nice shot, a bit messy but in a way that it works for the picture (I can manage messy, but I can’t manage organised messy 😛 ). PS I thought the tomatoes on the board were grapes

    • Katharina

      I also can relate to this very well. Having three kids myself I know that each of them have there preferences. Always one that insists on having something different. Beautiful picture

    • Kairit

      I think that different kind of noodles make this picture more interesting. It is saying that every person who eats at this dinner table has a different character. I really like the colour of those cherry tomatoes.

    • Anne Livingston

      Love this picture! I can feel the busy-ness of a family in it, with all the forks and the friendly mess. Nice composition! Like the napkin and the cheese. I would like for the photo to be just a touch lighter, so I can really get inside those bowls of luscious pasta!!!

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I agree with most the comments below, it’s a nice shot, but I feel that the left hand side is a bit darker than the right…

  • Story: Quiet Earl Grey and Toast at Home.

    Where am I? Home, of course! 🙂
    In terms of season, at first I was thinking it would naturally have a wintry feel to it, given that it’s hot tea, but it really has the feeling of spring or fall instead, I think. Perhaps because the light was a mid-morning light, and maybe because the toast in the background bokeh has vibrant jam. Maybe if I’d set the scene with a bowl of oatmeal or something, the mind would read it as a wintrier scene!
    There’s no one else eating, in this scene. Just me and my simple breakfast
    There’s some simple toast in the background, so the scene felt more like a breakfast than a small break

    The other questions I might ask for my subject..

    Is this an elegant breakfast or a laidback one?
    Is this during the week or on the weekend?
    Are you doing anything else whilst drinking your tea – working, reading?

    Those are the questions I feel I perhaps failed to answer with the shot, other than the first – I think the scene sets a sort of medium between elegance and laidback. No china, but still using a cup and saucer.

    • Guest

      And this was the shot:

    • Guest

      Disqus driving me nuts! Not sure if I actually shared the image or not.

    • And here’s the shot.

  • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

    1- at home in the kitchen
    2- early afternoon
    3- the begginning of Autumn
    4- just me and my memories of childhood

    • Katharina

      Really like this! Beautiful composition. Just enough of the glasses in the image without overpowering the baking ingredients. Well done

      • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

        Thanks a lot Katharina, You feedback is important to me!

    • I also like the glasses.

      • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

        Thanks Elis!

  • Julie Benz

    Story, following from day 6, husband tucking into cheese and chutney, in garden, summer, ‘lunchtime’- though, given the challenge of coping with moving natural sun might be better to place on a tray- this trick worked well to quickly reposition the ‘scene’. I grabbed extra props I’d not thought about for day 6: the weekend paper, a sunhat, sunglasses and as hot, had to be a cold drink- I played a bit with the scene before pulling him in, decided it was right to go for the 24-105mm lens to expand the scene from my usual 10mm lens…The beer just seemed to work colourwise and got the husband’s vote, for being rewarded for his time and effort….
    Is this realistic I asked him? Well, I wouldn’t be reading the FT with a beer he replied, so I then focused away from the paper. Oh well.
    Questions remaining
    – to make even more realistic, maybe breaking bread, adding crumbs? (we’d eaten lunch before this, so I was cheating) also the dilemma of working out which should be the hero of the piece- several options where I focused for different shots- the apricots, as fresh and colourful and leads to the home made chutney that started the project, OR the cheese, OR the hand, that either could not wait to tackle the beer most realistic) or the cheese (in reality he would prefer his camembert almost melted). Questions. Cheese v beer? Overhead or side view? Landscape or portrait? My brain hurts… time for a beer…

    • I love the first one and I would suggest broken bread and some crumbs – but I am the messy type 🙂

      • I agree with Elis, first one is better, there is more action, overhead shot at least in this case is more static. As Elis suggested add crumbs, or even slices of bread for neater picnic. As you’ve eaten lunch I know why you were cheating, but think how you usually eat. Slice some bread, than cheese, maybe spread it on a bread, adding chutney. Having a first bite. Having a sip of beer. Just try to follow your normal steps.
        I would love to see what is the bread and cheese texture, how the chutney glisten on the cheese in the summer sun.
        But I still love your colours, the texture of cheese paper looks great, the light is fantastic.

        • Julie Benz

          Hi Magda, Love the idea of taking a bite out of the bread slice too…there would have to be crumbs then too. Thanks for comments about liking the action pic more… helpful suggestions thanks for taking time to comment.

      • Julie Benz

        Hi Elis, thanks- always room for improvement…or mess… why don’t we (I) see these things before we (I!) shoot! Part excuse is that it’s 34 degrees here in Mallorca and if it weren’t for the course I think I’d struggle to motivate myself at all…

    • I think I might like to see the inside of the cheese…or maybe some of it being spread on some bread. I like the action you put in the photos.

      • Julie Benz

        Thanks Judy… I agree digging into the cheese or revealing its inside could enliven it more, thanks for taking time to comment.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I agree with the girl’s comments. I like your composition in both pics, but in my huble opinion you’ve cropped a lot of details at the foreground and leftt hand side (1st pic)

      • Julie Benz

        Hi Kris, thanks… always a balance on cropping esp with a narrow depth of field. I realised today that many of my images with items in foreground came out overly blurry, as I had wanted a narrow depth of field (3.5, quite close) to blur background, so it’s a case of always juggling to keep the eye drawn to the most important bits..am always learning it’s not as easy as expected!

        • Kris Giamouridou

          You are totally right! It’s not so easy at the beginning, but practise makes perfect.. 😀 Keep up the good job.

          • Julie Benz

            That’s another good reason for doing the course – good luck. The more I know, the less I know, I sometimes feel…

          • Kris Giamouridou

            😀 😀 (y) – At least…there is a super wow thing in food photography… you can eat your subject he he he – Enjoy the rest of the day… 😀

  • I didn’t have time to get out to photograph today, but I thought I’d take on developing the theme I started with last week. I pretty much asked/answered all the questions listed above: I would like to create a photograph depicting an early evening in the summer on the patio, enjoying wine before dinner starts. Dinner is for four adult friends, and the table isn’t set yet. There are a stack of plates on the table along with silverware, napkins, etc., but they haven’t been spread out. I think there should also be tea lights at the ready, and perhaps an appetizer of some kind too. I also asked what the weather was and I would like to depict the setting sun, so a clear evening.

  • Maria Natali Malkan

    The curros away from its origin.
    This doghnut base snack known as spanish snack. Recently it became trend and introduced in Asian countries. Although it still considered as new and not so familiar snack, it is found among international brands food stalls in some malls.In the country where people always wellcomed fried snacks,this snack can be popular soon. The recipe and how to make this snack is considered very easy. Originally there is a special tool to shape the dough. So I tried to make the curros by making some shape ajustment…Istill can enjoy this dellicious spanish snack, with chocolate melting sauce.

    • I would try the same composition without the colored tablecloth. Then all the attention is on the gorgeous curros.

      • Maria Natali Malkan

        Thanks for the comment…greetings.

  • The title of my story at lesson 6 was « Sandwich on the go », or « eating something good even if you don’t have much time».

    THE PLACE : a trendy fast-food restaurant in a city. A place where they serve sandwich but they do things in a different way. I want people feel we are in a particular place just by details around. There is big window you can sit by, watching outside.

    WHAT TIME : lunch time, around noon. People don’t have much time but they can eat something very good and fresh.


    PEOPLE : only one person, probably an adult who left office for lunch time


  • Sarah Linden

    Story title: Morning Coffee with Family

    I’m at my home, and my sister and mom are visiting for the weekend. We’re sitting at my breakfast table situated next to a large window. It’s morning, which I tried to capture with all the bright morning light! I would have loved to capture muffins or pastries, but I didn’t have any during the time I took the photo. If we end up recreating this image in a future assignment, I’d definitely include pastries.

    I also wanted to convey a feeling. This scenario actually took place over the weekend. I remember feeling at peace and restful, knowing I was surrounded my some of my favorite people. We didn’t feel rushed that morning, we just felt content to share conversation over good coffee. I went back and forth between the mugs in the photos and solid mugs, but the glass mugs looked a little more feminine to me, and since the story centers around three women, I went with it. 🙂

    Of the two below, I think I prefer the first because it shows more of the window. It may capture the experience better than the second which has a really sharp focus on that front mug. Please tell me which you prefer!

    All comments and critiques welcome.

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      I prefer the second picture with the sharper focus and a little brighter lighting.

      • Sarah Linden

        Thanks for your input, Lorinda. Got the same response from someone else. 🙂

    • Prefer also the second one. The morning sun is wonderfully captured.

      • Sarah Linden

        Thank you, Elis! For your input and compliment.

    • I love the window and light coming from it, it sets up the scene nicely.
      I would probably try to bounce off the light to get more light on the glasses, they are quite dark and we lose details (I’m not good at bouncing light, I only sometimes manage to get it right, but it could help to get more focus on coffee). I would think

      • Sarah Linden

        Thans, Magda. That’s a great point. I think the coffee in the front could definitely use a bit more light where that dark spot is. Thanks for the input!

    • I love the second shot. Great sunny position. Roll on summer! Well done!

      • Sarah Linden

        Thank you, Cyndy. 🙂

      • Sarah Linden

        Thanks for the feedback, Cyndy!

    • I’ll say the second one as well. Shadow from the blinds has more contrast and says “early morning” with more authority. There is more emphasis on the coffee with it being larger in the frame. Maybe even a tighter crop would punch it to a greater degree.

      • Sarah Linden

        Bob, thank you for your comments! I read your feedback on others’ photos, and it’s always so helpful. I did go back and forth with cropping on this one…do you thing the foreground is too large? Do you think it should be cropped so the front coffee mug is closer? Thanks!

        • Second guessing in the digital age is one of our great national pastimes and/or addictions. I come from old school image making with film and nasty chemicals, so changes were very time consuming and experience would often say “Yep, I’m done with that”.

          Today I have to really stop and say enough is enough. Good art is knowing when to stop. My comments are merely suggestions, and if this image were mine, I would really tighten up the crop so the foreground coffee mug is featured a bit better. See if you can recover some detail in the highlights in the background. Not a lot mind you but enough to get a bit more texture. My 2 cents.

          • Sarah Linden

            Bob, I agree about the details in the background. Lost some of it in the backlighting. A little Photoshop might do the trick. 🙂

          • Sarah Linden

            Bob, here’s the cropped version. I think you’re right–it moves the front coffee closer and creates a tighter image.

          • Bingo! Done and Done!
            Now I’m off to comment on the beer bread.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Hi Sarah! I like your story/consept. I agree with Bob and his comments about the backround

  • Anne Livingston

    Define where are you? I am in a farm kitchen.
    What time of the day is it? Afternoon.
    Is this happening in a certain season? Late summer.
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? Adults are bustling around; we’re making dinner. There’s one kid.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? Yes. We’re making pasta while others are making salads and lamb.
    What’s the focus of the shot? A busy kitchen and a child’s interest in making hand-made pasta.

    • Wow, you caught the moment! This curious look! And the diagonal composition is awesome. I love this picture.

      • Anne,

        Since this class began, I have seen various attempts to include some portion of a person (hands, arms) in the picture with the food. You, my friend, are the first to be successful at it. Engaging and interactive, The sweeping diagonal of the counter bisecting the frame nicely separates the two activities. The action of the pasta chefs nicely frames the attentive kid, who looks both curious and eager to help.

  • In this pic, I am in the kitchen. Around 11:30 AM . I am making this salad ( cucucmber) because my husband just brought from his work. My family are there and my son keeps on eating the cucumber so I only got few in the pic.

  • Jackie Rudberg

    Tea provides my zen moments during the day, regardless of what’s going on. This picture is supposed to depict tea, at home, late afternoon, the moment before you take the first sip. Books in background are related to work – catch-up reading. And some cookies for good measure – reading material a bit dry! The focus of the shot? This orange scented herbal tea is beautiful, smells amazing and tastes great.

  • Silvia

    I return to my story from lesson 6.
    Let me tell you this short story, which, however, is taken from my blog …
    Every time a friend / or asks me to make him a cake I’m really happy, and so this time, for her birthday Nadia asked me “I would like a simple fruit cake with cream without cream” … and she was born this cake and pastry … my first fruit cake !! In addition to 2 layers of puff pastry has more soft in the middle layer of angel cake (with the egg whites left over from the preparation of custard), around the crisp chopped almonds over the smell and colors of fresh fruit … in addition to the compliments that I have done for the beauty of the cake (even people who were sitting at the table next to ours, we were in a restaurant chosen by the birthday girl) the
    best compliment came right from the celebrated husband, Stephen, “but that ao thou hast put ar center in the towel!?!?!? “So ‘I realized that the cake layer central fact of angel cake came perfect … crazy my friends! 🙂

    Lesson 8:
    1)Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    – The cake I prepared at home, but then I took her to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of my friend.
    2) What time of the day is it?
    – It was dinner time, so after 8 p.m.
    3) Is this happening in a certain season?
    – To eat a delicious fruit cake, there are no seasons: you can eat in all seasons! 🙂
    4) Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    – Around my fruit cake were adults, all my friends, including the birthday girl.
    5) Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    – Yes, before we ate pizza and drank beer.

    I can only put another photo close up of the cake

  • Katherine

    My story from lesson 6 was “mommy’s quick healthy am snack”. Giving more detail to this story I added to what was captured in the frame. I am with my kids in the backyard while they are running around and playing in the mid-morning before it gets too hot outside to play. This is a moment to myself, which I don’t get often. So while they run around and play I can sit and enjoy a mid-morning snack that is quick, healthy, and filling until we eat lunch later in the day. And if the kids want some too I could easily make some for them as well.

    The actual photo itself is not as great as I would have liked. I did this probably to hastily this am and didn’t get the greatest quality photos, and suffered from over exposed photos that were tricky to touch up. I would have loved to showcase the bright colors of the plate and banana like I did in lesson 6.

  • Mimis Kingdom

    I continued my story from Day 6, but I had to adjust it to only three eggs I had in my fridge. 🙂
    I asked my self about time of day, people behind my story, place where I am and similar things. I wanted to show atmosphere when I’m in my own kitchen in the morning. Only me. My husband and son are sleeping. I want to prepare some cookies for them as a surprise. With milk and eggs… They will be shaped like flowers. Everything is quiet on this photo, no hurry…

    • Normally I don’t like dirty eggs but on this photo they fit perfect. Like you just collected them in your henhouse 🙂

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Nice job. Thumbs up!

  • Today is really hot so I captured my daughter while eating ice creams at our balcony. They are made with fresh berries.
    It’s midday.
    No kids around. Just my daughter and her icecreams.

    Stories are so difficult!

  • Elina Belova

    ‘Fun in a blanket fort’. I have always thought that if I were a kid again I would have blanket fort. The assignment was an opportunity for me to build mood as how it would be inside a blanket house. It’s summer time and the blanket fort is the best place to hide from the heat during the day. Lots of treasures there can be found and, of course, some candies in rainbow colors too. If there are sweets, no need for additional food.

    If you have an advice, I will be pleased to receive your thoughts.

  • Raia Torn

    Subject: Dinner Prep.
    Main Character: Ingredients for a simple pilaf.
    Details: Prepping a healthy rice and veggie pilaf for family dinner at my dining room table. My kids are usually hanging around, but they’re napping right now. 😉

    • Sarah Linden

      I like the perspective you chose and how you included the chair. It gives me a sense of where you are. I knew you were at the dining table before reading the details of the story!

      • Raia Torn

        Thanks, Sarah!

  • Preparing breakfast
    Questions and answers
    What time of the day is it? What is the weather like?
    It’s an early, dull morning in the apartment.

    Who is the character cooking the breakfast? How many people will eat it?
    A girl prepares breakfast for her and her partner.

    What is the atmosphere?
    It’s a quiet morning.

    What part of the process is it?
    The tea is already made.

    What will she do next?
    After finishing the salad she will move to making scrambled eggs.

    It’s getting harder. I want to tell the story, but I feel like too many props would be too many. Today I also used a different surface and I proved to myself that, it’s so much easier to take a good photo if the counter is at the right height. The table is tiny as well, so I struggled with adding more props.
    I added in plates, a cup and a mug with intention of showing it’s breakfast for two. I think I could use more manly mug. I still don’t know how to show that later I plan to do scrambled eggs, I tried to add a bowl and a whisk, but it was too much.

  • Sandy

    For my story, I am gathering ideas and researching new techniques to be used on a cake….
    Define where you are? I am at home
    What time of the day is it? Its morning time.
    Is this happening in a certain season? A summer morning with indirect clouds and sunlight trying to peek through.
    Who all are around the food? Just me …..I am alone gathering my thoughts.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? This morning I decided to have seasoned herbs de provence bacon with toast and a fruit bowl that consist of raspberries and bananas. Along with a glass of orange juice.
    Feedback is highly welcomed!

  • Lia Badicu

    Had to take photo with my phone, not happy. It was rainy today. Working on the laptop under grandma’s blanket with cookies and warm milk.

  • I’m in an old coffee shop with my husband, we are the only customers.

    It’s a cold and rainy winter afternoon, we are drinking hot chocolate with cookies, enjoying a quiet moment…no work, no phone, no kids, just us. True story 🙂

    • Mary Pavona Taylor

      I like to old feel to your photo, very nice.

    • Raia Torn

      Your story is making me a little jealous… 😉

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Nice story, but I wish I could see the hot chocolate 🙂

  • Fernando

    I’m in my grandmother’s farm kitchen, sat at the old table and waiting for lunch, like if I were a child again. It’s a Summer noon, and she has prepared a cold, wealthy tomato soup for me. A typical Spanish recipe called “gazpacho”, that I love. My siblings will arrive soon!

    • Mary Pavona Taylor

      Nice color combination.

      • Fernando

        Thanks Mary!

    • what a “gazpacho”…dan ganas de hincarle la cuchara rapidamente.

      • Fernando

        ¡Muchas gracias, no lo había visto!

  • A professional couple who have been apart for a long time have just got back together, the guy has cooked around at his contemporary apartment and they have just finished the main course. He cracks open a bottle of red wine and serves it with some fine cheese.

    • Mary Pavona Taylor

      Very Nice!

    • surabhi


    • nice and suggestive. Both glasses of wine and cheese nicely lighted

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Nice job!

      • Thanks Kris. Kind of you to say so. Good luck with the course.

        • Kris Giamouridou

          Thanks Kevin, enjoy the rest of the course yourself

  • mymorna

    Okay, so here are my Q&A, some predefined, some new. Mind you, this is the story I have in mind, so it’s not the actual situation, but my fantasy!

    1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch? In a tidy but still traditional home kitchen.
    2. What time of the day is it? It’s late noon, maybe 4pm.
    3. Is this happening in a certain season? Early summer, june?
    4. Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? The food is in itself, prepared by the mother of the house. The eaters haven’t arrived yet.
    5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it? A glass of fresh lemonade, nothing fancy.

    Additional questions I used myself:

    X. What is the style of the place where the food is made/served/eaten? How would you describe the furniture? It’s a home, a kitchen. Not rich, nor poor. The style is home style artisan (does that make sense?), lot’s of home made stuff, fresh ingredients (no packages if not needed).
    Y. What light is available in the place? There is a small window so there’s some natural light available. It’s not a very bright place though.
    Z. Is the food meant to be slow food, fast food, in between? The food is meant to be enjoyed, but at the same time it’s not an elaborate meal. It is fast food to an extent, yes.

    No photo today though…

  • anariva95

    (Where?) I´m in my parent´s in law kitchen (When?)in the evening. (Season?) It´s summer and the day is very hot.
    (Who?) I’m alone and (What?) eating some fruits.

  • Story from Day 6 was “Crunchy Granola is Calling Me”

    I’m at home and it’s a weekend morning. I’m just waking up and I see a tray of food for me and my favorite guy. I nudge him to sit up and see what’s being brought to us by our taste testers. They look so proud to be brining this to us. It’s a cool, breezy Summer morning. The windows are open in our bedroom and the curtains are slightly swaying. They put together some yogurt, strawberries and granola. They’ve got some coffee for us and they made sure to give me my favorite cup. One of them went out back and grabbed one flower because they knew they shouldn’t pick a bunch. After we have a few sips of coffee and a few bites of breakfast we head outside to enjoy the morning. It smells lovely and fresh. I can’t wait to listen to them talk about how they decided to do this for us.

  • summer morning
    at home at alone
    kitchen table

    • Sandy

      Love how simple and powerful your composition appears. Love the scissors!

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I like the pair of scissors and your tea cup!

  • It’s winter here but the a few daffodils have already begun flowering in the garden, heralding spring at last. A friend popped in for morning tea so we celebrated with some hot cakes spread with crème fraiche and raspberry jam. I put a couple of freshly picked yellow daffodils on the tray.These were intended to be the heroes of this story but I fear their delicate pale yellow was somewhat eclipsed in this picture by the brazenly red raspberry jam which catches the eye first.

    • Guest

      I love you cups Lyn!

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I love your tea cups Lyn!

      • Thank you. I thought they would fit the mood of this picture.

  • aPathite

    where: at home
    time of the day: 22:50
    season: could be winter
    who: just me
    eating/drinking: bookworm drinking tea
    I took me 300 photos to pick the one with good looking steam…. and 40 min to select that one

    • Mary Pavona Taylor

      I have never been able to capture steam as good as this. You did good getting that steam perfect….sorry it took so many frames.

      • Mary,

        I have a preference for the first shot. More drama, Gentle curves of the book pages turn into the round edge of light blending into darkness at the edge of the frame, all that wraps the warm cup of steamy tea in a golden glow. Nice shot. Nice steam capture.

        Steam is on the “list of things to do” without relying on Photoshop.

      • aPathite

        I used camara+ for my cellphone and two light sources (from ikea 😉 ). One shines top-down, that is the light you can see on the photo. The second shines from the right side. I blocked most of the light with two books. This resulted in a narrow bundle that enhances the steam.

        • Thanks for explaining. I will try 🙂

        • Mary Pavona Taylor

          Thank you for sharing your setup.

    • Well done, quite difficult to photograph smoke.

      • aPathite

        Thanks. I will experiment further with ice, water and steam in the next lessons with light.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Congratulations for the steam effect. You did a good job… Are you satisfied from camera+ app?

      • aPathite

        Thank you. I use camera+ all the time. It is easier to set the focus, exposure and white balance compared with the standard app. And it is easy to safe the photos you like in the photostream and delete the other 299 😉

  • Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch? – I am in the village in veranda.
    What time of the day is it? – It is early evening, after work.
    Is this happening in a certain season? – Summer.
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? – Family, so different people. But my husband is on the photo.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? – He eats chicken + bread, tomatoes.

  • Patty Hultquist

    My subject was jalapeno poppers and the subject was Sunday Funday.

    Where am I? Curled up on the couch watching a movie with my snack.
    What time is it? Mid-afternoon or evening since I’m having a snack and ready for a drink. Happy Hour!
    What season is it? Summer since jalapeno poppers are in season and what better way to use up a bunch of jalapenos from the garden. Plus the beer glasses are sweating since it’s humid.
    Are others around? Two glasses so it’s just two adults hanging out.
    Am I eating/drinking something else? Just drinking a beer and having a quick snack.

    • Guest


  • My subject was Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Granola, and while I believe my picture told the story of what the granola is made out of, it was lacking other details. You can’t really identify the time of day, although you might be able to say there is only one person eating it. Aside from that, you can’t tell if it’s a breakfast table in someone’s home, a nice restaurant out. I take most of my photos on a small table in my backyard, which means I’m generally trying to hide or photograph around the background so you don’t see trees, bushes and grass. This is definitely something I need to work on.

  • Jessica

    My Q & A:
    1. Where am I? At home outside on my balcony.
    2. Time of day? It’s a fresh, clear morning.
    3. Season? Summer.
    4. At the table? Just me.
    5. What am I eating with the yoghurt? Cereals, peaches, mint, honey.
    6. What else do I do? Have a newspaper, book or iPad around for morning entertainment.
    7. Which mood am I in? Peaceful, relaxed, fresh, calm, satisfied.

  • My subject was red velvet cake >> I was at home in the after noon with my husband talking about the memories of our weeding day because its our anniversary .. I was fresh … happy and satisfied

  • Mary Pavona Taylor

    Hi everyone!! Here is my Day 8 assignment
    1. Where am I? In the bathroom preparing a hot bubble bath
    2. Time of day? Late evening
    3. Season? Summer Evening Night
    4. What room are you in? In the bathroom preparing my bath with candles and music for a nice relaxing evening alone…hubby is out with the boys (me time)
    5. What am I eating with the my glass of wine? Chocolate

  • Chantal Tellier

    The story is simple .
    I am getting ready to drink a coffee , eating my desert because it is in the early evening I enjoy reading while sitting on my front porch swing. The hydrangea are starting to change colour announcing the end of summer

    • Sandy

      Nice picture! Love your color combination.

      • Chantal Tellier

        thank you

  • Raja

    Actually I tried extending my story with the earlier photo ,but it got too messy with my thoughts n so decided to post this photo.here I tried to show a relaxed dinner at home,with a soup ,garden salad and some red quinao pilaf to go with it.
    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    At home in the dinning area
    What time of the day is it?
    Its the dinner time n me with wife n my daughter.
    Is this happening in a certain season?
    everyday at dinner time.
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    Iam with the family
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    After this it was icecream time.

  • Title: All Hands On Deck
    Inspired by Anne Livingston’s pasta photo, and needing help to get the beef tongue enchiladas assembled and into the oven, I enlisted my family’s help. It’s dinnertime, in the kitchen, and a mad scramble to get the food ready. Kids and adult are working together. Subliminally, I’m trying to show the family-friendliness of beef tongue since it can seem like a weird meat.

    • Raia Torn


    • Hey, there is a lot going on. Like it!

  • Hi Neel, Have we got Day 9 yet? I am so enjoying this : )

  • Where – On a porch/balcony (I took the picture indoors in my window but wanted to show that it is in a balcony)
    What time of the day – Afternoon
    Season – Summer
    Who – Adults
    Anything? – Only drinks

    The story I wanted to tell through this picture was that it is a sunny summer day and I was relaxing with a lemonade. I wanted to show the mood more than the food. Unfortunately, I don’t think I succeeded in it. I used a wooden board to show it is a tablein the balcony. Couple of melting ice cubes to show it is a sunny day.

    Please suggest how I can tell my story better.

    • I like the impression of the big city in the background and the melting ice cube.

  • FINALLY! Late in the day for me but I think I have a grip on today’s assignment.

    At home, relaxing in the back yard, It is late in the afternoon on a long lazy summers’ day.
    It’s just me and a neighbor, sharing stories, playing checkers and seeking relief from the Texas Heat with a tall cool glass of iced tea, mint picked from the garden, a classic slice of lemon.

    • Sandy

      Nice composition!

      • Thanks Sandy. I have had this shot sketched out for several weeks, It was supposed to be one of my weekly beer and cigar shots. Believe it or not I could NOT find any checkers. My neighbor provided me with some backgammon pieces this morning, and the table/checkerboard is a roadside recovery repaint from a few years back.

    • What a wonderful atmosphere you created and the composition is so clever. The eye of the viewer is guided in a way. I had to start with the iced tee on the left, then walk along the diagonal, passing the gaming stones, and end at the second glass. And during this journey the story evolves: two people sitting (perfect the whiffs of the two chairs) in the garden at the end of the day: playing, laughing, talking.
      I learned a lot from your picture.
      P.S. My english is not that good but I hope you understood what I meant 🙂

      • Elis,

        Ihr Englisch ist suberb. Thank you so much for your comments, it was a great way to start the day here in Texas. I like how you picked up on that I was showing just a small portion of the chairs, which was what I intended. Coming from the center of the frame, the game implies 2 people, then backing out, the 2 glasses of tea, then further still the two chairs.

        I browsed your blog and what caught my eye was the Literarisch Kochen and Madeleines ala Proust.. BRILLIANT!

    • Sarah Linden

      Your lighting here really does say late afternoon–did you really take it late afternoon? Maybe it’s the color of the light. Just lovely. Also, shout out to Texas! I’m also suffering from the intense summer heat. 🙂

      • Definitely late afternoon in the backyard. Long summer days allow for a little more manipulation during the golden hour. Even though this was very rushed (total time from start to finish less than an hour), it turned out to be just what I was looking for. Color balance was warmed up every so slightly. For my beer shots I tend to balance for flash if I am shooting in daylight. I use an x-rite color checker when I shoot and it makes it easy to dial in incremental color adjustments.

        Once again, thanks for the comments.

  • Gory James

    Question: Where am I? What hour is it? Who am I with? What’s the environment like? How do I feel in it? Those will give the whole idea, I think. If anyone has more questions I should ask, please help me out.

  • Hello all,

    My story…

    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    — At home. In the Kitchen.
    What time of the day is it?
    — Its late evening.
    Is this happening in a certain season?
    — Summer vacations.
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    — Kids making popcorn to enjoy while watching a movie during their summer break.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it?

    — No

    Hope the picture conveys all this!

  • Bowman

    Luncheon: cold soup on a hot day. Where I live, in the summer, it stays over 100 degrees for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. When these dog days of summer descend, I love to slow down and fix a meal to linger over – something that is the antithesis of the day – light, cool and crisp.

  • Karen Hall Sarraga

    My title from the earlier exercise was Preparing Eggs For Breakfast.
    We are in the kitchen. It is morning. Season is not obvious in the initial shot but slight change of props may offer opportunity to create a range of images by changing out the napkins, background images, etc. Adding Easter or Autumn props in the background would change the mood. No one is visible in the shot, it’s an intimate image of the ingredients prepped and staged but you can see a stack of dishes with napkins and cutlery to indicate it is breakfast for a family or small gathering. Additional items can be seen in the background, juice, fruit, perhaps a bowl of muffins or biscuits.

  • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

    Better late than never! So here I am doing this assignment a day late,

    My story:
    I love to cook around mid afternoon as the sun splashes out of the window during this time of the year. The lighting in the kitchen is lovely. It makes me feel very warm and happy. My husband is back home after a trip and loves these rice fries along with his lunch.

    1. Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?

    2. What time of the day is it?

    3. Is this happening in a certain season?
    End of summer

    4 Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?

    5. Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    Fried Rice crunchies for lunch


  • surabhi

    It is an early morning and I am in my kitchen packing kid’s lunch boxes surrounded by other stuffs. kids are getting ready and calling me in between ….where are my shoes etc…i have taken this photo on my kitchen counter, which i think a little too high but i took a chance because morning light was coming in from window and balcony. It was comparatively a cloudy morning with sun coming out intermittently.

  • Guest

    It is an early morning and I am in my kitchen packing kid’s lunch boxes surrounded by other stuffs. kids are getting ready and calling me in between ….where are my shoes etc…i have taken this photo on my kitchen counter, which i think a little too high but i took a chance because morning light was coming in from window and balcony. It was comparatively a cloudy morning with sun coming out intermittently…

  • surabhi

    It is an early morning and I am in my kitchen packing kid’s lunch boxes surrounded by other stuffs. kids are getting ready and calling me in between ….where are my shoes etc…i have taken this photo on my kitchen counter, which i think a little too high but i took a chance because morning light was coming in from window and balcony. It was comparatively a cloudy morning with sun coming out intermittently….

  • Relaxing after a whole day’s work in the afternoon
    at home
    drinking my cup of tea.The tea is steaming hot.

  • It is somewhat simple but despite chosen not to bring food taste so delicious, the food in question passes a reasonable picture.

    • I like that light coming from the back. One can see the texture cuttings in the table wood.

  • Lili Basic Capaccetti

    So my story (and photo) from Day 6 was eating cherries on the hot summer afternoon and these would be my questions and answers:
    1. Where am I? On my balcony.
    2. Time of day? Late afternoon on a hot summer day when the sun just started to set behind the trees.
    3. Season? Summer.
    4. At the table? Me.
    5. What am I eating? Cherries.
    6. What I do while I eat cherries? Watching photography book with Ansel Adams work.
    7. The mood? Quiet, still, peaceful, relaxing.

  • Title story for Lesson 6: Summer breakfast

    1) Where am I? I am in the lounge, next to my balcony having breakfast.
    2) What time of the day is it? Early morning
    3) In which season of the year am I? right in an early summer morning
    4) Who are around the food? I was expecting a friend to come up for breakfast. He didn’t come at last so that I started having breakfast alone.
    5) I am drinking or eating? Yes, I am spreading some butter in a toast and I have already had some orange juice.

    • is it an apricot jam? I love your pic 🙂

      • Hello Jane, thank you for leaving a comment. Actually it’s a homemade orange & carrot jam. Have a nice day.

  • Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch?
    I am in dining area

    What time of the day is it?
    evening, ready for dinner


    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    only the two of us, me and my husband

    Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    salted steamed chicken is best eaten with slices of cucumber

    I already submitted the picture on lesson 6, but I have another one, this one without the green checkered cloth.

  • Kathy Hester

    Where are you? A breakfast nook
    What time of the day is it? Early morning on a hot summer day
    What season? Summer when peaches and blueberries are fresh and local
    Who is eating? Just 1 adult – me

    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? There is an iced coffee with coconut almond milk and hazelnut agave out of the frame, apricot and tuaca jam on the toast, a Saturn peach and plump blueberries

    What is the mood? Quiet, peaceful – it’s either before everyone is awake or after you’re left alone in the house

    How does it feel? Like a treat because even though the meal is simples it includes an expensive fancy jam and nice linens.

    I’ve attached my close in photo that I used in my last assignment and one that includes more props.

  • My family and friends are here in Ohio from Florida and Jamaica and they brought us some food. Here are some delicious tree ripened mangoes from Florida, along with watermelon for breakfast out door.

  • Creadora de Imágenes

    I don’t have the same objects to the Lesson 6. Then i do againg this execrcise and use the first photo
    For this excercise, use the second photo
    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch? . At home
    What time of the day is it? Afternoon
    Is this happening in a certain season? i remember a beautiful day in my youth
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults?
    i at five o’clock
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? drinking a cup of te and laughing

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Thumbs up: 2nd pic

      • Creadora de Imágenes

        thanks! 😀

  • Mihaela D

    My story about my photo : Early morning, at my desk from my house,
    very sunny day in the summer , it’s my moment for a coffee and a good magazine.
    A good start for a very busy day!

  • Ana Munoz

    early morning, at home, just went out to the vegetable garden, picked some peppers that were ready. They are fresh and colorfull.

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Nice job Ana!

      • Julie Benz

        lovely mood and colour contrasts, sorry, have only just seen this.

        • Julie… you replied at me and Ana won’t see your comment…

      • Julie Benz

        sorry Kris- thanks for that- have forwarded to Ana!

    • Julie Benz

      Lovely mood and contrasts, sorry I have only just seen this Ana.

  • Sonja

    I just used your questions in step 2. We just had a time out in the yard, gathering apples for apple sauce. It was late afternoon in the late summer. The kids and mom had peeled and cored the apples and let them slow cook all afternoon. The aroma of the apple sauce filled the house as we opened up the crock and scooped it out to give some to a sick friend (and keep some for ourselves:).

  • Frode Breimo

    I’m still catching up, and wish I had read this lesson before doing lesson 6, because I just don’t know how to expand my story of having gone to an exotic spice market. There are no spice markets where I live, I just got the spices at the local supermarket. I think I might have to create a new story.

  • The handy part of playing catch-up is that I have the same foods for day 7 and 8 assignments. The story is still a lazy Sunday morning but in trying to fix the light, I moved the pancakes to the pack patio and love this story so much more!

  • I’m playing catch up as well – my scene involves having a great breakfast outside enjoying some fresh blueberry pancakes. I’m out on the deck, at the beach house. This is definitely summer and we’ve just picked some fresh blueberries from the garden. I’m with my wife and kids an enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Nothing better in the morning!

    • Also – thought this was a good lesson to pay attention to detail. I had put a napkin under the pancake to even them out and then didn’t see it in the photo! I posted it anyway since I figured the mistake was instructive.

      • Very good! I like this pic and the napkin gives light at the shot…very good job! 🙂

  • Rosemary

    I am in my kitchen in Italy and I am making one of my family’s favourite summer dishes, made with fresh tomatoes and herbs from our garden. It is lunchtime, my husband comes home for lunch and my 2 daughters are home for summer holidays. This dish is called panzenella and it is considered a side dish, with it we would have maybe a cold pasta salad, a meat or fish dish and some other vegetables. I think we all wait for summer to eat this dish, it is so simple but so delicious.

  • My story is I am freezing blueberries. Simple and hopefully captured in this picture. I have the Ziploc bags with blueberries written on it and the sharpie which are my normal tools for freezing produce. Also, I have a LOT of blueberries including a handful on a cookie sheet which is how I freeze them before moving them to the individual Ziploc bags.

  • Sreedevi Mavila

    Lesson 8. Catch-up continues 🙂 I’m using my Lesson 6 picture (of spices)

    where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or
    porch? Ans: In the porch

    time of the day is it? Ans: Late evening

    this happening in a certain season? Ans: It’s during the monsoons

    all are around the food? Kids or Adults? Ans: Just me; though the rest of
    the family is just inside

    you eating/drinking something else with it? Ans: No, I’m just focusing at
    the task on hand 0 trying to arrange the spices in a way that will bring
    out their colors and textures best.

    Some additional questions I asked:

    What am
    I thinking about while taking the picture? Ans: I’m contemplating the vivid
    colors and lovely textures in the plate of spices and realizing how just
    by understanding the differences we can use them to change a dish

    is the intent behind this photograph? Ans: To bring out the textures and
    colors in the spices and make the viewer ponder a little bit about how the
    addition of each of them will change his/her dish

  • Frode Breimo

    So, I’ve changed my story because I had trouble expanding on the initial one with details. This is a sweet lunch for two, around midday on a balcony a late summer day. It is a quiet, relaxing moment, two people indulging in some delicious sweet bakes and a refreshing drink.

    I’m not really happy with the framing/cropping here. My balcony is where I get the best light, but the surrounding area (walls) is not as attractive as I’d like, so I had to do a tight crop around the table, but it doesn’t feel right. Next time I think I’ll focus more on the food itself. Wish I had a garden for this 🙂

  • I had to change my subject (sorry Neel!) only because we already ate our Jalapeno poppers. This new story I am excited about though – It’s based off of having breakfast with my super incredible Grandma. She is simply, the best. This is a breakfast for one (me), recreating a common breakfast with my Grandma because I miss her and haven’t been able to see her recently.

    Title: Early morning breakfast, Grandma-style
    Main Character: The feeling of a cool, early morning summer breakfast with fresh berries and cream (Main character is the experience, not the food necessarily).
    Who: Me, thinking of Grandma
    What: Breakfast
    Where: My backyard
    When: Very early morning, the way Grammy does it. Right after a summer rain so it’s nice and refreshingly cool outside.
    Why: To enjoy the beauty of early morning and take a few minutes to chill before the day gets started
    How: under my orange tree. Relaxing. Quiet.

  • I’m very late, and unfortunately I couldn`t shoot this scene … because I don`t have children available. but here’s my plan:

    Subject: Gelatin
    GELATINA summer

    Defines where are you?
    At home, out toward the backyard

    What time of the day is it?
    Next to the afternoon snack

    Is this happening in A Certain season?

    Who are all around the food? Kids or Adults?
    Children playing in the background

    Are you eating / drinking something else with it?
    Gelatins in the foreground show that she is ready to feed and refresh the children playing in the background

  • Bashar Hijjawy

    Subject: Breakfast on the Go

    Main charecter: Having a quick breakfast on a hurry

    A man is having a small sandwich and a cup of tea for a quick breakfast as he rushes to his work

    1.Define where are you? Home

    2.What time of the day is it? Morning

    4.Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? Both

    5.Are you eating/drinking something else with it? Tea

  • Peter Block

    I took pics of strawberries and blueberries. 1)I was in my backyard using my table and drawing on the natural light that is still available at 7pm. 2)7pm 3)Very much summer – both for the freshness of the fruit and the time I shot the pic. 4)Food was shot by itself 5)Pure focus on the fruit. I shot at this time because I like the light – it gives a very clear shot of the food. You can really see the texture.

  • – This is the photo I post in lesson 6

    Title: My summer breakfast on holidays
    Subject: cake and almond milk
    Main Character: my breakfast
    Details: My breakfast on summer is delicious…so relaxed and peaceful! 🙂
    –My personal note: surely I might have involved some almonds in the photo….what do you think about it? 🙂
    1.Define where are you? I’m in a garden
    2.What time of the day is it? It’s in the morning…at 9 – 10 o’clock.
    3.Is this happening in a certain season? Yes, I’m on holidays, so it’s summer!
    4.Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? No, I’m alone, in a relaxing and quiet morning
    5.Are you eating/drinking something else with it? I’m having my breakfast, so I’m drinking almond milk and eating an almond cake

  • Lata Raja

    I have deviated from my day-6 scene. today it is a different story.
    imaginary scene is that five people stop by a way side tea/coffee
    serving shack on a highway. It is a hot day of any season and the time
    is late afternoon, tea/coffee is an absolute must for us around 3 -4 PM.
    As with tea shacks they also offer to sell some biscuits and savoury snacks. We have here the Masala Vada to go with the tea.

  • Natalie McDermott

    I stayed with the same story for this lesson. “Sunday afternoon catch-up.”
    Where am I? in a cafe that specialises in high tea.
    What time of day is it? mid afternoon.
    What season is it? spring (although the fresh flowers are missing from the table.
    Who is around the food? two female adult friends who haven’t seen each other for a few months.
    Are we eating/ drinking something else with it? freshly cooked brownie with a pot of tea.

  • Philippa Sonnichsen

    My subject is a Vegan Cheesy Burrito Plate. The main character is a virtual invitation to join me for a meal. The meal is for the person reading my blog, and there is a space across the table for me. This person could be any age, but is probably an adult.

    We are at my home at our dining room table. It is lunch time (because I struggle with light as it is, so there’s no way I’m serving dinner). The season is late winter, though I honestly have no idea how to portray this.

    I am accompanying my photo with the condiments I would actually serve with the burrito plate. I would also serve a glass of water, but I have trouble with glass reflections taking over a photo, so I may opt for tea once I start photographing. This meal would be eaten with a fork, and I would always include a napkin. Basically I am trying to set this up as if a friend were coming over for a casual lunch.

  • Philippa Sonnichsen

    Also, the interview with Penny De Los Santos was worth listening to, in my opinion. She’s quite inspirational, her advice is sound, and obviously she’s very knowledgeable.

  • Ingunn Løvik

    I think I decided on a very complicated story to tell with my photo. In lesson 6 I did “a little boy’s breakfast” but I included all the props in the photo. Hence to answer today’s lesson I have to enlarge the frame and include the whole scene. To answer the questions above

    “A little boy’s breakfast”
    The main character is the mess that a little boy eating cereals and yogurt makes. The details are yogurt, cereals, spoon, tablecloth, a cup, a toy car.

    Where are you?
    At home
    What time of the day is it?
    Is this happening in a certain season?
    Who is present?
    The little boy, older siblings and parents.
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it?
    Yes. The older siblings are having bread, marmalade and milk. Parents coffee, eggs and bacon.

    My questions.
    What is the mood at the table?
    Happy and relaxed like Sunday or stress like Monday morning?
    Happy and relaxed.
    What is the weather like?
    Sun coming in from the windows.
    Other elements on the table?
    Spring flowers

    Is this what the assignment was? I am not sure if I understood correctly.

  • Margaret Wendell

    My photo was titled: “Fish on Fridays”

    Growing up we ate something other than meat on Fridays so this photo evokes those memories.

    Where am I? at home as a child about to eat dinner
    time of day: evening meal
    how many people? Mom Dad and me

    My Mom and Dad are drinking tea from a set that my Mom kept for special occasions so that is why there are two cups. There are two forks because my Dad wouldn’t be having fish (steak more like) and my sister is not at home this evening so there are just two of us a meal of fish. The marinated and sauteed brussels sprouts with jicama round out the meal.
    Fridays always felt special.

  • Marina Skår

    Title was “The perfect evening for person who likes to read” (=it’s me;). The subject is the cup of tea (+cookie, mint), the main character – perfect cozy evening, details are books, blanket, glasses, slippers, chair/ sofa.
    Where am I? – at home
    What time of the day is it? – evening
    Is this happening in a certain season? – it’s not important
    Who all are around? – only me
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it? – I’m alone with tea and books;)

  • karthika krishnan

    My title was – Tea at cold evening.

    Define where are you? Are you in a restaurant or street corner? In dining area or porch? – I am at home enjoying tea with some fried fritters that would give warmth on such a cold evening
    What time of the day is it? – Evening around 6PM
    Is this happening in a certain season? — Yes
    Who all are around the food? Kids or Adults? – It’s ust me and my friend
    Are you eating/drinking something else with it – I am eating fritters along with tea.

    I wanted to convey the coldness of the evening, hence I wanted to click a moody shot with shadows. I wanted to depict the scene of us having tea and fritters together. Hence, I arranged fritters and tea by side. I filled the half glass with tea to depict that someone is drinking tea. And also, I asked my friend to be a hand model with fritters on one hand and tea on the other hand to show that both are eaten together to enjoy its flavor.

  • I am in our kitchen and waiting for my friend whio I have invited to come and try some new recipes I have developed using the thyme from our garden. I have used thyme, sumac and sesame seeds to make my version of Za’atar and sprinkled it on pizza bread and drizzled it on some hummous.It is late afternoon. It is summertime. I have arranged the food on a tray ready for the tasting and as there will be two of us I have included two plates. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c763ff4ef9143a1c65fd6280b3991107377cbaa22b0e467bf31c29b6736f005.jpg

  • Linda Joyce

    Title: Summer Tea Where: Indoor dining room Who: two friends Main Character: Timmies What: tea and timmies, When: late, summer afternoon Why; to relax and chat a while Which Photo Props are needed to achieve summer look: flower basket, summery table cloth, green colors with an accent color (blue) What tableware would be needed: two cups for tea, two spoons, empty plate for used spoons, plate for timmies, sugar bowl

  • Susan David

    i am alone in a cafe on a rainy day. The table I am sitting at is a counter against a large window looking out onto a street. Not many people are out because of the rain. It’s autumn. I’m drinking tea and in front of me is my favourite book.

  • Susan David

    i am alone in a cafe on a rainy day. I am sitting at a counter against a large window looking out onto a street. Not many people are out because of the cool rainy weather. I’m drinking tea and in front of me is a book that I am reading.

  • Sara Gennari

    Breakfast for two. We are at home in a sunday morning. Outside spring is coming. On the table there are two cup, cookies l, milk and coffee

  • Jo Clark

    I wasn’t happy with my choice of the assignment for day 6 – I used a quick, healthy snack…and liked my photo from the prior day more (basket with the makings of a pleasant evening.)

    BUT…I’ll stick with the assignment:

    I am on my patio, taking a break from working on my taxes, having a fast, healthy snack.

    It is late morning (time for lunch really, but I don’t have time today for a nice lunch, or to even go out for fast-food!)

    It is fall, but here at the beach that just means less humidity and temperatures in the low 80’s when you can sit outside to eat and enjoy the day.

    There is just me, and as the shoot progressed the number of pepper slices and amount of hummus declined drastically!

    I prefer my peppers salted, so added the salt grinder after the first couple of bites – they weren’t as tasty as usual and I realized why!

    I had water to drink, but failed to include that in the photo. I really was in a rush, as my head was starting to hurt from not eating soon enough. This was the true story of my Saturday!! But my taxes are finally done, so now I can focus on photography again.

    What questions you asked?
    Did you give real thought to this assignment, and put forth the effort to put together a cohesive “story”?
    MY ANSWER: No – once again I found myself in a rush, and shot what I could throw together (and it really was what I had for lunch!)

    Did you really eat & drink ONLY what is showing?
    MY ANSWER: No, I had water, and a piece of chocolate for “desert” – I never even thought about including those items in my story.

  • Robin Donovan

    Catching up here! Where? Been working on a blog post about green onion pancakes. I haven’t eaten lunch and I’m starving. I decide to take a break and taste test the pancakes and dipping sauce (then felt guilty about eating fried bread for lunch, so I put some green papaya kimchee on the plate) and check my recipe notes. Where? My dining room/office/photo studio. When? Afternoon. It’s just me. I did try to think through the story before shooting. I actually didn’t do my story form lesson 6 just because I was working on this post, but wanted to also get this assignment done so it made more sense to work with what was in front of me. Here’s my photo. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c076cd5688884d559e30eaf15ef32323f0727535524697c5e82e6c7d38106215.jpg

  • Alan Sharp

    At home at the dining table & it is midday. It is currently spring, beautiful warm weather, with sun filtering through the dining room drapes. There is just my wife and I dining, and we are drinking chilled water from the fridge with our meal https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/667ac694d33bcb12ff74f7842034163ea1f54850553832b1a72832dc3c96bc60.jpg .