Lesson 2 – Identify Your Subjects

Day 2 - Free Food Photography Course

Day 2 - Have Your Decided This?

Yesterday, you spent some time studying photos of some outstanding food photographers.

Today, as a next step, you will use what you learned yesterday to make decisions and define goals for your food photography.

As part of yesterday’s exercise, you looked at many food photos. Did you notice how different those photos were? Did you see the difference between styles of the two food photographers?

Today we start talking about your photography. You will slowly and deliberately start giving your photography its own shape.

Today’s task is to decide what subjects you want to shoot for this 30 Day course. Once you have chosen these subjects, next step is to decide what do you want to communicate about the subject.

Why Do This?

So you are probably wondering why are we doing this step? What does having a list of subjects have to do with improving food photography?

Making a decision about what you will shoot and focus on (and what you will not focus on), helps you keep your thought process linked to a chosen subject or two.

It can be very relieving too. Everyday for the next 28 days, if you don’t know what you will shoot for your assignments, chances are that you will not practice any food photography. If you are interested, reading the extra section at the bottom in blue.

Let’s look at the assignment in more detail -

Today’s Assignment

Estimated time required: 15 mins

Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is decide what food dishes/subjects will you shoot in next few days.

Yes!! You have to consciously decide what you will shoot. It could be anything from a fruit basket, to simple eggs or any dish that you are cooking. If you have taken a photo in last few days/weeks, you can use the same subject for this 30 day challenge. This will give you a good way to gauge how much have you grown.

Stop!! Before moving forward, take 5 mins and make a list of at least 5 food subjects that you will photograph during 30 day challenge. You don’t have to photograph all 10 subjects, but rather any number of subjects can be photographed any number of times. The goal of this exercise is to plan ahead so that you don’t skip a day because you didn’t have anything to shoot.

Do you have a list of 5 food subjects now?

No?? STOP!!

Create that list of 5 subjects before you move forward.

Step 2 – This is an important step. Based on what you learned by looking and studying the photos yesterday and by doing a “Feeling Analysis” of the photos, you will have learned how a certain photo feels.

For the subjects you have chosen, today think about what you want to communicate through the photo. What do you want a photo to look like? What feelings should this photo communicate? How do you want to feel about the photo? (This can feel intimidating, but don't skip this. Do the best you can, but don't skip.)

Step 3 – Document this in a notebook. Write down what you want the food photo to look like. Store this in a safe place, because we will refer to this from time to time.

Step 4 – In the comments section below, tell us your two top food subjects you would like to learn how to shoot.

Step 5 - Read the comments below and see what other students have selected. Now up-vote (Click "^" symbol) the comments you like.

What kind of subjects you choose for this course will determine your degree of success. This is really the secret sauce for completing the course successfully.

In last three years since we've been running this free course, I've interacted with thousands of students. I have chatted with those that have completed the course and those that dropped off. Here are my tips from analyzing thousands of subjects used by students in last several years.

3 Tips for Choosing Your Subject

  1. Pick simple subjects. As you are learning don't pick something like a curry or chili that will make learning complicated.
  2. Pick subject that can be readily available. If you choose a subject like homemade cake, are you going to make one or buy one every day?
  3. Raw veggies and fruits make super amazing subjects.

If you choose a difficult subject that is not available for you to shoot, how likely are you to take a photograph?

Best way to complete this 30 day challenge is to pick a simple subject that you can create every day. You should then use this subject for all the remaining days. Simple subjects like crackers, easy sandwiches, bread with cream cheese can be quickly prepared daily.

Suggested Reading

  1. 7 Ways to Practice Food Photography Without Cooking Food
  • Two things I will be photographing are Brownie sandwiches and drinks. I would love to learn how to photograph drinks better!

  • Jess @ Floptimism

    2 of the 5 subjects I came up with are almonds and plain Greek yogurt. I want to learn how to set up my shots to take advantage of light, and I want to learn how to make details pop (eg the texture of the almonds, the swirl of the yogurt).

    • Nancy Verstraeten

      That’s also my goal. Use the best light and capture the texture.

      • The light is key. Sometimes I get lucky, most of the time, not.

        • Jess @ Floptimism

          Agreed! I’m hoping to learn how to deal even with sub-optimal lighting, rather than crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

          • I either have way too much or not nearly enough — and the aggregator sites tell me my pictures are dull/underexposed. I definitely need help!

    • Anna Shilonosova

      I thought about Greek yogurt, too! I think it’s very challenging.

    • Sue

      I’m looking forward to seeing your yoghurt pictures. Things like that are tricky aren’t they.

      • Jess @ Floptimism

        Thank you! The yogurt will definitely be a challenge, but I wanted to choose foods that are simple and straight-forward in order to learn how to bring out their nuances.

    • Krystallia Giamouridou

      I don’t know about you, but when I am visiting Greece, I eat traditional Greek yogurt every day, usually combined with fruits or nuts. Nice choice… (Y)

      • Jess @ Floptimism

        Thank you! I know someone who travels to Greece and raves about the fresh yogurt at breakfast, usually drizzled with equally fresh, pure honey…it sounds amazing.

  • I’ve decided to shoot spices, since I have 74 jars in my pantry. YES. 74. I counted them a while ago…They have color and texture and flavor and scent. I want to show all of that in my photos. And I’ll be shooting leftovers. I make dinner nearly every night and I want to be better at taking the time to style the plate and set up the shot. I’m usually in a big rush. So no shots after dinner. Only shots of leftovers taken during the day when I’m here at my home office all alone.

    • Hahaha, that is a lot of spices. I am not sure how many I have but I bet not as many as yours…

      • saravanan

        74 Jars? OMG:)))

    • I think my spice rack rivals yours! Vindaloo seasoning, anyone?

      • I smell a little friendly competition here. Can’t wait to shoot.

        • Mercedes Iribarne

          Me too. I actually run my own spice company here in Argentina 😉 hahaha

      • turmericnspice

        Vindaloo !! yes !!


    • Chef Mireille

      I think I probably have just as many as you as I cook from so many different cultures. I should add spices to my list also

    • Mary Pavona Taylor

      Wow that is a great collection of spices!! I never counted mine, I’m sure you have me out numbered!! Can’t wait to see your spice photo’s 🙂

    • Kristin Nicole

      Wow I thought I had a lot lol

      • aPathite

        I look forward to your leftovers, great idea. The food I cook is to be eaten when it is served. I keep a few bit of it and shoot them when I finished my meal and cleaned the kitchen.

        • Kristin Nicole

          I do it the same way. Everything I blog about we eat. So I have to do it at a good time to take good pictures. Not everything looks great the next day as a left over, but it’s definitely challenging 😉

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      your spice cabinet sounds like mine! though, I’m pretty sure that you might have me beat 🙂

      • I have a 3-tiered rack in my pantry that spans the entire shelf. Crazy.

    • The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen

      74 wow and I get told off for the number of spices I hoard. 🙂
      Can you share a picture of your spice rack?

    • Anne Livingston

      Wow. I feel the need to go count my spices right now. 🙂

    • Patty Hultquist

      That’s great. I have at least 35 spices that are spicy from chili peppers. I like the heat.

    • Sue

      I’ve never counted all of our herbs and spices, not sure we have that many though. And mine is all over the shop at the moment having just moved house to a kitchen that has all of 3 cupboards! One is under the sink, one is useless as a cupboard and the other has the dishwasher in it!

    • Jessica

      I might steel your left-overs idea. I was wondering which prepared dish I could commit to (other than broth) but I can’t prepare one all the time so that’s a great way to practice plating and shooting with whatever you might have on hand. Hope you don’t mind… 🙂

      • Leftovers is an amazing idea. I was struggling with my list so I decided to read the comments for ideas. I want to focus on shooting dishes rather than ingredients, and this is a great workaround.

    • John Vaillancourt

      Wow, great idea! I didn’t even think of shooting spices.

      Interesting story: when I moved in with my girlfriend (now wife) I told her that I couldn’t cook in her kitchen if her spice cupboard was so disorganized. I started sorting through and found only one or two duplicates of the forty or so jars in her cupboard. I guess she was more organized than I gave her credit for!

      I did group them roughly into ethnicities, though.

    • Rhashida

      LOVE that idea! Looking forward to seeing your pics. I may have to try that as well.

    • turmericnspice

      Would love to know what’s on the list, I love spices, never counted mine.

    • Stephanie Elie

      Wow i need to raid your medicine cabinet.

  • PrettyPolymath

    I am going to do spices and berries. I just got a shipment of spices from home and want to show them off a bit. I love summer berries and here in the Bay Area they are abundant at the farmers markets.

    • turmericnspice

      Sounds like fun, Can’t wait to see your images

  • Marina Martensen

    I will choose raw vegetables and seasonings.

  • Fanus Vermaak

    I am a mushroom farmer so i have to pick buttonmushrooms an portabellas. I love whine. Now i have an excuse to open a bottle every day. I have a few chickens that would provide me with eggs. Cheese would be fantastic and breakfast photos because i heve to eat that every morning.

    • Sue

      Ah, now you see I should have said breakfasts too. How could I forget that?

      • Fanus Vermaak

        Sue, you could always join me for breakfast! Laughing!

        • Sue

          If its light and warm then yes lol! If it’s cold or damp or both NO 🙂

          We have chickens too, but I fail totally at growing mushrooms. Cheese is probably my fave food.

      • Anne Livingston

        Yes, breakfast is a great idea! Sue, will you add it to your list? I might!

        • Sue

          I think I might. I’d been planning a whole load of breakfast recipes so ….. Not sure why I thought to miss it out. Doh

    • Anne Livingston

      Fanus, that is so cool that you are a mushroom farmer! I put mushrooms on my list as well. They are so beautiful.

    • Michelle Ferrand

      Faunus, I agree! It is super cool that you are a mushroom farmer. I am sure that you are going to do a great job at this, mushrooms are a very interesting subject. Where do you live that you are a mushroom farmer?

      • Fanus Vermaak

        Thanks Michelle, i am from South-Africa. I started farming about ten years ago and we produce more or less two tons of mushrooms per week if all goes well, but all doesn’t always goes well.

  • I am going to choose salad and small portion chocolate cake or brownies or soups as seen in aran’s blog

  • Ashley Cattell

    1)Drinks: water with various fresh fruits and veggies i.e. strawberries and cucumber; mug of hot Coffee. 2)Perhaps peanuts or raw grains/legumes, or fresh fruit/veg.

  • I am going to photograph eggs in a bowl or basket and ingredients like butter, sugar and flour for cookies.

  • I will be photographing berries and sandwiches or coffee

  • Jo

    I am putting together a cooking class for upper elementary kids and their families so I will be testing all of the recipes over the next few weeks and need pictures of all of the prepared food items. The specific two items I will practice on are fresh fruits (some still on the tree) and vegetables

    • Alessandro

      great education idea. go on…..

      • Jo

        The feeling I’m going for is “that looks soo good” and “I can do that”.

  • Drinks and cookies. I have a hard time with drink photos, I can’t capture the effervescence of carbonated drinks. Cookies because I want to learn how to photograph multiple items in one picture.

    • Cookies is a great idea. But baking/preparing them every day? And eat them also every day? Or doing once and then store them?

      • Haha! I won’t be making them everyday, but I do make cookies about once a week. When my son goes back to college next week I’ll bring them over to the local fire house for the firemen or to a shelter.

      • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

        You can just bake a few and freeze the rest of the dough for later! Cookie security in your freezer.

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      drinks is a good idea! I have tried photographing them and they have turned out awful!

      • Mine too! Our blog has a Friday Happy Hour post and the drinks never look as good as the food. Hopefully that will all change in 30 days!

  • Hi all!
    I’m going for starters (soups & salads) and the “good old” steak (grilled meat). I cook every day, so do my friends, so it shouldn’t be a problem to picture them every day. These are not easy dishes, yet, if I want to get better I need to challenge myself. Looking forward.

  • Danielle

    I will choose smoothies and salads.

  • Angel Simón

    I will use spices and raw pasta for my photos.

  • Gayathri Kumar

    Vegetables and lentils. As these are readily available in my kitchen..

  • Raul Tobon

    1. Fruits and vegetables
    2. Drinks
    3. Processed Food (retail packaging)

  • I am going to choose cupcake and drinks >> cupcake is the secret food used in my group this month

  • Nancy

    I am going to photograph produce from my garden and local farmers market. I would also like to learn more about shooting beverages (all kinds) and will try to practice that as well.

    • Katie

      I’m in the same mindset as you – the fresh produce is abundant right now, and I’m also trying to improve beverage (specifically wine) photos too.

    • Beverages are challenging and specially in glassware. That is something I want to learn too

    • I have a hard time getting a good beverage shot. The angles, the light, you name it, I struggle with it.

    • Rachel Taylor

      Nancy, I love the farmer’s market notion. I hate to cook but do have veggies and fruit around daily thus will sign on for fruits & veggies and will partake of your beverage idea, too. I signed up for this to gain insight for photographing entrees in my father-in-law’s restaurant. Tomorrow is day 1 of shooting his new menu so I’m excited and inspired after looking at the list of photographers websites & images from the day 1 assignment. I’m already one step ahead now, feeling better. Happy to participate! Food is very different from people, which I feel I’m more skilled at photographing :0) I look forward to seeing everyone’s food!!!

  • Donna

    My top two choices for the workshop photos are raw fruit and vegetables and beverages.

  • mukasechic

    I will love to shoot some vegetables and local spices

  • E.R

    I will do fresh vegetables and fruit

  • giovanni balsamo

    I will shoot pizza and pasta I have a restaurant and pizzeria so they are always available to me lol.

  • Donna Currie

    Baked goods: Bread and cookies most likely
    Fresh fruits/vegetables, because they’re always around
    Maybe salads or prepared vegetables

  • I will be photographing fresh berries, fruits and gluten free baked goods.

  • Tricia Joseph

    I’d like to try pastries and spices.

  • I would be using vegetables and cooked rice as I struggle shooting rice properly.

  • NeelyJason Roberts

    I think I will do salads and fruit dishes.

  • Olivia

    I’m going to shoot tomatoes and pecans.

  • Nithya

    Eggs, raw vegetables and fruits plus I wanted to add Indian spices and lenthils!

  • Sandie

    I’m going to mainly photograph coffee and fresh fruits/vegetables, but I will also be photographing my cheesecakes from time to time.

    • Maria

      Hi Sandie, good luck with your cheesecake business:) Lets make the best from this couse

      • Sandie

        Thank you, Maria! 🙂

        And I agree, I definitely plan and hope to make the best of this course!

  • sushil

    I will shoot fresh vegetables and fruit juice

  • Neha Mathur

    I have chosen
    1. Eggs
    2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
    3. Dried pasta

  • Catherine Castro

    Here are my top 2.
    First that I would like to photograph are my homemade treats of course, I have a small business making treats so I guess that can be readily available and easy to make. I would love to have my treats photographed like Katie Quinn Davies, that feeling that you want to eat the food in the picture. The second are ingredients of my homemade treats like chocolate bar, marshmallows, grahams etc., Because those are always available at home. I guess I can also be able to combine the two subjects like the ones I saw yesterday from Penny De Los Santos portfolio. I am really inspired by yesterday’s assignment. 🙂

    The other 3 that I also like to photograph are:
    1. Nuts
    2. Grated Carrots and Crushed Pineapple
    3. Baking ingredients like Sugar, Cinnamon, Cocoa powder, Butter, Oil etc.

    • Kitchen Karma

      Hi Catherine,
      Crushed pineapple sounds interesting! looking forward to your photographs.



      • Catherine Castro

        Wow thank you Suchi.. Hope to use that in my future photo shoots. 🙂

    • Jess @ Floptimism

      The baking ingredients are great ideas! I may substitute one of my other 5 for a few of those. I always have flour, sugar, etc. lying around.

      • Catherine Castro

        Thanks! For the past 3 lessons of taking picture, I haven’t use those ingredients. I hope to use it soon and see the outcome. 🙂

    • John Vaillancourt

      Another photographer doing baking ingredients! Let’s compare photos throughout these 30 days.

      • Catherine Castro

        for the past 3 days of taking pictures, i haven’t tried the baking ingredients. I hope to use it in some other lessons. 🙂

  • Karen Hall Sarraga

    I’d like to tell some stories with foods that comprise the “big eight” food allergens in the U.S. – milk, wheat, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish and soybean. The range gives me the opportunity to keep it to simple ingredients or tell a bigger story with prepared foods when time permits. We also have a wonderful cheese store that opened up nearby and have a nice farm stand close as well so I’ll be keeping my mind open to opportunities to fit in cheese and veggies as well.

  • Hina

    I choose:
    Indian Curries
    Indian Dals

  • Michèle Roy

    I will shoot local products. It is harvest
    time and plenty of fresh products are
    available in my area.

  • Renee Delicata

    I’m going to shoot fresh produce, juices and mini deserts

  • Yesibeth

    Hi everyone!

    I’m going to pick:

    1- Coffee, because I just love Coffee. In my country we have a very peculiar way to identify each one (guayoyo: soft black, marrón claro o café con leche: black with milk, marrón oscuro: black with few milk, tetero: milk with a little of coffee… etc). It’s part of our culture.

    2- Chocolate: venezuelan people love chocolate, we are very very proud of our chocolate, which is consider one’s of the best chocolates in the world

    • Marina Proniakova

      very clever of you! like your idea!

      • Yesibeth

        Thanks Marina! I hope to do a good job jajaja

    • Katherine

      I love that you want to shoot food items that you sound passionate about. I think that makes it more fun to do and something you can enjoy after even.

      • Yesibeth

        Hi Katherine! Thanks for your comments. I really like these foods, but … I think it will be a little harder than I thought. I hope to improve with each passing day lol

    • Krystallia Giamouridou

      Great and interesting choice Yesibeth! I will be looking forward to see you pics. Good luck…

      • Yesibeth

        Hi Krystallia! I just realized that It’s going to be a hard work for me because I’m not a natural photographer, but I’ll do my best jejeje

  • Pratima

    I want to learn to photograph eggs on white background and cocktail drinks.

  • I will photograph fruits and vegetables like Lemon, Peach, Pear, cucumber & tomato. They’re always available in my fridge.

  • I would go with
    baked goodies : cookies , dry cakes
    fresh fruits and veggies

  • 1. Tea time & coffee moments
    2. Fresh from the oven (bread, pastry, cookies…)

  • Srividhya Manikandan

    I am going to do some smoothies and fruits.

  • Nguyen Hoang Yen

    I’d love fruits and fruit shakes so much. I can make some fruit shake everyday for myself. So I’ll choose subject of fruits and fruit shakes, or some another drinks like wine, milk, …. Besides I wanna shoot with vegetables and raw materials, spice like beans, onion, chilli because they’re always ready in my kitchen. I wanna my photos look simple but bright and colorful. When others look into my photos, they’ll feel fresh, want to eat them or want to make some food.

  • razdan

    Fruit Juice and Full Stuffed Chicken

  • See Kee

    I choose cookies, coffee, fruits, noodles and cupcakes for my shooting subjects.

  • Suhasini Pradeep

    I choose vegetables,fruits and lentils

  • 1. Spices and pulses
    I love spices. I haven’t clicked any photos of spices yet. So I’m all set to click some beautiful spices and pulses photos.
    My second choice is
    2. Fruits/veggies

    Anything fresh and vibrant in colors are always my attention grabber. So fruits and veggies is my 2nd choice.

  • 1. Spices and lentils
    I love spices. I haven’t clicked any photos of spices yet. So I’m all set to click some beautiful spices and pulses photos.
    My second choice is
    2. Fruits/veggies
    Anything fresh and vibrant in colors are always my attention grabber. So fruits and veggies is my 2nd choice.

  • Ashwini

    garlic, chilles, homemade snacks, fruits and vegetables…

  • stastycook

    I will be working with courgettes, tomatoes and herbs from the garden.

  • a. Coffee – because the way we make it is different. I would like to shoot the coffee making process. We have a traditional coffee filter (for now we use steel) but the traditional one is made of brass.

    b. I would also like to shoot wine, whiskey and water in crystal glasses.

    c. White against white – for example – vanilla ice cream / eggs in a white place, rice

    d. brownies (i usually make a batch once in 2 weeks and can save some)

    e. Nuts and Fruits – mixed as they are readily available

    • srividya padmanabhan

      Filter coffee love:)

      • Yess 🙂 I have 2 brass filters that I inherited from my grand mom. I so want to take good shots of these 🙂

        • Sue

          Oooh they sound interesting. Looking forward to seeing them.

      • turmericnspice

        <3 filter coffee

    • Kitchen Karma

      Hi Deepa,

      Shooting coffee making process sounds really interesting. Looking forward to your photographs.



    • I like that white on white idea!

      • Anne Livingston

        Me, too! I feel like I want to do that as well.

    • The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen

      Will love to see your pics. Coffee is my favourite.

    • aPathite

      Succes with your plan B, I’m looking forward to seer your fluids in crystal glasses

    • Anne Livingston

      For some reason the way you describe all of this makes me hungry.

  • I am going to do fresh fruit and pick one of the main ingrediënts for my baking: eggs, flour, butter, sugar. Also coffee and chocolate, because that’s available everyday 😉

  • Varada

    My first subject is a cup of tea. I really want to learn to take better pictures of liquids in cups and glasses. My second subject will be apples and carrots as I always have those on hand.

    • Photographing liquids is a challenge even for me. Even I want to learn to shoot beverages and soups.

  • K121173

    1. Eggs
    2. Raw fruits and vegetables
    3. Sugar
    4. Seeds and nuts
    5. Coffee and/or tea

    All of these things are always available in my home

  • So i chose to take a photo of what i cook everyday. I dont own a restaurant or a shop or something, so homemade food for your eyes only!! 😉

  • mymorna

    Sandwiches – I have a shoot for a sandwich place later this month and I need to get better!
    Eggs – shots with differently prepared eggs. Always have them at home and there’s lots of different ways to prepare them so I can eat them after 🙂

  • I have set myself a real challenge as I am on the road during the whole of this course traveling in England and Denmark. Hmmmm so what can I create in other peoples kitchens?
    1. I tend to have berries on my breakfast everyday so berries will work.
    2. Salads, because I do aim to eat a salad everyday.

    I am going to have to learn to take these photographs with just my camera and anything I can find to help with reflecting or blocking light. Yikes!

    • Sue


    • Alessandro

      i’m sure you will found great inspiration by your “kitchen” jurney!
      good luck!

    • Gee, that’s tough, traveling through Europe! My heart bleeds for you.

    • I am on the road also for a while during course. And when not I don’t have anyway my own kitchen as I still have no home for the moment and stay with friends. We both will have a double challenge!

      • SIMONE

        but crumbs says it all-imagine why crumbs were left on the table, on the counter, on… and what type of crumbs-where do they come from? type of food? neglect?

        • What do you mean? Lets me think: crumbs are everywhere, they always tell a story… that is an intriguing thought….

  • Gaga

    I am going to photograph zucchini and bread.

  • Charis B

    I would like to learn how to shoot baked goods of all kinds. When they are not at hand, I will shoot fresh produce.

  • Karin

    I’m going to santorini for one week, so i dicided to shoot my morning coffee, because this will be the only thing i will deffenitly have every day 🙂 maybe some greek yoghurt or a little bread.
    next will be salad.
    i really want to emprove the light in my photos and for me it’s important, that the arrangements doesn’t look to styled and perfect.

    • My daughter (the other half of Veganosity) traveled to Santorini while studying abroad in London. It is one of her favorite places in the world. The pictures that she took are amazing. Enjoy!

  • abhilasha

    I have chosen the following subjects:
    1. Coffee
    3. Boiled eggs
    4. Uncooked and boiled pasta
    5. Avocado
    I think these are simple enough to attempt

  • henny marlina

    I am going to do drinks and baked goodies

  • Betsy

    apples and different vegetables

  • Vandana Rao

    Quite vague but I have categorized them broadly into three
    -Fruits n veggies
    -Nuts n almonds n lentils
    -day to day things that I come across like Indian curries and rice.
    Yes they are gonna be always around and I hope to make good choice of things in each category.

  • Lus Pepper Heusner-Wilkinson

    As there are eggs always available in the kitchen I will attempt to photograph eggs in various stages. I would also like to attempt to photograph peppers being roasted and the stages that the pepper goes through as its being charred.

  • My main topic would be snacks and light entertainment sets. And as I am trying to eat less and healthier so that will be my reason for choosing fresh vegetables and salads, also fruits and fruit-salads, smoothies for drinks. For a fancier dinners add cheese, nuts, crackers and wine (comes down to more than 5 single items, but falls under my main topic of interest at the moment). If there’s nothing in the fridge the picture will be of carrots, cause there are always carrots around for the rabbit we have.

  • I have decided to shoot what I cook everyday.. like sandwiches, pasta, salad, kheer.. etc..

  • Haresh Patel

    Fruits & eggs & Alcohol bottles

  • dd

    * dinnner, whatever gives make it look yummy
    * ingridientes seperatly, present them
    * drinks, cool or hot show them off
    * the cooking of dinner ‘a look into the pot’ to show the cooking experience

  • 1) Fruits (especially blackberries because there are millions in my garden right now 🙂 )
    2) Eggs with spices

  • Katharina

    Baked bread, baking ingredients

  • Hello to everyone! I pick:

    1. Egg – raw egg, fried egg, boiled egg, stuffed egg, a poached eggs, egg shells … chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs … you
    name it 🙂 And making process.

    2. Pasta – uncooked pasta, cooked pasta, spaghetti, tortellini, penne, fusilli, farfalle … A bit difficult to eat pasta every day but I have friends too. Sometimes I can take a picture of making a pasta, the whole kitchen full of flour or raw pasta.

    • John Vaillancourt

      I’m hoping to bring out the essence of eggs too. Gonna hit up the Chinese market and stock up on whatever they have there!

  • Fernando

    As we are in Summer, I’d like to shoot salads on garden tables, using clear, light styling, trying to suggest a dinner at a garden, near a pool.
    Second choice: rice or pasta.

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      That’s what I was drawn to when I looked through photos yesterday. Pictures that evoke summer make me feel carefree and relaxed.

  • I make chocolate and pralines and write about this on my blog. So I decided to shoot chocolate and pralines. And my second choise are the very old teaspoons and pastry forks from my grandmother.

  • Sandra

    I will be taking photo’s of food I have prepared, either for dinner, or what I prepare and take to work for lunch. Hoping I can make the meals look inviting! Everything will be simple, everyday food.

  • Adrienn Bako

    My first choice is meat or vegetables on charcoal grill while they are grilled and obviously the second is the served outcome.

  • tamta

    I’ve chosen
    1. Drinks: vine, beer, soda, water, coffee, tea
    2. Fresh fruits/ vegetables
    3. White : milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, rice, eggs…

  • Guest

    My choice is fresh pasta and vegetables and fruit. ^

  • fif007

    My choice is fresh pasta and vegetables and fruit.

  • Mimis Kingdom

    Since I never have enough time to style food that we eat for lunch as I would like to, my choice of subjects are fruits and vegetables from my dad’s garden. We have a lot of beautiful, juicy plums, tomatoes, peppers… Or I could photograph cup of coffee or jar of apricot jam…

  • paula

    My top 2 are breads and pizzas.
    I happen to live in Germany were bread is a big thing and I was already thinking of making a series of German bread anyway, so this is a great opportunity to start. : )

  • I’m going to shoot the following:

    Eggs, chocolate, herbs, berries and cherries and chillies.

  • Nabeela Ismail

    I am going to shoot fruit (mostly berries) and either on their own, or in the form of a breakfast parfait or a smoothie. This is my staple breakfast nearly everyday. I also want to shoot vegetables – particularly vegetables good for roasting such as carrot and beetroot, as I usually have enough time to spend making an appetizing lunch. I want to try and test out different styles of photographing them, for example trying to make the roast vegetables capture that rustic and earthy look, or trying to make my smoothie look clean but appealing with colour and with just a few details to catch the eye.

  • Jens Erik Ebbesen

    I will go for tomatoes – I have a greenhouse full of tomatoes. Task: all you can do with tomatoes, from the fruit it self to dishes, soups and drinks where tomatoes is a main ingredient.

  • Karon

    I’m going to shoot nuts as I am starting a new health food blog and so many recipes will use nuts and nut flours instead of grains so I want to make this subject really pop.
    The other subject is eggs as they feature in so many of my recipes.
    For my remaining 3 subjects I have chosen;
    These are all things that feature in my recipes and info on the new blog, I want to make them real stars and not just things folks look at an wish there was some sugar in the recipe.

    • Good luck with your blog! Veganosity is a vegan health blog and it’s sooo important to make the food look amazing.

  • Jennifer Segrest

    Some of the subjects I’ve chosen are:

    Herbs, spices, other ingredients
    Rice and pastas
    Fruits and veggies
    Dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk… )

  • Hellen van Dorsten

    i will like to shoot my own baked goods, like decorated cakes, pastry, chocolate

  • Elina Belova

    As I am an office worker, junk food will be one of the choices. Usually I eat healthy but chips and candies will be easy to get and store over the course. The second choice will be some berries from garden. I would like to learn more about shiny things like sauces, creams, beverages, honey etc. so I will try to use them too.

    • Maria

      Hi…..I choose chips for the same reason like yours. And you have berries from your garden? I think you will make good pictures, cheerssss

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      junk food – love it!

  • Guest

    I will shoot drinks, eggs, fruits and ingredients like sugar, flower, etc.

  • I will use drinks, eggs, fruits and ingredients like sugar, flour, etc.

  • Irine Gromova

    everything from my garden (berries, lettuce, veggies, etc) and autumn leaves

    • Alessandro

      have a garden…..great fortune i’ dream it

  • I will use drinks, eggs, fruits and ingredients like sugar, flour, milk, etc.

  • The five items I know I’ll see everyday for a month are sad commentary on my kitchen, and I’m a food blogger! To add to my dilemma, we’re on the road for the next 4 days. To narrow it down to two items. I’ll say:
    1. sausage — because I live in Poland and it’s so common here, and I’m trying to eat low carb, and because it’s such a challenge to shoot, it’s just brown!
    2. beverages — mainly tea and coffee, they’re something I know I’ll see everyday.

  • sayantani

    I have decided to shoot
    1. fresh produce
    2. spices
    3. lentils

  • Nox Northy

    I will photograph the food in two categories. What I like to eat and what I do not like to eat (but I will prepare it for my lovely husband:)

    So, here my photo objects:
    red onion
    bread, butter
    vegetable, zucchini, cucumber…
    fruits, banana, lemon…
    vintage antique brass and pewter bowl plate

    I will use the dark background, because on first day I chose all of my favourite images like that.
    My focus is to bring a great mood to image by using light and colors. And of course, I would like to create the feelings from the photo – ´Wow, I want to taste it, it looks delicious!’

    • Maria

      Wow..I can imagine how you will enjoy making those photographs

    • Sona, interesting choice of subjects! Looking forward to your pictures.

      — Usha

    • Sue

      Ooh your props there sound really intriguing. Looking forward to seeing them.

  • Christine P

    The top 2 food that I’ve chosen because these two will be available often around the house:
    -Snacks/small food: crackers, biscuits, cookies, chips, chocolate bars, chips, candies etc
    -Any raw food materials available in the kitchen: soya sauce, chilli powder, salt, pepper, meat, garlic, brocolli, etc

    Optional subjects should the top 2 are not available:
    -Different kind of spreads/sauces: fruit jams, chocolate spread, chilli sauce, ketchup, homemade chilli sauce, peanut butter, etc
    -beverages(mostly dairy products): milk, yogurt drink, fruit juices from carton boxes, etc
    -Mom’s homecook food

  • Sue

    I’m going for
    1) baking ingredients like sugar, crystallised ginger and so on,
    2) herbs and spices as I have lots both dried and fresh,
    3) lentils and beans
    4) beverages as I want to capture pouring the first time not have to reshoot
    5) apples/pears and maybe other fruits and veg depending on what we have available

  • Madalina State

    Ice cream and desserts.

  • Zsuzsanna Ötvös

    My number one subject is chocolate in several forms (e.g. filled chocolate, chocolate bar, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, cocoa nibs, cocoa bean etc.). I write a blog on chocolate with recipes containing chocolate, so this was for me straightforward and I always have some chocolate at home. My second subject is ice cream since during the summer I always have some ice cream at home and it is a difficult subject, so I need to practise.

    • John Vaillancourt

      Chocolate and ice cream? How decadent! I hope you have family members at home to help you eat all of those goodies!

  • Joy

    I will click photos of Noodles/rice and Drinks(juice, milkshake,etc.)

  • aleksandra

    My choice:
    1. fresh fruits and veggies
    2. bread
    3. coffee

  • Namrata Jain

    Top 5 that I choose are:
    1. Lentils/Pulses
    2. Fresh Raw vegetables and Fruits
    3. Flour – this one is boring, but I would like to see how to to make a good picture with a boring ingredient
    4. Glasses – these are SO not my positives. I fail at shooting drinks in glasses or jars
    5. Coffee – because I love it.

    • Hi Namrata.
      The list is really awesome 🙂 Flour-wow !

      • Namrata Jain

        Thanks Shweta. I think it Flour should make an interesting subject, so lets see how this goes ahead.

  • Ivana Brnada

    I have small bakery and I’m gonna shoot some pies, cupcakes, fruits, baking ingredients. I would love to learn how to shoot hot coffee and ice cream

  • I’ll be going with sets of ingredients – I cook our evening meal every night so that shouldn’t be a problem. My second will be salad as I eat salad pretty much everyday too and currently struggle to make it look as attractive as I’d like.

  • Alina Kun Gazda

    I want a great variety of photographs in my portfolio, with lots of different subjects so because I cook lunch and dinner everyday anyway I will be taking photos of every dish I make for my family: salads, soups, stakes, desserts…maybe some vegetables from my garden.

  • Isabel

    I will be photographing:
    . spices;
    . baking ingredients;
    . fruits;
    . vegetables;
    . my meals.

  • Martina

    Hi all, I choose to shoot raw eggs and a plant of kaffir lime leaves. I want to be able to see the difference on my shoots day by day using the same subjects. I cook everyday but I never plan what until the hob is on 😛

  • Bam’s Kitchen

    I have chosen fresh fruits/veggies and coffee/tea as this is something simple that is always on hand and using daily. Once, the learning curve has been met, I would like to learn how learn how to take more action shots maybe of tea being poured from the teapot into the tea cup.

  • srividya padmanabhan

    1. Dried Red chilies and other spices which is available at home.
    2 Biscuits with Tea , coffee, crackers,
    3. Pasta have some lovely scorpion shaped pasta in stock
    4. Fruits – banana & Apples

    • John Vaillancourt

      Dried chili peppers are a great idea!

  • Shaymond

    I’ll shoot raw and fresh fruits and veggies for this assignment. As now is the tropical fruits season in my country and it’s also a good “excuse” to accompany my wife to local market every other day.

  • I create a list of foods and drinks and surfaces.
    Raw fruits and vegetables

  • Kitchen Karma


    1. My first priority would be left over dinner from previous evening. I am a food blogger and most times I can’t post recipes because I do not have any decent photographs of the dishes. So I plan to cook a little extra every day and take the time the next day to properly plate it and do a layout.
    2. However I will be travelling for about two weeks in between so during those days fresh fruits.
    3. Cup of green tea. I am a green tea addict and I love taking photos of my tea. However it get’s a little boring, so I plan to use this course and learn how to shoot the tea differently.
    4. Raw ingredients with which I cook my dinner. So start the process a little early when there is still strong light and shoot the ingredients.
    5. I love visiting farmer’s markets and taking photos there. This is something I want to explore further. {This will be an occasional one.}
    6. Taking photos of the food I eat in restaurants. I know this is controversial but this is something I want to get better at. Specially since the window for clicking is so narrow and if we are out for dinner, the light is pretty bad.


    • Hello fellow food blogger & fellow green tea addict 🙂 My biggest problem is light – mornings are a rush and evenings there’s no light to shoot. And Bangalore is so gloomy even at noon. I am travelling over the weekend. Let’s see what I can do. All the best Suchi. Pls share the blog link?

      • Kitchen Karma

        Hi Deepa,

        Nice meeting you. Yes light is a perennial problem, isn’t it? I live in London and thank God this course is in August, a few months later and there will hardly be any sunlight to shoot.

        I am hoping to make use of this course to learn how to fit in food photography within our busy schedules.

        My blog is called Kitchen Karma and the link is http://www.kitchenkarma.org. Looking forward to knowing your blog too!

        Best of luck with the course!



        • Photographing left food the next day is always a challenge for me. For some reason my leftover food doesn’t look good in pictures.

          • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

            I photography my food after I eat dinner, that way my dinner doesn’t get cold and the food in the photo is still somewhat warm and fresh looking (doesn’t have that mushed together/not amazing look after being in the fridge all night). I make my dinner plate, eat it, then scoop out another plate and photograph it. Sometimes I won’t have leftovers, so I will take pictures of the food that I will be eating in a few minutes.

          • Kitchen Karma

            Yes Usha me too…left over food always looks a little limp, doesn’t it? Let’s see if we can improve the quality of our photos!
            Best of luck for the course!

        • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

          as a fellow food blogger (and food addict) I love looking at other food blogs, I really like yours! I like that you have pictures of restaurants, etc. in addition to just food. Your recipes look really good 🙂

          • Kitchen Karma

            Hi Ambrosia,

            Thanks a ton. I am glad you enjoyed my blog. May I know the name and link of yours please? It’s a hobby of mine to check out new blogs.

            Best of luck with the course!



          • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee
        • Kitchen Karma

          Hi Deepa,

          Had a quick look at your blogs. My you have a few! Which is your main food blog?



    • Kristin Nicole

      I know what yo mean about the light. I struggle with that too. My house although has plenty of windows I don’t get the right amount of light into the kitchen, so it becomes difficult to shoot the prep work. If it’s not raining I take my picture with natural sunlight, but on those gloomy days, I’m stuck trying to get the right lighting.

      • Kitchen Karma

        Hi Kristin,

        You know I love those baking prep photos where they shoot flour, eggs, batter and whatnot. Never managed to make mine look nice. Time I tried it seriously!
        Light is something we will have to learn how to manipulate. Let’s hope this course will help us understand and work it better.
        Looking forward to your photos.

    • As a food blogger I totally understand the leftover issue. Food never looks as good the next day. I’ll be following you closely to watch and learn!

      • Kitchen Karma

        Hi Linda,

        Let’s do the leftover trial together. It would be fun comparing notes and experiences.

        Best of luck with the course!



        • Let’s do it! If we can master that it will let us escape the kitchen more often.

          I checked out your blog and it’s fantastic. Your photos are beautiful, this class will only enhance the talent you already have.


          • Kitchen Karma

            Hi Linda,

            Thanks for all your generous compliments! Looking forward to comparing notes through this course!



  • Kevin Timmons

    I am a self confessed cheese monster, so for me it is going to be cheese, biscuits, different variations of salad and a good chutney.
    This is especially chosen due to the fact that I am going away for a few days during the course. The subject chosen will allow me to set this up pretty much anywhere. And even better… I get to eat it afterwards. Yum!

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      I almost put cheese biscuits as one of my choices. That would be right up your alley!

      • Kevin Timmons

        It certainly would Lorinda, I can’t wait to get started. How about you? Hope you are enjoying this too. Good luck!

        • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

          I have peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in the oven right now. Eager to learn!

          • Kevin Timmons

            Sounds yummy.

    • I would never chose cheese…It would never even be placed in the scene. I love it so much that I would eat it half way to be photographed hahahaha ;). Great subjects.

  • Jiri Hubacek


    I choose one of the traditional Czech dessert – buchty (http://littlefoodlover.com/tvarohove-buchty-sweet-buns-with-curd-filling/) for their color and structure stability – even when they become old and not eatable anymore. I would like to capture the feeling you had when your granny was making them, childhood, home.

    We eat a lot of potatoes in Czech Republic so I choose them as my second object with some raw vegetable. I would like to capture the simplicity and freshness.

  • Kristín Couch

    What to choose?
    1. I bake a lot. I will give me time to plate and photograph my baking whatever that might be.
    2. I want to try to take simple things like citron and make beautiful pictures.
    3. Want to use spices and veggies.
    4. I cook dinner everyday, and I want to try to use my food for photographing.
    5. The thing I have to learn is to take simple things, style and plate them. I have to learn to take time in what I am doing.

    Conclusion for my choosing is to use what I have at home. Might have to shop a little bit for styling, but that is just part of the fun 😉
    I will challenge myself to use same setup for different food.

  • Chef in disguise

    My top two picks are:
    Spices because I am from the middle east and I have a wonderful collection of spices that I want to share on my blog in a spice pantry category. Shooting one every day will be a great chance to finish the new category on the blog and practice photography. I want the images to make me (or anyone who sees them) feel like I have got a glimpse into the east with its rich cuisine and culture.

    My second pick is salad. I do my best to eat a salad everyday and now it is summer time with the beautiful bright light it would be a great chance to communicate : Fresh- summer- bright-healthy in the images

    My other picks were
    Drinks (both warm and comforting /cold and refreshing)
    Baking ingredients (Because I LOVE baking)

  • Supriya Bansal

    2 topics of mine are Kitchen cupboard and Washed wet Fruits and vegetable. kitchen cupboard because it consist of my favourite snack items and fruits and vegetables with water droplets give a fresh feel.

  • Ms Williams

    I am going to practice the fruit and veg that is in season here in the UK. This will include apples, blackberries, blueberries, peppers, sweetcorn, aubergine, beetroots, cherries, chicory and fennel. I will probably end up narrowing that list down, but I plan to shot the items in their raw form, fresh from the farm (or market). I want each photograph to communicate the fresh and tasty qualities of the fruit / veg in subject, maybe a recipe idea for each, but overall all the photographs will have a late summer August harvest feel to them.

  • Rebecca Diepenheim

    Because I work long hours, I’m going to pick:
    drinks (coffee, juices etc);
    lunch (whatever I buy on the day);
    breakfast (yep, I buy that too!);
    treats (we have a lot of these in the office, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a cake or chocolate);
    and weekends – one of the previous, but allowing myself to use the props I have available at home.

  • Shivani Khanna

    Cheese and yogurt as I want to try and get the real white look.
    Drinks as to learn to get the clear transparent look.
    Fruits and vegetables so as to learn colour, light, styling

  • perla bravo

    I will choose fruits and vegetables that there is always at home and the other ingredients with that i am cooking

  • I struggle with shooting beverages, and what’s more accessible than water? If I can learn to shoot a glass of lemonade, sparking water, tea, or coffee well, I will feel accomplished

  • Meg White

    First off, I would like to shoot nice photos of my culinary creations for my blog, so it could be a jar of sauce, a cut of meat, a side of veggies… I want these to look appetizing and make puerile crave the food in the picture.

    I will also focus on shooting my meals. Most are simple dishes, with dinner being the simplest and the hardest to make look appetizing. Also, lighting is hard to get right for breakfast shots. These shots are usually staged to look natural, like I just set my table and I’m about to dig in.

    Bonus focus point: My snacks. I like to lay them out geometrically, and I’d like to improve the color and texture balance.

    (The other two focus points would be ingredient shots, maybe to go with my recipe posts to give people a clear vision of everything they need for the recipe, and cooking action shots, or how-to shots, to showcase a technique.)

  • Shyamal Majmundar

    I have decided to shoot the milk and bananas, as are in my regular diet.

  • Tattie

    My favorite subject is fresh fruits and vegetables, including collages, color combinations. I’ll shoot just that.

  • Squadrilla

    These are my top subjects and the feeling I would like to achieve:
    1) Coffee – I have it everyday, many times a day and I’m Italian 😉 I would like to give the feeling of warmth
    2) Tomatoes – this is the right season. Now we have many varieties and I would like to “play” with shapes and colors, giving a feeling of freshness and variety

  • Rinda Koban

    I’d like to shoot cookies because they are available in every store and tea (ice n hot) because it’s my fav drink.

  • Lili Basic Capaccetti

    I am choosing beverages (hot & cold) because those I will have around me every day and often are a challenge to shoot and present in an inviting way. Specially I want to practice shooting cold drinks as with that I have less experience.
    As my second subject I’m choosing dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cheese) as I would like to achieve nice whites and show the texture of those products.
    My other picks would be: fresh fruit and vegetables, breakfast and baking ingredients.

  • Dewi Bunda Yalda

    I’ve just celebrated Eid Fithr. So I’m going to photograph cookies I made myself for that moment. Then, taking some pictures of traditional Indonesian cuisines seems interesting matter during this course. Honey, raw veggies and fruits are some probable objects for my project. Hopefully I could fulfill all assignments with my passion.

  • Irinka

    I’m going to shoot eggs, apples, grape, water (or may be other drinks), chocolates and fruit jellies

  • Alessandro

    I’ve a vegan wife, we together manage a raw vegan blog, so my subjects will be vegetables and fruits. We love to prepare new recepee, invent e try it with our son. We think that if vegetables looks good many people will eat them without to much reserve .We don’t wont to make a vegan World , I eat everything, but suggest people to eat more vegetables in a new and beautifull way.
    Well….that’s my goal: present vegetables in a drool way…..

  • abhishek

    I would be focussing on cupcakes, salads nd raw veggies.

  • Srivalli

    It would be lentils, spices and vegetables..

  • Kathy Thompson

    I will be starting with cumquats as I have some on my tree at the moment and some cumquat jam my mum made – using a theme of Homegrown/Homemade.
    Secondly I’ll do salad ingredients.

  • Michael Gnahoua

    I have decided to shoot
    1) egg in different forms
    2) cake because I have some problems on using the correct angles
    3) drinks all kinds because we are in summer. A fresh drink will do me

  • Desi

    I have some limes and lemons on my trees. So it makes sense to shoot these as one of my subjects, and show how juicy they are when cut. My Dad has Swiss Chard in his little garden so I would also like to shoot this in a variety of ways – I love the greenness and bumpiness and softness of the leaves so it would be great if I could convey the soft textures somehow. And a cup of coffee. How do I get a cup of coffee to look great. It is still winter here now and I look forward to my morning coffee to warm my hands so showing the steam and warmth would be awesome – but at the moment for me, quite a challenge!

  • Riina

    1. Smoothies and freshly pressed juices (I do them almost every day)
    2. Breakfast (bread, coffee etc)
    3. Veggies, fruits and berries from farmers market
    4. Cakes (we have many birthdays coming in August)
    5. Salads

  • I’ll be shooting fresh fruit and vegetables since we always have them on hand; herbs from the garden and plated dishes like salads, desserts and main courses. I cook every day and have left over food to style for photos.
    I write a food blog: http://www.spoonfeast.com where I will certainly be able to see the progress!

  • Prathima Nithin


    I have picked spices, curries and drinks. I usually struggle to capture curries and drinks as I go wrong in color coordinating the props with texture and color of the curries and drinks. I would like to learn to take advantage of the available natural light. My photos are acceptable when taken under bright sunlight but most of the times they come out bit dark and blurred. Also I would like to learn how to take photos of liquid when being poured and to capture the different shades of light passing through the glass and being reflected in the liquid.

    Prathima Nithin

  • Irina Dimitrova

    Hello again)
    I’ll shoot apples, because it’s simple to buy)
    аnd hot sandwiches, because it can be interesting – so many options!

  • 1. Baking Ingredients
    2. Soups
    3. Vegetables
    4. Fruits
    5. Breads

  • hello i would like to my shoots with 1. Herbs

  • Emma

    My top two are Coffee and Lemons. Two things that are always in the house and are also very versitile. Lemons are bright, colorfull and remind me of summers in spain, but are also refreshing and sour. Coffee is very important too, especially in the morning. But the best thing about coffee is the smell. Take a deep breath and relax or mobilize your energie reserves for the next challenge. These things are what I want to transport in my pics.

    • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

      Looking forward to your pictures of lemons!

    • I love photographing lemons. They’re like a ray of sunshine. I would love to learn how to capture the steam rising out of a coffee mug. I just can’t seem to get that one right.

      • Emma

        Me too 🙂 Beverages are one tough cookie 😉 and are probably my biggest challenge

  • Maria

    My drinking bootle
    -at the corner of the window, with a hand near it but not touching it, a few slices of lemons inside it. A healthy life style. I want to feel hope and comitment from the picture..is it possible????

    -I want to put the chips pile with salt sprinkled arround it and a korean dvd movie, considering to add a glass of chocolate at the corner and the tip of a bed sheet at the other side. Makes people think of a lazy day in front of the tv, perhaps add a teared picture of a couple can add the drama on it. I want it looks like a drama on picture.

    I appreciate any suggestion;)

  • Hello, this is my list 🙂
    1 Green tea
    2 Pink donoughts (not home made)
    3 Biscuits or crakers (not home made)
    4 Peaches (raw)
    5 Potatoes (raw, boiled or salad… depending on how much time I’ll have!)

  • I am not sure if my respond went through yesterday, but I am shooting salad, and soup. I will copy aran’s and beatrice’s style and maybe their recipes too. The five subjects will be: salad, soup, pastry with berries on top and I will of the next two.

  • Miss Food Fairy

    I would like to photograph dried chillies, as they’re always in my pantry & I love using them for all my curries. The second item I’d like to learn to photograph are all my dried herbs and spices as they’re always in my pantry and used on a regular basis. I’d like my food photographs to show that they’re good enough to eat through a computer screen. I’d like them to be colourful and bright to show that food is fun and exciting. I want to smile when I see my photographs

  • Spending my day at a desk & in front of a computer screen leaves little time for cooking so I’m going w/ what I bring to the office every day. Yogurt (greek) and coffee. I’m looking forward to the challenge of me knowing these will be shot in my office but no one else being able to tell that.

  • Nicole Campbell

    I love to bake and am always make cakes and biscuits. I would like to choose baking and the ingredients associated with baking such as flour, sugar, eggs, spices, fruit etc as my subject. We have chickens and have an over abundance of eggs so they may become my fall back subject.

  • Mark Miller

    Since the garden is starting to have items ready to harvest I will focus on the vegetables that come from the garden. Second I think I will choose the items that tell that story, baskets, canning, knives etc.

  • Henry Harcsa

    Mostly fresh fruits and veggies: Apples, peppers, oranges, nectarines, bananas, tomatoes, thats what I am eating everyday in large quantities. I will try to make some coffee shots, capturing steam coming out of cup or styled together with some breakfast
    And if I run out of inspiration, there is always some pasta to cook.

  • Melissa Cua

    I’m going to focus on shooting
    1. coffee – since I’m currently addicted with that and planning to try out a lot of coffee places nearby.
    2. simple breakfast food – since I want a discipline to prepare and eat breakfast every day (might be focused on fruits and veggies because I’m starting a healthy diet)

    • Marta Filippova

      I LOVE coffee too. And like those steamy coffee pictures. But it’s really hard to capture

      • Melissa Cua

        We will help each other out in capturing good coffee shots! 🙂

  • Katie

    It’s hard to choose just two! But, I’ve been wanting to take better pictures of our wine, so I’ll be shooting glasses of wine (maybe with bottles too). I’m hoping to create photos that communicate an early evening summer dinner or picnic with friends (relaxation & fun being the implied emotions). I also want to show off the color in the wine, and would like to try to create photos where the wine is the focus and let the color pop against a white background.

    My second subject will be green beans since they are coming on strong in the garden right now. I’d like to make a photo where they are fairly dramatic, to play up their color and the fact that they are nutrient ‘powerhouses’. I’m thinking a pile of them on a piece of slate or dark surface of some kind, much like a few shots I looked at yesterday.

    • Maria

      Agree…hard to choose

    • Sue

      If you need any help showing how enjoyable the wine is, just give me a shout! I’d love to sample for you.

      • Katie

        lol – absolutely!

        • Sue

          Can’t wait lol 🙂

  • Marta Filippova

    I’m going to shoot:
    1. Fresh vegetables. Because I like their vibrant colors and I always have some around.
    2. Oatmeal. Because I often have it for breakfast and I’d like to learn how to make something plain look appetizing and interesting

  • valeria

    I’ll shoot : 1) potatos 2) eggs 3) baked goods 4) pasta and rice 5)fruits


  • Nadia Belanger

    Here is my to subjects :
    1. Sandwichs
    2. Yogurt

    I would also like to try those 3 others :
    3. Muffins
    4. Grapefruit
    5. Soups

  • Sara Bradford

    I am choosing items to shoot for my fall/winter e-book: Think INSIDE The Lunchbox: Tips/Recipes for Real Food Lunchbox Warriors

    Homemade Hippy Jello: It’s translucent, wiggly, reflective – I think it might be difficult to shoot (I’m up for the challenge) and I ALSO think I could make some pretty wicked and creative photography with this. What I’m trying to convey is FUN and COLOUR. I’m excited to do this.

    Animal Crackers: Looking for a way to make this item POP – often with something bland in colour (like brown) it requires creativity to really make these photos POP. We’ll see – I may even try to grab some shots of these floating in tomato soup.

  • I will be photographing Eggs and the veggies that will go into making Egg dishes. Also I will be photographing dates, nuts, seeds that I will be using to make snacks!

  • Steve DeBeus

    I’m Choosing Cereal. For three reasons 1.) I love Cereal 2.) It is easy to Prepare and most importantly 3.) I think it will be a fun to compare and contrast different cereals and their “personalities” Lucky Charms feels much different than Bran Flakes. 🙂

    • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

      great idea!

    • Rick Capstraw

      love cereal. looking forward to this!

  • My top two:
    1. “Making Salsa” — I’d like to capture the process, from ingredients in the garden, to prep work, to final product presentation.
    2. “Summer Drinks” — My goal is to capture the gorgeous colors, to garnish with style, and to portray that refreshing coolness that a summer drink delivers on a hot day.
    My other three are: Spices (thx to others for this idea), naan pizza and salads galore.

    • I think I’ll add citrus to my list. Fresh, juicy, great colors, versatile, lovely.

  • Kristen Baker

    I will shoot cookies and fruit. I always have those two things in my house, so I think I am safe.

  • Nancy Verstraeten

    I’d like to photograph a lot of things.
    If I have to pick, I will start with
    1) muesli and fresh fruit
    2) (ingredients for my) salads
    The goal will be to use correct lightning and capture the textures in the best way possible.
    It has to look fresh and give you a happy feeling.

    • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

      I love muesli!!!! Would love to see muesli pics!

  • Claudia Briandi

    Yo voy a empezar con huevos, fruta, bebida, galletas.
    Me resultan accesibles y creo que para aprender bien la técnica de una buena foto debo empezar con elementos sencillos.

    I’ll start with eggs, fruit, beverage, biscuits.
    I think they are accessible and to learn well the art of a good photo I start with simple elements.

  • My top 2 – Beans & bananas. For some reason both with the letter B. I struggle with both!

  • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

    Well, this is a hard one for me because I spent my entire day at office.
    I would love to photograph a lot of foods, but if I have to choose two, the first one would be coffee and tea cups (full and empty) because I got some places next to my office that made good coffee. And the second one could be my snacks along the day (cookies, yogurt, fruits, almond, beverages, etc)
    I’ll do my best for this 🙂

  • sarah4est

    I will plan to shoot my meals- home and away. I am doing a lot of traveling and hope to capture food moments. I will need to do this without alot of prep work for styling or lighting. I want to learn to capture these moments naturally- with bright light, crisp focus, balanced color and depth of field.
    I will also focus on shooting local and season produce at a farmers market/CSA (unplanned) and at home (planned setup). I will be in three different places- VT, NJ and the Bahamas and hope to have a variety of opportunities to catch these food moments in a bright, crisp photo with the same goals as above.

  • Cesar Luiz Ignacio

    I’ve decided to shoot apples, bananas every kind fruits ussing rustic baskets and plates for try diferrents textures. And also for learn how to set up my shots to take advantage ligth.

  • Raquel Martínez

    I am a big fan of making different salads, I’m always putting different ingredients, so will photograph salads. I am also a great lover of cheese, in this case I decantare by goat cheese accompanied by homemade strawberry jam ….

  • Ari Sa’n

    I’ve chosen these items:

    1. Chips / other salty snacks, because I’m addicted to them, although I try to cut down on them.
    2. Coffee / tea, which I drink every day
    3. Fruit / veggies
    4. Bread, because I eat that every day for lunch.
    5. Rice, because I also eat that (almost) every day for breakfast and dinner.

  • Mihaela D

    My goals:

    1) Fruit and vegetables because in my country we are in the full season, and I want to capture in the photo the freshness of
    their natural colors.
    2) Drinks, especially homemade drinks for a hot summer, so I want to put in the pictures the sensations of cold and refreshment.
    And as details, I want to be able ti capture the effervescence of carbonated drinks
    3) Cupcakes , I love cupcakes so I want to improve my pictures in terms of: light, set up and mess.
    4) Biscuits, use different backgrounds and vintage set up
    5) Dishes , depends on what I will cook in the evening, my goals is to make the most of the colors, ingredients
    and plating.
    All the best to all J

  • Rashmi Gc

    “Kharada Pudi”(Spice mix powder, used for making curries) and “Cool drink” are the two subjects that I want to take pictures of.

  • Raquel Martínez

    I am a big fan of making different salads, I’m always putting different ingredients, so will photograph salads. I am also a great lover of cheese, in this case I decantare by goat cheese accompanied by homemade strawberry jam ….

  • Rochelle

    I have chosen eggplant and grapefruit to use for my shooting assignment. I am plant based so I knew straight away I wanted to focus on fruits and vegetables and of course that list is endless. I thought about the foods that I love to cook with and what would be simplistic yet appealing in photographs and I think the colors and flavors of both of these would make for good photographs.

  • Aniko Takacs

    Hi there, I decided to shoot fresh fruits and vegs and bread in the next few days. I love this season as the garden is full of nice and colorful fruits, so it’s quite simple to pick up something in the kitchen garden.

  • Deepa

    Hi all!
    My top 2 subjects are:
    1. Wine……I haven’t photographs many drinks and I have promised a friend that I would produce some wine images for his winery website so need to practice!
    2. Spices…..always available to me and also frequently used by me so want to have fun with them.

    My other 3 subjects are:
    3. Herbs
    4. Raw Mint Slice (a recipe I am working on)
    5. Cheese

  • Raja

    1)Dishes that I cook for dinner ,can be any dish from salad till dessert.
    2)Fruits and Vegetables.

  • Kirsty Bowman

    The main photos that caught my eye yesterday were all cake and treat based. As that would be too tempting to see treats everyday and not eat them I’ve had to be more sensible in my choices. 🙂
    My top choices are:
    1. Coffee: I drink it everyday is some format, whether in smoothie format, an afternoon black coffee or a weekend treat at a coffee shop. I also love the experience of coffee and look forward to exploring how I reflect that in a photo
    2. Breakfast: Said to be the most important meal of the day! I love breakfast, particularly on a weekend where you can be more indulgent. I can also show contrast in the photos to compare my weekly cereal to the full brunch options 🙂

    Back up subjects would be:
    -Cake – I love to bake and would be nice to show of my cakes in a fabulous photo
    -Fruit – there is always lots around the office
    -Salad vegetables as they are always brightly coloured

  • Anna Shilonosova

    Hi everybody!
    I chose spices and broth. Both of them seem quite challenging to me. I thought of spices because they may be a good practice of arranging objects on the set, ana it can be hard to get a detailed but at the same time “tasty” shot, the one that makes you recall what this spice smells like. I had experience shooting spices, and I’m not satisfied with the result, so I really would like to improve it.
    And broth is also difficult to shoot because of its consistency.
    Both these subjects are easily found on my kitchen every day (I plan to freeze the broth in small portions and take out one each day to photograph it, or dissolve the instant broth mix, which is even easier! 🙂 ).

    • Anibalismo

      I really like the broth idea 🙂 haven’t though about it. Thanks!

      • Anna Shilonosova

        Great! You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Iryna

    walnuts & pasta/macaroni

  • moni k

    I am going to photograph raw vegetables, since I order a big fruit & veg box from a local farm every week. I have an amazing selection of colors, shapes and textures there! Very handy by the way, I highly recommend. Another thing would be spices & herbs. I am a huge fan of these, grow some dill, basil and mint myself. Again amazing mixture of colors and opportunity to get a really messy set! Ha!

  • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

    I plan to photograph
    1. Spices (I always wondered how make them look interesting)
    2. Cakes and cookies (I make homemade cakes often and would love to take good pictures of them)
    3. Fruits (I I would to balance the colors)
    4. Dishes such as Dosa (I want to make Dosa mouth watering to people who have never tasted the food before)
    5. Utensils (I have a few brass utensils and would love to make them interesting)

  • saravanan

    I’m going to pick:



    3)Fruites & Veg



  • Kairit

    I´ve decided to shoot
    1. limes, because I have a whole bunch of them
    2. eggs – I eat eggs often
    3. drinks (tea, coffee, cold drinks etc.), because this is a challenge for me
    4. cookies and bread, because I love to bake

  • Marissa O’Donnell

    I would like to shoot fresh salad either fruit or vegies. I would like it to look fresh and inviting. I ‘m thinking like crisp/bright colours
    My second choice would be baked things/ slices of cakes or pastries. Something that you’d enjoy after dinner or party treat.

  • Shivani Khanna

    1. Yogurt and Cheese to try the white look.
    2. Drinks to get the light right and the transparent look.
    3. Fruits and vegetables to learn styling, colour and light

  • Misky

    My categories are vegetables and salads, and I’ll include some of my homegrown vegetables. I’d like to explore photographing entire plates of food, not for use with recipes, but a shot to inspires a home-cook to make something similar.

  • Marta K

    I’m taking tomatoes and porridge and I want to learn how to show the freshnes of tomatoes and learn how not to make the porridge photos so flat and boring, sad dish.

  • Guillermo Villa

    Subjects to work with: Eggs, Fruits,
    Vegetables, Grains & cooked meals… conceptualize or not? 🙂

  • ahaha, i choose to shoot some sweets, coffee and a few spices too.

  • Kristin Shaffer

    For my five:
    1. Dried beans (rustic, savory, colorful)
    2. Fresh basil (light, crisp, aromatic)
    3. Cookies (playful, colorful)
    4. Eggs/egg shells (messy, light)
    5. Sandwich (quick, light)

    I tend to like the moody shots, but feel my food is more “light/playful” so I would like to try that aspect as well.

  • Ana Munoz

    Organic, minimal, raw, natural textures
    -Tropical fruit

  • Dhanya

    To start with i shall be using the dishes which i cook and that should not be a problem as i cook daily. Then fruits and raw veggies. A week from now, i shall be travelling for a two week vacation. Then may be i shall have to rely on the food cooked at my relatives place and anything which i find interesting.

  • I’ve decided to shoot drinks – because I’ve done a few drink recipes on my blog and they never look like what I imagine they should be. Raw fruit and vegetables is my second choice. I usually have a few shots of ingredients as I make a dish, but I think they’re too simple and not very appetizing. (3 – extra credit) sandwiches. My sandwiches always look like a mess. I want to take pictures at eye-level of them, but rather than looking appetizing, they are downright ugly. In all cases, I want to be able to use the light (whether natural or artificial) to it’s best advantage – something I struggle to do.

  • I thought I would try crackers and their toppings and pasta. Those are the two things we routinely eat. Since I have no special lighting equipment, it will be interesting….

  • Chef Mireille

    I have decided to shoot beverage in a glass as that is my most challenging subject and bread as I am always either baking or buying bread so it is something that is always in the house

  • I’ve decided to shoot blackberries, almonds, seeds and vegetables, and look forward to get started 🙂

  • Ann G

    I’m gonna photograph smoothies. Its got texture and using a variety of fruits will be fun for me.

  • Chris Coleman

    I want the pictures to tell a story, and make the viewer feel at home

  • Dani

    The top 2 food subjects I’d like to learn how to shoot are
    1. Fresh ingredients that go into the finished product, especially leafy vegetables.
    2. The cooking process. This includes food cooking on the stove and the preparation of raw ingredients (eg. Chopping ingredients, stirring foods etc.)

    Hopefully the 5 subjects I’ve chosen to photograph during the course will help me achieve these aims. These subjects are
    1. Fresh fruit
    2. Fresh vegetables
    3. Individual ingredients (eg. Eggs, chocolate, sultanas, almonds, spices). Whatever I have on hand really!
    4. Biscuits (homemade or commercial)
    5. Breakfast dishes (eg. Cereals, hot cooked dishes like semolina)

    Bring it on!

  • Louise Docker

    I have decided to shoot fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish/seafood, cake ingredients, macaroons from a lovely bakery that I buy as treats for myself occasionally and ingredients for a cake. There are a lot of wonderful ideas that people have come up with, can’t wait to see the results

  • Rahshonda

    2 of the 5 subjects I plan on photographing will be sushi and coffee, I also leaning toward raw fruit and veggies

  • Gosia

    Grains and Produce. I also would like to try beverages, these are tricky!

  • Alieska

    Hello Everyone! 🙂
    I’ll be shooting my everymorning smoothies and probably my lunch! Since I’m a vegan I’m always trying some new recipes so I won’t get bored of eating the same salad everyday! 🙂

  • Trish @infinebalance

    I just love photographs of whole, raw fruit and vegetables so I’ve added this to my list – especially tomatoes right now since my garden in full. This time of year I love to prepare fresh foods simply and I want to capture that in my photographs. Just fresh from the garden or prepared in very simply ways.
    The other item on my list is breakfast foods — mostly because, there is always something around and it is quick to prepare

  • Robyn MacNeill

    I am going to shoot fresh produce from my garden and farmers market. I also really want to setup some shots of raw meat. Tonight it’s a strip loin steak!

  • Today’s lesson said a minimum of 5, so overachiever me chose 13 (of course…), but then decided to make a top 6 as not all are easy to do daily. The first 2 listed are my top 2.
    Top 6: Cheeses (Always have some available, I’m Dutch, and i’d like to be able to make rustic, lively settings) – Greek Yogurt (daily breakfast and thick liquids are so hard to encapture, also white in white bowl) – Garlic & Onions (create a homegrown feeling) – Baking Ingredients (flour, sugar, cacao, chocolate, vanilla pods etc, try to not make it look like a random mess) – Spices (no random mess like the baking ingredients, and play with colours) – Coffee (playing with dark colours)

    Remaining list: deep fried food (dont make it look fatty) – Bread (often bake this myself) – Homemade chocolates (dark colours) – Cookies (creating depth) – Savoury Pie (shiny crust, make it look appealing and play with props) – Tapas (multiple small dishes) – Drinks (just because I hate photographing these and I make any drink look horrible)

  • Gosia

    1. Grains

  • Jenny

    Hi all! I’ve decided to pick tea and fruits/veggies. Tea is a daily drink for me. The challenge for me will be to make it interesting; but that’s why I’m here 🙂 As for the fruits/veggies, I tend to have fresh fruit and veggies in the house all the time (or at least I try to). I’m looking to work on capturing details, playing with color and composition, and styling.

  • I decided for eggs, or better ingredients. On my blog I usually have a photo of ingredients/ a detail photo (close-ups) and then an allover photo (more subjects on the photo). So second choice would be salad. Both is something I normally eat every day and is easy to find/prepare also when I am on the road. Would like to learn how to shoot ‘white’ photos. And how to capture an atmosphere. Of any type: movement, still life or just a mouth watering photo. But always delicate.

  • Sanja Manasijević

    I’m going to shoot

    1.Raw fruits and vegetables

    2. Drinks, green and black tea mostly

    Spices & herbs and whatever we have for lunch that day
    like back up…

  • jen fen

    Ok, I’ve decided to shoot fresh herbs, spices, fresh vegetables, dinner (dished Veg), cooked meals, and juices.

  • Two of these five foods that I want to photograph will surely be natural yoghurt, any kind of fruit in particular peaches (in this period I eat a lot!) Rice, sugar, brown sugar, and veggies such as tomatoes, I find different shapes of and I love the bright red color that have many of these.

    I must learn how to create the perfect mix of available light, the right “Diner’s corner” position, and how to fix the set.

    Be able to give through the photo the desire of that food! To feel the goodness of a peach, a tomato or even a simple sugar cube through the image and that’s it .. by the way .. this is the goal of any food photographer!

    The intention is to use a macro lens 50mm nikon .. adore everything that is macro! ^. ^


    In reflecting on my days, I’ve decided to photograph whatever I am having for dinner each night, and vegetable oil. I love the idea of doing spices as this would inspire cleaning up the spice cupboard – but since that might not happen, I’d better go with my first thoughts.

  • Daniel Boivin

    Vegetables and pasta for me!

  • Mary Pavona Taylor

    Good Morning Everyone! This is going to be an interesting challenge for me for the weeks to come……. I have NO good natural light coming into my house! I pretty much live in a dungeon! Does anyone else have this problem? If so what are your suggestions to getting good light?

    My top choices will be…..
    1- fruit
    2- beverages either hot or cold
    3- spices
    4- chocolate
    5- Bread

  • I start my morning every day with a piping-hot cappuccino, so I will use that as one of my subjects. For the other, I am going to use a fruit bowl. I like to keep a variety of fresh, local produce in the house, and I always think that fruit makes beautiful pictures.

  • GT

    Onions & eggs- these items are always on hand in my kitchen.

  • I’ll be shooting plated meals when I make them, simple fruit arrangements or beverages otherwise (to work on lighting).

  • Aviaska Herlambang

    I choose to shoot raw fruit ( strawberry is my favorite one ), homemade cookies and chocolates.

  • Sonja

    I am choosing water because I have a hard time shooting smoothies at times, so if I can make water look good, I can make smoothies look good. Also I will shoot apples because of our available abundant crop. And it’s apart of many of my recipes.

    • Hey that is genius. Water always available and when you can shoot water well, you can shoot anything well:)

  • Ruth Appel

    My top two are cheese and bread. I always have them around and I love the variety of textures and colors.

  • Alain Meessen

    I have a small restaurant in Belgium, so i chose for the plates i make this month. Something with foie gras, fish , fruit, … My challenge is to make nice pictures with the elements so that the main ingredient stands out.

  • Sounds

    1-lemons -I use it in garnishing, in backgrounds-in summers and
    winters. So I want to try capturing lemons in many ways.

    being Indian food blogger, I tend to use spices a lot-a lot-oh yeah-a lot. So
    it will be great to practice shooting it.

    Indian flat breads or sandwich bread or pitta-I want to click them.

    Want to shoot these juicy beauties. Available in many colures, sizes and
    shapes-it will be fun.

    Be it yogurt, chutney or jam.

  • Alex

    I am a salad person and this dish always give me challenges when it comes to photography so this is my top 1..second is a burger.. And then ice cream.. And lastly them together.

  • Yvette Gorman

    Ok, my two chosen subjects will be eggs – primarily because I always have them in the house and within two mins you can make lots of different dishes using eggs so it doesn’t have to be a photo everyday of uncooked eggs in their shells.

    I’m wondering which to choose between drinks and Veg/fruit. Drinks are readily available in my house but I think they will be quite difficult to photograph. Veg/fruit is always available and probably an easier option.

    I will choose veg/fruit as my second option seeing as I’m trying to learn how to take better food photographs. Not enhance a skill I already have.

  • lydiaf1963

    1) Produce. We have tomatoes and herbs growing right now.
    2) Stuff in bowls always seems to be a challenge for me…different angles require different solutions.
    3) Whatever my snack is in the afternoon. That tends to be something simple.

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      Bowls torture me! I’ll let you figure it out for me 🙂

      • lydiaf1963

        Sure 🙂

  • Šahraj Natalija

    I’ve chosen potato (raw, roasted, baked, in salad…) and grapes.

  • naomie

    I have a small citrus arbor and as it is winter here the trees are laden. So definitely going to be shooting all the different fruits. I drink a lot of water, so I think it will be a challenge to get some wonderful water shots. Daily breakfast is provita and bovril (how exciting I here you say!). Basically will use whatever is in my pantry such as different flours, sugars, grains etc.

  • Kristin Nicole

    I keep going back and forth, I really like to mix things up through out the week, so I hope I don’t have to eat whatever I take a photo of each day lol.

    My first pick is Eggs – I can take a picture of hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled and fried eggs. I always have eggs in my kitchen so I guess I will be eating breakfast more through out this challenge lol.

    My second pick is Vegetables or Fruits – I always have one or the other in my refrigerator because I like juicing and I also like to make parfaits. I can’t commit to just one, but figured I can switch it up, if that’s okay. 🙂

  • Sreevalli E

    My list is below..
    – I would love to shoot my spice rack.
    – Dark & moody photo shoot for vegetables.
    – Mastering the light & shooting in all natural light.

  • Anu Shoj

    I’ve decided to shoot veggies/fruits/something from pantry or fridge.
    Everyday prepared food to concentrate more on white balance or rustic background, which I always want to achieve in my food pics.

  • Wirat Wasinpiyamongkol

    I have decided to choose as follow:-
    First, fruits and vegetables as your suggestion above. 🙂
    Second, chocolate, since I just bought some from discount store today.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. I would like to see pictures from all of you and myself. ^^

  • Kim Morla

    Will shoot veggies and work with light as Penny de los Santos. 🙂 (or at least will try)

  • jane

    The two top food subjects I want to learn how to shoot are:
    1. Coffee
    2. Onions / bread (I can’t decide it yet >.<)

  • I plan to shoot raw fruits and veggies solo. Why? because I think they are quite beautiful!

  • Melissa Andrew

    For me, drinks especially wine and bottles are particularly hard to photograph. The other one is the messy in process ingredient shot. I struggle seeing and setting the stage.

  • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

    I would like to shoot eggs, they are easy to find and I can play around with them! I would like my picture to be interesting, appetizing and storytelling!

  • Kathy Hester

    I loved Chef Impersonator’s idea of photographing spices so I’m stealing that as one of my five 😉 I will probably add in some fresh herbs since I’m growing a few.

    Oatmeal photos are second on my list. Cold, hot, smoothie soups – anything with oats in it. I have a book coming out that I’d like to do some promos for on a few of the recipes that do not have photos.

    The third things is drinks because I’ll have a few everyday and I’m not sure how to make them look different.

  • I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from the comments so I’m going to shoot fresh veggies and berries from the farmer’s market (the dirtier and more unusual the better), the rainbow of spices I have in my cabinet, eggs in many forms and I have a blog post coming up on a London Broil. That one will be a little more challenging but I want to attempt to capture the simple beauty of the meat, with all its juices, fibers and colors.

  • Hi there!

    Here my choices all local products that are now in season, i live in La Axarquía which is an area in Málaga province in Andalusia, Spain.
    1- Almonds
    2- Grapes
    3- Tomatoes
    4- Gazpacho Beetroot
    5- Eggs
    What make them interesting for me apart from colour and shape is what they represent for the local people very attached to earth with traditional recipes many of them coming from the arabs that we still eat everyday. That is why i’ve included the Gazpacho Beetroot because is an evolution of the traditional tomato gazpacho that was drink two thousand years ago. Is not amazing?

  • lynn

    I’ve decided to shoot pizza, since I make them from scratch all the time. I also am going to shoot all the fresh veggies from my garden…Along the lines of fresh veggies, why not shoot all the ingredients that go into a healthy smoothie or omelette…

  • Mercedes Iribarne

    I will be shooting spices, dehydrated fruits and veggies and fresh fruits.

  • anselm smith

    I chose to photograph soups, cup cakes, eggs.
    I have access easy access to these foods.
    I will be shooting using natural light and reflectors.

  • I will shoot spices and fresh produce. I, like most people here, have a wide selection, and I think they provide a lot of color and texture to photos. I belong to a CSA, so I have a lot of farm-fresh produce coming in.

  • fieliana suhondo

    My top 2 are fresh fruits/veggie and baking ingredients. I want to learn to shoot white objects in white background or props.

  • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

    this made me think! I decided on:

    1) Grains. Rice (many types), quinoa (many colors), oats, barley to name a few.
    2) Produce. I eat a lot of fresh veggies & fruit, and have some veggies growing in my yard.

  • I’ve decided to take chocolate, eggs, carrots, spices, nuts and everything I will bake in this time.
    So i have flat food, and high food and bright and light colors. I also wrote down coke as a symbol for drinks because I think it’s really difficult to photograph drinks.

  • The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen

    I want to shoot Rotis as I make them everyday and spices sounds interesting.Would have loved to try it on dals but the same one next 28 days definitely no-no.

  • Deborah Mele

    My biggest challenges are shooting dark foods and very light foods, so I’ll choose almonds and oatmeal.

  • Lynne317

    I chose watermelon, plums, apples, coffee and corn

  • hi there! my favourite topics are:
    – vegetables or fruits. as a salad, or in its original shape 🙂 maybe together with some fish or meat – my blog is all about low carb food.
    – wine. but i’d prefer wine in combination with a dinner, not only the glass.
    – eggs. as an omelette or fried/scrambled eggs. my breakfast very often 🙂
    i’d like my pics to look clean and reduced, colourful – on a very light or on a dark/grey background.

  • ashamor

    Hi er’rybody!

    1. Popsicles • It’s summer and I live in Texas so I ALWAYS have popsicles. (and I think it’ll be a great challenge)
    2. Fresh berries • Something I usually have available.

    Excited to see all of your photos! Cheers

    • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

      I’ve been seeing lots of popsicle photos on Pinterest – find them irresistible! Can’t wait to see your pics.

    • Sarah Linden

      Shout out to all the Texans! Can’t wait to see those popsicles.

    • Rhashida

      Fellow Texan here too! Popsicles are sooooo refreshing! Looking forward to seeing that.

  • Rick Capstraw

    My first subject is eggs. You can prepare them many different ways which all look completely different – poached, scrambled, fried, omelet, frittata, etc. and the kids love them so they won’t go to waste.

    Second is wine and its aromas. Any detailed description of a wine always includes the flavors and aromas – blackberry, cassis, citrus, etc. I think it would be interesting to combine these in a picture. No idea how I will accomplish that composition/styling…

  • Adrienne Proctor

    My top 2 subjects are foods I love to eat and cook.
    – First would be any type of bread. I eat some type of bread at least twice a day.
    – Second is all kinds of pasta. I’m always looking for and trying new recipes and sauces.
    I have a supper club and would like to start a food blog for the members to comment on the meals. I want inviting sharp pictures which will bring back memories of the meal.

  • Silvia

    I decided: fruit/ kitchen garden/ I cooked recipe/ vegetables/ bread/ ice cream/ desserts/ products for breakfast/ spice/ herbs/tart/
    bye Silvia

  • anam bucuresti

    hello, I’ll go with fresh vegetables (tomatoes, peppers) and fruits (peaches, grapes, etc).

  • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

    I usually just photograph baked goods, but with the garden in full swing my primary subject will be fresh veggies – mostly green beans cooked and raw.

    Cookies have to be my other focus. I have trouble coming up with appealing cookie photos.

    Hopefully I’ll also be able to include cakes, biscuits, and soup.

  • shef

    MY TOP TWO: (trying to be very specific)
    1) milkshakes, namely strawberry but depending on how the course goes I’ll do different ones
    2) nectarines and bing cherries, by themselves and pure OR in different recipes if possible

  • Mukul Desai

    That is true after cooking food no one can stop me to eat, how to shoot?

    First preference is vegetarian food & Indian food

    1 – Raw fresh vegetables

    2 – Fruits & Nuts

    3 – Ice cream & Juice – or Tea (black or milk) & Biscuits

    4 – Bread pizza

    5 – salad

    Spices bottle – Oil bottle – utensils

  • My initial efforts will include some of my favorites to eat: watermelon and donuts. With the donuts, I would like to practice with high key lighting and light colored backgrounds.

  • Sreedevi Mavila

    My top choices– ingredients (like spices and oil), rice and porridge/cereal of the day.

  • Kathleen Nealon

    Mixed nuts because of the limited palette; eggs because of the shape; raw veggies for both color and details; dry beans, lentils and grains; and beverages for the translucency. Accidentally added as a reply to Jess. Then realized I should have put it here.

  • Chad Socha

    Especially since it is summertime and I do a lot of cooking my first main focus is going to be grilled foods, possibly be a combination of meats, vegetables, and possibly fruit. especially with the meat I want to get that grilled look- shine on the skin with juices running off of a steak. I want to compose the meal in a way to look natural, i.e. not just food on a plate but te whole environement (many cases where I see people utilize wood boards and such as backgrounds, etc.
    The other subject matter (though a tad more difficult to work with) is either with wine glass/bottle or possbily cocktails pending upon what I have around. In either case I would like to make it as an overall scene, i.e. glass of wine and have associated food on the side as well or in the case of a cocktail display it’d individual apsects (fruit, etc.) on the side as well.

  • Ingrid Ortiz

    I will be shooting greek yogurt, which I always have on hand. Along with greek yogurt I will also practice shooting ganache & salted caramel sauce ( I love sauce photos!!), again there are always jars of both in my fridge.

  • Angel Saucedo

    Wow im pretty jelly of how alot of you have gardens full of fresh food or a bajillion and one spices to experiment from. My top two products I decided on are:
    1) A basil tomato chicken dish and I want to convey a look of “hmmm taste me and I assure you im going to be delicious”. I want people to see the picture and automatically be interested in eating it. And I grow basil so I also want the plate to look delicious and colorful with the tomato reds and the greens of fresh picked basil leaves in a rustic type background and lighting..

    2)Cookies and milk. Personally I like to eat this cause im a huge sweets fan. I like my milk to be as cold as possible so I would like to give the image an atmosphere of refreshingness. Ice cold milk and a sweet dunkable dessert to boot! Maybe get a cookie falling into the milk to give it a fun refreshing scene. Also to practice on food placement and how to arrange all the set pieces in a scene so they all fall together perfectly to create the envisioned picture.

  • Mike

    I’m going to pick wine. Or, more to the point, glass bottles and glasses. I struggle with reflections in the glass and I’d like to eliminate them. And, then as a more fun one, steam from coffee and other hot items.

  • Nandita Shyam Sunder

    I would love to shoot, free fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, spices and last but not the least steam if I can get to do it 🙂

  • Pam

    Raw fruits and vegetables and breakfast foods (e.g. cereal, milk, coffee, tea). Ultimately I want to photograph more complex dishes but for the purposes of this exercise I understand that I need to keep things simple.

  • My list of 5 subjects:
    Fresh Vegetables – My wife is an organic gardener, and we enjoy a small variety of excellent veg and an entertaining array of insect life.
    Eggs – A classic photography subject with the additional challenge of finding a unique way of seeing them.
    Beer. A subject I am already working with on a weekly basis. Learning a new way to approach via this course will be intriguing.
    Food Prep – This is a topic I would not have been aware of if it had not been for Lesson 1. Seeing other photographers work with prep was inspirational.
    One Prepared Dish – I think a salad would be a easier to prepare, but more challenging to make it look delicious. I feel more comfortable with warm tones, so the coolness of a salad would push me out of my comfort zone.

    For my first two, let’s go with:
    One Prepared Dish – I would like to do salad. Light refreshing, crips and cool. It would be reminiscent of long summer days, lazy and relaxed.
    Fresh Vegetables – From our garden. Fresh, hand picked, healthy and nutritious. The image should say all this.

  • Sarah Linden

    I’ll stick with the recommended veggies and fruits. I always have coffee on hand, so I’ll go with that. I’d love to do bread, and seeing that I always have beer and flour, I’ll stick with beer bread. And lastly, drinks, like juice or cocktails to practice shooting liquids.

  • Bowman

    I have chosen three topics to photograph:
    1. Bread – I’ve been working on popover recipes and my husband bakes wonderful loaves. Bread is a staple in our lives. The relatively small range of color offers a good challenge.
    2. Eggs – prepared in many ways
    3. Gazpacho – I want to make a series of pictures of the ingredients, the process, and the finished soup.

  • Ami Parikh

    I will shoot:
    1) spices because I have all kinds and
    2) fruits
    3) chips and cookies

  • Creadora de Imágenes

    I choose take photos of
    1.- tea and cups of tea. I like a lot to drink tea.
    2.- veggies and fruits they are in every house

  • I would like to work on apples in a bowl or on pretty cloth and berries with granola in clear or colored glass. Simple but sometimes tricky to get right.

  • Dorothy Chen

    my 5 food subjects will be fruits, vegetables, prepared dishes at home, restaurants, or what others prepared.

  • Anibalismo

    1: I’d like to shoot ingredients before they are cooked (a la Penny De Los Santos)
    2: People portraits while they are eating.
    3: Market places.
    4: Hands while they are preparing the food.
    5: More market places 😀

  • Indrani Sen

    I will like to take phtographs of vegetables,spices and drinks(mocktails,smoothies,crushes) everything and even rice and chicken as I cook it almost everyday

  • I’m a real beginner – but would love to photograph fresh herbs and making them into herbal teas.

    • Anne Livingston

      Me too, on the fresh herbs! They are so beautiful. Awesome idea, with the herbal tea combo!

  • aPathite

    1. First I want to combine perfect (or artificial) food with imperfect (natural) food. Make the contrast as big as possible.
    2. Liquid such as water in a glass or bottle and try to create some action with it.

    3. (The making of) risotto. Focus how can I make risotto to shine on a photo.
    4. Processed food in comparison with the front of the package or the message on the package. Try to look for some fun stuff at the supermarket.
    5. Animal food (the expensive once, with the over the top white and fluffy cat) in comparison with spam and other ultra processed food for humans.

  • Ga

    1.Cookies and crackers.

  • Maryanne Donahoe

    My top 2 choices to shoot are seasonal fruits and desserts.

  • Glenda Embree

    Ice Cream and a tray of appetizers.

  • marion

    I would love to learn to shoot :
    – Chocolate (in all form), because it’s difficult for me to have very good picture with chocolate.
    – White food, same for the difficulty

  • I want to shoot coffee, as it is always available, I really like it and there are many different was to aproach.

    Second item would be raw fruits and vegetables, following the advice above. I won’t have much time, with all my three boys having summer break… But I’ll try…

    If I can find the time I would love to make a feature about quinoa, because I love to eat it. And maybe some more “super foods” like acai berries, chai seeds…

    Anyway it is already very inspiring to read all your comments!

  • Minna Herranen

    I will shoot Lemons, rootvegetables and spices, always available

  • Marina Proniakova

    I’ve chosen just a simple apple as a main object. I have some in my garden now and I often use them in my cooking prosess.
    I like most of your ideas, students! Good start for all of us and patience to Neel!

  • I am going to do berries, drinks (coffee, wine, cocktails), and might try get a shot or two of spices (You guys totally inspire…because I would never have thought to photograph spices but now it sounds almost irresistible). I have picked out specific photographs for each subject by professional photographers that I want to try to emulate to further the learning experience and use as a platform for further creativity.

  • Hennie Barnard

    Mine will be1)wine bottle and glass by the fireplace;2)Raw veggies in a bowl;3)AHamburger;$)Fish in a plate;5)Bread Cheese and coffee

  • Maike Klose

    I want to shoot icecream, as it is always tricky to take a picture of it before it melts away, and store bought or home baked cookies and/or chocolate.

  • Lynn Pennington

    I am going to try…
    1. Vegetables and Fruits
    2. Beverages – Wine, Whiskey, Beer
    3. Cookies and Brownies

  • Rafa

    I’m a day later…but Im here.

    I’m going to stick for a verey basic, tomatoes, onions, potatos. Probably some cereals, bread.
    ´Some drinks too, simple ones, juice, softdrinks… I need to buy some nice glasses.

    I have a verey bussy week, but next week I´ll go an choose some herbs.

  • Sahil Gupta

    1)i have decided to shoot dessert jar in a rustic look. will keep warm light and wooden background.

    2) Icecream. which will be give look of fine dinning.

  • Anne Livingston

    It’s been so fun reading everybody’s ideas! I thought today was day 2? Anyway! Among the rest of my list of 5-7 ingredients, I’m going to shoot:

    1) Mushrooms
    2) Fresh Herbs

    I’m so excited to do this–it was tough to choose which ingredients to shoot!

  • Chrystal M.

    I have some herbs in my garden that are ready to come out and be dried. While all green, they have various shapes and sizes that would be beautiful. This is also a project for my website. My second photo will be some bluberry donuts I made with lemon glaze. I just made these and have the photos but have not put them up on the website yet.

  • Having read the tips for choosing the subjects, my top two are TOMATOES (as they are extremely plentiful this time of the year) and CANDY (as I always have some in the cupboard).

  • Sunita Colaco Fernandes

    I have decided to shoot mushrooms and also other dishes that I post on the blog. I usually get my husband or daughter to click the pics for me. Will try to do these myself.

  • My top 2 subjects are beverages in glassware and steam coming off a plate.

    Other are white on white, a bowl of mixed rice or grains, and a bunch of utensils.

  • Oznur

    1. chocolate; I will attend a competition which is about celebration chocolates.
    2. spice or vegetables; it is easy to handle. I like cooking very much but I do not have enough time:(

  • it’s not easy to immidiately shout out: pie! but ok, as i’m not making pie every day I choose eggs, tomatoes, figs, berries … and finally bottles of homemade stuff (as I haven’t found a nice way to photograph them yet).

  • Julie @ Texan New Yorker

    My subjects are 1) fresh fruit and/or veggies (I always have something lying around), and 2) glasses of wine (always got that lying around too :))

  • Tina

    I decided to shoot (as it is stone fruit season :-))
    – yellow mirabelle plums
    – white currants
    – mirabelle tarte
    – Blueberries

    and I chose also

    – prawns
    – beetroot

    hope it works :-))

  • Nisha Sundar

    My top two for improvements are Beverages (esp cold ones) and Rice based dishes. I find these two testing my patience utmost. Also my other picks are : Cookies, Indian spice powders and lentils. Since these are my everyday utilization, I deiced to go with these.

  • StefaniaV

    For this one, I will really make use of your advice about picking simple subjects, and picking subjects that can be readily available. I won’t be at my place for all of those 30 days, so for me it will be a further challenge also to be able to choose subjects, to find the time to shoot, etc. without sometimes being able to choose the subjects, since I will visit my relatives and I will have to make the most of what will be available. So, I choose to pick fresh fruit and vegetables, and maybe 1st courses, since often in my family those are the favourites.

  • Eric

    I decided to shoot:
    – raw food and ingredients
    – fresh food on the market
    – fish and shell-fish
    – tarts, cakes, pies and pastry
    – self made pastas

    • Sue

      Oooh looking forward to seeing fish and shell-fish. Its quite expensive here.

  • Patty Hultquist

    I’ll be shooting chili peppers because I always have a variety in the garden and the fridge and I love chili peppers.
    I’ll also shoot caprese because it’s August and the tomatoes and basil are flourishing in the garden so I can have a fresh caprese salad every day.

  • Thao

    Baking ingredients and cupcakes are my two top food subjects

  • Janice Pattie

    I’m playing safe and going with Apples and crackers because they are always available in my kitchen and if I can make them look really good, then I can make any food look good.

  • Cheri

    I’m going to go with fruits and vegetables or maybe baked goods.

  • Gory James

    Raw veggies and fruits, spices and raw eggs because I love their color and their shapes.

  • káča suchá

    My subjects are: tomatos ( harvesting these days in my garden), coffee and bread with homade jam.

  • Amylia

    Mint and chocolate, both can be used in different ways during the challege

  • I agree with photographing drinks being challenging at times, and had also planned on practicing on drinks. I also have hens, so plenty of eggs, and have an herb garden outside, so I could also practice photographing herbs.

  • abhilasha

    Changing my selection…
    2. Lettuce and tomatoes
    5. uncooked/boiled pasta
    I think I can manage to arrange these at home.

  • anita menon (sliceofmylyfe)

    I have decided to shoot Lentils – cause I always, always have lentils at home since we are primarily vegetarians.
    the other subject of my photoshoot shall be eggs – cooked or as they are – Eggs because it happens to be my staple breakfast

    The other optional subjects of my photoshoot could be – garlic ( find it dramatic), cookies ( I always have them at home). Chicken breast and salad ( usually my lunch)

  • Lia Badicu

    Hi. I decided as top subjects:

    1. Lemons : cause the have such a bright color which I love seeing in photos and it will be quite the challenge to be able to use other colors along it. Plus, it gives me the sense of freshness.
    2. Sandwiches/ crostini : I eat these on a daily basis and many times I try to find new combinations.

    As other options I ‘ll go with :
    – eggs since they can be used in a variety of ways and recipes (I see the biggest challenge with scrambled eggs 🙂 )
    – nuts
    – avocado (this is something I would eat every day if it weren’t so hard to find ripe avocados in Poland )

  • Magda

    I won’t be unique in saying that I want to go for fresh fruits and veggies. Simply because they are something that’s easily available, second of all I often forget to take a shot of ingredients before creating a dish, so I actually wanted to practise it more.
    The second choice will be drinks, probably I will focus on tea, just to narrow it down. I’m not good with shooting beverages and tea is something I have access everyday.
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • flavorsandcolorsbyaparna

    I have listed out following subjects 1.Fruits and veggies 2. Beverages/Drinks 3.Dairy products 4.Almonds/Pista – Nuts 5.breakfast dish/ snacks

  • anariva95

    Hello! I pick:
    Aromatic herbs because I’ve got several in my garden and fruits because I am not sure where I’ll be these days and fruits are always available for me.

  • I would love to learn how to shoot creatively sea food, liquids or fluids (milk, honey, wine, beer) and powder ingredients (flour, super fine sugar, spices)

    To shoot I choose: rice, chocolate, fresh friut, red meat and wine

    I hope my family likes the menu 😉

  • Adry Foto Pad

    i never really done food photography so i would like to photograph 1. homemade dinners 2. vegetables, 3. fruits and crumbs and nuts , 4. beverages/drinks,, 5. ice cream and cookies …ill of everything that i can get my hands on…and add some spice and touch to it… i want to use the style of katie quinn davis sort of thinking outside the box.

  • Katherine

    Two some what general food groups that I would like to shoot are fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. I really love bright colorful photos, especially when photos make simple natural wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables look delicious just as they are. With my photos I want to make others want to just eat more whole foods and encourage healthy eating habits. So I don’t have specific fruits or vegetables that I want to shoot, but really will base it on what looks good when I am grocery shopping or what I have around my house. But no matter what I want the main focus to be on the whole food and go for more a minimalist approach to props.

  • I´m Going to Pick:

    Drinks and Desserts.

    Well, I am diabetic but I work with these items monthly.
    I like desserts because they are worshiped by most people as well as having many colors and generate a desire to eat.
    About the drinks also work weekly with various options and have studied in the case of drinks requires more technical photographic.

  • I’m planning to shoot pancakes, since I eat them for breakfast a lot, as well as fruits and vegetables. Other items on my list are popsicles, eggs, sandwiches, and spices.

  • Laura

    I’ve chosen fresh herbs, mainly because I was so taken with the image on Helene Dujardin’s website. I never realized how beautiful something so simple could be and I want to play with this concept. Simple, clean and fresh. The other might be drinks. It’s broad but I’ve played around with them a little but have trouble getting the right feeling with the drink. Each one is different and I want to figure out how to communicate that through the photo. Fun, refreshing, fruity, cool,hot, fresh etc.

  • Pallavi Roy

    I wanted to shoot fruits on white backgrounds and drinks such lemonade, mock tails to get that melting ice feeling.
    The two main subjects that are of my interest are white on white and how to shoot drinks.I struggle with the yellowish tinge in my white photos and also with drinks i struggle with my overall drink it doesn’t show its true hues that are readily seen by eye.The challenge in both the cases could be my lighting and that is what my target is to learn how to place my reflector,diff-user.

  • Mark Hesketh

    Cocktails and fresh fruit I think are going to be easier to do consistently over 30 days for me…certainly doesn’t have to rely on my cooking and food styling skills this way which are not the best!

  • Divya Shivaraman

    I have decided to choose the below subjects…

    Got to learn the techniques of using light and shooting pictures drool worth 🙂

  • Karen Waples

    I have thought that I will include berries, chocolate and desserts. As each of these are some of my favourite foods to eat and shoot

  • Jayasri Ravi

    I would like to say
    1, Breads & Cakes
    2, Spices, Nuts & dry fruits
    3, Beverages
    4. Cold desserts
    5. Salads / vegetables / fruits
    Being a food blogger & I always cook 3 to 4 dishes sometimes more than that in a day I would definitely like to try out & learn how to photograph each one of them
    I am so looking forward to this

  • suryagoc

    I choose
    1. vegetables – market bought vegetables in full or chopped ones
    2. pasta – both cooked and uncooked pasta.

  • My plan is to photograph a variety of raw foods (peppers, onions, spices, eggs, etc) and follow up with an image of the finished dish (casserole, pizza, etc) to create a sort of before and after diptych.
    First, I would like to focus on those vegetables and fruit alone – close-ups, abstract, dramatic – and really bring out a different feeling for each photo.

  • Elena

    I want to shoot bread in various combination because i think that the bread is full of life and it is every day on my table.
    I like very much fruits and raw vegetables, they have many challenging colors.
    I will be shooting crepes because they are my son’s favorites and I prepare them often.
    And the last but not the least beef because it looks very elegant on the plate.

  • Sharon

    Hi all,

    I’m going to focus on Smoothies as I usually make one every day, and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

  • Heather

    I want to shoot home canned food and muffins. I want to bring that lazy sunny morning feel to muffins and the cozy homey feel to home canned food.

  • strawberries & oreos because both have interesting textures and are simple

  • Dina Hassan

    I’ve chosen 1) raw fruits and vegetables 2) nuts

  • I’ve chosen fruits, specifically in a smoothie since I drink one almost daily. I’ve also chosen vegetables as ingredients, since I work with them regularly.

  • Todd

    I’m going to choose 1. Lunch and 2. Seeds, nuts and grains.

  • Marko

    I am thinking about shooting spices (top coment made me think about that). I also have a big collecton of spices and they are available to me every day. The other thing would be fruit. It’s summer over here, I have watermellons, peaches, apples, figs, blackberries, bananas, pears, and lots of others. I can easily get to them and I use (eat lol) them every day. So, that’s what im choosing 🙂

  • Leslie

    I brainstormed at lunch & made this exercise harder than it
    should have been. Not sure if I was able to record my first assignment
    yesterday. Another matter all together. Some of the ideas I wanted to
    brainstorm are variations of the potato, Christmas cookies, milk,
    peanut butter & jelly sandwich, cheese & crackers, fried rice,
    butter, strawberries, buffet, rootbeer float, groceries, multi-layered
    cake, avocado, nuts, candy dish, vending machine, watermelon, pinto
    beans, donuts, spaghetti.

    I really really liked the idea of variations of a potato, but I will go back to that some other time.

    I chose:
    Milk- I want the photograph to depict cool, delicious & I have to drink it even if I’m lacto-intolerantButter-
    I thought this one would be lots of fun. you can slice it, make
    butterballs, melt it, etc. I want the photograph to say, butter is the
    only option for everything.
    Rootbeer float- Tomorrow is National
    Rootbeer Float day; it’s an alternative I’d like to say yummy! And when
    you look at the picture & someone were to ask you what comes to
    mind: frothy

  • Since my garden is bursting with tomatoes, that seems like a logical first choice. My second probably eggs…not exciting. Cocktails are also another idea I was noodling on, maybe because I could use one right now.

  • I’ll try Modern Filipino dishes

  • Sharon Ann Snowdon

    I’m going to photograph my smoothies. I have one almost every day and it will be interesting to shoot them in different lights, different shaped glasses and different staging to keep the pictures interesting. Plus I’d like to photograph the ingredients – leafy greens, fruits (particularly berries), nuts and seeds.

  • Dr Barb, Nutrition Budgeteer

    I am choosing fruits and vegetables. I will be going on vacation in a few days without access to a kitchen, so I plan to take photos of the food I order in restaurants which is usually salads.

  • frannybolsa

    Eggs, tomatoes, toast and butternut squash. Because I know I’ll be eating them a lot this month.

  • J Mosely

    1. Juicing fruits/vegetables – I juice a few times a week and would love to capture some of the different fruits and vegetables with their varying textures, colors, and shapes.

    2. Beef short ribs – Smoked beef short ribs are ridiculously delicious. Now it would be great to make them look as good as they taste.

  • mezcalito

    I will be photographing cooking ingredients: different flour for color and textures, spices, eggs, dried fruits, nuts, fruits and vegetable.

  • I would like to shoot my plated meals and wine. My blog is about what I am cooking for my family. I take the photos before I let them dive into the meals. My husband makes wine and I would like to chronicle his progression in wine making as well.

  • I’m going to shoot fruits and veggies and tacos. Figure that fruits and veggies are generally readily available and I love tacos and they’re pretty easy to make on the fly.

  • Elana

    I’m shooting tomatoes and onions, two things that are pretty much always in my fruit bowl. Also smoothies. It’s summer time and I live on smoothies. I’m interested in learning how to make the pictures light and airy and convey motion. I’m interested in learning new ways to set up a shot, since all my best ones are done from the same angle. Lucky for me, I just moved to a new place with amazing light all day long 🙂

  • Shruti J

    Entities in my list are:
    – My cup of tea (I’m a big time tea lover and I keep trying different flavors all the time)

    – Indian Spices (A spice girl can’t think of anything more than that – I have a big drawer full of Indian spices only)

  • Jessica

    My top 1 are strawberries (or other berries) because I did a shot the other other day that happened to be nice but was more a result of chance. I also got feedback that the lighting wasn’t proper so I would like to learn to put something simple into the centre but make it look good and special.
    I am torn for the 2nd pick: I would love to do a prepared dish so liked Chef Impersonators left-over idea that as mentioned I might steel if she is ok with it. Just because I don’t get to cook everyday a simple broth or soup could be my alternative. I am really tempted to work on something that needs to be plated properly but am not sure if I am overwhelming myself.
    My other thought was cheese because it could be a dish in itself with bread, crackers etc. but also an ingredient. And I always have cheese in the house.
    For both top 2 alternatives I would like to learn more about composition and creating certain moods and ambiances.
    Any thoughts or feedback anyone?

  • Maggie

    Hi, everyone. I will choose ingredients that are not difficult to find in my kitchen.
    Things that are available in a daily basis which I’d like to shoot:
    1) Fruits / vegetables: usually the’re in hand;
    2) Dry ingredients: sugar, coffee, flour, nuts
    3) Herbs/spices: I do have some of them in handy.

  • I have photographed many wine festivals, so concentrating on wine photography would be one and cheese and crackers goes with wine, so that is my second choice.

  • Susan Augustine

    Items on my list include:
    1. Caprese salad with balsamic reduction (something I attempted several weeks ago but the basil didn’t look very fresh)
    2. Fresh veggies (asparagus, broccoli, rainbow carrots…)
    3. A pie (preferably peach from my local farm stand)
    4. Fresh fruit
    5. Kale chips (I love them and kale is plentiful this time of year)

  • Kim Porter

    1. I plan to shoot something like a wine/cheese board. Something I love to eat, something that can be artfully set up, and something I can make subtle changes to easily.

    2. A salad! I want to try to make it seem really fresh, and enticing – something I don’t always FEEL about lettuce! 🙂

  • Paul Gooder

    I’m going to take a two step approach to this course. I live across the street from a small shopping center that has a great Mexican restaurant. I talked to the owner today while eating lunch and he needs some food photos done. Great huh? Here’s the problem, he’s going on vacation in a week or so and I’m going to Vegas in two weeks for a few days. We are going to reconnect at the end of August and at that time I will be concentrating on Mexican food. Until then I need a subject so I’m going to shoot breakfasts. I’m doing this because I’m retired and have plenty of time in the morning to do this plus my wife sleeps in so I won’t have to worry when I take over the kitchen! I figured this would give me some options with eggs, cereals, toast.coffee, etc.

  • Katherine Kasten

    I want to shoot… healthy eating so fruits and veggies and fish. The fish will challange me to purchase and prepare more and the veggies will be from my garden. I will also have to go to the farmers market for this which I rather enjoy photographing.

  • Tania Knight

    I’ve decided to shoot eggs, as I have chooks so have an abundance of eggs. Also cakes I need to cook cupcakes tonight for a child’s homework!

  • John Vaillancourt

    I’m going to focus on baking ingredients – flour, eggs, butter, etc. and some finished products. Some will be my own creations and others will be store-bought and made appealing with other prepared or homemade accompaniments. I’ve always got the ingredients on hand and I’ll have time on the weekends to make something a little more ambitious.

  • Charles

    Pristine fish and seafood as they pertain to the coastal Mid Atlantic region of the U.S.
    Crabs, oysters and clams, lobsters and all types of the freshest fishes, from water to plate.

  • Rhashida

    My top 2 picks:
    A glass of water… Using a variety of glasses( dinner, wine, etc.)
    Honey. I love the amber color and how sticky sweet it is. I would like to show a contrast of the warmth of the honey, to a cooler background ( just thinking out loud).

  • diana frias ezcurra

    Top subjects:
    1. pintxos/tapas
    2. hot and cold drinks

  • laurie

    My top two food photography subjects are cake and marshmallows.

    I will leave my options open to strawberries, cake ingredients,
    chocolate and ingredients for truffles and if pressed for time, I may opt for
    take-out. Looking forward to this!

  • I want to photograph –

    Beverages in glassware
    Food preparation such as tossing salad, chopping veggies, whisking batter
    Fresh produced

    I want to take pictures in dark settings but highlight the food, meaning I want learn to take moody pictures

  • JoDee

    I listed 6 subjects, but my two top choices are chocolate and sparkling water. I want the chocolate to be rich and dark, with big chunks…very decadent. I haven’t tried beverages yet, so I want to do the sparkling water (maybe with fruit) to play with backlighting and condensation on glassware for something very cold. I have read that it can also be challenging to shoot ice, as it can look cloudy.

  • Thiago Cardoso

    My two choices are Candies and Organic carrots. I want to learn how to arrange different candies to compose a picture that resembles the childhood, in contrast, I want to compose carrots with some soil or other stuff that gives the idea they’re recently harvested, but they are ok to eat.

  • Raia Torn

    I would really like to learn how to photograph drinks (smoothies, etc.), and soups – I’m terrible at them.

  • Fresh produce – fruit and vegetables, since it is summer after all and we have them in abundance. And drinks, both hot and cold. I can never seem to quite capture the essence of drinks, and they are challenging subjects.

  • Anbarasu T

    I will be shooting Tomato, Chillies (Red/Green).

  • Sandy

    The two subjects I chose are vegetables and fruits/smoothies. I just love my veggies and fruits.

  • turmericnspice

    Fresh produce
    Cooked food or left overs

  • can someone send me the link to Lesson One PLEASE?? I’ve asked Neel for it and still don’t have it. TIA.

  • I like the baking ingredient theme…but I think maybe I’ll just work off of what’s in my pantry. Without having Lesson One I feel a bit behind…. so I’ll just “make do” from here forward.

  • Patrick

    1. Beer and liquors.
    2. fish
    (3. baked goods 4. berries 5. chocolate )

  • surabhi

    i will shoot fresh produce from farmers market and as i am learning to bake so some baked goods.

  • Connie Kays-Gordon

    I have some new dishes going on my dinner delivery menu for my business. I will be photographing those as well as some of the yummy veggies I am harvesting from my garden. The cabbage is amazing looking and the different varieties of kale I have coming in are a riot of color.
    1. Paleo Granola
    2. Curried Chicken with Grilled Summer Veggies
    3. Black Tiger Prawns with Tomato, Oregano and Feta
    4. Energy Bars with Quinoa, Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Fruit and Flax
    5. Cabbage and Kale from my garden.

  • thefreshmancook

    I plan to use eggs and cupcakes. I will make a batch of cupcakes, but use different frostings and decor. The eggs I think will be interesting, cooked and uncooked, even deviled. and some with meals.

  • Ileana Calero

    I choose, onion and pepper bell chopped, to capture texture. Also bread, because i would like to get better light in this kind of object.

  • Robin Martin

    I love craft beer and it varies from color clarity and taste. To show others the variety and color of beer can make it more appealing. I also love chocolate , so something chocolate would be fun because there are many different colors shapes and types of chocolate.

  • Stephanie Elie

    My list of items include Popsicles, cupcakes, pineapple, cookies, grilled chicken, pasta, health bars, macaroons, chicken wings, pasta, chipotle, fruit basket, cheese and crackers. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to focus on just one subject but I’ll give it a try.

    Pasta – I hope to convey a satisfying family dinner, I can see a used dinner table with wine, eaten bread and pasta.

    Popsicles – I hope to convey a fun warm summer day that brings the viewer back to their childhood.

    Chicken Wings – I hope to convey a night out with friends or at home with friends relaxing with appetizers and pretty drinks.

    Fruit bowl – I hope to convey a moment of tranquility and health, fruit is sweet and good for you.

    Chipotle – We eat chipotle at least once a week I hope to convey spicy and fun. For me it reminds me of family dinner night.

  • Nirmiti C

    2 of the 5 items I am choosing are:

    – Mango sorbet – I love it, love the color, and always have some in the freezer!
    – Spices – Colors, textures – would love to experiment photographing them individually and as a group to create a desire to want to cook!!

  • I am planning to shoot fruits desserts, because I love to eat them, on the weekends I will shoot breakfast, because I always make big one, and BBQ dishes, because that is what I eat all summer.

  • Stephanie Elie

    My list of items include Popsicles, cupcakes, pineapple, cookies, grilled chicken, pasta, health bars, macaroons, chicken wings, pasta, chipotle, fruit basket, cheese and crackers.

    Pasta – I hope to convey a satisfying family dinner, I can see a used dinner table with wine, eaten bread and pasta.

    Popsicles – I hope to convey a fun warm summer day that brings the viewer back to their childhood.

    Chicken Wings – I hope to convey a night out with friends or at home with friends relaxing with appetizers and pretty drinks.

    Fruit bowl – I hope to convey a moment of tranquility and health, fruit is sweet and good for you.

    Chipotle – We eat chipotle at least once a week I hope to convey spicy and fun. For me it reminds me of family dinner night.

  • I’m a food blogger and a stay at home mom. I cook from scratch at least twice a day, so I’ll be photographing breakfast food such as cereal in a bowl, fruits, vegetables, pasta, plated dinners.

  • Vladislava Dikan

    I’m going to shoot tomatoes and coffee

  • Ana Bella

    My subjects:
    1. Eggs – I tend to eat eggs for breakfast so it’s readily available.
    2. Fruits/Veggies I use for making juices or smoothies
    3. Salads – I usually eat a salad at least once a day to get my daily greens intake in
    4. Whatever other dishes I make – I’m a cook so I enjoy playing around with new dishes but it varies every week

  • Laura Cristina Delgado Montoya

    Hi everyone!

    I chose hot beverage like (or tea bags) and spices. I would like to experiment with colors and textures, besides I love them and I have plenty of options in my kitchen.

  • Meghan

    Meghan’s subjects (top 2)
    1. ice water – living in the desert I can appreciate a simple glass of ice water, maybe infused with herbs or fruit. Refreshing!
    2. salads – I am looking to capture fresh, vibrant colors – different textures available from all the ingredients.
    My other ideas: eggs, smoothies or milkshakes, fruits and veggies.

  • RicardoRuizSal

    I will give you my 5.
    Raw fruit
    Raw vegetables
    Mexican Tamal

  • RicardoRuizSal

    oh… coffe too. to have am extra option

  • Blue

    I’ve decided to shoot small clay pot. Some curry/juice in clay pot. And wine glass. I can just pour some fresh colored water and take photos in my garden.
    And almonds, honey and sometime any dish prepared at home. Fruits and vegetables as well which are readily available.

  • Cathryn McKinnon

    I create raw desert recipes and always have a few different kinds in the fridge or freezer, they are usually very brown as they are made with nuts or cacao etc, so will be great to learn how to add colour etc to make them look more appealing. I’m also going to shoot raw veg/fruit…can’t wait to start!

  • Hi , I’d love to shoot Ice and fish !! And then eggs, bread , drinks and rice will be on list.

  • Prachi

    I will take photos of
    Daily meals: Dal Roti Rice and Curry
    Raw vegetable
    Raw ingredients such as jaggery, whole spices and thngs

  • Jedha

    I always have loads of fresh veggies available so I choose any number of what might be available – carrot, cauliflower, zuchinni, kale, lettuce, tomato, brocolli. They are a few of the most common things on hand.

    I will also like to shoot whatever I have for lunch. I work from home and that will be the perfect time for me to shoot images uninterrupted 🙂

  • CMcD

    Two of the foods I’d like to shoot are avocados and pickled anchovies. Both are foods that I love. I’d also like to learn how to shoot pizza, eggs, meat and fruit.

  • Aya

    I have decided to shoot tomatoes, as it is a very important ingredient in the Mediterranean culture and the way to prepare them are endless, as is the variety in colours, shape and form. Also I have decided to shoot different types of spreads, either salty of sweet.

  • eggs and milk

  • Rima Kleiner, MS, RD

    As a dietitian, I’m going to go with vegetables as my subject. I need some inspiration making them look mouth-watering.

  • ashwini

    I would like to click real and yummy pictures of the day to day food we cook….breakfast items like idli disa poha ; lunch like rice eith rasam/sambar/curry; items from my eggless baking experiments like cookies/cakes ; raw veggies. nit just the food but would like to ensure the plating is right as well

  • Rosemary

    I have decided to shoot fresh vegetables from the garden, I am living in Italy so I get together with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and we grow some amazing veggies. Looking forward to seeing everyones photos.

  • Christina Pinheiro

    Whatever breakfast and dinner I cook along with tomatoes, eggs, brinjal, chillie, my cup of tea and juice / drinks

  • Indre

    I think I will take potatoes, as I have them fresh 🙂

  • Michelle Ordonez

    I have a lot of food in mind, but what i really like to shoot is something that’s very colorful. Here’s my top 5.
    1. Ice cream or any other desserts.
    2. Cocktail Drinks
    3. Fruits and veggies
    4. Candies
    5. Coffee
    I wanted to learn how to make it more realistic, delicious and yummy that when you see it, you want to eat it. I also wanted the colors to come out in all my photo without the help of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Laura

    Hallo, everybody:-)
    I have made my mind to take:

  • sahil arora

    I would like to shoot Oranges, Pasta,leafy vegetables, breads as all of them have different textures and all of them can be made to create different stories.

  • Jan Chin

    I would like to shoot home baked desserts or bread as I love to bake. The second subject which I like to pick is dishes that I prepared or cooked daily. As a back up, in case I’m not baking or cooking, I would like to shoot fruits.

  • tchilders

    The two things I would like to get right are vegetables (both single color and multi-color) and a dinner place setting with steak and whatever side dishes are done that day. I’m torn between trying to get the shot of food prep and food completed. But I suppose I could do both, couldn’t I.

  • Jen Haugen, RD,LD

    My photo subjects: food from my garden. Zucchini, sweet corn, fresh berries, tomatoes and eggs.

  • Slav Avramov

    I will shoot milk products/yogurt and fruits/vegetables, because they are accessable and can find them always. Also i do not cook very often. And the bulgarian yogurt is different (the original one 😉 )
    My 3rd option is soups, ’cause if i prepare something – it is soups and i’d like to photograph exactly this in future.

  • – Cookies – I am currently trying several recipes for cookies, so I’ll try to create a comfortable home environment, daily life

    – Fruit (fruit salad?) – I represent a refreshing scenery, healthy

  • ONE.

    I feel like I’m pretty solid when I have the time to really plan my shot, set up my scene, and revolve around my tripod taking incrementally different shots.. whole ‘nother story when it comes to in-the-moment shots! Since I’m on vacation, now would be the time to try shooting food “out”, food I didn’t prepare, lighting I can’t control.


    Eggs (whole). I feel like eggs can take one so much personality and would love to explore what I could do with them. I adore the Danish still life-style food photography I’ve seen every so often and would love to setup a still life like that, deep shadows and dark backgrounds, very still and soft. I’d also like to go the other way and go bright and soft yet rustic. I flirted with this idea when I did a macarons photoshoot but wasn’t 100% happy with the results. I’d like to focus on eggs as the star, prompting a bit of mystery as to what the use could be, as there are so many!

  • Krystallia Giamouridou

    Since I will be travelling a lot these days, I have decided to shoot –>
    1. ”Breakfast” which has a wide range of recipes, ingredients, etc… On the other hand breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a good ”start-up” that makes your mood. For example a bowl of traditional Greek yogurt mixed with oatmeal and nuts, a large glass of fresh orange juice. So, I definitely want my breakfast to look like refreshing, light and healthy!
    2. Fruits and vegetables. Hopefully I will be able to cook or even take some good shots when I pic them raw from the farmer’s market. Those two will provide to my photos texture, colour, taste, memories. The crucial point for me will be to act quickly in order to avoid whithering food photos, plus I won’t be home so my decoration and prop choices will be limited…

  • Marta Ce

    I’ve decided to shoot drinks and any meal I have out while on holidays or with my friends. I don’t have much time to cook at the moment but I’ve always loved taking pics of those drinks I have during the weekend in a nice terrace for example

  • Michelle Ferrand

    My top two pics for are some small quesadillas and a cucumber, onion, and tomato salad.

    The quesadillas will be the spicy chipotle quesadillas that I recently took for my blog. I really like the suggestion of using something that I recently took so I can see how much I have grown. I don’t love the quesadilla photo I currently have. It doesn’t have enough of the feeling of party appetizer that I would have liked. So now I have the chance of changing it up!

    Secondly, I think the salad will be simple for me to throw together and the colors will be super nice. Then I can eat the salad for dinner after taking the photos!

  • gail

    I have a vegetable garden with a little lemon tree full of lemons – so fresh vegetables and lemons and whatever I create with them.

  • SFolino

    Wine being poured from a bottle into a wine glass.
    Filled wine glass in the foreground with an open wine bottle in the mid ground.

  • My first choice would be to shoot fruits and vegetables, as they are easily available. I have a food blog and just starting my own business with homemade cakes, so I would like to learn more about shooting desserts. So, my second choice would be cakes, as I bake something sweet almost every day.

  • Nguyen Anh Quang

    eggs , vegetables , beef , pork , spaghetti dish , this is 5 subjects what i think

  • Fresh vegetables, drinks

  • Katie Arkenberg

    I have decided to shoot fresh fruits and nuts because I always have them on hand. I typically shoot in the early evening because it’s the only time I have free on the weekdays, but I am trying to make more of a commitment to photograph on the weekends when I can take advantage of more natural daylight.

  • Jennifer

    I’d like to shoot simple ingredients…baby carrots, hardboiled eggs, spices, coffee, pistachios and maybe 1 plate from dinner this week.

  • Joolz

    I’m going to try sauteed kale w/ lemon and white pizza

  • 1. Fresh fruit and veggies
    2. Cookies
    3. Drinks
    4. Main courses

  • Marinel Romana

    My subjects would be :
    1. raw veggies
    2. dates
    3. nuts
    4. breads
    5. fruits

  • Jason Mountier

    I have been trying to take photos of dishes I have cooked but always find the timings tough (food to setup, shoot then eat) before things get cold so opting for raw ingredients is going to be great.

    I think I would like to tackle my cupboard staples;

    Fresh salad items

    I’m also keen on photographing yoghurt with fruit too to get a real contrast of light as an added challenge

  • rehab elbarody

    1- Fresh fruit and vegetables

    2 – Liquids such as soups and stews and drinks .

  • Raquel Bernácer

    HI everybody!!

    as I’m on holidays and will be traveling around during few days, I’ve decided to take pictures of my holidays food (from restaurants or prepared at home) and all the raw food I’ll encounter during these days (from markets, fruit trees, gardens…) 🙂


  • The list of subjects I will probably be shooting during this course:

    1. Fruits and Veggies (as a main, because is quick and easy)
    2. Sandwiches or Salads (for those days that I have a little more time)
    3. Smoothies (for those days that I feel like drinking a healthy energy-charged smoothie and off course that I feel to wash dishes because it gets a little messy with my oldy blender)
    4. Healthy Vegan Cinnamons (I’m gonna make some for my mom’s craves for sweet things)
    5. Any dessert I decide to make during the month

    *Probably I’m going to be shooting lots of fruits and veggies, hahaha.

    Priscilla (August 8, 2014)

  • Cindy

    1. Herbs – I have a big herb garden and lots sitting inside the house both dried and fresh.
    2. Seeds – I have lots of seeds I have collected from my veggie garden too. I hope these are not difficult subjects?

  • My two subjects are…
    1) Spices : I love to cook food from around the world and one of the photos I loved most in the first assignment was Penny De Los Santos’s photo of spices. I loved how it looked natural but was obviously staged. I want to be able to do that and to create a feeling of exotic faraway lands and exciting flavours.

    2) Sweet pickled peppers : I always have a jar of homemade pickled peppers in my fridge. I want to be able to create a photo that suggests how tasty they are, adding extra zing to many dishes and are very easy to make. I also want to learn how to photograph glass jars without having horrid reflections of myself, or my kitchen in the photo.

  • Carolina

    I’d like to shoot my dinners, I cook them fresh every night and I’d love to photograph them better. Is that too broad a subject, considering I don’t necessarily know what I’ll have in advance, i.e. can be fish one day, pasta, the other, etc. Thanks

  • So I cheated and read the comments first….I’m thinking nuts would be simple and repeatable for a daily practice routine. Also leftovers is a great idea, since we always have them in my house 🙂

  • I’d like to shoot my homemade pizza, in it’s rustic, crusty, yet delicate form.
    As well, eggs.
    A cocktail
    Freshly foraged mushrooms

  • SK

    Decided to photograph anything that gets consumed at Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, either cooked at home or ordered for delivery. Looking forward to some celebrations where there will be plenty of food.

  • I’ve decided to shoot the following 5 subjects:
    1) Eggs
    2) Apples
    3) Leftovers
    4) Bell Peppers
    5) Mushrooms

    These are things that I cook with or have every day so they are readily available and I think I can make them look interesting and appetizing.

  • I’ve decided to shoot desserts (the ones I bake, as well as store bought, for the days that I don’t have anything baked).
    I also have decided to shoot the food I cook for my healthier lifestyle challenge. I believe I’ve chosen these two mainly because I have a passion for desserts (and that’s what my blog is about). So, I would like to convey they message that these are great, easy, made from scratch recipes that anyone can make as well as they are equally delicious.

    My “lifestyle change” food is my own personal food challenge to not just learn to shoot desserts but also savory food. As well as making healthier foods look easy and great.

  • Roz

    I selected the following 5 food items: EGGS, FISH, LEMONS, PEACHES and RADISHES

  • I made up my list, but they all boil down to stuff that doesn’t present much contrast, like pasta, or shooting discrete amounts of a food, like a slice of pizza.

  • Last year I chose muffins, and it was quite easy to have a few muffins on hand daily in the month of April. However, it’s summer here in Ohio–and sometimes too hot to turn on the oven!
    I’m going to select tomatoes and sandwiches as my primary subjects.
    I do not wish to get into artistic ‘ingredient’ photography, my goal is to improve the photos of plated meals, but I’ll have tomatoes handy and if I don’t have time to fix a meal–a bunch of tomatoes it is.

  • Frode Breimo

    I was about to make things difficult for myself, by picking only things I’d have to make, but thankfully I read the tips and comments from other participants, so my top two will be
    – Spices
    – Fresh fruits and berries

    The other three are
    – Smoothies
    – Homemade pies, tarts, pastries and baked goods
    – Bread and sandwiches

  • Trigirl

    My two chosen subjects are kefir (because it is sitting on my kitchen bench all the time) and smoothies (which I have for breakfast every day!)

  • ikve

    Fruits and vegetables. And maybe some drinks or sweets if I come across or make any.

  • I’d like to shoot gluten free breads since that is a required dietary change I am adjusting to. I want them to look like delicious abundance and not like tasteless deprivation.

    I would also like to photograph ingredients for vegetable dishes beautifully arranged.

  • Katriina Mueller

    I’m going to shoot my veggie/fruit bowl – there is always a pumpkin or two in it along with a few fruit specimens (and the bowl looks cool) and like Virginia, spices and fresh herbs. The textures, colours and contrast is what I want to develop.
    My back ups will be potato chips – again, there is generally a snack size bag available and food made for my food blog.

  • mmoy

    I drink a green smoothie almost every day so that’s subject #1. It’s hard to make smoothie photos interesting and not super staged. For my second subject, I want to go a completely different direction and photograph my son eating and cooking. He’s 6.

  • Kim Chua

    I choose to shoot fruits and vegetables. I would like to use this as a hand in hand effort to choose to eat healthier.

  • Sorry i’m late on this one. I am going to shoot chargrilled asparagus and a selection of petit fours.

  • Out of my list of 7, my top two subjects would be daal (Indian lentils) and food spread. Feelings that I want to evoke with a picture of daal – warmth, home, healthy, can be high or low key . Feelings that I want to evoke with a food spread – sumptuous, action, remember meals with big groups, remember travel (have elements that fix that this is food from a certain place to remind viewers of when they saw other elements that belonged to the place on a food table)

  • Helen Zvinchuk

    Hi from Ukraine!
    I’ve decided to shoot veggies and berries.
    I would also like to shot icecream), wine and meat)

  • automnetorte

    I’m catching up on this currently. I think I will shoot spices, a dessert of chocolate cake/stewed cherries/brown butter-sage ice cream, and farro salad with a poached egg.

  • Lizzy | Kitchen Nomad

    I’m going to shoot fruits and veggies as I always have them available. It’s also a good incentive to continue stocking up at the farmers market. Plus, I find nature’s bounty during the summer eye catching.

  • Liz

    1- Peppers because I use every day I like the texture and variety of colors.

    2 Grains of different colors also the everyday consumer and there is great variety in color and can be prepared in multiple ways.

  • I have some problems with shooting drinks. So it would be super if I can get better at this.
    Also I would like to shoot moodier photos…I still have a long way in this field. for this i can choose any food…from basic ingredients up to complex dishes.

  • I just cheated b/c I think one of my subjects will be herbs and spices as this person below me suggested. I am out of town away from my own kitchen for the next week but I know everyone has spices….(I have herbs so want to add that too). Also I am choosing potatoes, and tomatoes as well as cucumbers (available while I am away and at home). My last item of choice is a finished plate of food. I have to do this for my job and need to make my plates look a little better!.

  • Hello dear friends. I am a little behind with the lessons, as now we are in Greece for our holiday. It was complicated to use the internet to post photos, but today I’m lucky 😉 One of my subject will be drinks, and the second one finished plates.

  • Franglais Kitchen

    I will take pictures of a cake, a vegetarian meal, a meat dish, a drink and a collection of vegetables from the fridge

  • jillrapley

    Have some freer days coming up this week – to catch up. I plan on shooting vegetables, fruit, nuts.

  • Katriina Mueller

    I will be shooting raw meat and finished dishes.

  • Nicole Simmons

    I have decided to shoot fresh fruit and vegetables since I don’t cook everyday and eat out often.

  • hcr

    I choose to shoot fruits and biscuits or cookies.

  • Yuli Saputra

    I will shoot Egg, vegetables, my daughter’s lunch box.

  • I have decided to go for “Oranges” and “Garlic heads”. I took oranges because we have fresh oranges at home for juice, salads or just for taking as a fruit after any meal. We love garlic in Spain and I love photographing it.

  • Bernadette Martin

    Produce, because I have tons of it from my garden and CSA.

  • lilka

    Hello …
    I choose to subjects
    1. juices because they really have nice and fresh colors for summer time.
    2.ice cream .

  • Cecilia

    I’m recipe testing a variety of foods, and will photograph what I have on hand that day. But I will pick produce and drinks as the top two as they are easy to come by. Since it’s summer, market produce is abundant and I have some from my garden too. In the case that I’m feeling lazy, my fall back plan is to photograph sparkling water or a cup of coffee, since I always have that on hand.

  • I am going to shoot drinks because I find them to be challenging for me and then cheeses and produce because I have them on hand all the time:).

  • I am picking raw veggies and raw meats. I like to cook for my family so I think this will be easy for me to do. I have never taken shots of raw meats so this will challenge me. I love raw veggies because they have so much texture in them. I want the challenge of capturing the texture. My fall back subjects are spices and coffee.

  • Sergio

    I am busy these days and just I managed to start the course now, the course seems fantastic, I am sorry for this and I thank Neel for this opportunity. I will be on holidays in the french riviera for the next week traveling around, so I will be focused on those excellent fresh products available on markets in the area, the drinks in the bars or the local food. My choice for the next lessons are going to be the easy and quick: drinks ( espressos in transparent glasses, bar drinks, wines) and raw vegetables or fresh fruits, I may add some breads, eggs, cutlery and napkins to create a sort of still life compositions.

  • Nancy H

    1. I will photograph the following subjects: (I will be preparing the chicken later in the week so the first four
    subjects will create a theme and flow together.)

    a. Root vegetables on a cutting board

    b. Preparation of chicken and root vegetables

    c. Roasted chicken with cooked root vegetables

    d. Raw fruits and vegetables

    e. Plated meal

    f. Tomatoes and a caprese salad

    2. I want the look to be that:

    a. Of an old kitchen – maybe farmhouse?

    b. Sidewalk bistro

    c. Old world dining place setting

  • Peter Block

    I cook every weekend but picked subjects that I know I have handy. My two main subjects will be fruit & veggies.

  • Zane Sproge

    I really took my time to decided what to photograph as I am always in a huge rush and after daily job – tired. So, I will try my best to take a shots of cups with liquids (My boyfriend is big coffee lover, so I will try to capture steam and foam of freshly made coffee), as well as breakfast – this could be a challenge to eat breakfast sandwich every morning (sometimes I like to skip the meal, what is not the best thing…). In the worst case, I will capture pasta. 10min and it’s ready 😀
    Just like everyone of us, I want to make tasty photos, photos which you makes think – oh, I don’t know what is that, but it has to be something tasty! Real, not un-naturally clear photos. I want to make my photos true, like I see it. If I see fresh, juicy fruit, I want to capture it in photo where everyone can see – yes, it’s really juicy, it has to be very tasty!

  • Jacqueline

    My top two: I am in the process of collecting recipes for a blog I want to start so I have been going to the farmers market once a week. What I find there is so gorgeous that I woud love to have an excuse to photograph it. I feel as if this is alost a bit of a cheat — it all looks so nice how can I NOT take great photos, but more likely this just raises the bar on how good my pictures need to be… The only potential problem is that the farmers market closest to me is only there once a week. I would like to say I would travel if necessary but I have a day job. So this will require some planning.

    The other subject is soup. Right now I am involved in developing some cold soup recipes. In the fall I will be making hot soup simply because I like it. So I should always have subject around, although not necessarily the same kind of soup. I suspect that it’s hard to photograph and that it sometimes needs a fair amount of staging to look nice. Many soups are sort of monochromatic, a lot of them are shades of beige. I think this is a fun challenge.

  • Preethi Krishnan

    For the assignments, this would be my list of subjects:
    1) Mushrooms
    2) A melange of veggies – Onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes
    3) Garlic
    4) Liquids
    5) Doughnuts

    And the top 2 that I would love learning more on how to shoot would be Garlic and Liquids.

  • Smitha

    Top 2 – Everyday meals and Ingredients

  • cathy n

    raw fruits and vegetables, composed salads, smoothies and drinks

  • Zaneta

    Raw veggies, coffee, mini dishes made out of the food that we cook

  • Fruits, vegetables, a breakfast scene with coffee and toast, fresh drinks, easter eggs.

  • stéphanie rault

    I have a hot chocolate post that is on my do to list. And can one really have too much hot chocolate? I also could sub in coffee from time to time. A nice latte mousse is something I would like to capture.

    Also, fresh eggs are always a thrill. Especially with the vibrant egg yolk color of these. They make up for great pictures!

    Finally, i want ta bake (and photograph) a quiche.

    I guess I do have a breakfast thing going on!

  • KathyS

    Ingredients for any recipe and baked goods are the subjects I want to work with. I’m hoping to learn to create a feeling of warm familiarity with the subjects that make people comfortable trying a new recipe.

  • Patti

    I would like to learn how to shoot fruits, vegetables and shiny waxy foods. I need to learn lighting techniques.

  • I want to photograph chili peppers because my blog is focused on them and they are always in the house. I want to help convey to everyone that chili peppers of zero to insane heat level can be used in every single meal to add bold flavors.
    I also want to focus on hot sauce as it’s a hard to photograph unless it’s in its natural state of a bottle which is just so basic. I have to take a lot of photos of hot sauce and think it can enhance many meals so I want to learn how to tell a story with pictures of hot sauce.
    I’ll also be doing the dish we are cooking that day and produce/herbs.

  • I would love to photography fruits and veggies and sandwiches. I feel these would be a good start for my portfolio.I have sushi already in my portfolio and that was a lot of fun to photograph.

  • Cinnamon Weekends

    I would love to photograph the ingredients of a recipe- fruits, veggies and condiments, like garlic, onions etc, and use them too, when i post a recipe….Also various ways of photographing soups….

  • Max

    My top subjects are food that are greasy / high shine (how to manage the exposure) and hot beverages / cold drinks.

  • Jean

    I chose as the subject for the 28 coming days “Bread”. Bread, there’s always at home and I do regularly. I will try to explore the world of bread, to present its best and try to generate interest either by composition, originality of the photo, a nice challenge in perspective

  • Marianne Broughton

    I want to photograph bread/pastries and sandwiches.

  • Miguel A García Díaz

    I will take raw veggies, fruits in natural estate, seeds and spices. All that i can rapidly find at home at anytime and something that push me trying to go from simple to amazing.

  • Tia Haygood

    For the purpose of the 30 day Challenge, I would like to learn how to shoot cupcakes and cookies but I’ll stick to the easy and inexpensive macaroons and waffles from the local store on the way home. I want to show the whimsical and lightheartedness of sweets and maybe tempt the veiwer into a small indulgence.

  • cleos


    Following Scrivani and Santos style, I want to learn how to produce suggestive images with rich colors, high contrast and deep shadows. I want to keep my subject authentic with a minimalist approach and suggest strong and bold flavors. My first assignment is a casserole of Kauai Shrimp with a very light sofrito. My second is a plate of fire roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and caramelized pearl onions.

  • Lata Raja

    I would like to photograph soup, raw food/ pulses and grains and bread.

  • Wendi Spraker

    The top two I would like to pick fruits/veggies and sandwiches. – My blog is about home/country comfort food cooking. I want my photos to convey a sense of warmth, home, comfort, ease, hospitality, love and a place where you would like to sit down, feel comfortable and have something good to eat with someone you love. Without pretensions or worries.

  • Lidiya Filatova

    I plan to take photos of fruits and vegetables, desserts and pastries, sandwiches and coffee.
    I want to learn how make bright pictures breakfast sandwiches that my photo was the story, dynamics; learn how to make drinks.

  • Irina

    1. blue onion and cabbage

    2. cauliflower

    3. cookies (cakes) eggs

    4. mushrooms

    5. pumpkin

    I want to show the beauty of these vegetables. the freshness, crunch, that was appetizing and wanted to eat

  • Catharina Linkenbach

    my first subject will be the cakes from school, because I have to practise a lot at home, too, so, yes, I have my cake and eat it most days. I would like to show the deliciousness of the stuff I learn to make, I want it to jump right out of the picture. Next up are fresh fruit and vegetables from the market, I would like to try to put them in different contexts to tell different stories. As a backup (in case I have the odd day when neither is available aka lazy sundays) I’ll have a go at kitchen utensils or spices. Too much?

  • Teresa

    I want to photograph chocolate, nuts, cupcake liners, and my props cutlery and crockery that I use for styling.

  • Vika Flow

    My first subjects are pumpkins. I have a few pumpkins of different colors and sizes grown in my garden. Second one is homemade confiture.
    Usually I try to shoot homemade cakes or pastry but after reading your tips, I’m not sure that I can cook them every day.

  • Linda Thornbrugh

    I want to learn how to shoot soups and casseroles. If I could
    master soups, it would help me to shoot oatmeal, rice, chilies and stews,
    anything served in a small bowl. If I could master casseroles, it would help me
    to shoot one pan dishes, crisps and cobblers. I did not pick either of these as
    subjects for this class. I’m sticking with chocolate, nuts, veggies, beverages
    and snack mixes for the class as I always have these on hand.

  • appu1971

    Everyday meals. Soups. Fruits. Herbs. Vegetables.

  • Harshita Mahajan-Photography

    I want to capture the magic of steaming coffee and tea. Comforting, hot and delicious, leading to relaxation and destressing
    I would like to also photograph alcoholic beverages. The feelings I want in these photographs would be fun, relaxation, intoxication and luxury.

    • cleos

      I read somewhere that you produce steam by dropping an incandescant nut into the coffee.

      • Harshita Mahajan-Photography


  • Harshita Mahajan-Photography

    Neel, That article of yours on how to practice food photography without cooking was how I discovered your course! I was googling the exact same problem and yours was the top article on google! The rest, as they say, is history

  • cleos

    The amount of calories contained in all the comments is absolutely insane!

  • Pablo Minier

    I’m fairly new to food photography so I think that for the next 30 days I’ll shoot fruits, vegetables and drinks, and focus on learning about how to make them look fresh and appetizing.

  • I’m testing recipes, so it makes sense to shoot some of the raw ingredients & dishes starting w/
    * Persimmons, salad, jam etc
    * Picadillo, peppers
    * Pomegranites
    * Pommes dauphinois, potatoes etc. Wierd, how my upcoming recipes have so many “P”s, perfect for photography!

  • Natalie McDermott

    Every Saturday i take my time with breakfast. I usually have eggs of some sort. This may be scrambled eggs, boiled, poached or omelette. I recently completed a recipe book for work and took most of the photos to accompany the recipes (this was how I came across the food photography course). I want to recreate some of those recipes, especially the drinks. I also take photos of fruit and veg for work in their raw form.

    Therefore, my subjects will be:
    * fruit in the raw form
    * veg in the raw form
    * eggs
    * home made baked goods – eg, cakes, muffins, mini quiches (dinners and lunches for the week),
    * drinks

  • Katerina Morozova

    I will take fruits, vegetables, sandwitches and drinks during the week, pancakes and cake for weekends (at least i will try!!!)
    I want my photos to be meaningful, to cover a story and have a special mood, which could be different. I want my photos to provoke interest, look modern and stylish.

  • Aparna Jha-Kumar

    I will click fruits and vegetables for the next 30 days.

  • Christa Chialtas Gault

    I plan to shoot raw fruits and vegetables, baked goods (muffins/cookies), and popcorn. My top two would be the fruits and vegetables. It will be interesting to take something raw and simple and create a story around it…

  • Dorothy Drobney

    I plan to shoot fresh eggs from my friend’s chickens, as she has many different colors in her shells. Also fresh fruits/berries, breakfasts as I love hot cereals with different toppings, and healthy lunches to encourage me to create some interesting salads and yummy soups. I want my photos to create feelings of comfort foods and warmth, and also to inspire fresh and healthy eating.

  • Gayatri Iyer

    I plan to work with coffee: I want the coffee to express the warmth and relaxation it offers when you pick a cup. Or just give a sense of relaxation when you look at the pic. Fresh fruits: I want to showcase the freshness and crunchiness of fruits like an apple. They should look appetizing and colorful to pick and eat

  • Drew Preston

    I’ve picked 5 different subjects to shoot in the next 30 days. Some more than others. I am planning on shooting an ice cream desert, a cheeseburger and fries, martini with olives, cracker appetizer type dish, ants on a log ( celery with peanut butter and raisins ). I want to create the feeling of someone wanting to taste my photo.

    • Philippa Sonnichsen

      I haven’t thought about ants on a log in a very long time, and I’ll look forward to seeing your photos.

  • Razena Schroeder

    I have embarked on a low carb lifestyle and am currently developing different low carb recipes for an e-book. To do this I need to prepare and photograph the successful recipes. This is the perfect time to improve my photography.

    My subjects will include breakfast dishes, fruits and vegetable smoothies and gluten free baked goods.

  • Philippa Sonnichsen

    I would like to photograph: a salad, ingredients for a salad, a smoothie, a chocolate berry sorbet, and roasted garlic. The sorbet and roasted garlic are my top two choices.

    I would like people to feel inspired to prepare what I have photographed and see that preparing food is doable. My long-term goal is that people would react to my photos by allowing their stressed and busy bodies a quick moment of happiness and pause, even if it’s just one brief exhale.

  • LindySez

    I am choosing eggs (since I have chickens this is a daily give me) and toast/breads as my #1 and #2 – these could also work well together. For additional I’ve got herbs, salad/lettuces and citrus. I think these elements will play nicely with changing lights. My goal is to make you want to eat my food.

  • Carol Kopp

    I did the program not too long ago, and found that I often did not use my chosen subject. Mainly because I’d have to pick something up when I happened to have other ingredients in the house I could use. So, I’m going to leave it a little more open. I hope to think more about, colours and textures. I have a little cake stand I’d like to use. I will shoot things I’m cooking. It’s getting to be the time of year when new produce will be showing up, I’m going to see what I find. But for those days when you have to shoot something and you don’t have time to prepare anything, I’ll be looking at fruits and vegetables, herbs, garlic and spices.

  • Harry Villamil

    I want to practice with raw meat and raw druits! maybe with some compositions.. 🙂

  • The two top food subjects I would like to learn to shoot are desserts/cakes and fresh fruit

  • Patricia

    I want quick, ready to prepare breakfasts so fresh prawns, smoked salmon and avocado. Perhaps with a small salad garnish.

  • Ingunn Løvik

    My two food subjects are fresh cheese, like mozzarella, and aged cheese.

  • Diane Reilley

    My subjects will be fresh fruit on days when I have nothing else to shoot, breakfast items, sandwiches and seafood. I want to try to capture texture, color and focus that will bring the subject to life.

  • karthika krishnan

    I want to convey the warm tone when one looks at the photo.
    It has to depict a cold morning silence – I would like to shoot a moody shot with less props
    I want to depict the freshness and the aroma with the steam from the coffee
    I want to portray coffee in two different ways – Early morning silence through moody shots and an afternoon tea through bright photos

    Fresh fruits and vegetables
    I want to bring out the colors of the fruits and convey its crunchiness and freshness
    I feel they make good subjects as one can learn dark photography or bright light photography using the same subject.
    It also gives opportunity to learn composition which I really want to improve
    Some fruits are with popping color and some are with pale ones. I want to master the art of bringing out its colors in moody photos.

  • Marina Skår

    Two og my subjects are vegetables and homemade healthy biscuits.

  • Margaret Wendell

    – shoot up close
    – dark and moody
    – with simplicity.
    -make sure that I capture the luscious juice and almost sexual feel of this fruit
    Carob avocado pudding:
    -capture a feeling of decadence
    – try different things but likely dark and moody
    -prop with fruit or coconut yogurt
    – capture the feeling of comfort and perhaps wintertime coziness

  • Sherry Saudi

    Oranges, apples , tea or coffee , chips and spices. I want to use these items to create a story about how they are used or the textures that they have.

  • Wendy Polisi

    I want to shoot a lot of salads with bold colors to show the fresh vegetables that are coming in season.

    Fruits and vegetables.

    With a family of 5, I’ll also be shooting whatever we have to be eating. 🙂

  • Linda Joyce

    I will be photographing mini desserts, both store bought and homemade. These desserts should appear to be created for elegant or casual dining. I will also be photographing Easter/Party snacks and treats (mostly homemade, but some store bought). Since spring is just around the corner, I would like these images to convey that particular seasonal “flavour”. I aim to make these look fresh, lively and fun.

  • Anna Zazdravnaya

    I want to capture my mum’s hands while she is making something with flour and dough. I want so that picture bring back memories from childhood, warm and kindness.
    Second is homemade yogurt with cherry and sugar. I want to show healthy food that is very delicious , fresh and light.

  • It’s summer here so I am going to focus on the seasonal vegetables and herbs that I am using in my cooking every day. We have an abundance of basil, thyme and parsley in our garden and these will add interest to my compositions as garnishes as well as being ingredients in dressings and pesto.
    There will always be green in these salads such as rocket and lettuce which will give a fresh feeling. But I also like the idea of small bright red cherry tomatoes which will pop out and attract the eye.Slices of cool round cucumber, the soft shiny purple of eggplants, the yellowy green of courgettes will all add to the bouquet of colours which I want to create. The overall feeling will be relaxed and summery.

  • Oxana

    Smoothies, biscuits, pastry

  • Susan David

    Berries in a moody and dark setting and bread with a more rustic feeling,

  • Gerardo Robles Gil

    I am choosing what I have available at home, fruits,vegetables,seeds,spices,tea,chocolate, because I am a pilot, I will not be able to cook or shoot with these ingredients every day, so while I am in a layover, I will shoot food from my room service menu, depending on the country some times will be Tai food, Chinese food,and meddle eastern cuisine, I would like to create pictures with a warmth,and some times refresh feeling, and try to make them to look as delicious as possible

  • Sara Gennari

    I am a pastry student, so the subjects would normally photographer are desserts I cook, but also row ingredients and cooking gear that I use. I would like to photograph the steps of the various preparations in an artistic manner and I would like my photos convey a sense of calm, of peace with a bit of mystery and love for cooking

  • Suchita A Kalele

    I would like to shoot with fresh vegetables and fruits !

  • Christa Chialtas Gault

    Fresh fruits and vegetables from my weekly CSA box. I would like to shoot them “still life” style. Also, any baked goods…cookies, brownies, muffins, etc. I would like to tell a story (early morning or afternoon snack). Coffee, tea, popcorn…whatever I make during the week.

  • Ked Yamakanond

    I’m thinking. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s spring where I am. So lots of berries, mangoes and stone fruits.

  • Alan Sharp

    My top two foods to shoot are Fruits (Berries) and vegetables. I would like to communicate a life like feeling, like the food is in front of the viewer and ready to eat.

  • Robin Donovan

    I can’t narrow down to 2 subjects! 1. Bread/bread dough/baking; 2. Eggs; 3. Seasonal (Fall) produce—esp. figs, pomegranates,
    persimmons, etc.
    I want the food to look appetizing and accessible (beautiful, not like an object of beauty but something you want to bite into
    and enjoy). I’d like my photos to portray a sense of fun, playfulness, and accessibility of the food (this is something you could prepare/eat at home—and it will be fun not laborious!).

  • Jo Clark

    My 5 food subjects, narrowed down to the top 2 for this exercise will be: Steak & Fresh Fruit. Robin, I’m like you – I can’t narrow down more than this!! I’m trying to select from what I use daily or relatively often. What I really want to improve on is my RESTAURANT meals photography!

    – steak
    – fresh fruits that go into my smoothies each day & the actual smoothies
    – glass of wine (using various glassware and various varietals)
    – chocolate (in some form or another)
    – seasonal items (fall here, so pumpkins, acorn squash, etc.)

    The fruits and seasonal items should all look fresh and appealing – like you could pick them up and take a bite out of them, and smile as the juices trickle down your chin.

    The steak should look like you just cut it and it makes your mouth water just thinking about that first bite.

    The chocolate should look decadent – as though you are breaking all your diet rules by having a piece, but you will savor every bite!

    The wine should also look like you have a decadent treat in store…something that will enhance and elevate whatever it is paired with.

  • I am going to go with fresh fruit and veggies … am trying to eat better anyway and this will be another good excuse to go out and get some 🙂

  • Razena Schroeder

    My top foods that I would like to learn how to shoot are Soup and Brown stews or curries. I find brown foods are difficult to make attractive or inviting. Soups can look very flat and dull if not styled properly.

  • Kathy Smith

    I plan to use crackers, cereals, and hot beverages.