Lesson 6 – Write Your Food Photo Story

30 Day Food Photos Day6

What's your frame on mind

In last few days we’ve talked about three specific ways to improve your composition. We’ve discussed the decisions that we as a food photographers need to make.

But how should you make sure that all these decisions don’t conflict with each other? For an outstanding food photograph all decisions should point in the same direction and communicate the same idea.

The camera angle you selected on Day 3 or the decision about depth of field on Day 4 or the choosing the frame on Day 5, all these three decisions should be focused towards communicating the same idea.

There are many other decisions that you will make – decisions about props, lighting, post processing and many more. Not only the three decisions you made in last three days, but all these decisions should tell the same story. For creating a successful photograph, all elements of the photo should flow together and help the story.

In order to make this happen, you need to clearly decide and define the idea or the story and understand all elements that may impact the story.

The very first step is to clearly understand the purpose and write the story.

Most good stories usually have one main character. For your story, you have to decide who is the main character.

In commercial food photography, main character of the story is usually the food. For McDonalds that may be their burger, for KFC, that character may be those chicken wings.

For editorial food photography, the type of food photography that most food bloggers use, mostly the main character is not the food.


Most editorial food photos tell a bigger story. Sometimes it’s about the early morning breakfast and not just the pancakes, sometimes its snacking in the afternoon and not just bruschetta. Almost always, the story is about something more than the food or drink or the dish itself.

But what about your dish? How do you create a story that helps your food dish come alive?

For developing the story for your own food photo, you need to decide the main character of the story. Is the main character of your story the dish, or is it really about the experience of the afternoon in the sun on the beach? Are you really telling me about the tea or is it about the experience of the afternoon? What is it about?

In this assignment, your goal is to develop a story, as detailed as possible, useful for your participants.

Now about today’s assignment.

Today’s Assignment

Estimated Time required – 15 mins

If you have any questions or problems about the course, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. Also the blue box below has some suggested reading if you’d like to know more on a certain topic. Take a look at what we have below.

In today’s assignment, you will choose one of the subjects you’ve selected on Day 2 and write a story for that subject. Before starting this, get a pen and paper.

Here are the detailed steps: -

Step 1 – Select a subject from the list you created on Day 2

Step 2 – In one line, write the title of the story. The title should be very specific. Don’t leave it loose.

Step 3 – For this subject, decide what is the main character? Do you want the main character to be an experience or simply the food itself? As mentioned in the article above, is it the drink in a glass anywhere, or is it about being on the beach and enjoying the drink? On the paper, write down who or what is the main character of the story.

Step 4 – Now that you’ve decided that the main character, next step is about filling in details. If the main character is a cake, now you need to fill the details like, who is the cake for? Is it a full cake or a piece of cake? How many people are eating the cake in this story? It is just two people who are celebrating their anniversary?

Step 5a – In the comments below tell us- Have you done an exercise like this before? How did you make photography decisions before this exercise? (Give as much details as possible so that I can share more specific tips. If you haven’t made these decisions before and did not think about the story as part of your process, please share that also.)

Step 5b - Also share in the comments 1) What is the subject? 2) Who or what is the main character? 3) What are the details?

Optional Step

Step 6: Make a photograph that communicates the story. Use details you’ve described as part of Step 4 to create the scene and make the photo. It's okay to be unsure about this. If you don't know how to do this or feel like don't have the answer, try anyway. Once done, upload the photo in the lesson album on facebook group. [Important: You will need to be a group member to see the album page. Please make sure you have requested access for the Course Facebook group, without this you won't be able to see any of the lesson albums].

Extra stuff

If you are not clear about story telling, strongly recommend you read this post - One question to ask before shooting.

  • This is what I struggle with the most! Will be interesting to see how this assignment plays out for me. Usually, I just shoot the food for my blog without any thought to telling a story!

    • Sarah Linden

      Judy–my thoughts exactly. When I signed up for the course, I stated my biggest goal was to learn how to tell a story in a food photograph. Here we go… 🙂

      • Same here. I can not a tell a story in the photo. I just put the food on the table and fill up the negative space with props.

        • I am with you…I cannot tell the story neither. This will be very big challenge for me 🙂

        • I am with you with hits. This is going to be a challenging lesson.

        • Hi Usha, don’t you think that sometimes the props tell the story?

          • Yes Linda, props do tell the story. I just place the props with out any thought or rather can’t plan the story before I take the photo.

  • Honestly, I have never think about this…why I take a picture of food? My answer was always the same…I want to photograph the beauty of food, that I love. to bring the feeling wow, I want to taste it, it looks delicious!

    Almost all of my food styling images are commercial, not editorial. I often have a feeling, that something is missing there, I am not satisfied with props, styling etc… And maybe that’s it! There is missing a story, the main hero and supporting stuff around. I definitely must to learn much more about it and dealing with this great challenge.

  • Never occurred to me to tell a strory hahahah. I just take photos and hope it will look great. That is why this class is so helpful. Now, gotta go and I have to make me a storyteller…Have a great weekend to you, Neel and everyone.

  • This is something I try to do with all of my photos because I believe that food should evoke more than hunger. Food can be comfy, sexy, celebratory…… The drinks that I posted for lesson 6 were for my blog’s Friday happy hour post. Something that my daughter and I do weekly. Today’s happy hour was all about summer and spending as little time in the kitchen as possible. We wanted to make our readers think about inviting the neighbors over for a vegan version of Caprese and a cool refreshing Meyer’s lemonade wine cooler.The light needed to be bright, the props simple, and the photo was supposed to create a relaxed, summer feeling. I’m not sure if we captured that in our pictures or not, but we tried.

    The subject is an easy summer happy hour. The main character is the appetizer. The co-star is the wine spritzer. The details are the light colors and the burlap tablecloth, which reminds me of sand.

    • E.R

      Very great story, I love it and your image is perfect for it

    • Very fresh photo! Gives summer-feeling

    • Jackie Rudberg

      Love the colors – it’s very happy 🙂 Really nice mood created with the photo

  • Sandy

    Wow, this is really going to be interesting! I am first an foremost new to food photography and I thought learning how to take the pictures were a task. Now, I have to convey a story with the food. I am up for the challenge. Hope my story comes across well.

  • Angel Simón

    I must admit that never thought about this before, I only put the food and props on the table and try to get the better photo. Perhaps that is what is lacking in my photos. But I see it a difficult challenge. Well I hope to see soon some examples here to make an idea.

  • This is such an interesting assignment. When I made this wintery soup today I thought of my Dad . Pumpkin soup was his favourite soup. So there are really two main characters here, the visible soup and his memory shown also through the other props, a pair of glasses, a comfortable rug and a newspaper.

    • Beautiful! I love this. My dad passed away in June after battling Alzheimer’s, this really touches my heart.

      • Thanks Linda. I know it was not a perfect shot as there were a lot of other things I had to fit into the day, but if it resonated with you, I think that’s more important. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • Guest

        Lyn, very nice thought trough image. Like the colour combination and composition. Styling wise is very much a classic interpretation of the prime shapes of circle and triangle. Really great!
        My little remarks are concerning your white balance. The newspaper is a tad too blue. And another thing I would suggest – if you are looking for honest, casual and candid feeling, I think that the glasses should be left open as if your dad just took them off his face and walk away for a moment… Generally, think and watch for styling that the items don’t look too staged, but casual and in a spur of moment.

      • Bam’s Kitchen

        Lyn, this is beautiful. Thinking of you today and I know your dad would love to be sitting at your table enjoying some of your beautiful fall soup. Take Care

    • Great, idea, great composition and lovely story.

    • Jackie Rudberg

      Lyn – I love photos like this and make soup like this in the fall all the time. It reminds me of being home on a biting cold day with a nice fire going and relaxing by reading the paper. Really creates an ambience.

      • Thank you. We did exactly that last night, It’s cold and wintry in New Zealand right now,

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      This is a very warm, touching photograph and story, Lyn. So nice.

    • Great story. LOVE IT!

    • I love it! I love the fact you were able to put a memory in there. 🙂

    • Eric

      I love this photo and story, Lyn. And yes, the photo is so good that I’m craving a bowl of your soup. Would love to try your recipe, if you don’t mind.

  • Guest

    Well, I may have strayed a bit from the assignment. But I took an approach that was inspired by Aran Goyoaga, one of the food photographers we studied in our first assignment. She does a great job at telling stories by using a photo set, rather than a single photo. While a story can definitely be told in one photo (which may be more difficult to do), I chose to use a set of three photos to showcase…well, more of a process.

    My story title is Experience Blooming Tea, and the subject is the tea leaf. A lot of people don’t know about this tea, so I wanted to tell the story of how it works, how the leaves are tightly wrapped in a ball but bloom beautifully once the hot water is added.

    I wish I had more time on this assignment…Neel if you’re reading this, here’s my feedback of the day: please make this assignment span over a few days! In the assignment description, you reference two types of stories, one that features a single item and one that features an experience. I wish we had time to experiment with both. 🙂 Oh, and the other info you reabout half the time I take food photos I attempt to tell story.

    • Sarah

      Well, the picture above his mine! I tried to delete it, but this commenting tool won’t let me. I think I missed the point of the assignment after I reread it. I’m hoping to find some time to redo it. But the course is moving so fast I’m afraid I won’t be able to. Anyway, just skip over my post and move onto the next one! 🙂

  • Sarah Linden

    Well, I may have strayed a bit from the assignment. But I took an approach that was inspired by Aran Goyoaga, one of the food photographers we studied in our first assignment. She does a great job at telling stories by using a photo set, rather than a single photo. While a story can definitely be told in one photo (which may be more difficult to do), I chose to use a set of three photos to showcase…well, more of a process.

    My story title is Experience Blooming Tea, and the subject is the tea leaf. A lot of people don’t know about this tea, so I wanted to tell the story of how it works, how the leaves are tightly wrapped in a ball but bloom beautifully once the hot water is added.

    I wish I had more time on this assignment…Neel if you’re reading this, here’s my feedback of the day: please make this assignment span over a few days! In the assignment description, you reference two types of stories, one that features a single item and one that features an experience. I wish we had time to experiment with both. 🙂 Oh, and the other info you requested: about half the time I take food photos I attempt to tell story.

  • Ann G

    Food photography is new to
    me. I just shoot pictures until I get the right one. Although I’ve done some
    composition of food pictures before Yet I’ve never looked at it as a story. But since I talk so much about food, I think
    I might be able to put together a story.
    This should be interesting for me.

  • Karen Waples

    After reading the information above, I started looking at a lot of the images that come through my news feed, and was surprised that even though amazing photos, in many I could not determine the story of the image. A beautiful cake, but who for, and for what event!. So I thought, Kids Food, what do they like? What type of food, what colours appeal, and do they want to eat it now! So here is my story

  • My title is Crunchy Granola is Calling Me. My subject is Granola and the main character is breakfast in bed for someone you love.

    I have never done an exercise like this before. I will say my original idea started as granola being the main character and then it just kept evolving once I thought about props, my story, and what I wanted to convey.

    How did I make decisions before this? Props, food I made, and my mood dictated what I would photograph. This was a fun exercise. I really enjoyed it.

    • Robyn MacNeill

      I love your story and the photo you created from it. I really adore food photography that is inclusive of people. It makes it more interesting in my opinion

      • Thank you for the kind words @robynmacneill:disqus . Sometimes the story just comes together and other times I work to find it.

    • Zsuzsanna Ötvös

      Love the mood of your photo!

      • Thank you @zsuzsannatvs:disqus. @Squadrilla:disqus. These words make me happy. I appreciate your feedback!

    • Squadrilla

      Love the pic and the story!

    • Well done! Your photo evokes a sensation in me and reminds me exactly of the caring act of serving breakfast in bed for one of your loved ones. Love your shot!

      • Thank you @disqus_GsQJ0LNY1O:disqus . I’m happy to hear such nice words. It’s really motivating!

    • Kris Giamouridou

      I like the textile you used a lot and the contrast that makes with the strawberries and granola…

      • Thank you @krisgiamouridou:disqus . I recently started buying my material at a fabric store. They sell fabric samples for a few dollars each.

    • Sarah Linden

      Love all the colors. Great job!

    • love this. and the blurry-ness evoked calmness

      • Thank you @shobelyn:disqus ! I don’t usually bring my F stop to 1.8 but it worked for this one.

    • Jackie Rudberg

      Love the focus on the granola and the hint of strawberries peeking out from behind. A great tease.

      • Thank you! @jackierudberg:disqus I originally shot it from another angle but it didn’t have the same feel.

    • Great picture, and it portrays your story perfectly! It reminds me of when my kids were young and they would creep into my room on Mother’s Day to bring me breakfast in bed. The lighting and the blurred background is reminiscent of an early, sleepy morning.

      • I thought the same thing. I imagined just opening my eyes and seeing the tray in front of me. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it! @disqus_g1p5Q1Rlnt:disqus

    • It’s funny how sometimes there is a story behind the actual food 🙂 Great shot

      • Thank you @disqus_9oJ6ScNsGA:disqus. I didn’t consciously think about a story before. I just took photos. It’s a nice exercise.

  • Guest

    I try to do this with some of my photos..others not so much so this was an interesting assignment as I don’t do this every time. My story is this: after a long week commuting to work and working long hours I like to just relax in the garden with some snacks from my pantry and a glass of wine before diving into the evening. Especially on a Fri night! The “relaxation” is the main character, the snacks, wine and garden are my props.

  • I try to do this with some of my photos..others not so much so this was
    an interesting assignment as I don’t do this every time. My story is
    this: after a long week commuting to work and working long hours I like
    to just relax in the garden with some snacks from my pantry and a glass
    of wine before diving into the evening. Especially on a Fri night! The
    “relaxation” is the main character, the snacks, wine and garden are my

    • sorry for the double posting of the image. This platform is hard at best some times!

  • Karen Waples

    After reading the information above, I started looking at some of the amazing images that come through my news feed, and wondered what the story was for some of them. A beautiful cake on a gray background. Who was it for, or for any special occasions. Gave me thought! So I did Kid’s Food, what kid does not like hotdogs, colour and accessories. I could have just done a close up of the hotdog, but then it was only a hotdog, not a story about a hotdog

  • Good morning, previous days I shot fresh blackberries. Today here is my story with blackberries: we were in the garden with my beautiful niece and she helped me to harvest the fresh berries. She really loves it. When I asked what she liked in them she answered that they were incredibly fragrant. I hope I could catch that moment 🙂

    • Zsuzsanna Ötvös

      I think the picture could absolutely catch this moment! By the way, nice to see you here, Anikó 😉

      • Hey Zsuzsi, happy to hear from You! Food photographer’s world is definitely tiny, isn’t it? Cheers, Aniko

    • Beautiful picture, it shows exactly what you have described 🙂

    • Love it, well done!

    • Sarah Linden

      Great photo!

    • Did you plan the top she’s wearing? It’s perfect for the photo. The blue is a beautiful color for the background and the polka dot ribbon on her top coordinates with the berries. Very nice.

    • Anne Livingston

      Beautiful story. Lots of heart! And each of those blackberries looks so luscious.

    • Thank You Guys! Linda, yes I planned her T-shirt as previously she was wearing something very distracting. I loved the dots as well on her top on right upper side, too.

  • sorry, somehow the pic has been vanished in my previous comment

  • Guest

    I’ve not been able to upload my photos for the past few days. For this assignment, my title is “A relaxing breakfast for two”. The main character are the buns in front, and the story I wish to convey is having these delicious buns with tea for breakfast in a relax way.

    • Exactly the feeling the photo is giving me: sitting in a nice hotel room and having a nice, relaxing breakfast. Beautiful shot!

    • Looks great!!!

    • Jackie Rudberg

      Beautiful photo – makes you think of being on vacation,

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      So clear and clean and bright. Gorgeous!

  • As I don’t have much time today, I take a photo I did short time ago. Lately I try to tell a story with food photos as I think there are so many recipe photos that just show the food. They are more documenting. On my blog I want to document sometimes travels/sights but the food I try now more to integrate in a story.
    In this photo I am or the one how is looking at it is the main character. In a beautiful piazza in Italy, having espresso while sitting in the sun and watching people passing by. The most relaxing and home-feeling moment for me.

    • Oh yes, this is Italy 🙂

    • I’m not sure that I love the contrast of the modern coffee cup (not your choice, it’s the restaurants) with the beautiful aged buildings. However, the picture is lovely and it makes me want to book a trip to Italy right this moment.

  • Zucchini Noodles with Edamame and Cilantro-Avocado Dressing || A bamboo sheet to set the “asian” healthy vibe which I was craving. I’ve chosen the ingredients to all be “shades of green” and set it against a natural light to capture this healthy – light – summer’y and earthy dish!

  • Areej

    At the very first moment I decided to take this picture, it remind me of a deeply warm feelings inside me… Mom… Dad… Family… HOME❤️
    All the memory inside me are colored and shiny just like these candies pieces… Good morning all

    • It makes me smile 🙂

      • Areej

        That is what i want exactly … To draw a smile and a good feeling …thank you Elise

  • Zsuzsanna Ötvös

    I always try to set up a story or convey some kind of mood and feeling, when I plan my food photos. For this, one of my favourite tools is to include people (mainly hands or feet), which makes the pictures more animated. As an example, I would like to show you a photo where the subject was a chocolate cigar I prepared. I wanted to tell the story of smoking a cigar, so I asked my uncle for help. I had an image in my mind of an elegant man smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of whiskey for instance after a nice meal in an elegant restaurant. Of course, my story was a joke in a way, because you cannot smoke a chocolate cigar, just eat is 🙂 But with the help of this story I wanted to illustrate how similar my chocolate cigar was to the original in appearance.

    • I like this photo very much. I’m not a chocolate lover, but after viewing your blog, I would like to eat something sweet.

    • Wow, love your photo, and love your story and all the ambience you have build into it. Well done! Can almost smell the scent of the cigar 😉

    • Oh wow, what a picture!

    • Kairit

      Wow, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • oh, it’s a real surprise! The cigar seems soooo real 🙂 well done!!!

    • I love this picture…If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have thought that cigar was real!

      • Thank you! That was the point of this picture, I mean to create this illusion 🙂

    • Jackie Rudberg

      Cigar looks amazingly yummy – now we that we all know it’s really chocolate 🙂 Great photo

    • turmericnspice

      Absolutely my favorite images in this thread, beautifully shot.

    • Beautifully shot. Love it!

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      Smiling…can’t believe that’s chocolate! And the photo is amazing – I can almost see him gesturing with that hand!

      • Thank you! The cigar even has a smokey flavour because I infused the chocolate with Lapsang Souchong tea that has a very characteristic smokey flavour 🙂

    • really chocolate, that’s amazing, its a most beautiful shot

  • Guest

    Good morning! My mini gugelhupfs from previous assignments are all gone, so here I am with my new ‘shooting stars’ – the waffles! 🙂 My title is ‘Saturday breakfast’. In our family, we usually make a special breakfast at home on saturday and go out for breakfast on sunday, so today is a perfect day for such an assignment. The main character is a stack of freshly baked waffles topped with fresh summer berries calling our names 🙂 I love the natural morning light on this photo and a glass of honey on the background. I think it adds kind of more sunlight to this photo.

  • OM

    Good morning! I’ve been trying to post my today’s assignment since ages, but it seems something’s not working. I’m giving it another try.
    My mini gugelhupfs from previous assignments are all gone, so here I am with my new ‘shooting stars’ – the waffles! 🙂 My title is ‘Saturday breakfast’. In our family, we usually make a special breakfast at home on saturday and go out for breakfast on sunday, so today is a perfect day for such an assignment. The main character is a stack of freshly baked waffles topped with fresh summer berries calling our names 🙂 I love the natural morning light on this photo and a glass of honey on the background. I think it adds kind of more sunlight to this photo.

    • Sarah Linden


    • I like this one even better than the other one! So pretty.

    • Anne Livingston

      Wow, this is gorgeous.

  • Omer Sarid

    Mine for today are: Simple, gluten-dairy-sugar free banana pancakes. They are the main character in my story and my story named: Simple GDS free banana pancakes for a lazy morning. I didn’t add a lot of props and things around it because the morning is lazy (like the pancakes- just blend everything) and I wanted to keep on the simplicity. Usually I shoot food photos by heart, and I don’t have anything to guide me.

  • Omer Sarid

    Mine for today are: Simple, gluten-dairy-sugar free banana pancakes. They are the main character in my story and my story named: Simple GDS free banana pancakes for a lazy morning. I didn’t add a lot of props and things around it because the morning is lazy (like the pancakes- just blend everything) and I wanted to keep on the simplicity. Usually I shoot food photos by heart, and I don’t have something that guides me.

    • Omer Sarid

      (I accidentally posted another comment as a guest- ignore it)

    • This looks gorgeous!

    • marion

      love it. I want pancakes now …

  • I have taken a photo of my youngest son, Noah, looking forward to taste a tortilla filled with all his favorite content. He wished for new ideas to put in his lunch box in school, and I developed this recipe. He was thrilled about it and said it lived up to all his wishes. The main character is the tortilla, but also the excitement, Noah had for tasting it. Enjoyment of food can be founded at an early age, and my intention with this photo was to show, that the mission has succeeded in regard of Noahn 🙂

    • Yes, you can see his feelings, wonderful!

      • So happy to hear that, Elis. Thanks for your comment. Wish you a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • The wrap looks amazing and your son is adorable. Great job!

      • Oh, that makes me so glad to hear 🙂 THANKS!!!

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      That’s why we cook and bake…to see a face like that. Beautifully done.

      • You are so right, Lorinda. Thanks for your sweet comment. Wish you a sunny, relaxing weekend 🙂

    • Anu Shoj

      v beautiful pic and cute!

      • Thank you so much, Anu. Am so happy for your feedback♡

    • very beautiful click

  • Squadrilla

    Hello, I know this is a bad picture but I don’t have my camera right now so I took it with my iPhone as I wanted to complete the task.
    I usually don’t think about a story when I photograph food as usually I don’t prepare it. I take pictures at restaurants and events, so I try to add in the framing something that reminds the location/situation (maybe a towel or a dish with the name of the restaurant) but that’s all.
    So, this assignement was very interesting for me.
    I chose coffe/breakfast as my subject/character and I called it “lazy saturday breakfast on the terrace”.
    Today is a beautiful and sunny day so I whis I had time for a relaxing (and maybe richer….) breakfast in the shadow of my terrace, and after that lie down reading my book. I tried to tell all this adding in the framing also the plant and the watering can, and the book and sunglasses.

  • OM

    Good morning! I’ve been trying to post my today’s assignment since ages, but it seems something’s not working. I’m giving it another try.
    My mini gugelhupfs from previous assignments are all gone, so here I am with my new ‘shooting stars’ – the waffles! 🙂 My title is ‘Saturday breakfast’. In our family, we usually make a special breakfast at home on saturday and go out for breakfast on sunday, so today is a perfect day for such an assignment. The main character is a stack of freshly baked waffles topped with fresh summer berries calling our names 🙂 I love the natural morning light on this photo and a glass of honey on the background. I think it adds kind of more sunlight to this photo.

  • OM

    Good morning! I’ve been trying to post my today’s assignment since ages, but it seems something’s not working. I’m giving it another -and the last- try.
    My mini gugelhupfs from previous assignments are all gone, so here I am with my new ‘shooting stars’ – the waffles! 🙂 My title is ‘Saturday breakfast’. In our family, we usually make a special breakfast at home on saturday and go out for breakfast on sunday, so today is a perfect day for such an assignment. The main character is a stack of freshly baked waffles topped with fresh summer berries calling our names 🙂 I love the natural morning light on this photo and a glass of honey on the background. I think it adds kind of more sunlight to this photo.

    • Wonderful composition! I would love to be invited to your Saturday breakfast 🙂

      • OM

        Thank you, Elis! 🙂

    • Kris Giamouridou

      Hi OM! Is gugelhupf a German recipe? 🙂 I saw one of your previous picture, the horizontal one, which I like it more in comparison to the vertical. The first one makes me imagine having outdoor breakfast in a beautiful place, enjoying the sun and the gugelhupfs.

      • OM

        Thank you, Kris! If I am not mistaken, gugelhupf was born in Austria 🙂

        • Kris Giamouridou

          Really? I didn’t know.. Pls send me the recipe 😀 Oh! Pls one more question. What type of camera do you use, and lens? It brings a great mood. danke schön

          • OM

            I will, but it is in German! You’d need to translate it 🙂 I use Nikon D7100 and 50mm lens.

          • Kris Giamouridou

            Kein Problem! Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht so gut 😉 I studied the German langauage for 6 years. I remember most of the grammar rules, but throught time my vocabulary lacks of ”freshness”. So, it will be a great chance to remember what I learned so far…
            p.s. thank you for the information…

    • Yum yum.. nice pic, nice compo

      • OM

        thank you, Jane!

    • Beautiful. I agree, the morning light makes the photo.

      • OM

        thank you, Linda!

    • I love the natural morning light it beautiful

  • Christine P

    Took this on a whim haha. The title here is “My afternoon routine” and the main subject is the glass of juice. Because the job I’m doing needs a lot of brainstorming, most afternoons I spend it like this, with a notebook and macbook in front of me and the glass of juice is today’s refreshment.
    Honestly, I usually only take food pictures whenever I eat outside, so I never planned for a story maybe just a little framing with the surrounding and that’s it. I tried doing it before with chocolates but somehow it didn’t go really well.

  • Hi! I have never done this kind of exercise before. Usually I just thought the colors and how to style. When I want to tell a story, I use several images in a row. It is difficult to put together, one image with the story. The title is: My morning egg. This was a good exercise.

  • Kairit

    Hi. My story today is about making lime yogurt ice cream. I have postponing this task, because making this is a bit messy business. The main character is the whole process of making the ice cream, and all ingredients are equally important.

    I haven`t done an exercise like this before, although I have thought about it a lot. I struggled at first finding the right angle, and finally decided to choose 90. I think this works, because it shows all the ingredients at the same level.

    • Woww!!! Beautiful, Kairit!

    • very pretty but I didn’t know what it was you were making… never would have guessed ice cream from the pic.

    • love this & never would have expected lime green & orange to look so good together! This photo has so many components going on though, eventhough it says messy like you described.

  • Kris Giamouridou

    – Subject: Breakfast Title:” Goodmorning sunshine!” Main character and STAR: My husband and his breakfast.
    – Actually this is a project I did 2months ago for my food blog and I wanted to share with you today. This is something that came up spontaneously while trying to show my appreciation to my beloved husband for all the love and care he shows me through our relationship.
    – The plan was to create a playful mood using simple ingredients that he likes for his breakfast. So the previous day I prepared a simple draft and drew how to place the subject. I also used for my backround decoration objects and souvenirs from a trip we’ve been on last year. The true purpose of that was to bring us back beautiful memories. This project was definately the ”recipe for success”!
    – You can see more details and pics for this post if you wish on my blog (www.mycookingsecrets.com).
    In case you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

  • A wonderful Saturday to all of you! An here is my story. David (my son) is collecting and eating all the blackberries.
    I was playing around with my camera – trying all the different functions – and this two photos I like most.

    • Wow, love the way you succeed in capturing the flying blackberry and water drops. I prefer the first one, you present, with the hand. It brings life into the photo and tells the story of a precious little moment during the day with your son 🙂

    • Both pics are great! So much action in them, would like to open my mouth and blackberries are flying in :-O

    • Kairit

      I like both pictures. Maybe the first one a little more. Such an abundance of blackberries, that they are flying to the bowl by itself 🙂

    • Sarah Linden

      Oh my gosh, love the second one!

    • Love both of them 🙂

    • Jackie Rudberg

      Number 2 is my favorite – love the water drops in the air.

    • They are both wonderful. I love how you captured the water drops and that the bowl is sitting on a pile of rocks.

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      I love them both, but the water drops fascinate me – so I guess that would be my favorite. I laughed at your last sentence. My husband has finally learned to ask before he eats anything I’ve made: “Have you gotten pictures of this yet?”

    • Anu Shoj

      wow luvly and awesome clicks…v beautiful

    • both the shots are lovely, how did you capture both of them

  • marion

    Hi everybody. So my story title is “back from the market”. Most of the time, I try to think of a story, if I want to focus just on the product or tell an other story. One of my subject from day 2 was tomato. I decide to shoot what my boyfriend bought at the market this morning. I want to focus on the product, and do a quite simple photo without too much props for today.

    • I thought of a farmer’s market before I read your post. Great job telling a story!

      • marion

        Thanks Linda 🙂

  • Title: Sunny afternoon
    Since today was a lovely weather here in Australia, where winter rains have been pouring past couple of weeks and it is a Saturday, my subject is having wine with a friend on an afternoon.
    The main character is the story, added wine and snacks.
    I have always tried to communicate a story with the picture, but still practicing 🙂
    Normally I would not take pictures in the harsh sunlight and shadows, but I think in this case it is also telling the story.

  • Nicole Campbell

    I wanted my story to portray a romantic dessert. An intimate moment that can be shared by two people. I made a ricotta and sultana cheesecake topped with pistachios. This is something that my husband and I will be sharing when our children go to bed. I do usually try to tell a story or at least capture a feeling when I am taking food shots. Most of my food shots focus around things I bake and I hope they make people wanting more of what they see.

    • I love the atmosphere and the combination of colors!

    • Kairit

      It is a very nice atmosphere. But if this is shared by two people, maybe two spoons should be in the picture, or two desserts?

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      The candles give it a romantic ambiance – but I agree that a spoon would be nice. Since it is for two to share after the children are in bed, one spoon for 2 people would work just fine. This photo has a lot of heart.

  • Ivana Brnada

    I don’t know how to title this photo.
    I tried to capture a feeling of relaxing afternoon after shopping or a break from work, but still focussing on pie and ice cream. Telling story is my Main struggle.

    • When I look at this I think of a tea party or the end of a ladies luncheon because of the pink linens, the cake stand, and the flowers in the background. Shopping bags or a briefcase would have created the story you were going for. Nice picture though!

      • Ivana Brnada

        Thank you on beautiful comment.

  • Guest

    A glass of
    cool wine at the summer terrace in Albufeira, Portugal. I made this photo
    during my holiday in Portugal a month ago. At this time I knew nothing yet about food photography rules )))

  • Shyamal Majmundar

    Well , yes i had tried to attempt the exercise like this before, but as i said it b4, always it is to me alike brain storming process. Sometimes, my mind helps me in imagining the scean about, and sometimes leaves it blank, but practically i couldn’t be able to let come out the idea or concept on paper or design as it has been imagined. That’s y many times i did not satisfied with result, as was imagined in mind.
    Because of not been able to communicate well with my mind/imagination , i couldn’t be able to plan out much on paper , resultant in frustration, and use to leave that part and straightly start to work on the camera and the subject with whatever the briefs i have in my mind, and leave it all upon that situation, practically when feel something to add or remove , i tried according to.
    But, even then, I don’t understand by myself, that WHEN and WHERE should i STOP!? That’s what most affects to me , as i feel.

    • Catherine Castro

      Hi Shyamal! Don’t you have a photo?.. Anyway. I just wanna share something about what you share. First of all, I can relate to what you are experiencing. Having so many ideas in mind but can’t be done the same way you have in mind. I also experienced that. But I can say that because maybe I haven’t been thinking of other things that can help me achieve what I have in mind. I guess that’s the reason why I am not satisfied of what I have done also. It like there is still something missing that slip out of my mind that makes my work not good enough as i imagined. Something like that. I suggest if your imagining a scene in your mind, note even the small details so you can be able to make something as you have imagined it. I hope that helps. 🙂 At time when you get frustrated after not achieving the scene you want, I think that’s the time to stop. Relax for a moment, and then you can be able to think through what you have done, and what changes you need to do to achieve what you really like. 🙂

      • Shyamal Majmundar

        Thanks Catherine! I think this help me to keep patience and learn to believe in own-self.
        And start to analyse the situation where u were stop, and try to re-correct it again and again!
        Yes, i’ll do it according to!
        Thanks again!

  • Sandra

    A regular occurrence here.. food dished up ready to eat for my son who works odd hours. I am disappointed the plant is outside the window, but I have to draw the line somewhere and give some attention to my other son.. been cooking all day (yes including the rolls and the butter – yum!) and I have neglected him. Anyway the idea here is to tell the story of one who hasn’t made it home for dinner on time..

    • Sandra

      I get an icon instead of my photo? I hope others can see it…

  • Sandra

    I am having a LOT of trouble posting – I cant’ log in either.. this is Sandra – my image.. I am disappointed I left the plant on the ledge outside (DOH!) it’s too late now for me to keep taking pics.. The story? My son works odd hours – every night I cook a meal, and leave a plate for him to heat up later…

    • If you klick on the icon you can see the picture. I love the idea of the photo but I would have taken a post-it the same color of the food or the bowls.

      • Sandra

        I didn’t have any – but it definitely would have been much better.. there is a lot wrong with this image but I posted anyway just to get ‘something’ in.. I do love your suggestion, thank you!

  • Title: Me Time

    I don’t think I’ve ever done an exercise like this – really thinking about the story. I have looked at my photos after taking them and picked out ones I like because they tell a story – but I’ve never consciously set out to create a story. Generally I have made photographic decisions based on what I like in the viewfinder. The times I have attempted to photograph a set up scene haven’t usually been successful – perhaps because I didn’t really consider the story and the protagonists. Usually I have an idea in my mind about what will look good, rather than what I’m trying to say. So this exercise was quite challenging for me but has certainly given me a new perspective.

    My photo is not great. It was taken in bad light with my iPhone. Then I processed the picture with Aviary to make it a bit more attractive. Even so, I do think it tells a story. The glass of wine is the subject. The main character is “a well earned break.” I took this photo whilst enjoying a well deserved soak in the bath. It had been a long day and I just needed some time out. I didn’t want to risk my DSLR in the bath, so used my phone!

    • I love your story.

    • This is funny and an extraordinary idea!

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      This is one of my favorites today – even with a phone shot! Great idea. In fact, think I’ll go run a bath….

    • Very fun! I love it:) Definitely gives a relaxed feeling.

    • Thanks for all your kind words. I really hesitated to post this photo – after all, I wasn’t sure feet in a food photo would be appropriate!

  • Alina Kun Gazda

    Title: From childhood to adult life
    Subject: Food and memories
    Main character:Potato Tortilla

    Details: My mother used to cook this for me and my brother when we were kids.I made a tradition of cooking this Saturday or Sundays as late breakfast for me and my husband. I takes me back to childhood, to a life without worries, it relaxes and comforts me. It reminds me of home. My husband says he knows it’s weekend when he can smell it around the house.

    You should definitely try it!

    • I like the story and the setting but something is missing. It looks too “well-educated”. Maybe you can put some little pieces of potato(rasps?) or spieces on the table.

      • Alina Kun Gazda

        Thank you Elis. I actually tried that but it looked a bit to busy for my taste. Now that I see it again I think it would have looked better with a piece of it on the plate, to create a better balance. I will try it next time I cook it.

    • I love the simple set up and the story, and I think adding potato pieces would looked too “staged”. I think it’s nice as is, but you could always add some napkins under the utensils for a bit more texture and color.

  • My Saturday morning breakfast that keeps me going all day is Chicken Porridge, I added the orange juice to hint at breakfast, the chopsticks and Chinese crockery to define Asian.

  • Can’t get photos to display sorry

  • Guest

    See below

  • Katharina

    15 minutes for this assignment? No way! It took me ages to decide what to do. Eventually I decided to make my story today about childhood memories of grandmas baking. What memories come up when thinking of grandma? Freshly milled flour, farmfresh eggs, well used kitchentools, canisters full of biscuits, an empty sugarbag. I must admit that I never actually put so much thought into what I want to tell with my photo. But with this exercise I realized that if I plan carefully I take far less photos until I get the one I like. Normally I would have just taken lots of photos and hope to have at least one that I like.

    • Lili Basic Capaccetti

      Beautiful photo, you did great!

      • Great photo. I can just imagine the cozy farm house kitchen.

        • Katharina

          Thank you! Baking with grandma on the farm are of my fondest memories.

      • Katharina

        Thank you Lili

    • This is my favorite photo for this assignment. It’s beautiful. You have a lot of stuff in the photo and it all really works well together!

      • Katharina

        Thank you. I must admit I rearranged for ages!

    • shikha Bhatia

      beautiful photo!gr8 job.I agree with you its not a 15 min job,it takes lot of planning to get it right.

      • Katharina

        Thank you for your comment Shikha

    • I love your story and photo clearly tells that. Awesome!

      • Katharina

        I am glad you like it. Thank you Usha

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      The colors are perfect – it really does set a scene and a flavor of long ago.

      • Katharina

        I appreciate your feedback. Thank you Lorinda

    • Anne Livingston

      I love the story and the restrained color choices. The person who’s going to bake is warm, organized, the kind of person whose food you totally want to eat. 🙂

      • Katharina

        Thank you Anne for your kind comment.

    • I think many of us thought about our grandparents for this assignment 🙂 Great shot

    • Karen Schmautz

      This is very nice. I love the light and the colors.

    • Eric

      All of you are such an inspiration with your photos and stories. I love this shot! I can’t wait to tell stories about my grandmother’s cooking with photos.

  • Olena

    I never thought much about the story behind. Of course I cared about background, but didn’t really view this as a story. I wanted to highlight the season of british strawberries, the joy of the morning and an alternative use of the strawberries. Hope it worked

  • Fernando

    I wanted to show natural quality in vegetables, selected for a dinner at grandmother’s country house. While I take a pot, you can see them on my old kitchen table… no, I must not lie: there’s no huge table but a small wood board that peasants used for hand washing clothes long long time ago, no bigger than a tray 🙂 It works nicely as a farm table.

  • moni k

    Never done this sort of exercise before. My story is about the everyday experience. ‘Afternoon coffee break’ with a treat is set in a bright home environment. Trying to create a sense of relaxation (coffee means break, home environment) and in the same time capturing a subtel energetic feel (caffeine, cookie-sugar, bright light).

  • I am not at good in dipicting a story in photography though many a times I do always feel I need to be speak through my pictures.Breakfast or evening tea time pictures can be captured with dry cakes or cookies and cup of Tea or coffee but when it comes to creating mood I don’t know where and how to start. I struggle right from composition to mood. This is something I need to start to handle.

  • moni k

    Never done this sort of exercise before. My story is about the everyday experience. ‘Afternoon coffee break’ with a treat is set in a bright home environment. Trying to create a sense of relaxation (coffee means break, home environment) and in the same time capturing a subtel energetic feel (caffeine, cookie-sugar, bright light).

    • moni k

      How in the world I managed to share the same photograph three times?

    • Nice photo! I like that I can see the heat rising from the cup. I also like the touch of blue from the towel in the corner. I think breezy warm afternoon and enjoying a moment to reflect on your day.

      • moni k

        Thanks, that’s exactly what I was trying to show.

  • I’ve definitely not thought about creating a story with characters before. I’ve always just photographed the food, and tried to make it look good! So I tried to create a set up that communicates drinks before a casual dinner, with the glass of wine that you are about to grab being the main character. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Todd

    I Could Share…
    Pancakes being the subject and the Character of how much pancakes mean to my lil’ one.

    • 🙂 – I think your sweet kid causes the typical vampire-effect. All attention to her no attention to … a what was it? No seriously, I like it very much.

  • Story about morning tea

    Every morning I drink cup of my delicious deep magenta coloured tea – herbal Sudanese Hibiscus. The tea contains vitamin C and minerals and is used traditionally as a mild medicine. It can be consumed both hot and cold. This drink is also known as karkadé. No sugar here, because I don’t use it. My hero (main character) here is the dried herbal flowers of tea on the table.

    • Normally I don´t drink tea but if I look at your photo I want a cup. And only this one.

  • Here is my photo. I am not sure if it will appear twice now. This is not the best photo but it was this or nothing and I wanted to say I had attempted everything. My story. I went for a brief run this morning. It was cold and wintry. The sun came out briefly while I ate my breakfast and read a magazine. It was lovely and peaceful. I spent the rest of the day helping family move house.

  • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

    My story: My herbal tea to fight cold!

    The past few days I have been suffering from cold and throat pain and feeling lousy most of the time. I have been drinking this homemade herbal tea regularly and loads of other herbs such as Indian Basil. So when I woke up late this afternoon and was wondering about my story, I figured it is my herbal tea. So quickly shot the pictures as the evening light was fading. Herbal tea with palm sugar and all the things that have making my day for the past few days.

  • Raja

    This is the first time I have tried to bring a story in the photo .Was quite confused to certain extent though. Tried capturing the black eyed fritters and have used the black eyed beans in the pic. I wanted it to b clear what black eyed beans I have used.

  • shikha Bhatia

    I never thought of bringing a story to food photography though I always try to tell a story whenever I shoot while travelling. Its a great assignment.My idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon: Tea,some snacks & a book.I am posting two pics its same shot just the one is with little saturated colors as it was more appealing to me.What you say?

    • aPathite

      The title of the book tells it all. Good choice in combination with the coffee. I like the bright saturated colors of the first picture best. The second one gives me a feeling of the 70s of the previous century 😉

      • shikha Bhatia

        thanks aPathite.

    • I like the cooler colors in the second photo. They feel more relaxing.

      • shikha Bhatia

        Thanks Ginnie, even I like the second one for same reasons.

  • Mary Pavona Taylor

    “Morning Start”
    On my weekend off from work (I work every other) my husband and I usually do yard work or something time consuming project in or out of the house. I like to start my morning off with a filling “light” breakfast. I typically get hungry often LOL
    Today we are having ricotta cheese with blueberries on whole wheat bread sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
    My main subject is the blueberries, with my usual cup of coffee and milk.
    I have never shot food photography with a story behind it, This was a real eye opening moment for me, in the past I would just throw something on the set and shoot it with out a purpose.

  • Julie Benz

    I am going to test my own and others imagination by ommiting step 6, ie the photo….and yes, truth is I am time pressured today. This is the first time I have done such an assignment and it is creatively liberating me not to dive straight into getting the camera out…
    so the title is Julie’s homemade chutney. My list on day two included fresh APRICOTS and FIGS, but today’s task made me realise that I have made both spicey apricot and fig & olive chutnies, but didn’t think of them for my list…the story’s main character is teh cheese, as what is chutney without a purpose? The details will include a plate, with cheese, chutney, bread on a plate, which is being held by my cheese loving husband…just his hands and plate are in view and I will need to play with light to bring out the glossiness and texture of the chutney…(apricot may work out better, as more colourful.) Visually, it might just work….but it sure will taste good…

  • Chef Sank

    I never think about a story when capturing, I usually just shoot. So this was a very interesting task for me and I hope i managed to tell a story. The main character is the cupcake. With the aid of the props, I tried to create a classy, lady like, tea time feeling, and a cook book to read.

  • I love to spend time in the kitchen baking and cooking for my family and friends. So, here is my story with homemade cookies, the title is: “Baked with love”, even they are not yet baked (but they will be soon:). I have never done exercise like this before, and it was fun.:) Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    • I like the casual arrangement of the unbaked cookies scattered across the baking paper, it gives a relaxed homely feel.

      • :)))

      • Anne Livingston

        I agree!

  • Claudia Briandi

    “Barbacoa con amigos”
    La foto no la he realizado expresamente para este ejercicio, la hice hace unos días pero vale para contar mi historia, una barbacoa en el campo. El personaje principal es la barbacoa, la historia cuenta nuestro día de campo con amigos.
    He utlizado varia escenas para componer la historia.

    “Barbecue with friends”
    The photo I have not specifically done for this year, I made a few days ago but it is to tell my story, a barbecue in the field. The main character is the barbecue, the story our picnic with friends.
    I utlizado various scenes to compose the story.

    • Angel Simón

      Vaya pinta tienen esos chuletones, ni que fueran de mi pueblo…

      • Claudia Briandi

        Son de Ávila, buenísimos.

        • Angel Simón

          Ya decía yo que me eran muy familiares jajajajaj…. yo también soy de Avila. Y es mi comida favorita. No me digas que tú también eres de Avila?

          • Claudia Briandi

            Yo vivo en Madrid, pero los chuletones de Ávila son inmejorables!!

          • Claudia Briandi

            Creo que no se registró mi comentario anterior. Yo vivo en Madrid, pero los chuletones de Ávila son inmejorables.

      • Claudia Briandi

        No estoy segura pero creo que los comentarios anteriores no se registran, luego seguro aparecerán todos juntos!! esto funciona fatal. Te comentaba que vivo en Madrid pero que los chuletones de Ávila son inmejorables.

        • Angel Simón

          Si si. He visto todos tus comentarios, pero esta plataforma es una chapuza y ahora sólo veo el último, pero me han llegado avisos por mail cada vez que has escrito.

          Te dejo el enlace a mi página de Facebook de fotos de comida. Se llama fotografías con sabor y también te dejo una foto con mi versión del chuletón; aunque las especias como imaginarás son meramente de adorno:


  • Claudia Briandi

    “Barbacoa con amigos”
    La foto no la he realizado expresamente para este ejercicio, la hice hace unos días pero vale para contar mi historia, una barbacoa en el campo. El personaje principal es la barbacoa, la historia cuenta nuestro día de campo con amigos.
    He utlizado varia escenas para componer la historia.

    “Barbecue with friends”
    The photo I have not specifically done for this year, I made a few days ago but it is to tell my story, a barbecue in the field. The main character is the barbecue, the story our picnic with friends.
    I utlizado various scenes to compose the story.

  • Marissa O’Donnell

    a simple story that I want to show in my picture is liven a table with fruits on skewer. It’s something that is refreshing on a hot day or it could also be a party treat.

  • Donna

    This was another challenging lesson. I usually try to impart a “mood” of sorts to a photo, but not always a story. This photo is the story of a couple, drinking their morning coffee, and planning a weekend of activity in the city. It’s early yet, no breakfast on the go, just coffee and the newspaper.

    • This photo displays that story so well! & great composition

      • Donna

        Thank you Rebecca, I appreciate your kind comments!

    • The picture really tells a story. Well done!

  • Rinda Koban

    The photo that I take is about a healthy breakfast for 1. The main character is the glass of green smoothie. I added a vase of leaves and an apple to give a fresh feeling.

  • Misky

    I’m going to try this again when I’m fixing supper as I have another idea, but I thought I’d offer this one first. Title: Remix (as in turning nothing into something – old bread into bread crumbs)

  • Rinda Koban

    I did this exercise twice since it’s a weekend so I have more time. This photo is titled “after the party”. It is about a left-over cake and a glass of orange juice served to a tired host.
    I’ve never thought about a story behind a food photo. But i think by thinking about it, it’s easier for me think also about the type of food and the props that I need.

    • I love the idea behind this story and it’s true, after the party is over that leftover piece of cake is an irresistible treat for the host

  • aPathite

    More than black tea!

    Subject: tea

    Main character: caramel colored grains that live inside a tea bag

    Details: research on these grains

    I discovered my main characters when preparing props for lesson 2. I opend a tea bag, because I needed some black tea to put in my tea strainer spoon. Immediately light caramel colored grains took my attention. They taste a
    bit like sweet chewing gum en are a just a little larger than the ‘quality no 1’ black tea dust. So, these sweet grains are my main character for lesson 6.

    With this picture I want to tell the story from the discovery after opening the bag (you are not suppose to do that I think) till the investigation of these grains (depicted with the magnifying glass). A internet search let me to a Dutch TV program. They asked the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) to analyze these grains. The main component is sugar. Then I checked the website of this tea brand. They say on there website that sugar is used as carrier for there aroma the add to the tea blend. Most people like it better than plain tea…

    Most of my photos are illustrations for my papers. Often I use a series of photos tell/illustrate the story.

    For this picture there are more items in it then I normally use. I could not decide if the second picture (which I like best) is clear ennough for someone who see this scene for the first time. Originally I tried to get the grains in focus trough the magnifying glass. But when I saw it on the screen I didn’t like the bright reflection on the edge of it. For illustration I would add an extra photo of the details of the grains in the article.

    Comments are welcome!

  • flavorsandcolorsbyaparna

    Usually I think more about placing the food and just adding on props as needed… I never thought about that one question “Why” before shooting .. a great suggestion .. ok w.r.t to today’s assignment this exercise was quite challenging and 15 mins of exercise took me about 3-4 hrs from getting the pen and paper to final step of shooting. Tomorrow being Rakshabandhan [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raksha_Bandhan] I decided to create story ABOUT it. Title of story : Thread of love, Subject: Festival that celebrates sibling love, Main character: Indian sweet named Bhapa Sandesh. Details : Bhapa Sandesh designed as rakhi [thread of love] and other props that would give a picture about this festival celebration at home

    • aPathite

      Great informative story! (and to complete this exercise took me also 4 hrs, but yeah, it’s weekend)

  • This was so hard for me for some reason. I never think about a story, just shoot the food. To get a story – morning breakfast – I needed to use more props than I’m comfortable with. I tried vertical shots, I tried horizontal. I added props, I took away some props. Tried all kinds of stuff. It all just felt cluttered to me. This was definitely out of my comfort zone. In the end I switched to my macro lens and cropped the photo! Here’s the best I could do this morning. I did however, enjoy the challenge and will give trying to tell a story much more thought in future pictures.

    • Katharina

      I like your picture, but somehow the item in the background is bothering me. I don’t know if it is a pot or a kettle and I don’t think that it adds to a story. But todays assignment was also very challenging for me.

      • You’re right! Could absolutely lose it, now that I’m looking at it, it does nothing for me too! Thanks for the comment.

    • I think that the coffee pot and the butter are a big part of the story. It shows a casual, easy-going breakfast. The lighting and framing are very nice.

    • Here’s one I found that didn’t have the coffee pot in it…

      • Katharina

        Love the simple and uncluttered, peaceful look of this one!

      • Love this, and I think Magda makes a great point about props above.

    • I’ve noticed something during our first day assignment. I always thought that setting up a scene requires a lot of props and I’m a minimalist like you, but when I was looking at photos like this http://bit.ly/1l6K0Y8 or this http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1090 (the one on left), I noticed they are using right angles (first person perspective) or just one or two props. If you look at muffins whole story happens in your head, you see the half empty pan, you see empty muffin cases and you can easily imagine somebody just stuffing his face with still warm muffins. The scone photo is even better, you can feel that you are having an afternoon tea.
      But your photo is great, I think it would work even with just a mug and muffins.

      • Thank you for sharing that Magda! I like those photos a lot and it they do tell a story without a lot of props which I prefer. So much to think about 🙂

    • Anne Livingston

      I love this! I feel like I’m at the breakfast table with you.

  • Adrienn Bako

    the story is eating something light on a hot Saturday afternoon. Sun is already getting low but you could not made yourself eat until late afternoon beacuse of the heat.

  • Jackie Rudberg

    I found this assignment quite challenging, but fun. I decided to photograph Saturday morning breakfast. Story behind the photo: to show my niece (5) that eating something healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your food by choosing toppings and adding sweetness with different ingredients. She picked this picture from the batch.

    • I really like your story. My granddaughters stay with us every weekend and love to cook. This story would really inspire them to create easy, healthy food

    • great story! & it’s kids eat right month to celebrate child nutrition-perfect!

  • My photo wants to show the end of a great meal with friends. Comments are welcomed 🙂

    • Clever story idea…I like it!

    • aPathite

      The straws tell the story! maybe you could put the glass also a bit diagonal in front of the plate (at one third of the left or right)

      • You mean the glass not to be in the centre of the photo, and to see (on the right) the leftovers on the plate? This can be an idea.

        • aPathite

          Hi @brindusacookingwithmysoul:disqus, that exactly what I mean. But it may well be that this weakens your story. The other option is to move the plate to the left or right for the same effect.

    • Great story!

    • Adorable picture, like the story. It reminds me of a teen-party in the garden, where the girls all share a big milkshake ^_^

  • Silvia

    Happy Saturday to all! Sorry for my bad english (I translate with google translator).

    Let me tell you this short story, which, however, is taken from my blog …
    Every time a friend / or asks me to make him a cake I’m really happy, and so this time, for her birthday Nadia asked me “I would like a simple fruit cake with cream without cream” … and she was born this cake and pastry … my first fruit cake !! In addition to 2 layers of puff pastry has more soft in the middle layer of angel cake (with the egg whites left over from the preparation of custard), around the crisp chopped almonds over the smell and colors of fresh fruit … in addition to the compliments that I have done for the beauty of the cake (even people who were sitting at the table next to ours, we were in a restaurant chosen by the birthday girl) the best compliment came right from the celebrated husband, Stephen, “but that ao thou hast put ar center in the towel!?!?!? “So ‘I realized that the cake layer central fact of angel cake came perfect … AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH crazy my friends! 🙂

  • Jessica

    My story is titled “A light, healthy breakfast”. The subject is yoghurt but the main character is the light, airy, peaceful morning (feeling). This could be a breakfast before going on a run, but on a weekend where there is more time and peace. The details are breakfast for one person, a white/ creme table cloth, a white napkin, the yoghurt in a white bowl, some mint, fresh fruit, some cereals, a spoon, a magazine/ newspaper.
    I have never explicitly done this exercise before. For my blog it has usually been about portraying the food itself. If at all it was moreso a story about transforming the ingredients into something prepared and the blog post would tell the story to it. Sometimes there was a seasonal story behind it e.g. the summer drink, something green in spring but the food was always the main character. This is a great exercise for me as it leads me to the types of photographs that I admire, the ones with lots of composition and a variety of props in a defined setting, rather than a quick shot of the food before I eat it. Thank you, Neal.

  • A fresh and healthy summer salad. The pansies giving the feel of freshness and summer. And the fork indicating that the meal is ready to eat and some nuts ready for sprinkling.

  • Irinka

    My story about a little girl who came to his grandma and played forgotten apple on a bench

    It was quite difficult, but interesting to invent a story for the picture)

    • Like it 🙂 it’s a cute story, and with the kids’ toys you would expect something like this.

  • Larissa Temmink

    Homemade ice cream. This is some sort of connection between the modern time (square plate) and an old recipe of homemade ice cream – antique spoon and a piece of old cloth.

    • A nice way to connect the past with the present.

      • Larissa Temmink

        Thank you Lyn )))

  • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

    Title: The joy of baking
    Character: the quiet emotion of praparing a cake
    Details: there is an old recipe hand written by grandma and making the cake bring back a lot of happy memories!
    Enjoy my attempt to story telling with photography!

  • Danielle

    Refreshing watermelon smoothie

    This photo, taken on a summer afternoon, in my garden, features a refreshing smoothie. This is a natural drink that blends the sweetness of watermelon with the tang of lime for a delightful, summer thirst-quencher.

  • Katherine

    This was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I think I normally just grab something and start shooting. But it can definitely help to have a story in mind. My title is “Mommy’s quick, easy, healthy morning snack”. My subject is banana and peanut butter, which is one of my all time favorite snacks between a meal. It really is just so simple, quick, easy, tasty, and filling to hold me over until the next meal. Which immediately after shooting, I proceeded to enjoy as a healthy am snack. 🙂

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      I love the color combination. This really captured my interest!

      • Katherine

        Thanks Lorinda. One of my favorite things to do in photography is to have bright colorful photos so I am glad that came across here.

  • Rick Capstraw

    This story is about being barely awake in the morning and fixing up some eggs for the kids. It’s not a “pretty” picture but it’s not supposed to be. Full tube fluorescent light in the kitchen and toned a bit to match the vintage of the stove. This is probably better as a series of pictures to tell a story – family at the table, pouring some coffee, etc.

    • Magda

      I don’t agree with you. I do think it’s a pretty photo! I’m not sure if the frame is right, maybe showing a little bit more pan and hand would help, but I like how you see the action, also you omelette is beautifully contrasting with the pan and your hob is minimalistic and not distracting.

      • I like it, too, and I think the tight framing works. It would be great as part of a series as you mentioned.

      • Rick Capstraw

        Thanks Magda! I actually wanted more hand in the photo as well. However, I was holding the camera in my other hand with a fixed 50mm lens and already contorting myself into all kinds of uncomfortable positions. Wider lens next time…

        • I had a feeling it could be a case, it happened to me more than once 😉

  • The title of my story is “Braces off!” and my daughter’s delight in finally eating corn on the cob after 2 years of braces says it all for me.
    I’m also shocked I got a teen to smile.
    Yes, the photo is cluttered–I didn’t pose her, I just captured the moment.

    • Very sweet … I really like it! You could try using a smaller depth of field next time with her face in focus. That would help minimize the clutter.

  • Sneakpeak @ my good friends restaurant. At midday the stakes lining up… love the buzz, the smell, the noises in this busy restaurant. Reminds me of dining out with my dad when I was a kid.

    • Angel Simón

      I can feel all you say looking at your photo. Well done.

  • Catherine Castro

    Again for my subject, I selected one of my homemade treats, the Graham Balls. This photo is entitled “Sweet Gift, Made withLove”. The main character is the food itself. The details are having them inside a box and putting some ribbon for the additional touch of love. hihi. I guess the story behind this picture is something like this. One day a girl decided to give her special someone a gift, she decided to give him sweets for him to like her. So she made these sweet homemade Graham balls. A for effort if she’s the one making it, right?. Then she decided to put it in a box and add some ribbon for more touch of love.. Girls are really into details like putting some ribbon and stuff.. Thats it! I hope I have done it right. 🙂

    I haven’t got a chance to take picture with natural right. I badly need some more artificial light. 🙁
    Open for comments and suggestions. Thank you!

    • Shyamal Majmundar

      i like this composition! and good story!

  • When I take photos for my blog I only occasionally think of a story, because I’m usually short on time, I feel that the kitchen or dining room would be better environment for setting the scene and mood, but in my case they are both pretty dark. But on the first day when we were looking at the professional photos I noticed that setting the scene doesn’t necessary means even visualising the table, it was about showing food at the first person perspective. So just picking the right angle and frame could be enough.
    So today I was trying to recreate this feeling creating a photo “Preparing breakfast”, the main characters are tomatoes chopped by a person. It’s an everyday breakfast, we don’t know much about people who will be eating, for sure there are not too many of them, maybe one, maybe three. Well to be fair we can’t even be sure it will be breakfast, except that author gave us a clue 😉

    • I try to look at these pictures before reading what is told about them. First thing I thought when I saw yours was “someone’s going to make an omelette” So I guess you said it perfectly with your photo!

      • Brilliant Judy 😀 I’m so happy with your guess!

  • Alessandro

    that’s a great assignment.
    my shot title is “relax time”. After a working week, is nice find an hour for yourself , take a cake, a raspberry juice and……. well everybody could make his choice.

    • This is a really fun photo, and I think you really captured a feeling of relaxation.

      • Alessandro

        Thank you Ginnie. I made a lot of shots trying differnt angles set up and frames before find this solution

    • Lia Badicu

      Really nice use of the cards, I have to try incorporating more outside of the kitchen props

      • Alessandro

        Hi Lia, i though to create no distinction between props and cads, both must give The dame contribution to The ideal story. But next time i will try your suggestion ,i’m dure to find someting new.
        I realy like this discussion space. Have a great day

    • Mukul

      Nice thought & best camera angle – after observing your photo something clicking in my mind i.e. if you keep mobile slightly out of frame & also one key chain will give effect of person seating around.

    • Mukul

      There is only one card near plate give effect of game is yet not started if put 1 0r 2 more card with printed side up will look appealing.

    • Great story. I love the idea of the deck of cards. As for a food image, I would probably have more focus on the pie, and less on the cards, but overall I do think it’s a great idea and a good shot.

  • anariva95

    Hello, this is my photo for today. The subject are aromatic herbs. Title: Recollecting lavender. Main caracter: lavender flowers.
    The main caracter lavender is an ingredient of the recipe, before using I have to recollect it and separate the flowers for decoration. I keep one part of the flowers to do herbs sacks for perfurming the wardrobe.
    I´m starting to take photos but I use to think what I want to tell with the photo.

  • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

    I’ve never considered a story before creating dished food. Usually I put most of my effort into a recipe and then decide how to showcase it. This was a new concept/consideration for me.
    My story is about the rewards that encourage labor. My subject was beans but the character was the experience; a dish of Bacon and Beans was to reward the effort of picking and cleaning the beans, and the pleasant break was incentive to continue with processing and canning the beans. Positive reinforcement, I guess!

  • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

    I used both of my subjects in this photo – produce and grains.
    My story is preparing dinner. When I shoot for my blog I use a lot of props (linens, dishes, spices, etc) but this assignment was different because everything is still raw. The orzo salad hasn’t been cooked/made, but the dish is waiting for it. The steak is still raw and the salt & pepper are there ready to be used. The two bottles of beer haven’t been opened yet, but are just about to 🙂

    I’m not sure how I like the white “walls” and board, what are your thoughts?

  • Mimis Kingdom

    Hello everyone…
    Title of my story could be Mum in the Morning. I wanted to show atmosphere when mum is making breakfest for her family. Something with eggs and milk. She is doing it with love…
    I often think about story behind my photos. That is very important to me, but very often I don’t have enough of time to arrange everything like I would like to.

    • I really like this! It has a comforting, homey feel.

    • Angel Simón

      I love this photo, the story is very kind.

    • It is a nice portrayal of early morning. I like the sweat on the eggs. It makes me think of a warm kitchen. I also like the way the bowl in the background has a similar flower color scheme to the tablecloth.

  • My story is a quick afternoon snack. The yummy strawberries are the main character, and I chose to set this up on my kitchen cutting board, a common snacking spot for me. There’s an almond butter jar and some cut up strawberries in the background, along with a napkin and knife used to prepare the snack. Generally, when I photography food for my blog, I’m trying to make the food look good. I definitely had fun with this approach though and will be using it more.

    • Alessandro

      I !ike The semplicity with wich you set up the scene. Seem realy to be near you in The kitchen waiting for that beautiful snack

  • Marta

    Usually, I start with a dish as my subject. And then add some props to make it look more interesting. Today was different. First I thought of a story and then chose food for it. It was an interesting task. I tried to incorporate tips from previous lessons, like angles, DOF and framing. And it helped me a lot. As I was prepearing the set up I had overhead shot in mind. But I tried different angles. And eventually chose the following shot. So the story is “Coffee break”. The main character – coffee and chocolate. And I used 3 cups to show that it’s not a “romantic” set up for two. But rather pleasant meeting with some friends.

    • Nice and warm… I like your story.:)

      • Marta


  • mymorna

    “Recreate the Italian flavours in your kitchen with this Quiche Napolitane”

    The main character is the combination of red, green and white, the Italian experience. The details are home grown cherry tomatoes, a basil plant and a white knife, as well as the result: a Napolitan Quiche.

    Haven’t done an exercise like this before, but I think it’s very useful, though I struggle with the concept of main character that’s not an actual object.

  • Ann G

    The name of my story is:
    “Elegance of Ginger”

    The Main Character is the drink.

    This drink happened by accident. I love ginger, so I usually keep either fresh
    or liquid in the refrigerator. I had
    some liquid mixed ginger which I forgot to drink. As I was looking in my
    refrigerator to see what I can put together for this lesson I saw the mixture
    sitting there. The liquid was at the top
    and it sort of resembled champagne. I
    liked the taste also, so I decided to add a little fuzz to it. I halved the
    glass with the ginger liquid then poured the sparkling water just as I was
    about to take the picture.

    Looks good, and taste good.

  • káča suchá

    My story is called – Koláčky. There is traditional fair od Saint Lawrence in my hometown and the typical food which prepare every family are these little cakes (koláčky) with filling of plum jam, poppy seeds and farmers cheese. My story is about old recipe which obtaine my grandmother from her friend and her present it to my mother. She wrote it for her at a small pieceof paper many years ago because my granny is not able to make them herself. And my mom is looking every august for this little paper to fo the best koláčky 🙂
    In the picture you can see hands of both women who use the recipe, my mom (she is holding the plate) and my grandmother (she is holding the piece od paper with the recipe).

    • I think you captured the story really well! Love the hands.

    • Great job, and I love the hands. For years, I could remember the appearance of my grandparents’ hands, but I never photographed them. They died nearly 30 years ago and I can’t remember what their hands looked like anymore. Each person’s hand is representative of only them. Photograph their hands again so that you will never forget how they looked.

  • Alain Meessen

    “Less is more”, the essential is the product, i tried to show the product pure with class, elegance. A oyster en a slice of oxtail.

    • these simple images are striking! I especially love the reflection on the table like there’s something more to simple elegance

    • Alain

      Zen like in approach, elegant use of negative space. The cut of meat is superb and my favorite. The first shot is interesting but I am not sure what it is.

      • Alain Meessen

        Thanks, the first one is a oyster on grey salt, flour de sel, you’re right, in a small version you don’t immediately recognize it. Nice beer pictures on your site by the way.

        • Thanks for the info. I am getting quite the food education here. If I knew as much about food and prep as I did about my camera equipment I would be a chef. I shoot and post beer/cigar shot every Friday. I post my 30DBFP images that pop to a more appropriate size there as well.

  • The title is Emergency Pasta Dinner. This was last night’s dinner. I had a different plan for dinner originally, but was missing a vital ingredient! Therefore I raided the cupboards and freezer to come up with a Plan B. Our plan B dinner had to be prepared and eaten much earlier than our normal dinner hour since we had plans for the evening. Hence the visible light outside the window reflecting our early dining. I’ve done this before as my blog is more about the story of my cooking and our family dining, with the recipes providing extra details.

  • Raia Torn

    Subject: Supper Prep.
    Main Character: Pilaf
    Details: Getting ready to dice onion and carrot, mince garlic, and combine them with rice and peas for a healthy, tasty supper.

  • Lia Badicu

    When I first read the assignment I felt a little bit intimidated, but as my day started I realised that it’s full of stories. The focus of my story is the coffee, which I enjoyed with my fiance in the Saturday afternoon, after lunch, making plans for the week to come. I’m not sure if the flowers work with the photo, but for me it completed the story as I received them in the morning.

    • I think this is a great story-telling picture. It has motion somehow and I like how that pen is there casually.

      • Lia Badicu

        Thank you Claudia. I’m happy someone notice thru so many comments and good photos

  • Guest

    The title of my story could be “Preparing lamb sweetbreads”. The cutting board with the knife ready to clean this packet of sweetbreads and the ingredients to cook them on the table.

  • Angel Simón

    The title of my story could be “Preparing lamb sweetbreads”. The cutting board with the knife ready to clean this packet of sweetbreads and ingredients to cook them on the table.

    • Marta

      I like your set up. It feels simple and clean.
      But I think, there is too much empty space on the right.
      What do you think?

      • Angel Simón

        Yes, you are right there is a great empty space on the right, but it doesn’t disturb me. Perhaps I’m used to leave those spaces because I produce images for advertising and needs to have a space for text.

  • Guest

    I haven’t set up a story like this before, it’s a great idea to create a cohesive frame! 1) The solitary oreo 2) Main character: oreo 3) I was in quite a predicament, after coming home from a long and busy Saturday work day and only eating a salad for lunch, I was craving something more. Here comes the half sleeve of oreos. Before I knew it, one remained. It seemed cruel to just leave him all by his lonesome…..You finish the ending

  • 1) The solitary oreo 2) Main character: oreo 3) I was in quite a
    predicament, after coming home from a long and busy Saturday work day
    and only eating a salad for lunch, I was craving something more. Here
    comes the half sleeve of oreos. Before I knew it, one remained. It
    seemed cruel to just leave him all by his lonesome…..You finish the

    • Cute story! I also like the shadow left by the cellophane.

      • thanks! seems even more like a lonely oreo w/ the shadowing

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      Aw, such a sad story. Poor Oreo…hope you put it out of its misery 🙂

      • totally did, my sentiments exactly 🙂

  • Creadora de Imágenes

    The character in this story are vegetables. The story is called Disguising Greens. The colors are green character try and look beautiful is not as fearsome as they see my children.
    These vegetables are the beginning of a vegetable gratin then eat my children.
    Sometimes observed photographs of people experienced in the world of photography and I feel always told stories, I think there is here a key of what a photo should have. A backstory.

  • I tried to think about a story sometimes while photographing food. For example, I put book near food to tell a story about somebody eating and reading. 🙂 Or I try to capture hand with fork, something like that.
    Today I was thinking about afternoon in the village eating chicken with family. Look what I shoot according to the story. 🙂

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      What a sweet little face – and the juicy texture of that chicken sure shows clearly.

    • I love this shot. The chicken looks juicy and she seems to be loving the flavour. But I especially like the way her hand grips the drumstick, it gives me a Burgundian feeling.

  • And another one with chicken.

    • Anne Livingston

      I love this picture! There’s a definite story here. I love that guy’s fingers interacting with the food and the bottom part of his face. A very appealing and sensual picture that makes me want to eat crispy chicken skin. 🙂

  • Sandy

    Title: Afternoon Recipes
    I chose this title because I am an avid cookbook hoarder, especially baking books. You see, I am an amateur cake decorator and love to experience with different ingredients and French techniques. So, I was looking through some of my cookbooks to decide what recipe I will try out next. While viewing my books, I thought an Asian pear with cheese and wine would be a good fitting.

  • Anamaria Mejia

    The Mystery of the Disappearing Chocolate Bars

    When I was a little girl of two years or a little less, we lived in a hot city on the north coast of Colombia. My dad, who loved chocolate, always left his chocolate bars on top of the air conditioning in his room so they were cold when he came back home from work. One day, the chocolate bars began to disappear mysteriously without anyone being able to know who was stealing them. One day my mother quietly opened their room door and saw me with a broom toy reaching for the chocolate bars with great effort, and then sit down and eat them without sharing it with anyone.

    Chocolate and especially the brand I used for today’s picture always reminds me of my dad.

  • Sharon

    So, I really struggled with this assignment. I wanted to create a picture of my smoothie and I wanted to convey that it had just been made with these particular ingredients. The main character is the smoothie and the supporting characters are the knife, spinach, kiwi, mint & apple. I’d be grateful for any feedback because I still don’t believe that I got the mood and the feel of this photograph right, but I’m really unsure of what I needed to do differently…

    • Marta

      I like the color of your smoothie. It makes me want to try it.

      I’m not a professional so may be I’m wrong. But I would, probably, try to put the apple and the spinach in a small bowl and put it in front on the left side. So only a part of the bowl is visible. Or move the ingredients around somehow. Because now all your “characters” are set up on a one diagonal line. And the knife is on that line too. It kind of leads me to the apple and away from the smoothie.
      Or was it your intent?

    • Mukul

      Nice picture, Black handle of knife destructing / distracting . Concentration of our eyes goes to the handle. Half of the handle must be out of frame.

    • Mukul

      also area of upper side (frame area coverage) must be more than lower side.

    • Mukul

      sorry sharon, one more observation glass is slightly tilted towards right side.

  • Anne Livingston

    Our Romantic Snack in the Old Cabin in the Forest

    The story: We were hiking in the woods on one of our first dates, so we brought extravagant foods like fancy cheese and champagne grapes. We decided to use some wood bark we found as our tray. We came upon an old cabin and came inside and arranged our impromptu, rustic refreshment.

    (this is fiction, but I love the idea/feeling)

    I do sort of start thinking of a story as soon as I think about what I’m going to shoot. Sometimes finding a prop at Goodwill gets my mind churning about the kind of story it could be for. This was really fun!

  • Yesibeth

    Hello everyone!
    I never thought in a story before taking a picture, so this is my first time.

    A break to go ahead
    I am a mother of 2 children, and I have to say I have less time than I thought I would have when I worked in an office. From my desk, life without work seemed simple, relaxed … but now I’m living it, I have to say it is not a “piece of cake”.
    So, sometimes I need a moment to take a break from everything and be with myself, and enjoying my Avila (an important mountain in my city) … of course, with a cup of coffee … the best way taking a break before going ahead

  • Chantal Tellier

    This is my first time writting a story to photograph. The title is Eat drink and let s get reading
    My main character are the cherries . All day thinking about the assignement all I wanted to do was take a little porto and read a book. I took the cherries as a snack while waiting for supper. Here goes my picture hope you enjoy

  • This is a story about favorites—and some quite, alone time—starring the Napoleon pastry.

    • LOVE THIS! I also want some of that Napolean. Great story.

    • One of the most well done compositions I have seen in this series. Everything works seamlessly. Echoing angular lines start with the dessert itself, slightly turned in opposition to the oh so appropriate cut glass plate and vintage fork. The fork leads the eye to the dark and brooding book. The edges of the cover cross the lines of the table at a slight angle. The only organic forms are the subtle punctuations of the napkin and the oval of the classes. Just enough roundness to keep the image from being rigid. Nicely done.

      • Thank you for the very nice comment Bob! This was more challenging than other assignments. I feel I captured the concept of “main character” as well as the story. Above, I meant to say “quiet” alone time.

  • My main character is the granola, and my side actors are the scoop of peanut butter and banana slices. The story I usually try to tell with my food pictures is a little bit of detail about what actually makes up the recipe. Hence, the banana slices, the chocolate chips and the spoon full of peanut butter. Without the PB and banana slices, you’d really have no way of knowing the granola is actually Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Granola. That being said, the only story being told is the granola. You don’t know who is eating it or really even where. Interesting exercise.

  • My anniversary .. that was the name of my shoot but tomorrow god willing … the story will be about the red velvet cake with heart shapes on a white board which the recipe is written on it !

  • See, this is what I’m talking about. Turn around. Look at that. Do you see what I mean. It’s, it’s plump, it’s juicy, it’s three inches thick. Now, look at this sorry, miserable, squashed thing. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Anybody? Anybody at all.


    Day 6: Main Character: Juicy, Plump, Gardein Burger. Un-authorized character: a homemade Poster of D-Fens in the movie “Falling Down” – Shot w/ natural window light, small LED and reflector…

  • Greetings All

    The subject from my original list is beer. The story: A cool reward for a hot day of yard work.

    The main character is the refreshing quality of the cold beer after a long hot day of yard work. It is the reward for a job well done. Now you can relax and admire the fruits of your labors. After several hours of mowing, edging, planting and trimming, a cold beer and a fine cigar can make you feel like the master of all you survey.

    I do this exercise every week as part of my Friday end of the work week celebration and share the image with a select group of co workers. Each shot is planned out during the week. Sometimes it involves a holiday like 4th of July, or sometimes it is related to the pairing of a beer and cigar, or even themed on unusual names or labels of beers.

    For my image to go with today’s exercise I chose to shoot outdoors in my back yard. Elements seen in the background are a generic appearing yard implement (in this case a fertilizer spreader) a large tree trunk complete with vines and a chair. The sun is shining through the tree and giving a nice glow to the beer. I had to time it as the sunlight darted in and out of the tree limbs. It all turned out superbly. General composition emphasizes the concept: the heat of the day on the left with the warm red fertilizer spreader contrasted with the coolness of the beer in blues and the blue free of the chair and the leaves o the tree trunk.

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      I knew the story instantly without even reading your words…perfect. It’s an absolutely great photo.

      • Lorinda, I agree with you. The vintage lawnmower in the image says it all. Great job!

    • surabhi

      superb story telling through this excellent photo.

  • Ana Munoz

    From the vegetable garden

  • Ana Munoz

    Portraits of spices

  • Katriina Mueller

    I often need some sort of story for my food blog, but it’s generally for food ready to eat, not already eaten…
    Decimated is the title of this story. It’s about the chicken; the decimated hero.

  • For my story I chose Tomato Harvest for my title. I have a lot of tomatoes in my garden so harvest was a natural theme. My subject is the tomato and for the details I added a colender to hold some of the tomatoes, a pair of green gloves and a small knife. This exercise has been great, in the past I didn’t think about a story related to my images, It really helps to pull the image together. I also like the idea of the story board, using several images to tell the story. What fun!

  • For my story I chose Egg roll which I intended to show that I can pack that as a tiffin snacks for my daughter.So I kept a glass of strawberry smoothie for her breakfast. Tiffin box,her school tie and her school dress in the background.I used a Depth of field with F3.3

  • Eric

    I love to Barbecue with friends in the garden, therefore, this is the theme of my assignment.
    The title of my story is: Good food. Good friends. Good spirits.
    I couldn’t choose which photo I would upload, so I uploaded two photos. I would love to hear which one you like the best and let me know what you think of my photos.

  • Vladislava Dikan

    I never done exercise like this before and it took me much more than 15 minutes. My story about summer coffee time

  • Jens Erik Ebbesen

    Sorry I’m little late. My story is how to use tomatoes making Bruschetta and using them as starters. I wanted to bring some atmosphere into the scene and luckely we had a garden party yesterday (picture one) but I also sneaked into my little home studio and took a studio picture of the Bruschetta (picture 2).

    • Mukul

      Mouth watering…

      • Jens Erik Ebbesen

        Hi Mukul – this is the best comment you can give a food photographer. Thank you!

        • Mukul

          Send one piece if you can … lol

          • Jens Erik Ebbesen

            DHL or Airmail ? ….. Ha ha 😉

    • surabhi

      hi Jens, it is very tempting and beautiful. what camera have you used and what is the setting for this photo. how can i do this with Nikon P100.

      • Jens Erik Ebbesen

        Hi Surabhi!
        Thank you for your kind words. Actually I took the first one with my pocket camera, a Canon PowerShot G1-X which is comparable with the the Nikon you have. I always shoot RAW in order for me to be able to post-process the pictures if necessary. I did the first shot actually in Program mode (P) where the camera automatically – except from ISO and WB – picks the right aperture and shutter speed (i had guests who were not suppose to figure out that I was shooting – so I did it from my hip). The setting were: 1/640sec @ f/5.6, ISO 400, WB SUN and focal length 15.1mm (wide-angle).
        The second one I did take in my little home studio. Here I used my professional gear: a Canon 5D mkIII with a TS-E 90mm lens f/2.8 (Tilt-Shift Lens), at 0.4 sec @ f/9.0, ISO 160. I had a diffuser on the left-hand side to soften up the light, and a reflector on the right-hand side to open up the shaddows. The camera was mounted on a tripod due to the low shutter speed. WB was set to cloudy to bring a little warm cast to the scene. I had a stand to hold the spoon. This camera I always operate in manual mode (M).
        So the first shot you will be able to copy with your camera and the second one probably will require some more work and post processing.
        Hope this information will be helpful to you.
        Have a great day.

        • surabhi

          Thank you Jens for such a detail information you have given. i really appreciate it.

  • Mihaela D

    My story it’s about homemade cupcakes, with chocolate and vanilla
    sugar. The details are: sugar and chocolate.

  • surabhi

    We celebrated Rakhi festival today and tried capturing the indian festive mood through food.

    • I love the global reach of this 30 day adventure! I looked up the Rakhi festival, and from what I read it is a celebration of love and duty between brother and sister. Interestingly enough MY sister was here at the house yesterday for a small birthday celebration. I am undecided about the use of hands seen in some of the images posted over the last few days. But your second shot which shows the bracelet makes prefect sense. Maybe including just the bracelet in the first shot would have worked as well.

      • surabhi

        Thanks Bob . I was not so sure to put this photo up. i have just started my blog (www.curryncoriander.blogspot.com.au) last year and i am in the process of learning food photography. presently, i am using Nikon P100.

        • I took a quick tour around your blog, NICE! I love any website that has my name as part of it. I’m a Nikon shooter myself, P100 a nice piece of gear. This class is a great way to explore food photography and I honored to be a part of this gathering of great image makers.

          • surabhi

            thanks Bob for taking out your time and visiting my blog. any suggestions are most welcome.

  • Rosemary

    To tell the truth this was an easier assignment for me, since it is summer and I live in Italy, with the amazing vegetable garden we have, I have an over abundance of tomatoes. In the summer, in my house this is practically an everyday staple, crusty Italian bread, with tomatoes, fresh basil, salt and olive oil. Nothing better than that!

  • Guest

    I have never done such an exercise before (I used to just place the objects, find nice props and see what worked best, I usually went for one item, or another in the background, but as I live alone, the story is usually “dinner for one” which I don’t want to convey) and I find it very difficult to be honest. But here goes:

    Title: Blackberry Picking in the Forest. The main character are the blackberries. The details are the bucket (I don’t like the bit of fabric on it but this shot was better than those without the fabric showing) and the forest floor objects. I decided not to add greenery to the back as I wanted to keep the shot dark, with an autumn feeling instead of summer.

  • I have never done such an exercise before (I used to just place the objects, find nice props and see what worked best, I usually went for one item, or another in the background, but as I live alone, the story is usually “dinner for one” which I don’t want to convey) and I find it very difficult to be honest. But here goes nothing:

    Title: Blackberry Picking in the Forest. The main character are the blackberries. The details are the bucket (I don’t like the bit of fabric on it but this shot was better than those without the fabric showing) and the forest floor objects. I decided not to add greenery to the back as I wanted to keep the shot dark, with an autumn feeling instead of summer.

  • Misky

    My story is titled “Ugly Turns Gorgeous – Organic”, and I used homegrown heritage tomatoes with a background of herbs. These are from my garden.

  • Lili Basic Capaccetti

    This assignment was very helpful as it made me realize that I should do more story telling through my photos. I do it sometimes, specially when I shoot breakfast but would be nice to do it more often. The title of my story is ” Relaxing summer afternoon” where I sit on the balcony, eat cherries and watch beautiful photography book with Ansel Adams images.

    • Anna Shilonosova

      I really love the way you used a book here. Now I’m thinking I should’ve thought about it in my photo 🙂
      And the photo is really relaxing!

      • Lili Basic Capaccetti

        Thank you, so glad you like it! 🙂

    • I love this shot. Really cool idea.
      That photo by Ansel Adams looks just like a view from Hungry Horse of The Yellow Head River in Montana.

      • Lili Basic Capaccetti

        Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Katharina

      Beautiful. I really like this simlpe uncluttered look and your clever use of colour.

      • Lili Basic Capaccetti

        Thank you, I’m glad you like it! 🙂

  • Anna Shilonosova

    Hey there,
    I’m late again, but I’ve done it 🙂

    I’ve done this before at work, but not as thoroughly, I guess. Once I had to shoot sandpaper and the idea was to make photos for advertisements and for magazine prints. So, I was surrounded with plenty of sandpaper of different color and texture and had quite some time to think on the message I’d like to send through my photos. Eventually, I came up with several basic ideas which led to shooting a set of photos (a photo of all kinds of sandpaper to demonstrate the variety, a couple of close-ups to show textures and compare them and some art-like photos just for fun and in case the customer needs something unusual), and it had all worked out allright!

    Today my goal was to make a photo about a light summer lunch for a person on vacation or having a day off. This isn’t exactly broth, this is Gaspacho, but it still is a soup, and it fits my subject, I guess. I noticed that I’ve spent almost a day thinking about the picture and what it would tell the viewer, and when it came to shooting it, I managed to do it in, like, 15 minutes! I like that 🙂

    • Lili Basic Capaccetti

      I like your photo as well! It’s nice and bright and gives a lovely summer mood. Would just like to see a little bit more of that beautiful soup colour so maybe just a slightly higher angle. 🙂

      • Anna Shilonosova

        Thank you!
        Yes, I agree about the soup, this is one thing I didn’t manage to make better, although I’ve tried a higher angle and didn’t like what I saw. I guess it’s a challenge fot the near future for me! 🙂

        • Lili Basic Capaccetti

          It’s still a lovely image!

  • Elina Belova

    ‘Travelling nectarines’.
    My apologize for being late with assignments. I spent the weekend travelling around countryside. For this assignment it wasn’t hard to find a story. The bus station, two backpacks and two nectarines. I hope this photo will remind me the adventurous mood when I will be back at work.

    • When Is aw the picture, I know that this story evokes travel. I love it.

      • Elina Belova

        Thank you Shobee! I appreciate your comment.

  • Guest

    My subject in this picture is “Black Gram Curry” and my story “Indian Brunch”, yes story always forms an important part of my pictures, before start clicking I always give 2 – 3 minute thought about what story a picture is going to depict. In my picture below I have tried to depict humble Indian meal brunch table but the subject dish is “Black Gram Curry”

  • Hina

    My subject in this picture is “Black Gram Curry” and my story “Indian Brunch”, yes story always forms an important part of my pictures, before start clicking I always give 2 – 3 minute thought about what story a picture is going to depict. In my picture below I have tried to depict humble Indian meal brunch table but the subject dish is “Black Gram Curry” as I chose Indian Curries oe of my topics in Day 2 lesson

    • Mukul

      Nice photo – light from the left good effect on roti – but your main subject is “Black Gram Curry” Fill light is necessary cording to me lets see what expert say.

  • Sawsan Abu Farha

    Here is my assignment.
    I usually try to convey a story in my images.In this image I tried to make you feel like someone preparing for a picnic, the ingredients of the sandwiches and the red and white kitchen towel and the bright light. I hope I succeeded in getting the idea through

  • This was really challenging. In my picture, the main character is the cucumber and the supporting characters are the other ingrdients surrounding it. I showed the knife to tell a story of making a salad.

    • Lia Badicu

      It really looks like you were just making the salad, put the knife down, snapped a photo and returned to making the salad

  • Just wanted the picture to talk about the produkt. Telling the viewer about the tasty apple pieces and the nuts in the mix.

  • Guys, your photos are all beautiful. I just cannot comment in all of them, or else, I will just be spamming the comment section. Have a happy MOnday, everyone.

  • I have 4 nieces and nephews visiting for the summer and preparing fun foods like chilli dog is a favorite. They can eat and get back to play in a jiffy before long I’m thinking of what’s next to prepare for them, maybe mac & cheese, sphaghetti of fries. Summer is fun!

  • Guest

    enjoy my favorite and have a nice start next week

  • neetes

    enjoy my favorite and have a nice start next week =)

    • Mukul

      Beautiful Prop Pink border & soft light.

      • neetes

        thank you

  • Okay. I haven’t done a photo yet as I have been editing images from 3 engagement shoots this week, busy busy busy, but I will catch up tomorrow.
    My Title for the story is “After Dinner”
    The main character is the experience of the evening.
    The occasion is a gathering of friends, 2 couples who have been friends for years and they are getting together after a long time apart.
    Dinner has been served and eaten and the friends are sitting around chatting and relaxing as cheese and biscuits are served with a nice bottle of red wine.
    So that’s the story, now all I have to do is make the photo !!!!!

  • lydiaf1963

    I absolutely loved this assignment. The story is “taking a break”. A woman is enjoying a nice cup of tea with a couple breakfast bars (she made from my recipe, of course 😉 ) and a few apple slices. She takes time during her break to read for a little while. I think this photo tells the story the best.

  • “How to make a squash omelette.” I hope the image details thell the story! https://www.flickr.com/photos/vintagedesignsmith/14880188715/

  • Gory James

    Because I’am in my late twenties, I thought of a group of young adults going to a vintage and eclectic spice shop, which has this warm and cool spice display.

  • I tried uploading a photo, but even with carefully following the directions, the link is broken. I will try again later but I wanted to get this assignment done and keep moving.
    My daughter is away for two years in Europe. My story is about sharing a plate of nachos with her and watching Disney movies just like we did when she was little.

  • Sanja Manasijević

    My story was about my daughter eating breakfast. Not bad story, but the realization is not so good.

  • Shyamal Majmundar

    Subject : Milk and bananas
    Title of the story : healthy regular diet
    Main character of the story : Food (Milk and bananas)
    details : A person in his regular morning breakfast diet he most includes the milk and bananas as healthy diet food.

  • Sorry for the delay, I was out for the weekend so will be completing assignments 6,7,8 now. This assignment sounds deceptively simple! I had such a tough time with it, I feel this assignment should have been given more time than just 15 min 🙂
    I have previously never thought about the story I wanted to convey. So this is new for me. Here it goes:–
    It is early morning and I’m getting ready for my morning workout. The trail mix, water and my fitbit are the main props to convey that!

  • Guest

    Romantic evening, main character is the rose lassi and the ambiance of romance thru it.

  • Isabel

    sorry for the delay.
    Subject: Beans
    Title of the story: Shelling beans
    Main character of the story : Red beans
    Details: Memories of shelling beans, in the kitchen table, with my mother.

  • Sonja

    Like many, I’ve never done an exercise like this before. I think I have unofficially tried to do this without knowing that I was doing it. Once I got into food photography, I have tried to have my pictures look inviting and delectable. The subject is the apples. The main character is my daughter, unseen, who just helped me pick the apples for some sauce. This is a great exercise and has totally changed my food photo paradigm.

    • Sonja

      Here is my pic that wouldn’t upload the first time.

    • Sonja

      Here is try 3

      • Sonja

        Try 4 with success!?!

  • I am a bit behind for this assignment, weekends are hard for me, to get on the computer. I actually just did a blog post for my grandfather. I did his soup asopao a Puerto Rican soup. I tried to re-create his soup off a memory and the help of what my mom remembered. It actually came out pretty good. 🙂 So in my article I tell the story about the soup and how I spent time with my grandfather and it reminds me so much of him. So I guess my main character is really my grandfather and the asopao.

  • Quiet Earl Grey and Toast at Home.
    The main character is of course the tea, but not the mug of tea.. rather, the tea bag. I felt more strongly about this selection than the other shots I took that focused on the actual cup of tea. It, to me, felt more homey than simply a cup and saucer of Earl Grey, which could happen anywhere. It also feels a bit lazy, which is the intention of the scene. I wanted it to feel like a cup of tea before (or during) work, early in the morning, alone. It reminds me of making a cup of tea to bring to my desk, leaving the tea tab on the saucer after it’s been steeped, throwing it away when I take a little break.

    I’ve gone through this approach before for many of my shoots, like in this shot of matcha granola. I wanted the light to seem cool and early, a solitary breakfast, not too formal or tidy

    • Sarah Linden

      Love the movement you captured here with the milk.

    • These are brilliant. I REALLY dig the idea of the tea bag on the saucer being the main subject – It almost uses the accessory to what you would think would be the main subject to tell a story about the tea that you wouldn’t normally see. I love the thought process there. I also really like the contrast in the picture with the dark background and the crisp, white plate. Lovely!

  • Maria Natali Malkan

    Theme : Yummy Healthy breakfast
    The main character : the idea of serving healthy breakfast to your family. Serving simple fresh ingredients in simple cooking procedure. In this picture the character showed by steamed potato, pumpkin and corn. Other element are schreded cheese and garlic sauce.
    I guess this is a crowded food photography composition. Well, actually this was taken from my family breakfast scne, which always have a lot of things scatering arround the table. To stay focused on the object, I tried to create the deepth of field between the main object at the foreground and the crowded things around at the background.
    In my opinion, making pictures is telling a story. When I making a food photograph, I always asked what the story I want to share through the picture. Photoshoot information: Canon G5, available light, macro shoot.

  • Sarah Linden

    Story title: Morning Coffee with Family

    Main character: The experience of sharing coffee with familiar people

    The details: My mom and sister are visiting for the weekend. We spent the previous day shopping and buzzing around town, and this morning (Sunday) we decide to relax, sharing great coffee over even better conversation. We aren’t in a hurry. We’re at ease and slow-paced today, soaking in the rare moment that we’re all in the same room.

    I know coffee is an overly done subject, but my inspiration for this story was this same experience that took place over the weekend. I wanted to use the coffee and the morning light to retell how I felt Sunday morning when my mom, sister, and I shared coffee and lazed around. I rarely give this much thought into the food photos I take. This is a challenging exercise for sure, but I like this assignment because it’s pulling me out of my comfort zone.

    When editing, I wished I had removed the moisture that built up at the top of the glass mug from steam. I also wish I had pastries or some other food to enhance the experience I’m trying to communicate. Anyway, I’d love your feedback!

    • Sarah Linden

      Oh, and here’s another version of the same photo but at a slightly different angle. Which one do you prefer?

      • Guest

        Hmm let me try attaching again…

    • John Vaillancourt

      I think I prefer the original shot. It’s as though I’m approaching the table an seeing the French press and mugs set out by the host. I like the lines on the table cast by the blinds and the brilliant sunlight coming in. You’ve captured the feeling of a comfortable, pleasant morning.

      • Sarah Linden

        Thanks, John! I appreciate your comments.

    • Mukul

      I see all 4 photos – i like this because light from back side make the thing over exposed so no need to use shallow DOF. long shadow help early morning effect, slightly harder shadow. May be using reflector from front will help.

    • The direct sunlight that was allowed into this photo (Not diffused) gives it a really cool feeling of reality. I really appreciate that you didn’t let the direct sunlight over-power how beautiful coffee with cream in it looks. The somewhat blown-out background is a cool touch as well…it allows the audience to fill in the details I think. Great job Sarah!


    TITLE: Beautiful summer mornings for breakfast

    THE MAIN CHARACTER: A summer lighted atmosphere coming through the window while having breafast.

    DETAILS: There is just one person and one window with gorgeous light coming through filling the table and making a nice breakfast of orange juice, toasts and some marmalade be really comfortable and full of energy.

    I’ve done this kind of exercise before. Food is not just about taste, garnishes, it is also about atmosphere, day time and how people is going to enjoy it.

    1) So I first normally think at what time the dish is going to be taken. The answer will be important and will determine it how much light I will need.

    2) Which kind of dish it is: every days meal or a dish just for special occasions. This answer will be important in order to chose the props and how to present the final dish.

  • Patty Hultquist

    Subject: Jalapeno Poppers
    Title: Sunday Funday with munchies needed using jalapenos fresh from the garden.
    The main character is the jalapeno poppers but of course we need to swig them down with a couple of beers.

    I have never tried to tell a story so it was a new experience for me and made me think of every detail completely differently like using playful plating and adding in the beers. This exercise definitely helps to really think through what goes into the photo.

  • Subject: Gelatin

    GELATIN summer

    Main Character: Experience of enjoy and refresh yourself with a gelatin with fruit in summer

    Thinking about the details, the gelatin could be of red fruits with some fresh leaves, to bring freshness and to create contrast, this should be on a table of natural wood. As a natural background and sunny setting.

    Had never really done a job like this, usually when I think of a photograph just thought in the composition, taking into account only shapes, colors, textures, etc., ie, only the visual, I believe that is activity helped me to broaden my horizon relation to these issues

  • John Vaillancourt

    I’ve never done an exercise like this before. I’ve never thought so much about how I want my photo to look aside from composition elements, depth of field, etc. I’ve never tried to convey a mood or an emotion with a photo, so this is all interesting to me!

    I took a photo entitled, “Dessert and harmony with friends and family.” The main character is the dining room table set out with a torte on a cake stand with a few slices removed, slices of cake on visually interesting but not scene-stealing small plates, flatware, and cups filled with black coffee. The time of day is in the early evening, preferably in the fall when the sun is low in the sky and lots of golden sunlight fills the room. Three to four non-formal place settings are set out in a way that leads the eye throughout the photo. A feeling of comfort and camaraderie sits with the attendees (not actually pictured) and the viewer.

  • Bowman

    Title: Luncheon: cold soup on a hot day. It is over 100 degrees where I live so a cold light lunch is perfect. I could not choose between the two shots. There is more of a story with the first shot but I like the coolness of the close up.

  • Karen Hall Sarraga

    Tiltle: Preparing eggs for breakfast
    Main Character: breakfast preparation in progress in the kitchen
    Details: the ingredients are ready to prepare breakfast for the family. Abundant eggs, chopped green onions and shredded cheese along with some ham too. A frying pan and other utensils are in the scene with additional breakfast items in the background, orange juice, coffee mugs and stacked plates with napkins and silverware.

    This is my first time detailing out a scene and I like how it helps me pull my thoughts together to set the mood. Prior to this I would have a vague idea and pull together props on the fly to create the story letting it build in front of me as I grabbed various plates, linens, etc.

  • I’m late for chapter 6 assignment, as I was travelling over the weekend.
    Here’s my story, I’m at home getting ready to cook my lunch. It’s going to be Indian Lentils Curry, so i wanted to show the ingredients spices and lentils used to make the curry and we normally cook the curry in a deep bottomed iron pan called ‘kadai’. I used 2 angels for my photos.
    So my story is very simple, getting the prep done to cook lunch.

    • Anibalismo

      are those coconuts? nice composition!

      • Thank you Anibalismo. Yes, those are made of coconut shells 🙂

  • Somehow my photo couldn’t get uploaded

  • Chosen as a focus sweet.
    Actually the photos would be for selling candy to bits, sweet sandwiches and whole cakes.
    Well, I’ll post one of my favorite pictures to read reviews about it.

  • 1) What is the subject? the dish: Salted steamed chicken
    2) Who or what is the main character? The main character is the dish itself

    This is a dish that I cook for dinner today. This dish called salted steamed chicken, which is very famous in Asia. There are only two people who are eating dinner, me and my husband.
    I have done exercise like this before. I always make a sketch (also the story) for every food photograph I will shoot and make a note for every props I will use.
    Comments are very welcome 🙂

  • Kathy Hester

    I have never done anything like this before. I’ve always just thought about the food in front of me with maybe a few details to use to choose props.

    Title: Toast for One
    Main Characters: The person getting ready to eat and the toast.
    Details: A calm start to the day with a simple, almost meditative, breakfast.

  • Lynn Pennington

    Lesson 6…
    Subject: Figs
    Title of the story: Summers in the Country
    Details: Memories of picking and making fig jam with my family

    • Lynn, I know I’m super far behind, and I’m not sure if you will see this, but this photograph is seriously compelling. It is absolutely incredible. I want to star at it forever. Seriously. Well done!

    • Meghan

      This photo is amazing. Nice shot!

  • Elana

    I’ve never done this kind of deliberate story telling before. The most I’ve ever thought about it was putting out two servings of something to indicate sharing it. Anyway, here it goes…

    Title: A moment of calm in the morning
    Subject: Breakfast – toast and coffee
    Main character: Me/the person behind the camera
    Details: It’s all about taking a moment to yourself before the day starts. It’s a moment to reflect and prepare and enjoy sipping your coffee before all the worries of the day set in. This is how I like to start my days, looking out over the city with a cup of coffee and whatever I’m eating that day. It’s just a few moments before the rest of the world butts in, so the image in my mind is calming and comforting. It’s the deep breath before you dive into the deep end.

  • Mukul

    Tittle – “Food & Festival – Rakhi” also known as Raksha Bandhan – Main subject RAKHI & DIYA.
    Rakhi = main prop made from thread & some other object (like friendship belt)
    Diya = like lamp,candle
    Raksha = to protect
    Bandhan = to tie.
    Rakhi what sister is going to tie on brothers wrist – story of family mainly brothers & sisters

    I never done this type of exercise, actually i don’t know the word “Food Styling”
    Normally i do table top for product. So i think about purpose of product – purpose of photography
    Using photo for web or printing or making browser.
    One day my customer ask me to put some appropriate food, props with product.
    (u know by adding props u can give idea of actually size of product)
    Big ? mark, how to charge him.

    So i go to goolge search & click on Addrew scrivani image & i find this blog.
    Thanks to Neel for sharing knowledge. lets start shooting, challenging job…….

  • Title – Dinner at the table on a Tuesday night
    Main Character – the placesetting at the dining room table
    Shot through the slats of my dining room chair. My son doesn’t like it, but I do. Yesterday it was about this plate of leftovers. Today it’s about the idea of dining at the table.

  • Stephanie Elie

    Title- Family Dinner Sushi Night
    Main Character – The different types of sushi
    Shot from above, but dinner is already over. A few select pieces of sushi is left, a few pieces of rice have fallen on the table and some of the eel sauce has dripped onto the placement. The chopsticks are sporadically placed since they been used. A sign of a successful and much appreciated family dinner. The lighting is dim and warm.

    Sushi night is on Thursdays at our house so I do plan on trying to capture this during our next sushi session.

  • Summer fun and enjoying the fruits of the season!

  • Summer fun – enjoying the fruits of the season. Still trying to catch up!

  • Frode Breimo

    Subject : Spices
    Title: A trip to an exotic spice market
    Main char: The spices
    Story details: Exploring the many shapes, colors and smells of a spice market

    I have never done anything like this before. Previously I just snapped a picture of whatever setup I thought looked OK. I would think about from which side or angle the food item would look best (I do mostly cakes and pastries, so my main concern was to have the most perfect side facing the camera, hiding imperfections in the fondant, crust or decorations). There was never a conscious story behind the pictures.

    • I like the organized and structured composition in this photo – it really takes full advantage of an overhead shot.

  • Karen Schmautz

    Subject: Farmers Market Discoveries
    Title: Home from the Farmers Market
    Main Character: Fresh Food
    Details: Making the food look fresh and vibrant

  • Subject – Jam
    Title – Homemade jam for breakfast
    Main character – Pride of using homemade jam to make a multigrain bread jam sandwich
    Details – Trying out a breakfast preparation using bread, jam and other stuff related to it.
    I made this jam a few days back. This was a perfect time to take a picture of it by spreading it on bread.

  • Sreedevi Mavila

    Subject: Spices
    Title: The many flavors & textures of spices
    Main Char: Flavors & Textures
    Details: Celebrating the different textures & flavors that spices bring to a dish
    I’ve never done this kind of exercise before and this was a challenging albeit interesting one for me. I generally just place my subject in a well-lit place and click in many different positions and angles and hope for a good picture! I’ve never thought of anything apart from light and different angles.

  • Sreedevi Mavila

    Here’s the pic I took trying to keep my story in mind. This is for Lesson 6. Still playing catch-up!

  • Anibalismo

    Subject: Fish
    Title: Family day…
    Main character: salmon and sisters hands
    Details: this one is about a sunday with my family. We made a simple lunch and I wanted to capture just that.

  • Thiago Cardoso

    I’ve never done this kind of exercise yet. I didn’t make and conscious decisions regarding photography, however you could imagine some scenes and figure out what kind of objects I need to add.

    1) Subject: Organic carrot
    2) Main character: The preparing of the carrot cake
    3) It’s a cake for the weekend prepared with a family receipt. The care with the details makes the difference.

  • Ok, Jalapenos weren’t on my original subject list, but I thought they would go well with the story idea. My boyfriend and I made Jalapeno poppers to go along with our BBQ and they were awesome!
    1.) Subject: Jalapeno Poppers – action shot!
    2.) Main Character: Jalapeno
    3.) Details: I wanted this picture to show the action of coring the Jalapeno to make the dish. Therefore the supporting details were the coring knife and my hands. I chose these details in order to focus all the attention on the action of coring and the Jalapeno. I did this intentionally because I wanted to encourage the viewer to participate in the action with me by filling in the details of what they are going to stuff the Jalapeno with on their own.

    I have never done an exercise like this before, and I think you can tell from my photos. They were cluttered, unrelated and confusing. I picked props just because I thought they looked “OK” at the time, or at of desperation to fill in empty spaces in the frame. What a big help this exercise is!

  • Peter Block

    After reading this, what should be simple post, I realize that I really do not think ahead about my story. I am all about the food. I make and blog about what I want to cook. some of the story will come from where my head was at at the time I made my dish and some will come when I get to writing the blog post which could be a good 2 weeks after the recipe and pics. My day 2 pics were shooting strawberries and blueberries. I picked those items because I could contrast the colors and easily repeat set up when required. 1)Subject: Strawberries & blueberries 2)Fresh Fruit 3)I wanted to show the vibrancy, color and texture of the fruit. I did not think about those characteristics before shooting but clearly that was my intuition.

  • Mukul Desai

    Tittle – “Food & Festival – Rakhi” also known as Raksha Bandhan – Main subject RAKHI & DIYA.
    Rakhi = main prop made from thread & some other object (like friendship belt)
    Diya = like lamp,candle
    Raksha = to protect
    Bandhan = to tie.
    Rakhi what sister is going to tie on brothers wrist – story of family mainly brothers & sisters

    I never done this type of exercise.

  • shef

    Playing catchup:
    I have not done an exercise like this before.
    i made decisions before by just shooting a ton of photos at different angles
    Subject/Title: A lingering Texas summer=strawberry milkshakes for an after school treat!
    Main character + details: the milkshakes, with bright summer straws, next to 2 kids doing homework at the kitchen table.

  • Title: My summer breakfast on holidays
    Subject: cake and almond milk
    Main Character: my breakfast
    Details: My breakfast on summer is delicious…so relaxed and peaceful! 🙂

    – It isn’t the first time that I do this exercise, but it’s always so interesting!

  • Catharina Linkenbach

    …someone made a mess… the subject is the pomegranate, but we can’t actually see the main character, who cut the juicy fruit and walked away from the table for a bit.
    I’ve never done this kind of exercise, I guess I just wanted my pictures to look good. storytelling is so much more fun!! (although quite hard, too, I’ve not been entirely happy with the yield today. meh.)
    have a nice weekend everyone xo

  • karthika krishnan

    I decided to shoot an indian curry. Usually before i start clicking photos, i used to think about how to present it and add elements to the frame depicting a scene.

    In this case,I chose Indian curry. My topic is A delicious creamy curry.

    Having decided that,i want to highlight the curry and also bring out the elements of it. It goes well with indian bread, hence i added indian bread in a plate and kept it near to the bowl of curry.

    I also kept a glass of water. I additionally kept garnishes like onions rings, corianders which depicts a lunch scene at Indian households.

    This is how i decide before clicking a photo

  • Linda Joyce

    I usually don’t think about a story before I go out to take photos. I might choose a place, and then head out to see what I can find. Sometimes, depending on the weather, I might go out to photograph the weather itself. It might be snow, maybe fog. And what I find becomes the story. Sometimes the story is simply beauty in nature, or if it’s an environmental portrait, a story about a person, shown in a photograph, doing what they love to do. Food photography is new to me, so is this exercise, and a story about food is a lot harder to create.
    My subject for this exercise is my meal replacement. The main character, a healthy shake. In the details would be how the shake was made (in a blender), with an added espresso coffee powder. The straw shows a way of drinking it.

  • Marina Skår

    a) I always have a story in my head but before I never wrote this on the paper.
    b) The subject is the cup of tea, the main character – perfect evening for person who likes to read, details are blanket, glasses, slippers.

  • The subjext is: using the abundant produce from our garden to create a pizza
    Although the end product https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5bfa9b5de287ac14c1302610bac84df344f1613b13517e57c0e2c8acd7c820e2.jpg is the pizza the main characters are the herbs and vegetables. I included a knife but think that it would have been better to show hands chopping to show that the herbs needed to be chopped. I also regret not using a chopping board as one of the props.

  • Margaret Wendell

    VIP student:
    5a. I have to confess that trying to tell a story through my food photo had not crossed my mind. This is the most difficult assignment yet.
    5b. My subject is “memories of childhood: eating fish on Fridays”. The main character is memory or experience but the secondary character is the fish. The details are in the simplicity, family, and tradition.
    6. photo will be in the Facebook lesson album

  • Ingunn Løvik

    VIP student:
    This was a new thing to me. As I take pictures of the dairy products for the familys cheese business it has always been about showing the cheese, ie the main character is always the food.
    So, i tried to make a story. The subject is “a little boy’s breakfast”. The main character is the mess that a little boy eating cereals and yogurt makes. The details are yogurt, cereals, spoon, tablecloth, a cup, a toy car.
    Photo will be in the Facebook lesson album

  • Anna Zazdravnaya

    I did this very seldom – think over the whole story. Usually I made photos without story.But when I did, first I choose the main character, then story and filling.
    For now my subject is tea cup and title is breakfast for two. Details are the sandwiches, cup of coffee, table, tea pot and chairs, one of them is covered with woman kerchief. Also there are 2 sandwiches for man and one for woman, he drinks coffee and she drinks tee.

  • Gerardo Robles Gil

    This is the first time that I Think about a story to make a picture, this first story is very simple, the title is the afternoon cofee, initially the main subject was the cookie, but I felt that the story wasn’t complete, so I changed the main subject to the coffee cup,still something was missing. I think by pouring the coffee the story was complete, the picture is in the FB page

  • Susan David

    I’ve done something similar when doing more lifestyle type photography. I wanted to focus on enjoying time with yourself by reading a good book and having a warm cup of tea. The soft light is to portray a rainy day in the city as one enjoys that book and tea. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd167f1e7864bfcdf5200a03b65dd5afd4e67bef5b584eb456c553f2eb0c4c39.jpg

  • Sara Gennari

    I never thought about a story in my pictures, and when I tried, I could not convey anything. My photos are always taken thinking of showing only the main subject, without giving him a story.
    The subject I have chosen is a cup of milk, the main character is a family breakfast, with cups, jam, representing the time for breakfast together.

  • Jo Clark

    I’m starving – I need a fast, healthy snack!

    I’ve never done an exercise exactly like this before, but my thoughts run in this direction – I try to put items together so that they all
    come together to tell a story. (I probably did a better job of this on Lesson 5!)

    The subject – a mid-day snack

    The main character – a pepper

    The details – a pepper is turned into a healthy snack with a serving of hummus

  • Alan Sharp

    This one was certainly a hard one. I have never thought about a story before when photographing food, it was more composition and just going with the rule of thirds and pretty much hoping I get the right shot.
    A healthy evening meal for my wife. The main character is pumpkin. I minimal props, as I could not decide what suited the photo and story the best without taking away from the main subject