Lesson 20 – Assemble Your Minimal Food Styling Kit

Today's lesson is pretty straight forward..So there is no video today.

30 Day Food Photos Day20

Better food photos require better food styling. Today we talk about tools that are required for food styling kit.

If you are a food blogger or food photographer who would like to pursue food styling more seriously, getting acquainted with the tools and practicing how to use these tools becomes very important.

The better you can use these tools, the easier food styling will be for you which will lead to better food photos.

You don’t need a gazillion tools in your toolbox, at least not when you are starting and majority of time. You can get started with a very simple kit that you can assemble right now.

Let’s look at the minimal food styling kit.

Essential Tools for Your Food Styling Kit

  1. Tweezers – Use this tool for picking up really small items and placing them. There are many many types of tweezers. Here are some of them. Broad and flat tweezers are good for soft food. Tweezers with very sharp tip are good for  very fine items. But as you are starting, don’t worry too much about the type of tweezers etc. Use what is available. If you use tweezers for other purposes, using same for food is not a good idea. In that case, buy them. They are very very cheap.
  2. Cotton Swabs – Known by many different names like earbuds, Q-tips and cotton buds, these are used to clean small spots on the plate or dish. You can also use them to push food or wipe the plate for removing liquid.
  3. Paper Towel - For whole bunch of different uses.
  4. Squeeze Bottles – Using sauces in plating your food? Squeeze bottles made out of plastic are a good tool in your kit that gives you great control on sauces, syrups and other paste-like ingredient. Here’s what the mini version look like.
  5. Brushes – Some foods look better when they are brushed with just a little bit of cooking oil when appropriate. Brushes can be used to do that. Water is sometime also brushed on certain foods if they become very dry.

Other Common Food Styling Tools in the Kit

There are items that you can have in your kit. These items are good to have, but in my experience I have used the above 5 items almost 90% of the time.

  1. Skewers
  2. Scissor
  3. Straws
  4. Toothpicks
  5. Spritzers
  6. Cutting Board
  7. Twines
  8. Syringes

So now you are wondering, with a lesson like this, what could today’s assignment look like. Well, lets find out.

Today’s Assignment

Today’s exercise is very simple.

Estimated time: Less than 30 mins

Step 1 – This assignment is not about your subject or your dish. Today you have to find tools that already exist at your home that can be used for food. Hunt in your home and gather what’s available.

Step 2  – Arrange the food styling tools that you have gathered.

Step 3 – Take a photograph of your new food styling kit.

Step 4 -  In the comments below, tell us what food styling tools did you find at home. What tools did you order or want to order?

Step 5 – Upload the best photo/s on Lesson 19 Album on the new Facebook Group. If you are not a member of the facebook group, you will not be able to view the album. Request access from the FB Group page.

  • Misky

    My tools, although I still need to find some more (spritzer, white board, plastic squeezy bottle)