Lesson 28 – Preparing for Amazing Food Photos

30 Day Food Photos Day28

How was this week for you?

This week we talked about preparation. We discussed how to further explore your food story even before getting to the scene. Before even bringing the food out and picking the camera, you started planning your photographs.

We discussed how to create a list of photos to shoot. We talked about visualizing the shot on paper and then focusing on the story. We also how to stay away from things that distract your food story

With all these lessons, now you know that for your next food story, you don’t have to wait for all stars to line up and all things to be perfect. We also discussed how to leverage the situation when you can’t take a photograph and not forget that concept. And then we’ve started moving towards understanding beautiful photography.

This past week, we’ve discussed many lessons that will help you to significantly reduce the time required to photograph food. Let’s look at what we talked about this past week – 

Day 22 – Create a Shotlist

Day 23 – Sketch Your Story

Day 24 – Create a NOT To Shoot List

Day 25 – Take a Photo and Add Copy

Day 26 – Take Bad Food Photos

Day 27 – Start Deconstructing Food Photos

And now we are only two days away from the last day of the challenge.

Next week, after 30 days of this challenge are over, have you thought about how you will continue to learn food photography? If you haven’t thought about it, how about redoing this challenge on your own, at your own pace again?

Now that you know these lessons, you should challenge yourself again, with different subjects.

This week’s assignment will help you evaluate your progress and share your challenges.

Today's Assignment

Task 1 – Progress Update

Start this assignment by updating your progress. Tell us how this week was and what you did and did not do.

To start your own progress update, go to this link.

Task 2 – Weekly Discussion

Just like last week, this week again, we have a topic for discussion. The goal of weekly discussion is to help you learn from your fellow participants.

In the comments below, share your thoughts about this week’s topic – What surprised you from this week's lessons? Be as detailed as possible.

Task 3 – Your Photo of The Week

This past week I am sure you’ve taken lot of photos. The last task this week is to upload your best food photo from this past week in this facebook album.

  • I’ve never sketched the scene ahead of time and I found this very helpful. Also focusing on things to exclude really helped me see how each element in the photo can either add to or detract from the story.

  • The whole planning process this week is something I am not a stranger to. I try to plan lots of things in my world, but as they say “Man plans, God Laughs”. It was refreshing to have a step by step guide through through the process to really cement each step before going on to the next. Plenty of time to reflect and then move on.

  • I found that planning is a challenge to follow. I had trouble sticking to my sketch.

  • Sonja

    I guess I do a lot of thinking in my head without putting it down on paper. Taking a picture is like putting ideas down on paper, so I didn’t like to sketch, but I think it’s a good mental exercise to perform.

  • Catharina Linkenbach

    this week I tried to keep up which I managed just about… we are making truffles and other sweet praline stuff in school for the moment, so I try and capture them in their best light…