Lesson 27 – Start Deconstructing Food Photos

30 Day Food Photos Day27

In last four weeks, we’ve discussed several food photography topics.

Remember Day 1, that’s when you looked at some great food photographers and tried to discover your feelings about their food photos? Do you remember how that exercise was for you?

You were perhaps overwhelmed? Or maybe not sure what to look at?

In today’s post, we will discuss how to feed your brain and start reading the photograph.

Feeding your brain on a regular basis is important. Studying great food photo helps you learn several aspects of it in one photo. I’m sure you flip through magazines to view food photos regularly, or browse through Pinterest or Flickr or follow a blog.

As you look at food photographs the goal should not be to just flip the pages and think “yummy”. I hope in last four weeks after discussing several aspects that make a food photo beautiful, you are able to read these photos in a more detailed way than just saying “yummy”.

Today we’ll start to read photography. So what does reading the photo mean? Reading the photo helps you understand the decisions that photographer has made while creating the photo. How do you go about actually reading a food photo?

When you are starting to read the photo, make sure there are some questions that are on the back of your mind. So let’s start with the questions. Take a look at the list of questions below. Not all questions will apply to everyone and rather than explaining this, let’s take a look at 10 questions. This should give you a good start:

  1. What is appealing about this photograph?
  2. Who is the main character of the story?
  3. What do you think is the story?
  4. Can you identify the direction of light source?
  5. What props do you see in the photo?
  6. What can you tell about harmony of the photo and its balance?
  7. How is the space used?
  8. Can you identify the camera angle and where was camera relative to the food?
  9. How is the background?
  10. What can you say about the location of the food photo?

These are some questions that you can ask when trying to read the photo. Using these answers you should be able to develop a good understanding of how the photo changes when any one element of photo changes.

Will you always have all the answers? No. There will be days when answering one question is difficult than others.

Remember the great food photographers from your exercise on Day 1 with? Here they are once again:

Today again, we will visit their portfolio and deconstruct one of their photos.

Let’s start the assignment.

Today’s Assignment

Estimated Time Required – Less than 30 mins

Read all the steps before getting started -

Step 1 – Pick two photographers from the list above and visit their portfolio.

Step 2 – Pick just one photo you like from each photographer

Step 3 – Share which two photographers you picked in the Facebook group.

Step 4 – Share you results. Share the deconstruction process you followed. What were your observations?

Step 5 – Now pick two more photos from photographers that you selected. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

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