Lesson 1 – Study Outstanding Food Photos

Last week, how much time did you spend studying outstanding food photos?

Not just looking on Pinterest. Or not just browsing through your favorite blog. In today’s challenge you will first learn why you must not skip this step, then we will discuss exactly how to complete this challenge.

As we start the 30-Day challenge, we need to make sure that you familiarize yourself with outstanding food photos. Understanding what are beautiful food photos is the very first step in improving your food photos. There are some well known outstanding food photographers that consistently create amazing food photos.

Today, we will introduce you to these food photographers. They have different photography styles and their photos look different. Your assignment is to study their food photos.

This may seem like a very simple and obvious assignment and you may be tempted to skip today’s exercise. Don’t make this mistake.

You were expecting the first lesson to be on ISO or Aperture or a more technical subject... right? While these technical subjects are important, a more important topic is being able to differentiate between an outstanding photo and a “meh” photo and a “don’t-do-that” photo.

Before you start browsing their websites, let’s look at what you need to do next.

Once you are on their portfolios, your goal is to pick 3 photos and explore what you like about them. Observe what you feel when you look at these photos. Note down the feeling. You don’t have to be technically correct, whatever words come to mind, write it down.

Don’t worry about being perfectly correct, focus on articulating your thoughts and feeling accurately.

If you are new and haven’t spend much time with food photography, chances are that you won’t be able to put your finger on what exactly is amazing about a certain photo. That’s okay. The goal is to make yourself acquainted with beauty and being able to internalize the feeling.

There are no examples in this lesson. No handholding. Just doing. For some this may feel uncomfortable. Some may even become frustrated. That's okay. Give yourself permission to be frustrated. Give yourself permission to not have all the answers.

Once you are done with studying their photos, you will start to understand what outstanding photos feel like. You should be able to understand how these photographs are different from those who are still learning and growing in food photography.

So first, let me introduce you to some of the outstanding food photographers. Below are some food photographers who have been consistently producing great food photos. Their styles are unique:

And now, here’s today’s assignment in more detail -

Today’s Assignment

Estimated Time Required – Less than 30 mins

Read all the steps before getting started -

Step 1 – Pick two photographers from the list above and visit their portfolio.

Step 2 – Pick just one photo you like from each photographer.

Step 3 – In the comments below,  share which two photographers you picked. Paste the URL if you can but definitely tell us the details about the photographs.

Step 4 – Now here's the key - Share what you felt about these photographs in the comments below. As mentioned above, note down your feelings and what comes to mind as you observe these photos. Your goal is not to be technically accurate. Your goal, very simply, is to understand what you feel about these outstanding photo.

Step 5 – Now pick two more photos from photographers that you selected.

Step 6 – Note your feelings and thoughts for these photographs.

By the end of this exercise, you should be able to understand how you feel when you look at an outstanding food photo. If you can feel what a good photo looks like, you can strive to move your food photography in that direction.

Without this insight, quite likely, you would ramble and take bunch of photos, but won’t be able to tell if something is missing. Knowing how you feel about a photo, you will have better chance of identifying if you like a certain photo or not.

More Details - Optional but Recommended

The key is in today's exercise is to understand how you feel and note these feelings. For example, does the photo make you want to eat that dish? what does the photo make you feel?

The secret of doing an exercise like this is the more photos you observe and study, the better you will become at this. So even if you have completed 3 photos each from two food photographers, study one more photographer and see how she or he creates these images.

The more study you will do, the sooner you will be able to identify this analysis.

  • Jedha

    I like Kate Quinn Davies photos http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/. Many of them have a rustic feel that is warm and welcoming and there is also a social element to her pictures that makes you feel invited and as if you will enjoy the experience of eating the food with other people.

    So I guess the feelings here are warm, welcome, inviting, and enjoyable.

    This one http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=4 from Penny De Los Santos is so up close and personal that you feel like you can feel the texture of the food in your mouth. Same with this one http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=2 I feel like I can taste the textures.

  • Marcuss Nillson (Image http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1162) makes you feel fresh, happy, you can almost taste the citrus. You also feel part of a process, as on the left you have the raw product and the right is the finished dish.

    The second image (http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=154&p=1235 ) I feel sophisticated, sitting in a quiet corner of a low lit room by myself. Feel satisfied, classy, relaxed. The lighting in this one is important.

    This one is not on the list, Petrina Tinslay (Image http://petrinatinslay.com/#/client/template.xml?aaa=portfolio/35227 – image 17) colder photo, but with the warmth of the soup/laska with colour and it feels like you have worked late and your are home with this great dish.

    Image 2 (http://www.petrinatinslay.com/client.html?view_type=portfolio&id=44470&#/client/template.xml?aaa=portfolio/44470 – image 18) I feel like a kid again. Pastel colours, blurriness of the child sitting at the table. I feel innocent, but guilty as I want to eat one biscuit or maybe 3, oh and lick the bowl.

  • Sharon

    I love this photo from Teri Campbell (http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/), it has a sense of fun and relaxation about it. I feel as if I’m on holiday, I’ve spent the day on the beach reading a book. It’s mid-afternoon, I’m in a beach-front cafe and I’ve just ordered a late snack and a drink to tide me over until dinner time.

    I like this photo by Penny De Los Santos (http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=8&p=1&a=0&at=0). To me it feels like guests have arrived and the host has just made some refreshing drinks for them to enjoy. I feel like I can almost taste the fresh mint and lime in the water. The presence of the silver tray and linen napkin suggests a degree of opulence or formality.

  • Louise Docker

    My two favourite photographers on your list would be Matt Ammendariz because of his lighting and how he brings the textures out in the food, one of my favs of his is this one http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/5/ it has a fresh feel to it plus I like how he has brought the textures of the food out. I also like how he groups his photos ( a lot of them on his site are a photo of the hero and then how it has been used) My other favourite photographer is Penny De Los Santos because of her food styling and the way her props compliment the food http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=2 . I also love Betrice Peltre’s bold use of colour which helps make her food pop and is very quirky http://www.beatricepeltre.com/14me551ydur1unv2nc9yufh9lfuqje

  • Anbarasu T

    Betrice Peltre – I like the picture titled “Fraises des bois”. Gives a feeling as if I am being offered the fresh strawberries.

    The photo (http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-14-of-96.jpg) from Katie Quinn Davies gives the focus to just the food in the plate and makes me sit in the chair and start eating right away. Absence of any other distractions enhances the feeling.

  • Beatrice Peltre – Amazingly vibrant. Pretty, full of colour and light, yet really simple. Makes me think of summer and happiness. http://www.latartinegourmande.com/categories/vegetarian/. I like the photo of the white eggs on a blue gingham cloth on a dark background. The colours really pop and in fact most of her photos have the same quality – simple, colourful, beautifully lit. Hard to say which is a good photo because they all have merit.

    Matt Armendaritz – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Still/4/ I like the simplicity of this photo. The arrangement of the fruit, especially the addition of the blood oranges. He has many photos I like – especially the very dark ones where he has taken the photographs from above (birds eye view). The citrus photo makes me feel happy and makes me want to grab an orange and eat it.

  • Rinda Koban

    I like this photo from Aran Goyoaga
    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/food/4_27_8.html because the messy look in this photo looks “clean”, hehehe it sounds weird. I like “clean” look in food photos with only simple props.
    The 2nd photo is from Beatrice Peltre http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a2db25e4b03e3c0123dce7/1369627436886/ParsleyRoots.jpg?format=1500w although the vegetables don’t look tempting but the composition or maybe the arrangement of the veggie and the props makes the whole picture grab my attention.

  • I like both photographers Aran Goyoaga and Helene Dujardin.

    Atan Goyoaga – It feels natural ambient light from the window , very neat and very clean http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=16&p=0 at 17 and 18th photos top shots.

    For Helene Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets – All her photos was very dramatic in a blend of contrast and high key but most likely I like doing such a huge DOF this gives more emphasis on the subject. For her 18th photo the Cream and Peaches, I like the way the orange and bluish table but that should be gray table right or maybe its just a refraction.

  • Trishnanta

    This photo by Marcus Nilsson is easily one of the best pictures I’ve seen of muffins – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1090 the beauty of this picture, for me, lies in the finer details. I love the little crumbs of the muffin falling on the tray. It makes me feel like I want to eat a few muffins. I love how the photo is shot in the muffin tray itself, depicting the muffins are just out of the oven. The folded paper cups add so much to the picture. The lighting is very balanced and the symmetry makes it a fantastic composition. My other favourite photographer is Helen Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets this shot of blueberry muffins makes me think of an outdoor breakfast, I love how Helene weaves in blue and purple colors into the composition, the lines from the wooden tray add a lot to the photo. This photo just makes me want to grab those muffins with a mug of coffee.

  • Shivani Khanna

    After viewing the websites of the photographers listed, I realise I like simple, stark, minimal props in the photos where the item being shot is the Hero and stands proud and alone, not getting lost with too many items on display.

    For this reason I like Marcus Nilsson’s http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1347. The fish and bark are the main focus without any distractions.

    In the same way I like Matt Armendariz Cream and Strawberry. It is again stark in its composition yet beautiful colours and lightening. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/21/caption/

  • Bam’s Kitchen

    Hello Neel, Thank you for lesson 1!

    All have beautiful portfolios. However, I really enjoyed http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories as I wish I could use the lighting like she does from all different angles and highlight the food and not the background. She has amazing photos from straight above, side and 90 degrees right in front and the lighting is beautiful. I also like how she sets the scene with her props you know exactly what she used in the dish.

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ksxord8u8bmnde36je1lcp5ds28085 has beautiful work as well. i feel like i am one with nature looking at her photos. She makes you feel like you are right at the farmers market with her. I also love how she uses people to hold the food the items and this makes you feel like you are participating in the cooking adventure.

    Take Care, BAM

  • Hello Neel, I went through all photographers listed,


    I liked the freshness in this picture. The like way the bowls have been placed, the clarity of the edges of the bowl and the colour combinations (of soup and bowl). The lighting is so natural not too bright nor dark ,looks like having a perfect dinner.


    I like the soft tone on the macroons which gives the feeling how delicate they are. The photo is so simple yet so elegant and talks just about how divine they would be when you bite them.

  • Hina

    I like the following two pictures:

    First Photo: http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories (I love pictures with some stories to tell, with some real life affect or I must say busy shots. I love dark and moody images but with a splash of colors, I am not a huge fan of all white or all black, I like to see more of colors in photos. I like photos which are rustically styled and not too manicured)

    Second Photo: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=2 (It is my kind of shot, I like the image because the styling seems so much real, this is how a table looks like after party or during party, I love shadows in images again there is splash of colors though image is dark. Even if there is no text in the image it is saying it’s own story.)

    • Guest

      First Photo

  • I chose Marcus Nilsson -http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=84&p=549 i like the bowls, how the big and small ones are placed next to each other. It makes me pick out and toss the ingredients in a bowl. I like the clarity of ingredients because of the light.

    helene Dujardin – http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets i like the pic of cherry clafoutis…like how the styling elements used are of the same colour as the dish.

    Both these pics make me want to move ahead and take action, where its taking a bite or using the ingredients.

  • paula

    These are my two picks:


    The low light gives to this image a special feeling. Sharing
    a nice moment with friends.

    Though there are many elements in the scene, non of them
    takes all the attention, it is a well balance composition, my eye bounces from side
    of the frame to the other and I spend time looking at it.


    Here I like the angle of the shot, this subject is perfect
    for and overhead shot.

    Also, the way that it’s lit: light coming from the back and

    The tray used makes me think of a home baking.

    Thank you.

  • Not a food photo but I gravitated towards Teri Campbell because of the “travel” photos in the portfolio. I really loved this: http://www.teristudios.com/Travel/Paris/7/ because it shows a familiar landmark (the courtyard of of the Louvre/ Pyramide) in a completely different context to what we are used to seeing it – it’s just a detail, not the whole thing. I like that it makes you want to read more (so to speak) and that’s what I try to strive for in my photos (travel and food) as well.

    The second photo I really liked from the list above was From Katie Quinn Davies – the cheese and tomato toasted sandwich with the greens on top: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/. What I love about this is it looks styled but also natural. So many food photos look “over” styled these days and I like that this plate looks like food as you would eat it. Often food photos have so much going on (props and food scattered around the plates) that while it looks gorgeous, it doesn’t look like you’d just sit down and eat the plate of food (because it’s TOO pretty!).

  • Monika

    I chose Helene Dujardin and pic 17 – http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories
    I like the light feel these pictures have. The left one sets you in a context and the right on is a direct hit on what you shall get – a fresh, focused and expressive point of view. I appreciate the natural light and the ability to shoot white and clear on white without loosing details. I also like the composition of the picture – not taken from top and not showing the whole plate make you stop and look a bit longer. Very gentles props make you stay focused on the meal
    My second choice was Marcus Nillson – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/_files/_database/database41/29032012201704nymag003.jpg
    I love B&W photography and this chicken (?) got my all attention. It shows a different perspective on food photography. The “before” rather then the “after”. The b&w and the composition make this picture very dramatic and make you think about what food is actually made of. Its the dark side of cooking that not many ppl like to talk about. A dirty subject shown in a very interesting way. The picture is very nice, shows all the details and strucutre of the object but whit no violence, no blood. Its so simple and suggestive that there is no need for this.

  • Srivalli

    I like these two pictures

    Aran Goyoaga

    The picture looks so classic and makes you want to reach out.

    Katie quinndavies
    This picture almost looks like it is calling you out!

  • I really like Aran Goyoaga and Helen Dujardin.

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=9&p=0 : I love the colors, the lighting, the composition. I feel like I am in a farm and somebody is about to cook breakfast.

    http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets Picture #19: I like the lighting coming from a side window

  • sayantani

    Love this picture by Penny De los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=2

    Love the light and the mood created with dark colours. The sharp focus, top shot, styling and placing of items make the whole picture very graphic. The texture of the food whihc for me is the Hero is focused perfectly.

    I like this picture by Helen Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/338022/Newest-Work—Tear-Sheets

    Its a very well thought presentation with perfect choice of traditional props and linen. The eye to detail has not even missed anything that is needed to be shown. It tells a beautiful story of a special meal being served with rice. that ladle adds a punch of colour to somewhat dull colour palette.

  • Ivana Brnada

    I like photo of eggs from Béatrice Peltre. Colors, light and minimal props make photo to look “clean” and simple. That give me morning feeling on the farm, moment before you will make breakfast.
    The 2nd photo I choose is from Katie Quinn Davies. That old style props wit fresh raspberry muffins looks like a setup from old movies. Fresh baked muffins and raspberries are only color in photo and because of that grab my attention immediately. Like that dark late afternoon filing.

  • Guest

    Hello, I love these photos.
    1. Green a purple salad from helenedujardin…fabulous light, colors and background.
    2. Sweet cakes with red raspberries from katiequinndavies…I want to taste it, fresh, colorful, great light and I like the connection with hands.
    3. Another picture of fruits on baking tin from katiequinndavies…I like that angle, light, vibrant colors, props, styling, composition, it looks tasteful.
    4. Fresh plums on dark background from katiequinndavies…I love that angle, contrast of soft light and dark background, beautiful silver props. Great mood and also I would like to taste it.
    5. Raw meat with falling salt from teristudios…Great action, capture the movement, amazing light, wonderful angle and composition.
    6. Sweet cream cake with black raspberries from teristudios… great light, styling…just yummy.

  • Nox Northy

    I love these photos.
    1. Green a purple salad from helenedujardin…fabulous light, colors and background.
    2. Sweet cakes with red raspberries from katiequinndavies…I want to taste it, fresh, colorful, great light and I like the connection with hands.
    3. Another picture of fruits on baking tin from katiequinndavies…I like that angle, light, vibrant colors, props, styling, composition, it looks tasteful.
    4. Fresh plums on dark background from katiequinndavies…I love that angle, contrast of soft light and dark background, beautiful silver props. Great mood and also I would like to taste it.
    5. Raw meat with falling salt from teristudios…Great action, capture the movement, amazing light, wonderful angle and composition.
    6. Sweet cream cake with black raspberries from teristudios… great light, styling…just yummy.

  • Meg White

    I liked the picture of the cereal bowl and milk bottle. It looked natural, as if someone had sat down to eat and then thrown their napkin in the table add they left to do something quickly. Plus, I love the rustic style of the props.

    Another I liked was the three bowls of soup. The details are great (three bowls, therefore three spoons, scattered seeds, a bit of paprika…) and once again its rustic charm appeals to me.

    And I also choose this photo (http://i2.wp.com/stupideasypaleo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Crispy-Buffalo-Chicken-Fingers-_-Fed-and-Fit-25.jpg) because I like the depth out has. The main focus is on the chicken, because it’s a recipe for chicken. But there’s also the ranch and veggies in the background which is usually served with buffalo chicken… it’s a nice filler to have. It gives me the impression that the meal is complete.

  • Hi and thanks for this course.Out of all given food photographers I picked this photo from Beatrice Peltra:

    This image gives me the feeling that I know what the dish is going to taste like, although all the ingredients are still raw. The fresh and light style of this picture supports the feeling what this dish will taste like. I get a feeling of summer and good times of this picture.

    The other picture I chose is one of Teri Campbell:

    His style I really like. Where a lot of food photographers go with the overexposed and neat look, in this picture (and more) he uses warm tones and uses the full ‘exposure-palet’ from darks to whites. Because he doesn’t order all food and props really neatly but just puts them around randomly the picture becomes very ‘real’ and natural. Watching this picture I feel like this could be anyone’s kitchen which makes the image easy to comprehend.

  • Hannah Hearsey

    The first photo from http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2012/06/12/gluten-free-cherry-tart-recipe/ is so clean and carefree. Almost like the tart and cutlery has been set down and just snapped. It doesnt seem forced.

    The second photo I liked was (Local Milk) http://www.flickr.com/photos/localmilk/9148251050/ Purely for the simplicity. The contrast between the rough wooden table and the sleek lines of the bottle is so delicate.

  • Supriya Bansal

    at first I liked this photo from Teri Campbell,Its so lively that it tempts you to eat.


    Secondly,the image by Beatrice Peltre of Apple picking is so good.It consist of food as well a beautiful thought of friendship.


  • Pari Vasisht

    Hi. The first photograph that Iliked is by Penny De Los..http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=2

    I liked the use of rustic plates and spoon for clicking the pic. Clicking from the top. The lemon wedges add just enough colour to the otherwise dark background which has all dull shades.

    The second pic that I liked is by Aran Goyoaga..http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0

    I liked the way the macaroons have been plated showing their size and texture clearly. The angle as it provides two background colours the pink and white and the use of vase which has the same combination of colours.

  • Nandita Shyam Sunder

    Hi neel,
    My favorite photographers are Beatrice Pletre and Katie quinn Davies.

    The below photograph from Beatrice’s blog is one of my absolute favorite. I love the textures and the composition of the photograph. The props are simple and minimal and the top angle makes me want to grab a wedge of the galette.

    The second photograph is from Katie quinn davies. I loved the distressed look in the photograph. The focus on the cake gives you a feel of the texture of the cake. For me, that aspect is an absolute winner!!

  • Supriya Bansal

    this again is an amazing picture of Teri, What I feel is Campbell creates the temptation with the use oo less or no props.

    Its simple yet tempting.


    second picture of Beatrice which i liked is http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a285b5e4b012a705dc0d91/1369605562185/MG_5861.jpg?format=1000w.

    Beatrice not only photographs food but also considers people in picture.!

  • http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=126&p=869 I like this pic of Marcus Nilsson. I really like the homely feeling of this pic. Looks like its cooked in a home just next door and I love how the round in the left talks as if the pie was first plated at left or as if there was one more pie at the left and I love this mess.. it looks so comfortable.

  • Katharina Reddig

    I picked this photo of Helen Dujardin because I love the rustic, uncomplicated look of it. The dish looks easy to prepare and invites to take a spoon and eat. I like the use of dark skillet and light tray, cloth and background. I like the jug for adding height. Nice diagonal placement of tray and skillet.

    the second photo I choose is from Penny De Los Santos. I like the rustic, earthy home cooked look. Warm beautiful light. I like the composition with 3 bowls and 3 spoons. Nice diagonal placement of wooden board. Dark bowls underline the rustic theme and white cloth brightens it up a bit.

  • http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/16/ I like the pic on right of matt armandariz because of its light light feeling.. looks fresh.. airy.. and simple just how a summer lunch should be..

  • I loved looking at each and every photos from all the amazing photographers.
    I like the photo from Matt Armendariz
    Love the rustic look of the photo. I always have been attracted to rustic looking food photos.
    Be it the board on which it’s clicked, the bowls and the way the pie and it’s crumb is shown in photo. Kinda gives comfort home feeling when I look at the photo

    The next photo is from Beatrice Peltre
    Top down shot, and again the colors. Clean white plate make no confusion with the dish, the hero dish stands out and the fabric colors gives nice contrast look. Finally the rustic white board looks great with the color of the dish

  • http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=17&p=0 How can someone take such difficult to capture moment so amazingly… I love how Penny De Los Sentos have capture the flames… the charr of pepper.. this so ordinary frame has become so extra ordinary! Wow!

  • Namrata Jain


    Thank you so much for introducing us to such incredible food photographers.

    I really liked the work of Matt Armendariz, Helen Dujardin Teri Campbell and Aron Goyoaga. Each have their unique mode and signature style.

    Helen Dujardin:

    1. The first picture with carrots against a dark background – very colourful against all that black. There is a sense of mystery, as in what will she do next with that bunch of carrots. Focus only on the edible part and the greens are blurred – want to learn how to do that.

    2. Fish with heads cut off on a huge heap of ice – the fish look fresh and ready to be cooked. I like the styling. All that ice adds drama to a very simple but beautiful picture. Dujardin uses minimal props but comes up with fantastic pictures.

    3. The 6th picture from last where a dark blue board is used as a background and fennel, garlic and some meat is in pan – The colour of the background is phenomenal and I like the way light is only where the food is. Great use of lighting and focus.

    Teri Campbell

    I like the way he gets up close with his food. He captures his food in motion, like pouring ganache or sprinkling salt.

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/ – there’s some cake and crackers, rest all is darkened and a thick ganache is being poured… ready to be picked up and eaten on a cold chilly evening with some hot coffee.. although the coffee is my imagination and there is no drink in the picture.

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/7/ – a bite of pasta rolled onto a fork. The rest is blurred. Focus is only on the fork with pasta. Very clear, lucid picture. Could almost taste the forkful. Picture is plain cream and white with bits of pepper. Still it stands out for me.

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/ – Another one where salt is sprinkled and caught in motion. The meat pieces are delicately balanced and seasoned rightly. The background well scratched grey board makes the pink meat stand out.

    Aran Goyoaga

    She takes happy bright sunny pictures. She usually highlights only certain parts of the food and fades the rest.

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#s=7&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&p=0&a=0&at=0 – Although a bowl full of peas is shown, only a few are highlighted. Pea soup with toast by its side tells us what to do with fresh green peas.

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#s=9&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&p=0&a=0&at=0 – Styling is wonderful. The herbs growing in a box look fresh and assorted eggs with the broken one makes it attractive.

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#s=24&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&p=0&a=0&at=0 – The picture is all white. Cupcakes and cake pieces look inviting and the sugar dust and coconut shavings hint about the flavour and essence used.

  • ramya21


    I like the composition and food styling there.

    2nd photo from Beatrice Peltre and the link here


    wonderful simple composition and love the bright color with rustic background

  • Nabeela Ismail

    I looked at Matt Armendariz and Katie Quinn Davies.

    http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ – cake food shot 5 of 96. I absolutely love cake shots like this. I love the earthy, vintage, and homey feel that is created by a ‘moody’ shot. Its not a bright photo, which I think makes it harder to produce a photo like this with a mood. It has depth. The focus on the cake with everything blurred around it is wonderful.

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/9/ – I love messy food shots like this with lots of colour and bright light. I like how it looks chaotic and real, yet obviously needs a lot of thought to put it together. It makes you feel like there is a get-together with everyone having a good time, whether its with family or friends.

  • Mimis Kingdom

    I chose these two photos:

    First photo is from Peter G (Souvlaki for the Soul blog), one of my favourite authors. I like dark, moody photos with specific atmosphere. I really like how all constituents of this soup are visible, but they don’t look overstyled. When watching this photo I can imagine family sitting around the table. This photo is not just about the food but also about people and their stories.

    Second photo is from Katie Quinn Davies. I like choice and use of props on this photo. Those vintage spoons, and mug with tea or milk. Also, chair in the background. As in the fisrt example, I like photo that tells a story and this one is not just about chocolate and raspberry cake.

  • I like all pics of Aran Goyoga. I guess White bright light is the signature style of them. Looks as if all pics are taken on a picnic or about to go on a picnic.. all the pics have some angel kind of feeling.. a feel good factor..

  • http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=2 I really like this another pic of Penny De Los Santos .. its really diffucult for me to capture the mess like stuff created by melted water and the spots it leaves on the floor the pic.. and the soft shadows are too tricky for me to click.. I love how this pic is well balanced, warm composed..

  • Tania Knight

    My first photo is from Aran http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0&a=0&at=0
    I like the clean look from the white bowls and vase. The soft girly pink of the tablecloth giving it a princess party theme. You can also nearly smell and taste the sweetness of the blossom and macaroons.
    second photo is from Helena http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets
    this makes me feel cold from the blue bench and cloth and the iciness of the icecream. You can also see the textures in the table and icecream, it makes you want to eat icecream on a nice hot day!
    I liked looking at the different styles and arrangements of all the food photographers.

  • http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2012/01/25/cauliflower-gratin-recipe-gluten-free/ I love this pic of Beatrice Peltre as in how the ingredients look just like a garden in the bowl of first pic.. this pic has a really soft spring feel to it..

  • I love the rustic afternoonish feel of helen dujardin’s pics.. almost all the pics are very moody.. shady and have many layers of emotions..as if pics speak a story…

  • Sona S

    I like this picture of Matt Armendariz – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/34/

    I love the overall compostion of the photo. The lighting is perfect and highlights the ice and fruits beautifully.

    The second pic I like is this one from Penny De Los Santos – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=2

    Love the mood of this photo and the simple salad looks very appealing.

  • http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/ Teri Campbell’s pictures are not picture.. they are art.. perfect arts.. and I am totally blown away by this pic.. wow! This person is perfectionist… wow!

  • http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-22-of-109.jpg I love the imperfection of this pic of Katie Quinn Davis… Its looks so homemade.. and like mom’s kitchen type cake..

  • Constantine

    Hi to all, i picked this one firstly:
    i liked the colors, the composition and the feeling that this is something so pure. i felt that if i could eat it, i wouldnt regret it for example!! also i think that there is a feeling of softeness of something so light and soft. this pal color makes me relax and enjoy food! 🙂

    the second photo is this:

    for the exact opposite things!! this is hard, scary, showing though the preparation of the food. I like the sharpness in this, the detail of the meat and the snowy salt falling!

  • Chef Sank

    The first photo I liked was from Aran Goyoaga. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/food/4_3_187.html
    This photo is clean is does not have alot of props. It is simply the dish and the napkin. This photo makes me feel as if I can simply sit down and enjoy. The lighting is perfect and the focus is on all the colours and toppings of the dish. I also like how the one bowl was cut in half, makes it feel like you will have company to enjoy this meal with.

    The second photo I liked was from Helene Dujardin. http://image8.photobiz.com/3845/17_20110927233104_2882699_medium.jpg
    This photo is almost rustique, but still appealing. It catches the true essence of the blueberry. I like how it is captured outdoors and the use of the aged wooden surface, old pie dishes and the old spoon. I like how the image is almost “dark” as if it were a cold, cloudy day. It makes me want to cut myself a slice and enjoy.

  • Pamela Hindmoor

    I like this photograph http://www.pennydelossantos.com/sources/ipad/index.php#portfolios/26/0 as it look opulent with the dark background and the light on the gold object, but it has a little quirky feature

  • Pratima

    I have selected these two photographers:

    Marcus Nilsson


    Very interesting photo with great props, creating a
    story-like effect. The drink stands out against the dark background. Great


    Rustic! Good composition, good light effect. Looks


    Good effect of frozen look. I guess because of grey
    background. Looks too real.

    Matt Armendariz


    Fantastic picture.
    Beautiful layout. Good composition. Good lighting. Good contrast.


    Why does the picture look so fresh? Is it the greens or


    Very good light effect. Good detailing and composition.
    Diffuse background makes the subject stand out well.

  • http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=3 I like this picture because of the lighting and the way it brings out the texture of the chocolate bars

    my second picture is Aran Goyoaga’s http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=8&p=0 . pictures of radishes they look so fresh and tasty

  • Sandra Blum

    The first photo i picked is from Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/13/
    I love the background and the simpleness of the photo. Also the few props he used. You see that the food is the main thing here, nothing else. In all the photos i loved the natural light.

    The second photo is from Penny de los Santos: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=2
    I think the colors are amazing and i love how she placed the fork and the garlic slice. The angle is good and the food is the main thing like on the Armendariz photo. Both photos definitely gave me some appetite.

  • http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=2
    Colors and lights. An image with a storyboard.

  • Kitchen Karma

    Hi Neel,

    What a list of photographers you have provided us with. They all do great work and are such inspirations!

    I went through all of their portfolios. Very difficult to choose only two. Whoever here it goes.

    I really like this photograph by Terri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/. The clarity in this photo is amazing. It’s technically a stunning photograph, but for an amateur like me the first thing that strikes is the drama and the light. It’s the kind of photograph which grabs your attention and makes you look at it really hard.

    My second favourite is the whole range stored under Preps by Penny De Los Santos. However this one http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0 I find really striking because there is so much of negative space in the middle of the photograph…just a bit of flour, yet it looks so dramatic and full of life. The styling is so simple yet fantastic. I found it very inspiring.



  • http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=2
    The “Peperone” one. The unusual perspective of the picture. Details. I’m eating that dish “virtually” and I feel I want to eat it.

  • ostrichegret

    Teri Studios :
    This Burger is so commercial :D. The Sharpness of the burger and the blurness of the background give a lot of focus, and the brown color tone is blended nicely in the dark. The kitchen background said the burger is freshly handmade, not a reheated food!
    Dark Themed Commercial Burger Picture!

    arangoyoaga :

    The food presentation is really great, the small orange in the blue cup with the transparent spoon on the blue table and cloth really make this photo so refreshing.

    The foods looks so cute that make it goods for everyone ( especially for kids too because of the size of the cup and the transparent plastic spoon ). the fruit and some leaf? make it looks so healthy.

  • Šahraj Natalija

    I like these photos from Matt Armendariz and Teri Campbell.

    On the first photo is for me all united: effect of
    spontaneous composition, natural lighting, wonderful colors, freshness and
    cleanliness, the food looks appetizing.

    1. Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/20/

    I chose this photo, because i’m wondering, how to do this
    lighting effect. Is here more post-production in PS on this photo or is it
    something else. Magical lighting, and at the same tima looks very simple.

    2. Teri Campbell: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/25/

    The another one is Katie Quinn Davies. I like all her photos
    and couldn’t choose just one. All photos have that, what i wish to understand
    and learn. In all her photos i see the life, i have the feeling that i can
    touch everything i see on this photos. Furthermore i like this rustic style and
    warm lighting.

  • Karon

    I like this photo of pickles in jars by Penny de los Santos because it has the dark backgrounds I go for but is startlingly clear, you just want to touch those pickles, you can almost smell that orange, this is so vibrant yet not bright and sunny looking. It is giving full details and info on the pickles and yet brings a real art like feel as well.


    The second photo is from Matt Armendarez and shows some cookies on a board. I love the messiness of this photo, it is comfort food and comforting, I feel warm and cozy looking at it. It speaks of home and hands on kitchen crafting, there is nothing stylised here just living. You feel as if you could be in that kitchen and just grabbing a cookie and yet not spoiling the image at all.


  • Carlos

    I like this photo from Katie Quinn http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-3-of-109.jpg. It simple, the light and the color is perfect.

    The second photo from aran goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/food/4_27_9.html, the light is very soft and the contrast white-brown is great!

  • My 2 picks are Katie Quinn Davis and Marcus Nilsson

    I love the darker tones of this image, the striking red of the food against the textures of the slate and cloth. Her attention to detail is impeccable with the little dustings of icing sugar and I love her choice of cutlery and props – she tends to use beautifully seasoned pieces that look used and worn giving an added dimension to what I like to describe as her food ‘portraits’. I love the one light source approach and her use of aperture – how where she has focused is brilliantly sharp and the rest just falls away seamlessly. I love Katies photography and she is what inspired to take it up.

    I love how this looks overall, the clean, white plate and table make the cuts of chicken look so succulent and golden. A little juice has spilled to the left, I really like mess in a picture – it gives it a more human feel like that someone has prepared this dish and it’s about to get eaten. The minimalist tones and above angle give the picture a graphic edge which I really like, clean, sharp and practical without losing any appetite for the sumptuous, glossy meat.

  • rachelcotterill

    From Beatrice Peltre, because I love how vibrant the fruts are, they pop out of the page and make me want to tuck in http://www.beatricepeltre.com/2a8o0eqitglgvpkvpfxgjk87mqghre

    From Penny De Los Santos, because her style is much darker than I would usually work with, but still manages to bring out the richness of the colours, which I think really suits the savoury dishes http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=2

  • Squadrilla

    I like this picture by Matt Armendariz
    1) http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/
    is “messy” but “clean” at the same time, and though the food is not so
    much appealing, it gives the feeling that people are enjoying it. I
    really like the framing here, and the use of dark and light colours with
    some dash of more brillian ones. The white dish with the particular
    shape really catches the eye and somehow reminds me of the wonderful
    geometrical design of the Andalusan palaces.

    2) I can see
    something similar in this picture
    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/1/ : Simmetry and desorder, full
    color and black&white background, somehow a “real life” feeling more
    than a still life. I also like very much the different shades of the
    same colours of the tomatoes and carrots: it’s biodiversity!

    Other pictures from Armendariz seem to me to have a different style,
    more “standard” (even if they are beautiful pics). I like this one:
    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/30/, because again it’s very
    colorful and “festive”. I like the colours and also the contrast between
    the round shapes of the plates in the first image and the linear sticks
    in the second one.

    Helene Dujardin’s style to me stays in the
    middle between the “dark and messy” and the “clean and bright” style,
    and many of her pictures impressed me, both for the styling and for the
    light. I chosed three pictures from her Savories

    1) The
    first one (coloured carrots) is very powerful. The contrast of the
    different and intense colors on the dark background gives importance to
    an often neglected ingredients and makes it beautyful and eye-catching

    The 8th one (the small fishes without their heads) is very elegant
    despite the subject. It doesn’t give a sense of disgust but of “purity”
    and freshness and it looks like a painting.

    3) Number 25: again,
    the contrast between the richness of the dishes and the food on the left
    is in contrast with the simplicity of the garlic which is the main and
    only “character” in the scene with a beautyful depth.

    Anyway, I
    have to admit that studying all the indicated websites I could rarely
    find a picture that really made my hungry. Or at least, they are not the
    ones I liked the best. Maybe they are too perfect?

  • Magda

    I’ve picked Marcus’ Nillson citrus photos http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1162
    He is great with simplistic photos that focus on food. Food just jumps on you. In this cake colours are amazing. The shapes are natural but interesting.

    and Penny Del Los Santos http://bit.ly/1l6K0Y8 scone photo. Penny’s photos are dark and moody, but they look like somebody just interrupted a moment. You can imagine yourself exactly being inside of the photo and grabbing the scone. The light highlights beautifully the texture of the food.

  • neelima katti

    i chose this collage from matt bites. the highlight of all the photos in this collage is the red/pink colour. the background and the props just enhance it further without undermining it. can feel a cool evenin breeze blowing across as i hold the drink in my hand. the lighting is spot on, the picture is perfect!!

  • Mihaela D

    The first photo that I like is http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/
    , I love the simplicity of the set up
    and the games of the colors. The highlight of the dish is perfect. It’s give me
    the feeling of homemade cooking and fresh ingredient.

    Second, are the photos of Beatrice Peltre, http://www.beatricepeltre.com/tsp0ob2i7gipjk4588u8xgfwxy9guf
    , I like the most how she capture the mess , the details are incredible.

  • I discoverd i really like the clean, clear pictures with not a lot of props. The first one of Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0 is beautiful in its simplicity and also this one : http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=26&p=0. The fruits look so real and fresh, i want to grab it from the picture and eat it ;-). Other favorites are from Béatrice Peltre: http://www.beatricepeltre.com/2a8o0eqitglgvpkvpfxgjk87mqghre and from Katie Quinn Davies: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/. and from Helene du Jardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets. All attention is for the bake

  • Amrita Vishal

    Very hard pick. But since its a commitment to take action, here are my picks.

    The first image that I adore is from Matt Armendariz : http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/
    The dynamism in the picture totally bowled me. I love the way the picture looks in action as if those hands will just pick that food and devour.
    The second image is from Aran Goyoaga : http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0
    I loved the feel of the colourful array of vegetables picked from the backyard used to make the fresh salad.

  • Gayathri Kumar

    My photo number one from Teri – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/
    I love the dark background and how the chocolate has been captured.

    My next photo is from Aran – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/sources/ipad/index.php#portfolios/4/25
    The all white composition looks so nice..

  • Tina

    My first favourite is from Beatrice Peltre, because it has such a “light” summer, colourful easy look.. colours are matching perfectly!


    And the second one is this from Penny de los santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=2
    because I like the contrast of the dark background and the smashing colour of the prawns… also it looks a bit messy, this I like in general very much!

  • Joanna Imran

    I’ve been a fan of Helene Dujardin for a while now, and my favourite photo is one of the ice cream in the sweets section http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets – it’s so simple, light is awesome, very few props but extremely well matched, colours are beautifully delicate.

    The second picture I love comes from Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/index.php#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=0&a=0&at=0 I like how the plums ae shown like “before and after”. The dish (rice pudding) is beautifully lighted, almost no props, it looks clean all in whites and only the splash of colour from the fruit makes it all fresh and vibrant, making the fruit star of the photo.

  • Elina Belova

    I found a gorgeous collection of fancy desserts in environment that looks if not dirty then old and ragged. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ It has wow factor. The pictures are unique. Many details to watch. It’s like at a grandfather’s storyboard. These old things have something heartwarming. I like how the photographer plays with what is beautiful and what is ugly and how those things work together by complimenting each one. It has a little weirdness factor as well and somehow I like it.

    The other one I chose is http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/. I like photos that are a little bit outside our world. This one is a little bit unrealistic, bright and joyful. I like that there are many things going on. The picture gives a happy feeling. When looking at the photo, I want to be at the beach side, to smell the meal and to enjoy the sparkles from the lemonade in my nose.

  • Nguyen Hoang Yen

    I’d love Helene Dujardin’s photos. They look simple but beautiful. Light and color is so good and props are cute, too.
    Besides, I also like Katie Quinn Davies’s photos. They are darker but light is great. Light makes subjects “pop”. Therefore, photos look charm and moody.

  • tamta

    I like this photo from Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/5/ This picture is simple mouthwatering. I like the fresh, vivid colors and composition simplicity.
    The second photo I chose was by Katie Quinne Davies http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ (3 of 96) because of its rustic, and clean look.

  • Marko

    I chose Teri Campbell and Helene Dujardin.

    From Teri studios, i love this photo: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/6/ It’s an amazing shoot! I love how dark and yet so full of colors. I just wanna jump inside of it and eat all that. Even though i don’t really like eating hamburgers and those stuff that are on the photo, this photo makes me want to eat it like right now and never stop eating it. Simply outstanding!

    From Helene Dujardin, I’m really not sure. I dont really like as much light as she uses. I like photos to be more mysterious and darker. But there are some great shoots here too. http://helenedujardin.com/#/338022/Newest-Work—Tear-Sheets
    7th photo, one with the brussel sprouts. I love the darker tones (again) and the quantity of food in the photo. Also, that wooden spoon makes everything look kinda rustic and warm. The background is great too.

  • Irinka

    I like this photo of Aran Goyoaga – it’s soo light, airy, brings a smile and a dreamy mood http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=26&p=0

    And the next photo is from Katie Quinn Davies – it allows the viewer to invent the whole story, attracts to what is happening in the picture

  • There were so many amazing photos I decided to narrow my search by looking in particular at photos of things I struggle with myself. So my first photo is this one http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/ by Teri Campbell. I think it’s very difficult to make something like stew look good in a photo but this one looks amazing. The colour is rich and warm and in my opinion, most important for food photography, I want to jump into the pic and gobble it down because it looks so delicious!

    My second picture is this one http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/6/ – the seafood dish is one for a sunny day and this photo really tells a story. The white background adds to the brightness and even though you can’t see the sky, you just know it’s blue! The seafood looks good enough to eat, with lovely little specks of colour through it to add to the interest. The glass of wine tells a story and makes me want to step into the picture and re-live some Mediterranean Summer’s day meal!

  • Catherine Castro

    The two photographers I picked randomly are Katie Quinn Davies and Penny De Los Santos.

    First I visited Katie’s website. I see from her pictures the two different theme, the food 1 comprise of the more of a darker color theme or background and food 2 is light color theme or background.This picture stands out for me.

    At first glance, the dish really pops-out because of its vibrant colors, orange and greens, in contrast with its surrounding that is
    vintage and dull in color. This picture reminds me of country-style home I see on cook/baking books. It feels like I want to sit in that chair and eat that super yummy looking shrimps. I really like how the dish is the main focus of the picture even though there are other things beside it.

    2 other photos I really like in Katie’s website are:

    This picture makes me want to get one piece and eat one. I like that the only things she used are vintage metal plate and wax paper. I
    want to try this!

    I also like this picture because of how she makes use of the cute-shaped glass, spoons and some ingredients to make the food more
    pleasing to the eyes. And I think the natural light makes it more beautiful.

    Then at Penny’s website. This was my favorite.

    I really like this picture because I see it in two different picture but it comes together very nice. I like the different colors,
    texture and shapes of it. I like the idea of putting together two ideas, the sliced one and the one on small containers, it just making the picture more pleasing to the eyes.

    2 other photos of Penny’s that I really like are:
    I like this picture because of there are 3 areas to look from, the bigger one is the main food in different sizes, and other one are
    some of the ingredients and the other is the same food in the separate sheet. It just make the picture more pleasing to the eye.

    I like this picture because it looks simple and doesn’t make use of any props, just placing the food in different parts and to make it more
    beautiful looking is just taking its covering and you have an additional touch to it.

    This assignment makes me hungry! Haha 🙂

  • Marta Ce


    i chose
    this picture because it’s still but it makes me feel like it moves at the same
    time. Also because of the feeling of volume and texture. It makes me want to touch it


    I chose
    this pic from a friend who’s a photographer because I like how the movement of
    the egg coming out of the sandwhich gives life to this pic.

  • my favs are:
    from marcus: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=148&p=1133
    because of his – to me – unconventional, iconic and very straight approach. also its clean but messy look and the light is great.
    same here: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=126&p=869

    and from matt, which is my personal favourit: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/8/
    i love white, this pic is very “designy” and i very much like those very reduced pics, not to crowded but with very high impact.
    same here and very artsy: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/10/
    and this: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/
    great, the tattoed arms with this classic eating/family&friends scene. here is so much love spent to the detail you can look at it and always discover sth new. 🙂
    hooray for the colours!: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/23/

    all of these are very designy and artsy, this is why i love them.

    when it comes to appetite appeal i would say katie and aran are the best.

    katie fav: the one with the cupcakes and calender

    but the colours in the pics are a little too “dark” i think.

    aran: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=23&p=0

    so tasty and light-hearted. also i love the combination of both ingredient and result…

    mhmmm! http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=31&p=0

    ok, i guess i should stop now :))

  • mymorna

    Tough choosing, but I ended up with an image of Béatrice Peltre and one of Penny De Los Santos, not necessarily because they were my favorites, but I thought them to be most distinct in style.
    This one from Beatrice: http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a274e6e4b07c0410a71c6e/1369601254794/food3.jpg?format=500w
    Her photos have such a dreamy quality. I feel like I’m back in my grandmother’s garden. Somebody below said “summer” and I guess that’s why it feels that way for me, I used to spend the summer with her.

    And from Penny (her site was crashing all the time, btw): From the plated section: the image with the bowls of pumpkin soup.
    The dish looks really fresh, made from scratch, the word “Artisan” comes to mind. Love her use of ingredients (spice, pumpkin seeds) to “spice up” a rather plain looking dish.

  • Dewi Martha Indria

    I choose these photos:
    1. Helene Dujardin, she is one of my favourite food photographer. I choose the whoopies with white filling photo. I love the ambience of the photo. To capture white and dull food is so hard, I ever tried it before and the result is make me very disappointed. But this Helene’s photo is different, although white become dominant colour in this photograph but it can attract me so much. Simple property, she know how to show the strength in food, the main point of interest of the food. I also love the lighting in this picture.
    2. Katie Quinn Davies, love all her rustic food photograph especially if she show so many properties in her picture. I just can’t imagine how she can prepare all the properties before shoot the picture. My weakness will come when I have to use so many properties, I don’t know how to make good composition from all that properties. I love this waffle picture, it made me want to eat now, at the right time I saw the picture. As I said before, i love how Katie arranging all the property in good composition.

  • Michelle Ordonez

    Aran Goyoaga – I like how the photographer uses light in the picture. I’m not sure if he/she uses natural light or a soft box. Photos are very neat and like country-style. I like how the colors are played, it brought life to the image. I was amazed on how he/she combined elements (flower, cups, napkins, etc.) that perfectly matched the food itself. It looks very simple, girly yet so elegant.

  • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

    I loved the first photo I saw of Penny De Los Santos!
    The photo allowed the food to be real and homefood-like.(if there was such a word…). I liked the fact there were imperfections in the setting such as a cracked wooden board, old spoons and not-so-neatly folded napkin. I wanted to immediately drink the creamy soup, it had such a lovely color!.

    The second photo I like is from Helene Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets. It is a picture of poached pear in ice cream and chocolate being poured over the pear. The glistening chocolate makes me want to take and eat it right away!

  • Guest

    In simple words, I literally *drool* everytime I see a new food picture/post by Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest. This one in particular had a delicious “sticky” marinade look to it, knowing very well that I will thoroughly enjoy the first and last bite! The play of colors from deep rich dark brown to the light beige color of the tortilla, sprinkled with green popping cilantro and lime is a head turning. http://www.halfbakedharvest.com/korean-fried-chicken-tacos-sweet-slaw-crunchy-noodles-queso-fresco/

  • Henry Harcsa

    I chose this pasta dish, combination of colors and overall saturation combined with darker background makes me want to try it. I have a feeling that this meal will have a full, strong taste.

    Second is Asparagus and oyster mushroom scrable from http://www.arangoyoaga.com/
    Its a Diptych photo, before cooking and after. From my point of view seeing ingredients and final meal makes it look more healthy. Lightness of the photo makes the food look light too.

  • moni k

    1. Marcus Nilsson – wow what a style. I’m very impressed by his photography, very inspiring. The pictures are beautiful and disgusting in the same time. Very raw, messy and real. Black ink project reminds me of William Eggleston’s style and his seemingly random composition.

    My choice of image: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1088

    Simple but effective image, minimum props. I really like the pastel colour play in this photo, definitely my palette. I like when things get a bit messy, makes the picture look more real and less staged. Rustic feel works wonders with food photography. Awesome.

    2. Katie Queen as a second choice as I also like when food looks super delicious.

    Image choice: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-37-of-109.jpg

    Again quite simple, but effective. Depth of field really does good to the image and simply focus attention of the viewer on the product rather than background. I like the minimum use of props and the rustic style. I’m guessing the photographer used ambient light as the photograph has this natural feel to it. Yummy.

  • jane

    I love all the pictures from Teri. He really knows what he’s doing. He puts really all his efforts to make foods look more delicious than it really is.
    (Refer to burger, 1st pic in folder Food&Drink)
    I love the “zoom-in”-thing on it. I can see it clearly what this food all about: The meat juices, the fresh veggies, the cheese, and so on.
    The lighting is also not to harsh, well, it’s comfortable to “enjoy” the picture.

    The second photographer that I choose is Katie
    The picture that I like is this one: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-25-of-96.jpg
    I can see clearly the hero. The contrast color with all props she used. I also love her tone, the vintage one.

  • In simple words, I literally *drool* everytime I see a new food picture/post by Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest. This one in particular had a delicious “sticky” marinade look to it, knowing very well that I will thoroughly enjoy the first and last bite! The play of colors from deep rich dark brown to the light beige color of the tortilla, sprinkled with green popping cilantro and lime is a head turning. http://www.halfbakedharvest.com/korean-fried-chicken-tacos-sweet-slaw-crunchy-noodles-queso-fresco/

    The second would be my other favorite food photographer and chef, Phylils Grant of Dash and Bella. Her pictures are very seductive in the sense of “less is more” but very appealing. Mainly her rustic looking pizzas/tarts coupled with anchovies and caramelized onion, drizzled with plenty of thick sweet balsamic vinegar on crispy tarts (gotta love that burnt round the edge look!) , literally, heightens my taste bud sensations. This is a perfect example: http://food52.com/blog/9642-caramelized-onion-tarts

  • My first pick will be from Pennys’ album
    I like the moody natural light and the styling as she use to say dirty is the new black

    The second will be from Aran Goyoaga
    here i like overall balancing colource used

  • Nox Northy

    1. Green a purple salad from helenedujardin…fabulous light, colors and background.
    2. Sweet cakes with red raspberries from katiequinndavies…I want to taste it, fresh, colorful, great light and I like the connection with hands.
    3. Another picture of fruits on baking tin from katiequinndavies…I like that angle, light, vibrant colors, props, styling, composition, it looks tasteful.
    4. Fresh plums on dark background from katiequinndavies…I love that angle, contrast of soft light and dark background, beautiful silver props. Great mood and also I would like to taste it.
    5. Raw meat with falling salt from teristudios…Great action, capture the movement, amazing light, wonderful angle and composition.
    6. Sweet cream cake with black raspberries from teristudios… great light, styling…just yummy.

  • Judy

    First photo I saw from Teri Studios made me really hungry! I just want to take a bit bite of that burger and can imagine it running down my hands and falling apart because its so big. I love the mood of the photo, the darkness. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ Second photo I picked is from Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=3 I love the translucent effect of the light in the middle of the meringue. This picture makes me want to touch them and see what they feel like (and l like a little bit of crumbs that aren’t too much or look too placed, they look natural)

  • The second would be my other favorite food photographer and chef, Phylils Grant of Dash and Bella. Her pictures are very seductive in the sense of “less is more” but very appealing. Mainly her rustic looking pizzas/tarts coupled with anchovies and caramelized onion, drizzled with plenty of thick sweet balsamic vinegar on crispy tarts (gotta love that burnt round the edge look!) , literally, heightens my taste bud sensations. This is a perfect example: http://food52.com/blog/9642-caramelized-onion-tarts

  • I chose these http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/6/ and httas p://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ (1st pic in the page).

    Teri’s pic is a burst of color, yet retains the rustic feel. The green of the herbs provides a nice contrast against the brown bread and plate with the white cheese. The red of the tomatoes is a nice offset.

    Katie’s pic is clean and neat. It sort of depicts fine dining yet has a home feel to it. Sharp images.

  • Maria

    I decided to observe:
    1. Teri Campbell and pick this picture http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/ as one of my fav because it reminds me how much fun I got while on the beach with my friends. The food shows it ingredients and the prawns looks so fresh and sweet with crispy wrappings. The drinks looks so fresh with the flowing lemon water, the shells, coins, and the spinkled arround them on top of the woody table fills the space and add the cozy feeling on the picture. The kites and waves under the blue sky with a blurring coconut tree, somehow reminds me of how the wind feels there. I wish to be there in the picture^_^
    2. Aran Goyoaga
    I decided to choose this one http://www.arangoyoaga.com/sources/ipad/index.php#portfolios
    Because i like the napkin and the table colors, and the bowls position, its like they are being separated. Not neat but beautiful and makes me want to look at them again and wonders why he do it? It looks playful or he just having fun with it.

  • Mark Miller

    Portfolio #1 http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=4 from Penny De Los Santos. I what I love about this photo is how it really draws you in while maintaining it’s simplicity. Even though there are only 3 items it still tells a complete story and draws you into the entire process that is going on.

    Portfolio #2 http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories From Helene Dujardin. I find that photos that focus on simplicity and ingredients are what draw me in. What I also like is that these photos are darker in feel than many other photos even though the product being photographed is lit perfectly.

  • First pick is Helen Dujardin. I picked this shot first. http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    I love the texture of the wood under the smooth knife and fork. I love shots of utensils shot in an interesting way. And I love the depth of field here. Makes me feel like I can do that too if I just take the TIME to prep my shots. I get impatient. The chops in the pan make me feel the same way. I love the wood under the pan, and that the pan’s been cooked in many, many times. Feels homey. Reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

    Second pick is Marcus Nilsson. I picked this shot because I have a bottle of this in my cupboard, and I want to see if I can shoot it like he did. It feels like a very special bottle of something you just have to have. Makes me want it. Love how you lose the edges at the bottom.

  • I chose Teri Studios as one, this particular pic makes me feel the sand between my toes and I can taste the refreshing beverage!http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/
    And then Penny de Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0 I love the strong colors of her photos. This one, I can smell the freshness of the fish.

  • Javier Rafael
  • Chelle Folts Winslow

    My first selection is by Matt Armedariz: I love the shot from above that captures so many details on the table. I can imagine several people gathered in the room talking and making pizza together. The colors look spot on and everything has such crisp focus. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/9/

  • Nicole Campbell

    The first photographer I chose was Helene Dujardin – http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets. I was very attracted to her style. Her images took me back to my childhood and made me feel like I was visiting my grandparents. Although the images were very stylish, they had a warmth and trust to them. Her choice of using two pictures to tell a story really appealed to me but most of all I wanted to eat all of the sweet treats she had photographed. Her icecream photos transported me to summer and her pie images took me to lazy sunday afternoons in autumn. She left me wanting more.

    The second photography I chose was Aran Goyoaga – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0 – these photos popped out of the screen at me. I liked the sense of playfulness with the images, the use of colour co-ordinated props which match perfectly with the food. Again the use of two photos to tell a story is something I really like, although I have not tried this myself, and the freshness of the food which made me want to eat it. The styling was very fresh and modern and the images were not over complicated.

  • Here are my second 2 choices. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/ This looks sweet and delicious and like it would be gooey in my mouth. I love the simplicity of it. And how you can see the air bubbles.

    And my second second choice is Beatrice Peltre and this cake shot. It’s so moist and I love savory cakes. Makes me feel like I want to bake it and eat it right now. And I’m really not a baker. Love the lightness of the shot.

  • Sahil Gupta

    I liked this below photographs of Matt Armendariz
    i feel about his work is decent, vibrant colors, food styling in his work is really awsome.

    KATIE Quinn Davies
    feel like he shoot environmental food photographs. rusty look. mostly cover all the areas in frame.

  • Mel Baker

    1. Helene Duiardin. The homepage shot of pasta http://helenedujardin.com/#/322269/Home. I loved the simplicity, the courage to use no colour. the shadows. It’s modest but beautiful. It made me feel like I could feel the pasts n my mouth.

    2. Marcus Nilsoon. I chose “Pretty in Pink”. It made me gasp. JUST stunning. It has a festive yet raw feel to it. The contrast of the mottled grey and whie and then that rich, deep raspberry red. WOW. It made me feel like I was sitting in front of the dish. I wanted to drink it..

  • Rashmi Ramakrishnan

    The second set of photos that interests me:
    Helene Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories. This is a picture of various potatoes. It is a very simple picture however the play with the colors of the potatoes makes me want to take up the offer and cook them!

    Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=3. A simple picture of a cake partially frosted with cream. I love the simplicity of the cake stand and background and the texture of the cake.

  • Chelle Folts Winslow

    My second selection is by Helen Dujardin: http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories I love her shot of the carrots on the dark background. The contrasting oranges, purples and greens against the dark backdrop are striking. The shallow depth of field provides a great pop of detail in the carrots and lets the greens become a nice fuzzy backdrop.

  • Ms Williams

    I’m sorry, I’ve not entirely stuck to the brief on where to source our favourite photos!

    My first favourite is from Matt Armendariz (the table scene). I like the striking composition, it is stark and simple. It makes me feel like the people who would eat at such a table would live a very simple and wholesome life. I am drawn to the punchy contrast and muted colour palate that is popped by the complementary turquoise and peach of the props. I think the overall composition and use of negative space is very relaxing.

    The second photo (carrots) from Matt Armendariz is all about the beautiful colours and again the contrast. The colour palate really draws me in, and the shiny glaze on the carrots makes me think that if I were to pick one to eat, they would be sweet with a honey glaze. The composition of the carrots is also very graphic, which I like.

    I have chosen a third photo from Matt Armendariz. The coffee cup and espresso machine. I love location photos and I really struggle with these. The composition is very simple and I can almost smell the coffee and hear the buzz of the coffee shop.

    When I looked outside the list, I have chosen some shots from photographers who have worked for my favourite magazines (Kinfolk and Cereal). The shot of the coffee in the paper cup is by Martin Kaufmen for Cereal Magaine. Like the photo from Matt Armendariz, it is very simple and he has managed to capture some steam (something I cannot seem to do).

    Carissa Gallo is the third photographer that I have looked at. Her photo is the overhead composition of the oranges, berries, grapefruit and cucumber. I really love the graphic composition and use of colour here. The photo is colourful, but not gaudy.

    The last photo is from Kinfolk Magazine gallery. Unfortunately I could not source who took the photograph. Anyhow, I like this photo because it actually contains someone’s hands! I am passionate about the connection of people and food, so I think this is an important to include in a frame. The colour palate is beautiful and makes me think that the photo was taken during a wet wintery february. It makes me feel like I want to snuggle up in a thick woollen cardigan in front of a fire after a morning outside picking conifer buds (which is what the bag contains).

  • My first selection is this:

    Matt Armendariz
    Texture and presentation make the food seem almost real enough to eat from the photo. I could almost taste these dishes.

    Teri Campbell
    The burger just leaps from the photo. It’s mouthwatering. Makes me feel like I could reach right in and pick it up.

    I was also drawn to this one:

    Aran Goyoaga
    Feels like a sunday morning brunch. Light, airy. Can almost feel a warm breeze.

  • Kristin Shaffer

    1. Katie Quinn Davies:http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/

    This carrot picture immediately stopped my browsing. You see a lot of reds and greens with savory dishes, yet the orange really stuck out to me. I also love the rustic nature of this photo, giving a real “family style” type look for table serving. It made me feel like sitting down and eating with family.

    2. Aran Goyaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=31&p=0

    His shot on the left is my favorite. It feels light, playful and makes me feel like I am at a tea party or some type of shower. I like the orderly fashion of the items and how organized everything looks.

    3. Katie Quinn Davies: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/

    I enjoy this image again for the family style look, as I feel invited to come and join. I also love the rich red/pink colors.

    4. Aran Goyoaga: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=0

    This photo is simple and clean. It has a rustic nature to it, yet not as “moody” as other shots. I like the lighting and the colors. It does not seem overdone.

    From: Kristin Shaffer

  • Donna

    I love Terry Campbell’s from Teri Studios. Its funny when I first when onto his site I thought boring! These are just shots for food manufacturing companies and then when I went further in omg-love his dramatic bold lighting-very theatrical and perfect! Makes me taste the food-Love his rustic shots of cooked and uncooked foods-captures the real essense. His compostions are interesting and love his up close shots. Love the picture of the salting of beef-a real quietness in his photos-very artistic and simple.

    The other photographer is What Katie ate-love her natural feel of her pictures-love how she creates a story for you-you really feel you are sitting at her table talking to her about what she is eating. She definetly creates story telling in her photos more than Terry Campbell. Katie brings you into her food in a natural and unpretentious way where as Terry-well he just seduces you. I love her colors and composition, very sutle and soft where as I do love Terry’s too because they are very bold and crisp! They have very similar approaches but their intentions are very different-she is very soft where he is very bold. Great exercise-I feel what I got to see in these pictures this morning I will look at my food today differently and try capturing some of these things in my photos today.

  • Andrej

    I actually looked at all of the photographers, and chose two photos that I like the most. First one is from Kevin Clark http://www.kevinclarkstudios.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=9&p=0&a=0&at=0 (the one on the right)

    I really like the texture and colours. The light looks fantastic comming from behind and it captures the texture very nicely.

    The second one is from Teri Campbell. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/

    I like the texture and rustic feel of the dish. I also like the colours wich are mostly brownish with some splashes of purple and red.

    The background is nice and it compliments the rustic and rough feel of the dish. I think it would be a fantastic photo for a website of a restaurant.

  • Emy Kostova

    I stopped on these two images – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ and http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ (the 3rd image – sandwiches with tomato and basil) by Teri Campbell and by Katie Quinn Davies. The images seem to invite you to bite into the mouth-watering food. Both images have vivid colors and are showing only one dish as though it is selected just for the person looking at the image. I also really liked Teri’s raw meat with falling salt image. I really enjoy images that capture movement and I noticed a few that do this in Teri’s portfolio.

  • Aran

    Her photos looks relax and gentle

    Love, the white background ( her style)

    She shows the ingredients before they are

    What background and light blue napkins, love

    Terry Campbell

    Love how large his foods are.

    I get curious about the food

    Like the dark background too.

    I think he focus on one thing only

  • Mel Baker

    My next 2 selections were 1.Aran Goyoaga. I loved the macaroons – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0 I’m not a fan of pink normally but it caught my eye immediately. I also liked the softness of the image. This one evoked nostalgia, The colour and flower reminds me of my late grandmother. Beautiful picture. 2. Katie Quinn Davies http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ Love the grey. Love the clutter. The objects surrounding the food all look industial, cold, hard edged, yet the food looks comforting, soft, country, warm, inviting. The mess made me smile and relate as a messy chef. The image made me want to touch th food to see if it felt like it looks.

  • I like this photo of
    Marcus Nilsson I love the way how the fruits appeared … colorful with little mess… the harmony between orange and white color gave the photo the image if freshness

    I like this photo by Teri Campbell … the light is magnificent which made me feel that I would eat it all !!



    unfortunately I wasn’t able ti attach photos so I added the links

  • Great object lesson! Here are the photographers I chose:

    Terri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

    I loved the picture of the mushroom burger… she perfectly captured the “pub” vibe for this pub food. Also, lighting is amazing, nice and shadowy in the background, yet clear, bright light highlighting the foreground. Textures are awesome as well, just overall awesome. This is exactly what I hope to learn how to do.

    Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/2/

    I love the colors and textures of this photography, it is very attention-grabbing and interesting to look at. Also, the raw, in-the-moment style of the photographs, nothing is neat and perfect, it captures the essence of being right in the middle of making the food. Very nice!

  • Shyamal Majmundar

    My first image selection is from the Aran Goyoaga photographer.


    I like this image because of its soft feel and look. Looking at first site it appeals my mind about its softness, freshness, cleanliness.

    My second image selection is from the Beatrice Peltre photographer.


    I like this images because of its good food colors and good pastel colored and textured background. Overall composition feels my mind , as well balanced , freshness and inviting.

  • Aniko Takacs

    Hello there, even if I like all of the listed photographers I chose Aisha Yosaf. Her pics are greta, she found her own style and all of her photos are outstanding IMO. https://www.flickr.com/photos/aisha_yusaf/with/14167764656/

    One of my fav from her is this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aisha_yusaf/14167764656/

    I really love that she usually uses negative space on her shots and it really works. She combines the colors pretty well.

    My second fav is this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aisha_yusaf/7183936476/

    It’s full of emotion, You can really feel how wet the weather outside and You’d like to grab that drink from the table.

  • Javier Rafael

    I like Teri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ and Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=2&a=0&at=0

    I like Teri
    Campbell´s photo best of its angle and bright colours. It´s very appetizing and
    tasty-looking. The product is perfectly displayed.

    Penny de
    los Santos´ photo of the green pepper has also got a perfect angle. The product
    is perfectly displayed and the photo is very sharp and well illuminated.

  • Jennifer

    Penny De Los Santos: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=2

    I love the rustic feel of this photo. I makes me feel like I about about to sit down for dinner with a host family in a foreign country. Maybe someplace on rolling hills with a view of the ocean. The family lives simply but they have everything they need.

    Teri Campbell: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

    This picture of the hamburger feels like “American Comfort Food”. It sits in a happy, busy, but not too loud restaurant/bar where everyone knows your name.

  • Rochelle

    The first photograph that I really liked was one by Matt Armendariz, it can be found here http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/24/. I think what I really liked most about this photograph was the inconsistency. There seems to be no “pattern” when it comes to the chocolate and the center focal point is empty. I like the simplicity of the background as well.

    In contrast to this photography, the other photograph by Aron Goyoaga that I like, (found here; http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0), this photograph is light and has a very different feel than the first. In this photograph the lighting stands out most, it is bright and almost what I would feel the light would look like in the morning. I like the simplicity of this photograph as well, the focus is on the food and it is not distracting. I like the colors chose as well, they are calming and peaceful. I also like the “food culture” photographs done by Penny De Los Santos which I had actually just studied for a class.

  • For my first selection I choose Helen Dujardin as I have always admired her work. I love this shot of the blueberry crisp. http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets The rich tones of the the blueberry crisp goes wonderfully with the muted tones the rest of the image, bringing the focus on the main subject.

    For my second selection I choose Katie Queen’s pasta dish. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-30-of-96.jpg
    The clarity in the image is outstanding. The textures and the rich colors really make the image pop. I also like the way that the Parmesan cheese spills over from the pasta dish and onto the spoon below.

  • Nithya

    The two photographers I picked today are Teri Campbell and Katie Quinn Davies.

    I checked out Teri’s portfolio she had both contrast shades and some
    clicks with similar shades. More than the rustic look photographs, I
    loved the bright an airy picture of the cocktail rink with the beach and
    the kite giving the vibrant background! The lil props of
    coins,notes,shells and the tacos with bright prawns gives all together a
    beachy effect an transports us to the place.

    Second, when I
    checked out Katies portfolio, she ha one album loaded with rustic look
    fotos an second one with bright and light backgrounds. Cos of the ull an
    rustic background, the vibrant colors of the dish stands out. I love
    about props, which looks rustic and tunes with the background. This
    makes the food to stand out!

  • Janice Pattie

    My first photographer is Beatrice Peltre. Photo 1 – Les tomates cerise http://www.beatricepeltre.com/i6tkf5wmtk3naruqsyjqery2tnvtjj

    The colours jump right out, there is lots of contrast and the overall effect is fresh and clean. The styling is simple and casual, the tomatoes look like they would be good to eat. Photo 2 – The toddler holding the apple http://www.beatricepeltre.com/6auwizynxm4rtg2be7b8x6q5xdgm3i The focus is on the little hands and the apple, with only a suggestion of the child. The child personalises the photograph and tells a story.

    My second photographer is Teri Campbell. Photo 1 – is no 8 where there is lemonade being poured into a jam jar with a seaside view in the background http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/ The image is contextualised, again a story is being told ” We are at the seaside, it’s warm and we are drinking lemondade and eating a prawn wrap. I would really like to be that person lounging on the beach with that lunch in front of me! Photo 2 is no. 25 the roasted tomatoes still on the baking tray http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/25/ I like how you are seeing the process of the cooking not just the finished product, the photo is rustic and it looks like something you could make yourself.

  • Ami Parikh

    1. Aran Goyoaga I really liked this photographer’s portfolio – nice, clean bright, uncluttered photos that showcase the food in a simple yet stylish manner. I feel like grabbing the sweets from my screen and eating them. My image choices: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=5&p=0 and http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0

    2. I really liked this one from Helene Dujardin’s portfolio – I like how she relates the images in her collages. http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

  • Deepa

    Hi all!

    First is Katie Quinn Davis, the cherry galette pic at this link http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/

    I love the composition of this shot, the galette with it’s rich, warm colours on the lower right quadrant. In contrast, the negative space is mostly white,bright and cool. THis contrast draws your eye straight to the galette. The cherries have a lustre that is almost sensual and the melting ice cream that is audaciously placed in the middle adds movement, excitement and a ‘realness’. This photo does what all food photos should do- makes me want to eat it and to just be wherever that galette is.

    Next is Penny De Los Santos. The image of the green gooseberries (?) on the wooden board is my favourite because of it’s simplicity. It is monimally propped and all about the fruit. There is interest added by the various stages of peeling that each fruit is at. There are only 2 main colours that work well together. It is a warm, rustic image that makes you feel comfortable and at home. THe link is http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=0

    That was great! Look forward to more…..

  • henny marlina

    1. Teri Campbell : http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/6/, The messy style, vibrant color, rustic prop makes me feel hommy..giving a real “family style” type look for table serving.

    2. Beatrice Peltre : http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ the white clean looking makes freshness… I can fell the texture and It makes me want to touch and eat it immediately.

  • The first image is from http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/ and I like the soft lightning and pastel colors with a rustic feel, the styling is relaxed…for me it says “eating with friends”

    The second image is from http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ with strong and powerfull colors, contrast between red, orange and green makes this image dynamic but fresh. I have the feeling that all this fruit will be sweet and tasty.

  • Aran

    Her photos looks relax and gentle

    Love, the white background ( her style)

    She shows the ingredients before they are

    What background and light blue napkins, love

    Terry Campbell

    Love how large his foods are.

    I get curious about the food

    Like the dark background too.

    I think he focus on one thing only

  • FlavorsAnd ColorsByAparna

    Great exercise Neel ! Loved looking the portfolios of the above photographers,,, i

    My picks

    1) http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

    Icecream sandwich pic. Besides lighting, I liked the way she has kept the subject [at an angle] that can easily tempt the viewer/reader to reach out and lift it. http://www.tarteletteblog.com/2010/04/recipe-vanilla-bean-chocolate-ice-cream.html

    another pic by Helen ~ chocolate sauce being poured on poached pears … i could smell the chocolate while looking at this pic … captured so beautifully http://www.tarteletteblog.com/2010/10/recipe-gluten-free-spiced-poached-pears.html

    2) http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/7/ the rt side image in this … loved the way the props have been used in the image hinting towards preparation of summertime drinks … the background color is nicely used that has helped to stand out the whole setup

    Aran Goyoaga portfolio – The use of pastel/bright colors in the bkground, pleasant light, and vibrant colors of the main subject , i could feel harmonious friendly environment in most of her images which in turn made me feel happy.

  • Jess @ Floptimism

    The first image I seelcted was Aran Goyoaga’s photograph of a woman’s hands cupping a stack of bowls filled with small apples: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=19&p=0

    As I went through all of the photographs, I noticed many of the ones that stood out to me were ones that brought a human touch to the frame, bringing the connection of food back to the individuals preparing or sharing it. I love how simple this image is — so unassuming, almost as though it knows it doesn’t need to try hard to be beautiful. It makes me feel calm, and like eating those apples would be the healthiest decision I could make. I can almost taste how crisp and fresh they are.

    The second image I chose was Teri Studios’ image of a berry pavlova on a rustic, weathered metal charger and similarly dark backdrop: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/

    I love the contrast in colors between the dull and understated props, the stark white whipped cream, and the deep blackberries and blueberries. I love how the folds of the meringue catch shadows and highlights, and how the entire frame feels conveniently relaxed. It isn’t sterile; it feels more alive and transient than a lot of more orderly food photographs, and it makes me want to taste the dish so much more. I can picture someone making this dessert, ending with that sprinkle of powdered sugar that spills out to the plate the dessert sits on, too. Even though it’s clearly staged, and beautifully so, it still feels real and tangible, and I like that.

  • Daniel Boivin

    Katie Quinn Davies I like the ”aged” look her picture have, almost like they were shot several decades ago. It almost feels that there is a filter between the camera and the food.

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=3 I love the dark backgrounds Penny de Los Santos uses in general and particularly in this picture, the lights hit the apples in almost a sexy way. Just love her work.

    Matt uses a background that is similar to the food tones and it works well for me. These blueberry pancakes against a blue background particularly speak to me. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/4/

  • Guest

    I am an American living in Northeast Thailand. My interest is in the local and regional foods of the area. Until doing this assignment, I didn’t realize just how few (if any) photographers specialize in this area of food photography. The professional photographers in the country and in Southeast Asia seem to have some of their work devoted to the local food, but most also throw in a mix of fusion and western cuisine.

    The first photographer I chose is John Marmon (http://tinyurl.com/ldqjdom). He made a comment that attracted me right away, “I am definitely not impressed with Chefs who paint around the dishes on the plates with all sorts of squiggles and silly garnishes!”

    The first photo is a shot of a rice field. To me, food photography should include the gamut of the food’s life, from the growing/raising/catching to the enjoyment of the eating, including the remnants of a good meal. In this photo, John captures the color and texture of a rice paddy at planting time, a common sight where I live.

    My second of John’s photos is a simple display of fish. I like the way he takes advantage of the colors, textures, lines and angles and a bit of DOF to capture a very common food in the Northeast.

    Finally, from John, is the transportation of food. Hard to say if he’s heading out to sell them or taking them home to the family and friends. I like the only occurrence of yellow in the photo being the bananas. I draws your eye to the central subject and from there you get the mood of the man.

    My second photographer is not a photographer but a web site. OK, I cheated. But after doing a lot of searching I was not able to find an individual photographer that clicked (pun intended). So, I present thaiphoto.net and their food page (http://wp.me/P1W3QD-g). Something that sets this site apart is the notation of the aperture, camera, focal length and shutter speed, some very valuable info for the budding photographer.

    The first photo is an art that is often seen in Thailand, especially at banquets, weddings, etc. Fruit carving, in itself, creates some beautiful patterns. This photo uses these patterns along with the background. The patterns in the fruit and the background are brought together by the contrasting blue and white of the bowl edge.

    For the second photo, one of the classic deserts of the region, mango and sticky rice. Again, as in the photo above, I am attracted to the use of the plate as a frame for the food against the background. The colors of the food and the background complement each other well, and the blue of the plate (the only blue in the photo), creates a nice contrast.

    Finally, pork satay, another of the ubiquitous foods of the region. It’s difficult to go 2 km in a city and not see a portable charcoal grill, usually made from a lubricant drum that was cut in half and given legs, and the grill loaded with pork, chicken or an assortment of seafood.

    I like the colors, but this is a photo that just makes me want to run down the the street and get some. No, wait. I just had dinner and it’s late. Maybe on my way to work tomorrow.

    That’s all folks. See you next time.

  • Willis Barry

    I have been following all of the above photographers. I am into farm to table nutritious foods and recipes. I started a Slow Food USA chapter and would like to do my own food blog once I have acquired the computer and photographic skills. Let the food be the hero.

  • My first photographer is Markus Nillson

    The URL: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1347

    This is a two plate feature.
    The first is of a gutted fish on the chopping block, but a silver block. The salt which is poured liberally over the fish, combined with the surface the fish is on actually make the fish look alive, and still in the sea. My mouth salivates as I look at this photo. The second is of dried kelp, deformed enough to be able to see “life” in them. I can see a sea-horse in one part. I do not have the same mouth watering feelings, but more an intellectual challenge… what is it, how was it made, what do you see?

    My second photographer is Peggy De Los Santos

    The URL of the photo is http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=14&p=3

    It is a 2 photo plate.

    I think what catches my eye on this page is the fact that the prep area is NOT clean, yet the food makes my taste-buds water. I just want to have what is on offer, messy or no.

    The range of food on offer is strategic too, I think. Being more than 1, each dish makes my mouth salivate.

    The first tray consists of cup-cakes; varied, full and empty. The second tray is a range of ice-cream and/or cream desserts. Again, the tray is messy, but I want to eat it.

  • Alessandro

    1° Teri Studios Photo n°5


    I love the simple composition, the delicate light that fall on the heroes exalting their
    shapes, the beautiful color balance between the red onions and the tone on tone
    of mushrooms. The photo let me remember the heritage of the old cuisine , let
    me imagine my grandmother coocking a simply floworing dish.

    2° Marcus Nilson


    I like the clear light, the contrast of colors.
    I feel ice cream is made by fresh and natural ingredients, with love and
    attention. It make me feel happy, on holliday, transmit me energy

  • I chose
    1. Matt Armandariz’s carrots photo: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/1/. It is beautifully simple, colorful, love the similar lines and how the yellow & orange & green colors of the carrots pops in front of the off white background. The photo looks very fresh and crisp, exactly what you’d want carrots to feel like! The apron and wall have interest, but not enough to detract from the carrots.

    2. Penny De Los Santos’s chocolate photo. http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=4. I never would have thought a generally brown photo could be so interesting and beautiful. She added so much texture and interest by shaving the chocolate and creating the scallops in the shavings. Each shaving has a different texture, and all of the lines in the pic are very interesting. Again, never would have thought a brown & white photo could be so simple, elegant, and beautiful, and especially interesting. Also love the lighting, it gives the chocolate a layered effect, the top is glistening and bright, while some on the bottom of the pile are darker. The shaved effect also adds white to the mix, and this adds interest.

  • What an astonishing feast for the eyes. Thank you for pointing me to all these exceptional photographers.

    Marcus Nilsson

    I have chosen this image from his portfolio.

    It attracted me because of the texture of the background contrasting with the overlapping circles created by the bowls and plates … I love one circle intersected by the wooden spoon inviting the eye across the image diagonally. The light is coming from the left, at about three O’clock, low enough so that even the fine grains and seeds have texture. Ah … and there is the white of the milk, not complete as a circle but it has the effect of relaxing the eyes. I feel calm and meditative when I look at this image. I want to stay and explore it for a while, just letting the textures in to me, resting there.


    Katie Quin Davies

    It is the image of the freshly baked pie that attracted me … partly because this is the kind of photograph that I long to take. I love the messiness, the story it tells of a pie freshly out of the oven and a portion already served. I am drawn to the three points of light created by the spoons and the flour on the crust of the pie. Katie has is inviting the eyes to explore the image. I also like the mood that is created by the light coming from the top left and the strong shadows. The photogragh makes me feel as if I am being invited to taste the pie. The cook is a natural, not fussy and I want some of that.

  • I took these two pictures which made me stop clicking.

    The first one is Aran Goyoaga, Gluten Free Breakfast.
    It made me feel familiar. Like a sunday breakfast with the hole family.
    I like the muted colors which are all from the same group.

    The picture seems clean althought it’s a little bit messy.

    Also the missing muffins in the mould and the resultant spaces tie your eyes.

    The second pictures I picked is from Matt Armendariz


    It made me stop because I hade to discover all this thing which are on this pictures.
    It seems so messy and isn’t at all. You cant’s take your eyes off because every blink of an eye you discover something new.
    And this is how it would lokk at home also. A lot of different things standing around but building one big dinner.
    The hole time you look at this photograph you try to find out which country it’s standing for. Italy? Spain?
    So beautiful.

  • Sanja Manasijević

    My 2 picks are Katie Quinn Davis and Aran Goyoaga.

    First http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-8-of-109.jpg

    I love all her photos. On this one I like place of the plate, colors and mood. Make me I wish to steep ahead and eat it.

    The second http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=0&a=0&at=0

    the story that tells, from a whole hazelnut to cake. Colors and a beat
    darkness, really good. I like choice of props, fabric and paper.

  • The Coupon High

    I like this picture from http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=1. Love the simplicity of the stainless steel background and capturing of the water droplets while still displaying the fruits

  • Guest

    What an astonishing feast for the eyes. Thank you for pointing me to all these exceptional photographers.

    Marcus Nilsson

    I have chosen this image from his portfolio.

    It attracted me because of the texture of the background contrasting with the overlapping circles created by the bowls and plates … I love one circle intersected by the wooden spoon inviting the eye across the image diagonally. The light is coming from the left, at about three O’clock, low enough so that even the fine grains and seeds have texture. Ah … and there is the white of the milk, not complete as a circle but it has the effect of relaxing the eyes. I feel calm and meditative when I look at this image. I want to stay and explore it for a while, just letting the textures in to me, resting there.


    Katie Quin Davies

    It is the image of the freshly baked pie that attracted me … partly because this is the kind of photograph that I long to take. I love the messiness, the story it tells of a pie freshly out of the oven and a portion already served. I am drawn to the three points of light created by the spoons and the flour on the crust of the pie. Katie has is inviting the eyes to explore the image. I also like the mood that is created by the light coming from the top left and the strong shadows. The photograph makes me feel as if I am being invited to taste the pie. The cook is a natural, not fussy and I want some of that.

  • Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/oy9tmlg5v0ij0v56nfvyedf9u9x463 I love the color combination of the cherries and the props that she used. The image has a fun, warm vintage look and seems if some one stepped away for a moment in the midst of what they were doing. Helene Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets lemons, rhubarb, and berries – this has that same vintage feel and the impression that someone was interrupted in their work. There is life and movement.

  • Mark Hesketh

    For me I like the simplicity of http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1233 and the raspberries standing out from the muted background colours. It doesn’t look too pre-conceived.

    I also like http://www.pennydelossantos.com/index.php#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=2&a=0&at=0 and the dark tones and tectures of this one. It feels rich.

    The problem is that if you look through all of these photos when you are hungry, 99% of it looks scrumptious and I find myself rating the food that I would like rather than the image and technical merit (not that I am in any way an expert) But then maybe that’s what makes a successful food photo… you just want to eat it!

  • Chose Matt Armendariz and Beatrice Peltre

    * From Matt
    Did not get far from the first image, that stuck with me (well chosen eye capturing photo for front page)
    Light, rustic and action are the three keywords that I like about this photo.
    The warm tones and inviting layout, hint of a happy gathering around this table.
    * From Beatrice
    Awesome colours, can smell the summer and tomatos through the picture. Light feeling about it.
    Setup reminds me of Chinese painting with those little straws on the side.

    *From Matt
    Both images just made me want to eat it straight away and it looks so delicious.
    Perfect for advertisement of the food on the picture.
    * From Beatrice
    Light, colourful. brings to mind summer and holidays and free time, so very positive feeling and I really like the use of raw fresh fish.

  • Guest


  • TonyC

    I am an American living in Northeast Thailand. My interest is in the local and regional foods of the area.
    Until doing this assignment, I didn’t realize just how few (if any) photographers specialize in this area of food photography. The professional photographers in the country and in Southeast Asia seem to have some of their work devoted to the local food, but most also throw in a mix of fusion and western cuisine.

    The first photographer I chose is John Marmon (http://tinyurl.com/ldqjdom). He made a comment that attracted me right away, “I am definitely not impressed with Chefs who paint around the dishes on the plates with all sorts of squiggles and silly garnishes!”

    The first photo is a shot of a rice field. To me, food photography should include the gamut of the food’s life, from the growing/raising/catching to the enjoyment of the eating, including the remnants of a good meal. In this photo, John captures the color and texture of a rice paddy at planting time, a common sight where I live.


    My second of John’s photos is a simple display of fish. I like the way he takes advantage of the colors, textures, lines and angles and a bit of DOF to capture a very common food in the Northeast.


    Finally, from John, is the
    transportation of food. Hard to say if he’s heading out to sell them or taking
    them home to the family and friends. I like the only occurrence of yellow in
    the photo being the bananas. I draws your eye to the central subject and from
    there you get the mood of the man.


    My second photographer is not a photographer but a web site. OK, I cheated. But after doing a lot of searching I was not able to find an individual photographer that clicked (pun intended). So, I present thaiphoto.net and their food page
    (http://wp.me/P1W3QD-g). Something that sets this site apart is the notation of the aperture, camera, focal length and shutter speed, some very valuable info for the budding photographer.


    The first photo is an art that is often seen in Thailand, especially at banquets, weddings, etc. Fruit carving, in itself, creates some beautiful patterns. This photo uses these patterns along with the background. The patterns in the fruit and the background are brought together by the contrasting blue and white of the bowl edge.

    For the second photo, one of the classic deserts of the region, mango and sticky rice. Again, as in the photo above, I am attracted to the use of the plate as a frame for the food against the background. The colors of the food and the background complement
    each other well, and the blue of the plate (the only blue in the photo), creates a nice contrast.


    Finally, pork satay, another of the ubiquitous foods of the region. It’s difficult to go 2 km in a city and not see a portable charcoal grill, usually made from a lubricant drum that was cut in half and given legs, and the grill loaded with pork, chicken or an assortment of seafood.

    I like the colors, but this is a photo that just makes me want to run down the the street and get some. No, wait. I just had dinner and it’s late. Maybe on my way to work tomorrow.


    I apologize for the problems with uploading the photos. I hope the links worked.

    That’s all folks. See you next time.

  • Marissa O’Donnell

    I picked this photo:
    Her images appear crisp and fresh, also liked how she uses things thats rustic or has country look.

    The other photo I picked was that of
    the photos looks bright and appetizing, food was put on white plate making the food stand out

  • What an astonishing feast for the eyes. Thank you for pointing me to all these exceptional photographers.

    Marcus Nilsson

    I have chosen this image from his portfolio.

    It attracted me because of the texture of the background contrasting with the overlapping circles created by the bowls and plates … I love one circle intersected by the wooden spoon inviting the eye across the image diagonally. The light is coming from the left, at about three O’clock, low enough so that even the fine grains and seeds have texture. Ah … and there is the white of the milk, not complete as a circle but it has the effect of relaxing the eyes.


    Katie Quin Davies

    It is the image this of the freshly baked pie that attracted me … partly because this is the kind of photograph that I long to take. I love the messiness, the story it tells of a pie freshly out of the oven and a portion already served. I am drawn to the three points of light created by the spoons and the flour on the crust of the pie. Katie has is inviting the eyes to explore the image. I also like the mood that is created by the light coming from the top left and the strong shadows.

  • Claudia Briandi

    Sorry, I do not speak English, Google translation.

    1- http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/
    Foto que invita a comer, preciosa composición y técnica con la cantidad de elementos justa y luz perfecta.
    Photo invites you to eat, beautiful composition and technique with the correct amount of light elements and perfect.

    2- http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0
    Transmite frescura, el producto está cuidado, la foto tiene un elemento central y luego el resto de elementos son una perfecta combinación. Los colores están perfectamente conjugados.
    Conveys freshness, the product carefully, the photo has a central element and then the other items are a perfect match. The colors are perfectly conjugates.

  • 1. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

    First of all, I want to sink my teeth into that burger so ridiculously badly, followed by a sip of that cold beer sitting behind it. It is mouth-watering! I want to be in this photograph, as I’m positive there is not only delicious food and cold beverages but also good friends sitting nearby.

    2. http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0

    I love the color here and the composition. I love how the main part of the photograph is NOT in the middle. My eye travels all over the color and image. I also want to dig in and start cooking something fantastically spicy and delicious.

  • Shaymond

    Helene Dujardin

    Love how simple food can look so nice. Especially with the backgrounds and props that she used. The photo with dark backgrounds captured my eyes, the subjects just popped out.

    Teri Campbell
    Likes how he handled reflections of shiny surfaces. Subjects are very intimate to the viewer. Looking at his photos makes people drool.

  • Marina Martensen

    First like to introduce myself, my name is Marina, I am Brazilian and photographs of events and family and am eager to start shooting food, make a more original work, forgive me if I express myself well, because my English is very weak.

    The photographers I liked most were Aran Goyoaga and Beatrice Pewter. The pictures seem alive like a wake, one breakfast, the vivid colors and simple food, but with a composition that reminds us life as it is simple but wonderful.

  • Raja


    in her blueberry muffin photo, I feel both the muffin and berries are very appealing


    in her 6th photo the presentation is very attractive.

  • I’ve already provided my two selections from the list of photographers above, but I am a huge fan of White on Rice Couple Todd Porter and Diane Cu. Great style! http://tdphotographers.com

  • Olena


    I liked most of the pictures as all of them are good.

    My two favourite once:

    Teri Campbell – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/

    it has an action, while being a still picture.


    Katie Quinn Davies – http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/

    the one with pasta on the table with a cheese greater

    The reason why I picked those is that I like when a pictures gives you a feeling that you are right there where picture was taken and the lighting is done the way that the the subject attracts you attention so much that you forget to think about what was the lighting set up.

    Amongst the latest my discoveries are Alan De Herrera and Natalia Lisovskaya – food photographers that make you feel like being with them and simply just about to join them for dinner.

  • I love Beatrice Peltre and her food styling.
    The way of composing her photographs very bright, clean, but at the same time that give the idea that the food is really well set for the case. A perfect “order-disorder”. I love how the color of food is alive.
    Shooting from above is among my favorites.

    I really like also the style of Teri Cambpell.
    Completely different from the style of Beatrice.
    Food is GREAT in his photographs in all directions.
    Makes you want to eating whatever looking at his pictures!
    I can see how every little detail is designed ad hoc.
    Much impact the contrast used to make the image more impact.
    The lights are strong but accurate and gentle at the same time.



  • davewolanski

    I’ve been a big fan of this blog for a while: http://notwithoutsalt.com/spicy-garlic-dip-for-fresh-vegetbales/
    Ashley Rodriguez has a long history of doing food “stuff” and great simple photos that feel real and unstaged. Of course, they are staged, but it doesn’t show. I also like the fact she uses film for some of her photos too.

  • Hellen van Dorsten

    Teri Campbell, this picture are looking so real you almost can eat it, you want to bite in it

    and the same feeling for my is Penny de los Santos, it is al mouth watering


  • Kerry

    Teri Campbell…love the juicy delicious looking Burger and beer. Simplicity and depth of field took nothing away from the Burger. The chocolate chip cookies were just screaming to be picked up and eaten, with the melted chocolate chip and the simplicity and depth of field, just yummy.
    Matt Armendariz …I picked the Soup(?) with the melted cheese and croutons. Again I liked the simplicity, the spoon, color and depth of field…you could almost smell it. The second one was the homemade Bread with the glaze drizzled over it. The colors where nice and airy, like the depth of field and how moist the bread looked…just wanted a bite.

  • I picked Marcus Nilsson’s image of the watermelon strawberry popsicle. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=81&p=804

    I love how it appears melting and so juicy, it makes me want to hurry up, pick it up & slurp it so it doesn’t drip anymore! The strawberry seeds kind of splattered about reinforce how it’s likely made of all-natural fruits. The highlights are a little bit much for me, but they do accentuate the melting-ness.

    I also enjoyed Teri Campbell’s image of the shrimp tacos & margarita being poured – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/ I can almost taste the cilantro glistening off the marinated shrimp, and the crispy shell has my mouth begging for the crunch. The beachy background sets the tone for the meal. The different currency indicates that this is not the US, and would be a typical meal on vacation.

  • Mary Pavona Taylor

    My 1st photographer is
    Helene Dujardin
    I am drawn to the simple rustic feel with the deep dark tones in her images. I love the way she uses her light to show case her subject, which makes the main charter stands out. http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    My 2nd photographer is
    Katie Quinn Davies
    Again I am drawn to the same look, deep dark tones, simple rustic look, yet an elegant style to her photo’s http://www.whatkatieate.com/photos/desserts/

  • Dhanya

    Much thanks for introducing me to these amazing photographs. My picks are Aran Goyoaga & Teri Campbell.http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/ – the mood & the lighting and ofcourse the chocolate

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0-minimum or no props and absolute focus on food

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=9&p=0- the baby blue background, the broken egg, the peeled onion……so refreshing and soothing as all her other photos.

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=27&p=0- the contrasting colors and the crisp background.

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/7/- simplicity at its best!!

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/5/-the rustic setting adds a certain mystery to the photo

  • Melanie E

    I picked Teri Studios and Katie Quinn Davies.

    Teri Studios: I like the darker background. For so long, I’ve heard that the backgrounds should be “white”, but I have difficulty with white balance sometimes, so it’s good to see the darker photos that are still eyecatching.
    Katie Quinn Davies: Her staging is lovely! She doesn’t use very many props, but the ones that she does use are perfect for each setting.

  • Rosemary

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/htn51pf6531kabdhafigqgt3ojhenk I really liked this photographer, because her photos are nice and clear and bright and she made you really want to try her food.

    I like when the photographer takes a clear picture and blurs the background

    http://helenedujardin.com/# ,I really really like this photographer because he gives a rustic feel to her photos and they are clear not too close up. and I like the angle.

    http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories I like how she includes some ingredients with her finished product. and I also really like the darker look.
    I really like how she can take 1 food (radishes) and make a beautiful photo.

  • First is a very clen and simple, natural photo
    from Matt Armendariz. White, white and white. Snow, purity, sweetness of
    whipped cream. A very powerful image, almost like B/W. Less is a new more:) May
    have been made too close? I think the right image would be enough alone too.


    The second image is the opposite of the first.
    It’s a photo from Katie Quinn Davies. It’s messy, deep and dark. I feel like I
    want to eat with fingers ant after lick the plate.


  • Hi All,
    I picked Teri Campbell (http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/) the cheesecake. Great contrast, your eye automatically wonders first to the cheesecake, then the gooey-melted thick chocolate that is poured on the cheesecake, and finally you’ll notice the pieces of chocolate in the back and the biscuits/cookies slightly left from the center of the picture. The warm (brown tones) are a great contrast to the white&cream colors of the cheesecake. Gives you the impression you just got home, unpacked your sweet treat and you’ll indulge in it. Great soft lights, great composition, great photo.

    As the second I picked Matt Armendariz, (http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/2/), and his composition of the green asparagus to the left and the mixed green salad with asparagus on the right side. Photographing salad is certainly not easy, so I really like his idea of taking a shot of the freshly washed, crisp green asparagus, as you would have it placed right on your kitchen desk before the preparation and the end result, the tasty salad with the grilled asparagus, sweet corn, some greens, the dressing on the side. As if it would be your plate, right in front of you, and makes you like the salad even if you would not order one normally.

    I believe great food photographer are the ones that can picture any dish/food in a way that makes you want to eat it when you look at the photo. Great examples.

  • Gabriela Bastardo Milano

    Hello! First I’m sorry for my English but is a little dificult for me to write in English.

    The first photo-photographer I really love is from Penny De Los Santos and her picture of the Red Fish (http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0), this picture make me feel like I almost love to eat fish. I love everything about this picture, the colors, the textures and the shadows.

    The second photo-photographer I enjoy were Beátrice Peltre and her Tarte aux Tomatoes (http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a3b93ee4b0643b1ca78b0e/1369684294808/_D0C0583.jpg?format=750w). I love this picture because it look simple but at the same time got a lot of colors and contrast on it, looks like a summer day feeling chill with good food, wine and friends. For me, this picture makes me feel in home.

  • Delwyn Tan

    Matt Armendariz’s http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/34/ has a very clean and simple composition. The trays gave a frame within frame feeling, guiding my eyes before they left the drinks to see the other parts of the pictures.

    Helene Dujardin’s http://helenedujardin.com/html_gallery.cfm?menu_itemID=600119&load=html&parentID=322274 had this slightly messy yet clean composition to it. The salad doesn’t steal the focus from the main dish and instead enhances the colors to the picture. The messy napkin and spoon gives the picture a less “set-up” feeling.

  • Melissa Cua

    Penny De Los Santos



    I like how the food in her photos are usually half-eaten or taken, and not showing the whole table and yet captures the whole picture on how it looks like. The table napkins that are always used for background is a good contrast for the color of her food.

    Marcus Nilsson


    What I like most is the simplicity of using white background that makes all the food photos stand out and dainty. It all looks fresh and appetizing. I also like how the simplest food can look sumptuous and always seems like in a fine dining restaurant.

  • Sreedevi Mavila

    I chose:
    1. Teri Campbell – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/
    The burger looks so inviting – so juicy, so real. The different colours and textures are so apparent. The sheen on the burger bun, the juiciness of the burger, the caramelised mushroom, the crunch of the red onion, the freshness of the tomato. And the apparent mess around – the scratches on the wooden block, some pieces of mushroom that have fallen out. And the glass of chilled beer lying beside. A look at this picture and it’s almost like I can taste what’s in it!
    2. Penny De Los Santos – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=2
    The dish looks so rustic yet inviting. The way the peppers and cherry tomatoes glisten in the sauce, the grill marks on the toast – again the textures here are so clear that you almost feel like you can feel them and taste the food. Also the well-used spoon makes the dish look so perfect but attainable – something that a home cook can aspire to make.

  • Matt Armendariz


    The pie crust in this picture is uneven and knobby resulting in light and shadows that pick up the terrain of the crust. The people’s arms in the picture make it feel casual. These pictures make me feel like I could pull up a chair and join the gathering. They are informal and rustic. I love the use of low light and I don’t know how to capture those kinds of shadows without my pictures just looking dark. I also notice that the colors are very monochromatic, subtle blues in the apron and shirt — even the dishes, and scarred woods. It creates a cohesiveness, a softness that i find appealing.


    Photographing meat can be challenging, but Matt has managed to make grilled steak and salad look like it has movement. There’s shine on the steak, the grill marks are highlighted and the arugula and tomatoes add color and freshness to the scene. And it’s not just one lonely piece of meat — it looks like you’ve got several people enjoying this feast. It’s festive. Light, party atmosphere. The background of the photo on the left is light while the meat and veggies are dark and saturated with color – I think the background makes it pop. The photo on the right has a dark background, but because he used a lighter colored plate, the salad still pops!

    Penny De Los Santos


    This picture makes me hungry. Looking at the shrimp, which are clearly the heroes, I can taste the butter, red pepper flake worstershire and hot sauce that go into barbecued shrimp. In my mind, the sauce is running down my fingers as I remove the shrimp heads for that first bite. The way the light shines on the shrimp creates a focal point and makes the picture engaging. The background props are muted and rustic allowing the colorful shellfish to really shine. Love the close-up nature of this shot. The shrimp could be as big as a hand for how focused the shot is.


    This scene says fall to me. The light is muted, but not dull because it shines off the roasted onions and the shadows play with the natural layers of the onion and the charred areas. The chicken platter on the right also evokes fall. Reminds me of a family Sunday dinner. The roasted lemon and rosemary add interest without taking the focus from the chicken. The platter is unpolished, so it is rustic and lets the chicken take center stage.

  • Chef in disguise

    I picked Helene Dujardin, I am a big fan of her photography.

    The image I chose is the icecream on a bluish background from her sweets portfolio

    I loved the image because it made me feel like it is summer

    The light is bright and beautiful, the background wood is slightly bluish, reminding me of summer’s clear blue sky, the same color is in the cloth under the plate and in the cup holding the spoons.

    The second photographer is Beatrice Peltre

    The image I chose is the one with the green fava bean

    I loved how everything in the picture reminds me of spring: the floral print on the background cloth, the tender fava beans, the little herb twig, so fresh, so tender..

  • sarah4est

    1- I chose Beatrice Peltre-
    I love her food and people focus. The apple picking shot is natural and unposed yet perfectly balanced. I can feel the movement in the moment. I appreciate movement in a food shot because so much is usually staged. I love Les Pommes with the hands holding apples. It captures such a sweet moment with great lighting.
    2- Penny de Los Santos- the darkness and drama in her shots are very foreign to what I can do with a camera. I love the mid frosting cake pic. I just want to finish frosting it! The pictures are soothing and calm. Mysterious. They are simple yet so intriguing.

  • jen fen

    I chose : Penny De Los Santos-http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=4

    I like the up close look of this photo. It is different than just a typical overhead shot. It is inviting ….the gloss and color. The photo doesn’t look too over styled, its natural looking.

    Helene Dujardin : http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories I like the contrast of the dark and color, it is different and simple.

  • giovanni balsamo


    This is where I want to be ,he is for sure my mentor for the type of pics that I would love to shoot.

    pic #1 http://www.teristudios.com/media/original/500-3_0175.jpgs

    Says it all The burger is perfectly in balance with color , the beer in the back makes for a nice story telling , the pics is colorful the shadows are aswome , I love it. I love the # 2 pic for the same reason and also I love the angle that he uses I real don’t like to shoot from the top. http://www.teristudios.com/media/original/500_1935.jpg

    I also like kQD AND PIC # 3 and # 2 http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-3-of-109.jpghttp://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-27-of-109.jpg

  • Rachel Taylor

    Teri Studios:

    I loved Teri’s work because it’s moody and dark but in a warm way. Makes me think of Caravaggio. It also makes me hungry :0)

    Beatrice Peltre:

    Beatrice’s images were a stark contrast to Teri’s which is why I chose her work as my second. Her images are upbeat, bright, cheery, but not necessarily feel good like Teri’s. Teri’s had more warmth, Beatrice’s are cooler tones which feel more childlike and youthful. Teri’s heavier. Beatrice’s lighter. I appreciate both for these differences.

  • fieliana suhondo

    1. Helene Dujardin
    I love the lighting and the food looks so fresh and interesting even with a very minimal props.

    2. Matt Armendariz
    This photo has so many props in it but it doesn’t feel crowded instead it made me feels that the pizza is really fresh, home made and super delicious. I am not a pizza fan, but the pizza in this photo made me want to grab a slice or even more.

  • For my first photographer I chose Matt Armendariz. He’s one of my favorite food photographers and his style is so interesting to me. The first shot I chose was the family/staff meal –


    This is not my style of photography at ALL but something about it makes me so happy. The sheer communal feeling, the movement – it sets a scene that I don’t usually see in food photography. Even the tattooed arms gives this shot a both modern and, at the same time, very historic feeling, like it’s a scene out of a Thomas Hardy novel. The “missing” crepe or blintz-type thing is simply perfect, giving the feeling that we’ve gone through a hearty dinner – complete with many being-drunk drinks – and are moving on to dessert. Someone has said, dude you have to try this crepe or blintz-type thing, and so they’re going for it. So much personality! It makes me want to join the scene.

    I wasn’t sure if the assignment meant two more photos from EACH photographer or two more photos total, so I figure I’ll err on the side of further study.


    My 2nd Matt photo is under “Food 1”, the chef holding the bunch of carrots. http://40aprons.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Screen-Shot-2014-08-04-at-10.04.14-AM.png

    What I love about this photo is how different it feels from a home cook holding out a bunch of carrots, wearing a ruffled, immaculate apron. While those photos read calm and deliberation, this photo seems totally professional “this is my job”. The small specks on the stark apron, holding the carrots almost by the neck. Yet the carrots are simply rustic, farmers-market quality. You can tell there’s a passion for food and fresh food, at that, yet no time to meditate on the “local earth from which these beautiful carrots were grown…” right now. Just gotta prep for dinner service. There’s a stillness yet so much motion.


    Grilled corn with some sort of minty chimichurri sauce. http://40aprons.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Screen-Shot-2014-08-04-at-10.08.09-AM.png

    I love this photo because there’s a stillness and movement, like the bunch of carrots. Clearly the cook is in the middle of finishing up this dish, but given there’s only 3 ears of corn, I feel like it’s a much calmer preparation, enough time to set down the pastry brush and pour a glass of wine or whatever. I love the stark white boards beneath the white plate beneath the pale-yellow-and-green corn. The vibrant chimichurri is allowed to stand out without being too look-at-me. There’s definitely a feeling of summer here, like the corn has been grilled outside and brought in for final touches. The light seems diffused and soft, which makes me feel like the scene is, indeed, indoors, and reminds of all the times I’ve prepped our elote after my husband grills it outdoors. The photo both makes me hungry and gives me a feeling of bright yet calm, happy anticipation.

    For my second photographer I chose Béatrice Peltre, a very opposite style from Matt’s. I chose this photo in particular:


    So completely different from the communal dinner scene, this simple parsley root shot gives me a feeling of early morning solitude, making something in the kitchen by myself. Yet there’s not a lonesomeness to the scene, but rather a calm, almost serenity. The colors are bright enough to read clean yet rustic, definitely morning or early afternoon, and there’s no rush here. The seasonal feel is definitely spring or summer, yet it doesn’t feel too “hot”.


    Farmer’s market apples. http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a28594e4b0d5c254dac8cb/1369605530000/MG_6304.jpg?format=500w

    Of course, apples are a fall fruit, but you can get them any time. These, however, feeling strongly autumnal – perhaps it’s the cool light or the not-so-perfect stems that read farmers-market. They’re not perfect–there’s many bumps and bruises–but the soft bokeh is peaceful and gives me a feeling of focus on just that one that I want to buy. The temperature of the light and Béatrice’s choice to leave out too much white, I think, truly brings in a feeling of fall – early fall almost – and I can just barely feel that crisp autumn breeze of the early market morning. The box is still full with apples, and the best haven’t picked just yet!


    Farm eggs. http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a2774ae4b093105c254b95/1369601873572/eggsireland.jpg?format=500w

    This photo immediately gives me the feeling of being underneath some sort of canopy in the middle of the afternoon – the light is extremely diffused without a very strong scrape, it definitely seems “outdoorsy” (yet with some sort of roofed open-air thing), rather than at home on the farm table. The eggs seem so very fresh, the small marks on the shell, the whimsically chosen little flowers. If the flowers were vibrant and perfect, the scene might seem more at-home, but these are simply what got pushed up to the table, perhaps. This feels like a moment of stillness amidst an outing, perhaps with the family. There’s no huge basket of eggs to collect to take to the market, so it doesn’t feel like day-to-day work, but maybe a visit to the local farm to pick up a few things, visit with the farmers, let the kids chase the chickens.. It definitely has the feeling of summer or late spring.

  • Lili Basic Capaccetti

    Wow even if I follow the work of most of these photographers, I just spent nearly 2 hours looking and admiring and analyzing and drooling over their photos!! Makes me feel so embarrassed about my own attempts at food photography!

    Anyway, I choose this photo (Food 1, 25) by Katie Quinn Davies because it made me stop and look at it longer, I think it’s because of the beautiful way the light hits those shrimps in the bowl while the rest of the frame is much darker so the eyes go directly to the food even if there are quite few props in the image. Love the composition and all the elements of the shot (love her style which is messy but not too messy if you know what I mean) and the hero – shrimps look absolutely delicious and inviting!

    As my second I choose Helene Dujardin and something completely different than the previous image: bright, clean, airy, elegant – those sweet little pears in glass cups, covered with chocolate. The soft bright light makes me think of a sunny Spring afternoon and the light hits the chocolate beautifully, dessert looks so lovely and elegant and delicious.

  • Paul Gooder

    The first artist I looked at was Marcus Nilsson. For the most part I found his photos disturbing and unappetizing. The best series, in my opinion, was his Martha Stewart Living portfolio. Of those I liked the food photos on the stacked plates or elevated. It adds a new perspective from the usual food photo.

    The second artist I viewed was Beatrice Peltre. I loved her photos. Very clean and vibrant. I particularly like her use of shallow depth of field in several of the photos that draws your eye into the photo adding dimension.

    • Sue

      With you on both of these!

    • Chrystal M.

      I agree with the comment about Marcus’s photos. The images are shocking, but I think that is the point. For me, it does not say ‘eat me’ or that I want to make it. But instead it says ‘here’s what your food looks like.’ It’s very bold. It’s more artistic, which is great as that is what food photography is about. But it seems more for art shows than publication in magazines or websites.

  • Maryanne Donahoe

    Teri Campbell
    I first looked at Teri Campbell’s website. He was unfamiliar to me…glad I found him.
    The first photo I chose is a fork with pasta with a nice soft DoF to really bring out the close up pasta. My first thought was that I’d like to get the recipe for this pasta dish.

    The second image from Teri that I like is his Pavlova with Blackberries and blueberries. The details were so sharp that it seemed I could pick them right off the screen. The slight over spill of the powdered sugar gave the impression that it had just been dusted with the sugar. Makes me want to serve this at my next dinner party.

    The third image is his beach scene. The refreshing looking lemonade and the grilled fish tacos are a welcome great after a morning of kite flying and she’ll searching.

    Penny Delossantos
    I enjoyed her website very much. Her “Up close and Personal” page is where I focused my attention. The first photo I liked is a pot with a head of cauliflower in it. The lighting gave the appearance of an inner glow from the cauliflower. Really a beautiful image. It made me think of making cauliflower soup.

    The second one on this site I picked is Olives. Beautiful, glistening green olives in olive oil makes me one to grab one right now.

    The third one is a chocolate cupcake on a very dark background that looked so beautiful I wanted to taste it. I love how the lighting directed me to the top of the icing.

  • Julie Benz

    First, thanks for providing a thought provoking start to the course.
    I chose Marcus Nilsoson and Matt Armendariz, as I was less familiar with these from the list beforehand.

    Of Marcus’s work I was drawn to curd cheese looking, almost black and white image- http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1343

    Why? Because its simplicity hit me straight on eye view and close too- the movement of the whey in a fine stream and the texture of the muslin both shows clearly against the black background. It almost looked alive, reminding me of an infant being held by a stork, so set my imagination going…the luminiscence of the netting works beautifully too, so has a ‘sunshine’ postive mood aspect to counter the black background (As I saw it also in a dyptych against a white background on the other side with round plate was a style bonus.)
    His next pic for me would be (though tough to choose from the set) from the sobrasada series that I recalled seeing in Gather Journal, http://blog.marcusnilsson.com/search/label/Gather%20Journal, and initially found rather shocking for the almost tacky lighting and polystrene backgrounds he uses, but then I thought, it’s making me think, I am out of my comfort zone, so this is good! (I live in Spain so it’s sobrasada central here, so I admired the original take of sexifying (I made that word up) sausage in this way I found funny. But my fav involved the two hands- it’s movement, struggle, proving B&W can occasionally work in food photos, it tells the story succinctly of sausage making, points back to tradition through the ‘vintage’ machine shown.

    From Matt’s work, first I was drawn to the latticed pie pic

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/3/ lattice pie

    I loved carefully co-ordinated blue background (great demo of combining rich blue colour with a brown to help the food pop), I felt prop envy on the slicer, loved that distressed background, felt textures important and this got it right again not going OTT on props. Loved the ‘askew’ angles of pie, slicer and linen, not overly contrived- so made it seem more natural to get stuck in. The way the filling almost bubbling out, together with the hand-latticed effect evocative of childhood and home cooking and the bubble dout filling’s glaze so usefult o catch the light and elevate the desirability of the dish. He did a similar feel and principle in a later pic of apples and berries, in black pans where the same background and offset placement of dishes worked visually with blue and brown contrasting colour tones- a real understanding of colours and textures I felt.

    Matt’s second pic I admired was http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/8/ The white coconut ‘chupa chupps’ I found very playful and showed how well he understands textures, being this picture was so challenging just stripped down to use of white throughout. The purity, clarity and control of where he is steering the viewer (from bottom in focus object to top right ‘infinity’ area and then back again to examine napkin detail, so held my attention, was spell binding. The bonus of it being placed on the page opposite a very complementary sticked apple shot, made me feel very respectful of his talent (consistent!). Again use of off centre placements and an awareness of the importance of negative space (if I recall right- uncluttered areas which allow the hero to breathe.

  • Vladislava Dikan

    My first choice is Marcus Nilsson

    Everything clear and simple. Nothing to distruct from food. So minimalistic. I like photos like this a lot

    Second choise is Teri Campbell. This style diferent but I like it too
    Her pics so tasty I even feel flavour of dishes. I like color, light and composition in photo

  • The first picture I chose is the chocolate cake by Aran Goyoaga: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=27&p=0

    I love the way the light hits the glass of milk and the top of the cake. The white background with the blue napkin is soft and allows the dark color of the cake to really pop. The cup of cocoa with the same blue napkin makes me feel as if the cake was baked just before I arrived. The simplicity is brilliant.

    The second photographer I chose is one of my all time favorite photographers Helene Dujardin and her ice cream sandwiches: http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

    She took something that we see everyday and made it look better by wrapping it in a piece of brown parchment paper tied with a string. The back light makes the first sandwich the focal point. The addition of the red and white paper straws is inviting and pulls your eyes to the milk and the back of the photo.

  • Isabel Ma. Kientz

    I chose Aran Goyoaga and Teri Campbell…although my favourite here is Teri because of the simplicity of her presentation and these are the photos that I like of her:


    I had chosen this photo for its simplicity in its presentation and minimalist effect. I particularly like the fact that she chooses to high the parsnips and not included any other background on it. I feel like I want to use this ingredient straight away by the way she has presented this. Red is also a favourite colour of mine so to me this shot is very attractive.


    This is a colourful presentation with the purple sweet potatoes which she fried delicately into chips and propped in her dish. The salt and the fresh herbs added a touch to her presentation and it looks very nice. Although the empty bowl signified her dish is palatable, to me it should have not been added to the shot at all or if she really desperately wanted to, just a half showing wouldn’t have hurt. Another nit is that she should have ironed her blue background first or removed the creases in post processing.

    Another two photos that I like from this photographer is


    for its colour though I did not like the line of separation in her background shot.


    This is also a colourful shot though the background is not really good in her shot at all.

    I find that most of the shot of this photographer is somewhat overexposed or too bright for comfort. She could have done better. Just my opinion.

    From Teri’s Studios

    I just love this shot. It represents just a lazy day with friends. Hamburgers and beer although I do not like onions in my burgers this is really colourful and the presentation which included that drip of ketsup on the cutting board really nailed this shot for me.


    I like the mood of this shot. The light coming from slightly at the side of the pan made this shot really very nice and the food
    good to dive into. The colourful ingredients apart from the meat looks good too and lends colour with the presentation. The background could have been different but her choice here looks good.


    I like very much to imitate this shot. Simple, clean, minimalistic approach.


    Another shot I’d like to imitate for the same reason as above.

  • Tattie

    My favorite pictures:

    1. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=52&c2=151&p=1192

    I just love the photos of the crude products.

    This causes a feeling of connection with nature. Very good shows juicy fruits and vegetables, their freshness.

    Color matched perfectly!

    2. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=0

    This is one of my favorite photographers. The bright pictures, a lot of air.

    This photo also shows my love for raw foods. I like that there are photos of ingredients, and there is a ready meal. It is very interesting to consider. This shows that the food is cooked from the good and simple products.

  • diana frias ezcurra

    Aran Goyoaga
    Beautiful pictures.
    Lovely diptics, row products oposite to cooked dishes. I enjoyed the way is styled, clean images, the rustic table in soft colors, bright colors for the food, enhanced details in focus the rest out of focus. Really want to taste the dishes.


    Teri Campell
    I usually prefer food photos over clear background, but I recognize a fantastic work on some of this dark background full of textures, specially in the pavlova of blackberries. You can feel how crunch the custard is.


  • Suhasini Pradeep

    Hi Neel thank you for giving us this opportunity…
    i liked this photo from Helen
    This photo looks bright with colours. The presentation of the sliced cucumber is very nice.
    It is difficult to take photo with so much white.It looks simple and pleasant.
    The second photo which i liked is from Marcusnilsson
    The colour combination of green white & brown is going very well.I liked the differentiation of the soup and the bowl color.The soup is a very dull subject but the photo is very attractive.

  • Tone

    Agreed there’s so many amazing pics….I love this style where it appears dark but the main subject is well lit…the photo makes me lick my lips! http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/6/

    This is fun…really want to be able to introduce people into food pics – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1090

  • Marina Proniakova

    Matt Armendariz, Penny De Los Santos and Katie Daviesn were chosen for the old kitchen stuff they use in their shots. Plus a bit mess, some crumbles ect.

  • GT

    Marcus Nilsson

    Marcus’ portfolio showcases the distinct artistic style of a versatile photographer. I was impressed by the fact that he is able to create images that conform with the requirements of varies magazines/publications, but still retain his unique interpretation to food photography. I love the images on http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=81&p=1012 This layout tells a story of transformation from nature’s abundant gifts to lovingly prepared food. The use of back lighting is also amazing.

    Penny De Los Santos

    Penny is an ENERGETIC photographer!!! Her “straight to the point” style yields special connections with the viewers. In this mouth-watering photo (http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=4), the stack of fresh-off-the griddle pancakes were shot using macro setting. We can observe dripping syrup in motion, flowing over the golden crust and scrumptious berries… No prop necessary!

  • Like Katie Quinn Davies & Penny De Los Santos. Great composition, light. Foods look like delicacy. Love this photo by Katie Quinn Davies. Many interesting details

  • Wirat Wasinpiyamongkol

    1. Penny De Los Santos

    I love its colour, especially, the red and orange on both sides, even I didn’t taste this food, I can feel the food would be kind of spicy food for sure.


    2. Matt Armendariz

    I feel amazing, how can he shot the ice creams when they are still froze!

    Not only that, some are covered by paper as well.

    I think it would not be easy to shoot this short for sure.

    He also can keep the ice creams as the original, if it is real.


  • ChiaraEMartaCalugi

    Hi Heel,

    I choose these two photo:

    1. From Hélèn Dujardin, the photo with the meet and the onrange slices. http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    I like the vivid colors on a dark background as the old wood table and I like also the photo composition

    2. I appreciate Penny De Los Santos photos because of she is able to focuse all the attention on the plate or on the object in general and that one I love the most is the photo of a sponge cake http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=3

  • Olivia

    Love Terry’s burger hier: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/
    Though I eat burgers as less as once a year, I think I won’t be able to resist this one 🙂 Beautiful light and great food styling!
    My other favorite is Marcus Nilsson and this work of his: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1233
    Beautiful light + great and simple color selection!

  • I like Laura Adani‘s photos, like this one https://www.flickr.com/photos/lauraadani/14185204329/in/photostream/ . Her photos are so warm, love the light and all details in the background, I can imagine myself sitting at the table with the cup of tea in my hands.

    My second choice is this photo by Oksana Kyian https://www.flickr.com/photos/72060281@N02/10723711313/in/faves-118292191@N02/ . Love the simplicity and light, I can almost smell the aroma of freshly baked bread. Or this one: http://sonja-ksu.livejournal.com/160691.html … simple, clean composition and beautiful light.

  • Divya Shivaraman

    I am choosing Penny and Aran.

    Penny photographs:


    Photos took us into the middle of the picture – it was light drawing you into it. I did not feel the feel of eating the dish right away – i can say i felt them just like pictures.Lighting was amazing – dark from around and focused to center. I felt the photos are wide – more stretched. props and placements were so good, i felt like props were used just as required as more focused on the food displayed.

    Aran photographs.

    Photos were beautiful treats to eyes through vibrant colors. Love the way the photographer has played with colors. They brought smiles and my eyes were wide to see the pictures. Props and styling were apt to the picture. perfect use of items. that salad bowl with wonderful fresh veggies simply drove me into it. More of light in the pictures when compared to penny’s pictures. Photos were so much relaxing and smooth to eyes.

  • Srividhya Manikandan

    I liked
    The picture is very expressive. It conveys the entire thought. People having lunch or dinner and what food being served etc.
    Amazing capture of a dynamic shot. Freezing that moment with awesome background.

  • Deborah Mele

    Photo 1. I love Aran’s styling of this bowl of soup. Everything in the photo has a purpose and though it might be a bit cluttered, your eyes get immediately drawn to the bowl of soup first, then your eyes move around to look at the other objects in the photo. The lighting and focus seem to be perfectly centered on the soup. I also love the color combination of orange and green. It is a bowl of soup I’d love to eat in my kitchen…..comforting, simple, and vibrant.

    Photo 2. I really love this photo of Teri Campbell showing the pavlova with berries on top. The rest of the photo is somewhat subdued with a darkness and soft focus, but the pavlova is right in front and perfectly lit. The dessert looks luscious, but there is still lots of depth showing the wonderful texture in the meringue. I almost feel like I could reach out and touch this dessert as it really comes alive in this photo. I also like how the pavlova is off center, but when I do that myself in my photos it always looks a bit odd to me. Here it looks perfect. This photo makes me want to actually make a dessert like this myself when I am not even a big fan of meringue.

  • Alina Kun Gazda

    First up is Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/ I love the composition , the way the plates are cut out from the frame.The light makes me feel like home, like I’m having dinner with my family. Absolutely love the busy hands around the frame.

    Second photographer is Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0 Love the backlight and the soft colours. It a very relaxed photo, reminds me of relaxed summer days. I also like the simplicity of the shot.

  • SFolino

    Beatrice Peltre’s work looks more “bloggish” than
    commercial. It has more of an editorial
    feel to it.

    Aran Goyoga’s work is very light and airy. A lot of pastel
    colors. But, it also has a “Bloggish” or
    editorial look to it. Still not what my
    customers are looking for.

    Penny de los Santos.
    Getting closer. Although a lot of her work also has the editorial feel,
    a lot of it could serve as inspiration for restaurant menus.

  • Katie

    1. Penny De Los Santos: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=1 The glasses of wine just glow and show off the color of the beverages. I also like the clean, minimalist look of this photo…the group almost seems like a sculpture.
    2.Teri Campbell: The cheesecake with chocolate sauce being poured over it makes me feel decadent and rich. The colors reflect the food colors and the lighting spotlight the cheesecake and chocolate sauce – very dramatic.

  • Rick Capstraw

    I don’t recognize any of these names and picked 2 randomly.

    Aran Goyoaga
    This photo (left side): http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=16&p=0

    Love the simplicity and the contrast between the bright green broccoli and rustic dark wooden background. The addition of the string and leaves adds interest and probably not something I would have thought of. Also, you can never have enough salt…

    Matt Armendariz
    This photo: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/18/

    Almost the opposite of the above selection. Very busy with lots of elements but each appears as if it is in the proper place and each individual piece is beautiful.

    Second round:
    Aran: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=17&p=0
    Feels very symmetrical. Again like the dark natural wood background. Dark mushrooms with bright leaves gives a very foresty feel.

    Matt: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/55/

    Love the simplicity and minimal colors on the left. Also, the cropping is interesting. Right side is of course beautiful food but presented very simply, it fits the ingredient.

  • http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

    Such a lovely photo. It has soft light, smooth colors, a simple composition. The same it looks yummy. A soft background of light blue is perfect


    This has stronger colors/contrast but is as well soft lighted and has a simple composition. I like the position/angle of the photo as well as often from above the food looks great

  • aPathite


    from Marie Cecile Thijs http://www.mariececilethijs.com/125173596/beans

    This photo suggests an ongoing action. With this light it clearly shows the anatomy of the beans and where they live. The contrast in light makes it even a bit dramatic. It’s very pure without props.

    Delicious waste

    from Ankie van Dijk http://www.ankievandijk.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/delicious-waste2-861.jpg

    At first sight it’s light because of the white background. The orange at the bottom
    attracts your attention. But if you give the oranges a closer look there is a
    message. I specially like this one from the delicious waste series because of
    the carafe and the subtle glare on the glass.

  • aPathite

    from Marie Cecile Thijs http://www.mariececilethijs.com/125173596/beans

    This photo suggests an ongoing action. With this light it clearly shows the anatomy of the beans and where they live. The contrast in light makes it even a bit dramatic. It’s very pure without props.

    Delicious waste
    from Ankie van Dijk http://www.ankievandijk.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/delicious-waste2-861.jpg

    At first sight it is light an joyfull because of the white background en the bright orange. But if you give the oranges a closer look there is a message. I specially like this one from the delicious waste series because of the carafe and the subtle glare on the glass.

  • I picked Aran Goyoaga ( Photo on page 3 http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=0)

    The photo on the left makes me think of kids collecting things from a walk they just went on and now they have their prizes to show everyone. I love the dark wood background and how it sits off the ground. It looks like stuff might fall through. It makes me think it was put there quickly to go run off and find more. The second photo makes me think of an antique store that is owned by a mom and pop and they have just been collecting things for years. I imagine them sitting together getting ready to enjoy the pastries and I smell coffee in the air.
    and Beatrice Peltre (Photo Tarte aux tomatoes http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ci4wcpswzh7e8o1ar2pv7iokum0yyz ) I look at this photo and see fresh, a beautiful day with bright colors. I see someone who put effort into making their food special. I love the colors of the napkins. I love the brightness, it makes me feel like I’m going to be enjoying a rustic lunch outside at a rustic table and dragon flies will be buzzing form place to place as I enjoy my meal.

  • rahul

    I like the work of teristudios , it has nice selective focus light & http://www.pennydelossantos.com/ has nice community feeling in its work

  • Jessica

    Beatrice Peltre:

    Her pictures make me feel invited, airy summery, light. I want to pick up one of those spoons in the first pic or go ahead and grill that fish or use the peas to make something with it. They all invite me for action towards my passion of cooking and enjoying food. I want to sit around a table with my friends and eat those cakes. But they are also pieces of art, simple things turned into art.

    Helen Dujardin:

    The white spaghetti on the home page
    The bunch of carrots and the radishes photo consisting of the ingredients and the dish

    The spaghetti dish makes me feel at home. I want to pick up that fork and eat what’s left. It gives me a light and airy feel as well as feeling stylish if it was my table.

    The carrots give me a moody and fresh feel at the same time. I want to take the produce and create something with it. I want to talk to the person who took that shot. It’s so simple but so creative and perfect.

    The radishes also invite me to cook with them. Something that came out of the earth was transformed into something else. I could do that too.

    I also looked at pictures of my favourite blog at lizandjewels.com:

    With all of them I usually want to eat that and sitting at that table. IT feels like home. It’s the mixture of art and beauty created from simple things. I think cooking is art and that is translated in the composition, colours, mood of those pictures.

    All of the photographers described above make me feel that. I am confident about my cooking and my flavours and I love giving people and myself a good time with my cooking. I admire that the photographers can visualize the process and the beauty of it in their pictures.

  • http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/5/ – Very innovative. Unusual dish, creative styling. For me a food photo has to be enticing, make you want to tuck in and eat. It makes you want to try it at home! So, the photo has to be emotive, because food is emotion, and this image is both about art and food. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0 – Two photos, one that works and the other not. The left hand pic with the vase and blossoms are much stronger in the photo. So is this a food photo, I wonder. Probably not. The one on the right is strong – love the soft pink, great depth of field, simple styling yet the macaroons are absolutely perfect. So care in presentation is key – the food has to look good, very, very good. Like the arrangement of the macaroons. So simplicity, great colouring, and once again, cookies that say, eat me!. Too often food styling is overdone and distracts from the dish.

  • Anna Shilonosova

    I liked this photo by Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/15/
    It caught my eye with its liveliness, although it’s a still life. My thoughts were: the author did a great job arranging herbs and slices of lemon in such a way that they create a sense of movement, like a “frozen moment”. It very much reminded me of the Dutch masters’ still life style. I also love the way the gravy surrounds the fish, creating a sort of vignette. My feelings were: I’d love to taste this fish! It looks like having been taken out of the oven just seconds before the shot, and I can almost smell the herbs and oils. And the fish itself gave me associacions with some kind of a wild beast that’s been caught by a hunter and brought to the table. Very juicy and mouth-watering.

    The second photo I picked was by Katie Quinn Davies: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD_LIGHT-2-of-109.jpg

    My attention was grasped by the geometry and by the intrigue of black&white background and full-color dish with food. I love the way the details complement each other: the chairs in the background criss-cross in a similar way to the forks in the foreground. I also like the way the photo is cropped: the salt&pepper mill is partly cut out, so are the chairs. I’m not sure how to formulate it here, but I liked the balance it gives to the photo.

    I felt I would like to look at this photo for quite some time, following the lines and comparing elements. At some point I felt a little confused when I realised that this picture seems to be more about the geometry in general rather than about this exact dish. At least, that’s what I got out of it 🙂

  • I chose Aran Goyoaga and Beatrice Peltre.

    Aran Goyoaga:

    I felt that his pictures are fresh for the eyes.

    I chose Cherry Blossom Macarons. The first thing which attracted me to this photograph was the delicate pinkish colour of the macarons matching to the colour of the prop (flower vase) used. The colour combination is so beautiful with a blurry background.


    This is another beautiful picture which made me feel fresh..

    The colour of Raddish was extremely good and on the left side the salad was mouthwatering..

    I liked this one too:

    Beatrice Peltre:

    This simple fava beans picture of hers has all the goodness of beans.


    This one really made me crave for a scoop of raspberry sorbet though I am not a sweet toothed person. I think I am going to make it tomorrow.


    White on white: I never thought this combination would work. I was wrong, wrong, wrong…This picture is amazing!!


    • Roz

      Those are the two photographers that I was drawn to as well!

      • Sorry for the late reply as I was really really busy during last week and I am far behind struggling to catch up with the lessons and finishing the assignments.

  • Alieska

    Hello!! 🙂

    I picked these photos:

    1. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/17/

    Because he tells a story about the dessert, it’s in a warm room that takes me to some rustic house outside the city. Also by showing the before and after, makes me think of a family of three, who enjoy some desert together on a weekend. I love all the elements used, not the traditional dessert plates and the little mess he made in the second photograph that makes it more real and natural, looks more “improvised” although is not improvised at all.

    2. The second Photographer I picked was not on the list but is my personal favourite food photographer, is an Argentinian called Eduardo Torres, and I picked the third of his “Simple” category, its a picture of a latin dessert made with rice and milk in a glass with some caramel and cinnamon.

    I chose that one because he has some background, some beautiful yard background, although we can’t see clearly what it is we could imagine a nice backyard to share some dessert with a friend. The light is perfect and the focus is centred on the glass so we don’t get distracted by the environment but we know is there.

  • Rene

    The first photo I chose is from Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=26&p=0 I love how fresh and crisp the photo is. I’m drawn to how bright and happy it is. It was hard to pick just one as I liked so many.

    For my second photo, I chose tart aux tomates from Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ci4wcpswzh7e8o1ar2pv7iokum0yyz I love the simplicity and the color. I find the photo interesting how it is styled.

    • Roz

      They were my favorite photographers too!

  • Cheri

    1. Beatrice
    I am drawn to how simple this photo is…. yet very vibrant in color.http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a41b8fe4b0cf20ca0adf34/1369709457868/ED0C706611.jpg?format=1000w

    2. Penny
    This photo here for the opposite reason….simple, but a dark/moody feel.

  • Saina Jayapal

    These are the two images i loved


    Even though there is a lot going on you still notice all the details, simplicity within all the details


    working with a light background while shooting a lightly coloured product is not easy things might get washed. This image has the perfect balance

  • Alberto Durán

    I like the arrangement of the props, the color scheme and the imperfection of some details.

    Everything in this photo is perfect. The background is beautiful, the bottle, the glass with ice, props, ambient. . . It is a spectacular shot.

  • Donna

    I chose Marcus Nilsson and Teri Campbell because they are two photographers that I am not familiar with and I wanted my responses to be spontaneous. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=81&p=1015, this photo evokes a calm and beautiful outdoor scene, where I can see myself berry-picking. Alongside is the result of the foraging and I can imagine the sweet pancakes with the warm berries atop them. In Teri Campbell’s portfolio I chose the very first image, of a huge burger, stacked with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and the other good stuff. I get the impression that this is a casual place, with the big mug of beer alongside the burger. I can almost taste how good that burger would be, and I can feel the fun atmosphere of the setting. Both very different photo styles, but equally inviting.

  • ikve

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/3/ The pic on the right. Looks so
    fresh and delicious that not only makes wanna eat it, but also cook it
    by myself.

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ It’s
    not only that the food looks amazingly delicious but also in the way it
    is lighten, darker than the most food photographs makes it look like
    something forbidden that instantly makes it even more longed.

  • Vandana Rao

    1. http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    This is the most random and a least fancy picture. The lighting looks just enough somewhere making it look like the cloudy weather outside.

    Its quite surprising how these things that grew out of just soil look so complex. This look of the raw material before it is subjected to heat,oil and spices.
    This one from Béatrice Peltre Food Styling & Photography. It really needs a lot of gut to click this with confidence. Something that looks more beautiful than really how it actually is. I loved the angle, the angle is making it look like its all gonna fall/ overflow.
    The contrast is just right and looks more beautiful than the natural one.

  • Betsy

    My 1st choice: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=3

    I like how the dark on dark makes the chocolate very appealing and how just a hint of light sneaks in.

    2nd: Love the colors in this photo and the variety with a pops of red and pastel hints. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=31&p=0

  • thefreshmancook

    Katie Quinn Davis~ I picked her dessert 2 category, and then #2 in the gallery.It is a baked apple dessert, not a pie. I love the rustic style. The dessert looks like comfort food, welcoming and comforting, some place I would like to be. I can imagine being comfortable there, and I can see me enjoying the dessert.

    Matt Armendarez~I picked the BBQ ribs on a wooden board. This is a common scene in my house, so I felt at home when I looked at the photo. It made me feel that this is something I can accomplish, because I have made this before. I loved the wooden board for the ribs instead of a white cutting board, for example. The wood makes perfect sense. I also love the cut ribs. I wanted to pick one up and enjoy it.

  • Teri Campbell – 1
    Teri Campbell’s work is simply amazing. It’s crisp and the colors are awesome. This particular image, there’s a savory, juicy burger dripping with sauces and toppings. I noticed the angle of this shot, it showcases all the ingredients of this dish surrounded by related objects. This is, for sure, a BBQ burger – the props and background give off a western look – the aged wood, beer – the image brings me to a Texas Road House. I love the composition, lighting, and the colors on this image – it’s not perfectly straight and that’s okay. It makes the burger seem mammoth. The cut lines on the cutting board bring character into this shot. It looks like this was created with either two lights, one at a much lower ratio, or a big bounce as a fill. I do notice the bottle in background that probably has a bit too much in the range of highlights (it’s a little distracting), but that’s neither here nor there. The image is the perfect amount of sharpness – the details in the image make me want to reach right out and grab it. The lighting is somewhat dramatic – seeming almost like a window light in a Texas Roadhouse. Seeing this image makes me wonder what’s outside the frame – I would imagine a ranch with horses and cattle.

    Penny De Los Santos (Prep portfolio, second image)
    Penny’s work really strikes me. It’s epitome of what I love about photography. Dramatic, soft, and mysterious lighting (single light?). Muted colors that contradict and seem very vibrant – darker, deeper tones. Colors seem to flow throughout the page with her use of complimentary colors. No detail is lost in darkness. De Los Santos seems to incorporate many beautiful colors and textures into a single piece – this is where that dramatic style lighting really shines. Her overhead angles really display all the ingredients and textures very nicely – giving a great view of the foods and ingredients versus the plates, bowls, and other cookware. The food is seemingly organized, yet, there is utter chaos; the foods, herbs, and spices are thrown about the composition, which leads the viewer’s eyes around the page.
    Looking at all of her work, I feel very entranced, inspired. It makes me feel like I’m in another country, cooking by window light. The style of light gives a sense of tunnel vision – where I don’t care what might be going on outside the frame, my concern is of whats going on right in front of me.

  • Nan

    I started with Matt Armendariz, he’s always been a favorite of mine. I scrolled his pictures, wiping the drool from my chin, and landed upon this pic (http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/33/). If I could have reached through my screen and grabbed just a wee bite, I would have been a happy girl. I love the colors in this pic – they all look authentic – green is green, the red is red and the food looks more appetizing and edible. I would love to be able to do that! I also visited Helene Dujardin (mainly because I’ve not seen her work before) and I picked her picture of cherries (http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets). I love the red cherries and the sheen she captures, without them being blurry, and I love the blue water bottle…colors that pop and draw me in. I know what I like about these pictures, they look real. It’s seeing something that is totally believable that I like.

  • Christine P

    I went through all the photographers listed above and I gotta say I had a hard time choosing 2 photos because each one of them had their own unique style and creativity.
    Among all of them, I like Marcus Nillson, Matt Armendariz, Penny De Los Santos, Teri Campbell and Katie Quinn Davies more.
    If I had to choose 2 photos among them, I pick:

    Teri Campbell
    The overall ‘warm’ atmosphere and the lighting on the meat. When I look at this picture,even though I didn’t savour the food in real life, I could feel as if the meat is tender and juicy.

    Katie Quinn Davies
    I particularly love the style on her ‘Food 1’ category, I personally are not good at taking food pictures in a darker setting, so she’s really becoming an inspiration for me to challenge more on this kind of style.
    The ones that I particularly like are:
    What I like is the artistic ‘mess’ concept: used knife, broken pieces of the food and the black wooden table that is not clean as the background.

    Another one that I like http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-73-of-96.jpg
    From what I usually see on pictures of pastries/cakes, the cakes are usually placed at the center with bright lighting on them and have this bright atmosphere. But this one defies all that, she placed the cake more at the side and instead of lighting the whole thing, the lighting is only at some part of the cake which in turn creates a shadow. I think it’s a great contrast, while the overall atmosphere is dark, it instead brings out the ‘pink’ color even more.

  • Ashley Cattell

    Katie Quin Davies
    Figs & Grapes:
    This photograph has a lot of different textures that stand out and a mix of bold and subtle colors that caught my eye right away. The colors of the fruits are brilliant and enticing, they look delicious. The setting also looks old, vintage, and makes me think it is something I might see in my Baba’s kitchen, and enjoy at a sunday brunch, which brings about feelings of togetherness, good conversation, happy memories growing up.

    Teri Campbell
    Onions & Mushrooms:
    I love the dark back ground contrasting with the vegetables, it immediately led me to think of the dark, moist earth, where these vegetables grow, as though they’d just been pulled from the garden. I could almost feel the soil and smell that smell that comes after a good rain.

  • 1.Penny De los Santos
    This photo tells us there is a party going on. there are partially eaten bowls of salsa and guacamole, melting ice cubes, pressed lime quarters, crumpled napkins, scattered salt for tequila shots.

    I like the feeling of life and movement here, like we are allowed to glimpse into a party we are not invited too. it looks fun, festive and like people are having a blast. I like the messy look like there is no care in the world.

    Teri Studios
    We see a gooey substance – perhaps honey or caramel – being slowing poured onto a white surface. It is undulating, piled up and unctuous.

    I found most of this photographer’s stuff to be very commercial and it make me feel like their is a forced attraction, almost against my own will. This is my favorite out of the ones I like, I just want to drag my finger in the sweet substance and lick my finger. It screams out to my sweet tooth. I feel overwhelmed but in a good way here.

  • Shivakumar L Narayan


    Firstly thanks for coming up with such unique and nice course to make all of us learn food photography at the convinience of our house/office.

    My 2 choices are

    a. Beatrice Peltre – http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a373d0e4b0cf20ca09e834/1369666726721/_D0C8895.jpg?format=1500w

    I totally loved the feel of this image. Very balanced light which sort of give the food elements subtle but a 3d feel to it and the lighting also emphasises so much on the freshness aspect.

    b. Marcus Nilson – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1166

    The best part of this image has to be the simplicity in composition and the very minimalistic styling. The food feels so lively and inviting the moment you see it .

  • Anibalismo

    This homework made me feel hungry.

    I really liked Teri Campbell’s photos. It’s really amazing how he sets that atmosphere arround the food, and how the food seems to pop out of the frame. It really makes me feel like I’m standing there. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/

    The second photographer I choose is Beatrice Peltre. I found her photos really candid and It really made me want to cook those dishes. http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ci4wcpswzh7e8o1ar2pv7iokum0yyz

  • Jirka S.kipp

    I like this beautifull photo from Teri studios with vibrant colours and juicy meat. Want eat it all. Love the pan and wood in background.

    Second one is salad from Martina Pavlikova http://instagram.com/p/o5eVLnxOEc/?modal=true
    So nice colours combination. Tasty salad, bread and cucumber lemonade. Love this “clean” picture.

  • Elizabeth

    Apple Pie just makes me feel like a new neighbor or walking into grandmother’s home. The utensil on the right
    just says to me “I made this for, dig in!”

    I like how he takes a photo of the “star” ingredient and then takes a picture of the what he did with it.
    I love his rustic approach to decor and props but what I think draws me to his photos, they feel welcoming. All of the
    dishes make me feel as if I walked in the room where the food was I would be “welcome” to it. Or that the food was shared
    at a intimate party or get together where you take time to create certain dishes to share with friends and family.

    I was drawn to this photo because of the child’s hand. Cupcakes are we see a lot of photographs of them. I like this
    because I think it brings back the simplicity of cupcakes being child treats. Cupcakes on the left are pretty yet not like you can’t recreate them at home. I love how the chipped nail polish matches the cupcakes.

    Aran’s photos are crisp, clean and easy. I like the lighting and how she puts two photos side by side one styled but
    the other with a person in it which to me brings it back to food isn’t just pretty props to photograph but something we make and share with others.

  • Lia Badicu


    1. First photo is from Aran Goyoaga. From the moment I opened her portfolio I knew I’ll love the photos. The photos are full of color, yet in a delicate, light kinda of way. And the light looks so soft, gives the feeling of floating, relaxing on clouds. I particularly loved this photo. Seeing that bright yellow yolk just reminds me of the moments when I’m cracking an egg in my kitchen, baking and being anxious for the result.


    2. Second photo is from Helene Dujardin

    I love how despite the neutral colors, brown, light beige, the pear and chocolate are simply popping in the picture. The simplicity in the photo only makes the fluidity of the chocolate more alive.


  • Iryna

    I picked :

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/ photograph 11(prawns) in the field “plated”

    I like the light
    and color of the photos, authors’ attention to the details, interesting and
    suitable background. Everything tells me that the food is not only real, but
    has some special atmosphere around it, atmosphere of high quality and good


    http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories photograph 13(vegetables) in the field “portfolio”

    The photo
    is very lightweight, it makes me think of a good healthy dinner. Despite a lot
    of light in the photo, I can see many interesting details.

    Two more
    pictures of the first author:

    5 (stuffed paprika) in the field “plated”

    6 (cooked vegetables) in the field “plated”

    Both photos
    are amazing in the light, details, reality.

    Two more
    photos of the second author:

    14(vegetables and I think some cheese) in
    the field “portfolio”

    17(salad, glass bottle, covers, white flowers) in the field “portfolio”

    Also very lightweight.
    The background fits good.

    Sorry –
    couldn’t place the url.

  • Pam

    Penny de Los Santos – I chose the orange salad photo: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=5&p=2. I was taken with the droplets of oil in the dressing and how fresh and delicious the produce looked. I liked that the food filled the frame and that there was little background.

    Teri Campbell – I chose the short rib photo: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/. My mouth watered when I got to that picture. I love how the light has an old world quality to it; dark, rich. Many of her photos have a similar lighting treatment which I found absolutely beautiful and engaging.

    1 – What i like about this photo is that inspire me freshness and cleanness of the fish. I love the colours: blue, grey, silver…and the composition that emphasizes the brown lines of the fish giving dynamism the picture. All theses make me want to cook them and eat them.
    2 – I like this photo because of the strength of the colours and how make them all important. You understand very easily what are the ingredients and you could cook the recipe just by looking at this picture. It invites you to action.

    3- This photo makes me imagine a whole story that has happened around those oysters. I like the way that this expensive and luxurious product is treated with simplicity and humbleness, white background empty shells and the medium long shot that dont focus your attention in the product but in the situation.

    4 – Again i love the extreme simplicity, dark background and white cheese in process. This picture evokes the time as if it were an hourglass, the movement of the whey and the texture of the museline is so beautiful. You look at it more like a piece of art than food. But sometimes is the same thing.

    Thank you

  • Rashmi Gc

    I liked the following photos by Teri Campbell:

    The flow is shown so well, with its different layers clearly distinguishable in the picture

    The texture of the fruit has been captured very well.

    The colour of the drink is shown very well by this picture, I wanted to have a drink 😉

    I liked the follwing pictures by Penny De Los Santos:

    The mint looks so fresh and made me feel refreshed!

    The texture of the ingredients has been captured very well, I was looking forward to what would be cooked using them 🙂

    The julienne strips of carrot look so refreshing, very colourful picture

  • Diana Borca

    It was hard to chiose. Of all those photographers I only “disliked” one. However, I chose 3 for this exercise:

    1. Penny de los Santos – a photo of olives in the Up close and personal Portofolio. I thought all the photographs in that collection were exquisite. I love the close ups, the details, the textures. The olives have a perfect shine, perfect colors, they reflect the light in a wonderful and bright way. I just want to pick one up and pop it in my mouth.
    2. Beatrice Peltre’s photography is simply beautiful. It is everything I want my photos to be: natural, fresh, colorful. It brings me joy to look at these photos, it makes me feel good, comforted, it makes me smile not for the food it represents but for the simple joy of nature.
    3. matt Armendariz : it is clean and uncomplicated. It only uses basic props, nothing fancy, lovely natural light. Like Beatrice Peltre, he also involves a human element by adding hands pouring wine, shaping bread or just bits of stuff that sugests life: an open bottle of beer, a pouring coffee machine, ice cold glasses. My favorite is the photo of a table full of good food: grilled vegetables, chicken, toasted bread. I love the colors, the lively aspect of everything, the way it sugests a happy dinner with friends. It’s not just about the food, it’s about people and relationships.

  • tryfrie

    1. SIMPLE an artistic picture with great lighting. the focus on one simple ingridient reminds me of what i could cook with it an inspires to new recipes

    2. WANT juts looks like the perfect burger. i makes me feel hungry and puts burgers on top of the ‘to cook next’ list

  • Tina Poloski

    I chose Katie Quinn Davies and Teri Campbell.

    The first picture from Katie makes me think of my great grandparents and their farmhouse. Like the utensils in the picture, it was well-worn and well-loved and gave a sense of security.

    The second picture from Teri shows off the natural beauty of the vegetables. It makes me want to pick them up and cook. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/5/

  • Elana

    Aran Goyoaga: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=0
    This photo is actually two side by side photos, one of cherry tomatoes, the other of a tomato salad, including the cherry tomatoes. Both pictures are bright and airy and convey a sense of warmth and welcoming as they show off fresh produce. Both of them make me feel like I’m at the beach, warm and breezy, getting ready to eat a refreshing meal. The background colors are soft, while the food pictured in the foreground is more vibrant, drawing more attention to it. In addition, the shallow depth of field focuses attention even more on the bright food in front. Overall, the picture makes me feel light and summery.

    Marcus Nilsson: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=81&p=804

    This picture has stark contrasts of color. There is no background, it is completely white. The only color in the picture is the popsicle and the splatters of melted juice coming off of it. I don’t like the harsh lighting of the picture, but I love the sense of fun and adventure that emanates from it. It makes me feel like a child, playing in the summer time, getting my hands sticky from melting popsicles, maybe even dropping a popsicle on the ground and having it splatter as it does in this picture. There is clearly movement in this still life, and that movement draws me back to childhood memories.

  • tryfrie

    1. SIMPLE an artistic picture with great lighting. the focus on one simple ingridient reminds me of what i could cook with it an inspires to new recipes


    2. WANT just looks like the perfect burger. i makes me feel hungry and puts burgers on top of the ‘to cook next’ list


  • Michael Long

    Teri Studios http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ The opening Hamburger pix. Love the lighting and the details of the burger… I didn’t really notice the background other than it was dark…

  • Anne Livingston

    From Charity Lynne Burggraf


    This image looks like art to me. Like nature has been
    captured for you to eat, like the photos in the Noma cookbook. I love the
    stark, textured background/bowl, with the offset, vibrant subject. The lighting
    seems to be coming from everywhere, like there’s lots of bounce going on. While
    this picture moves me aesthetically, I feel less inclined to eat it. The colors
    are on the cold side, it does not feel accessible, but just something to admire
    (which I do). I am curious to know what it tastes like, though. I can see a
    myriad of textures on the plate.

    It reminds me of a lot of food photography I like—it’s so
    edgy and cold (color temp), but it looks so beautiful/fashionable that I want to
    HAVE it, even if I don’t want to eat it. You know? Like Katie Quinn Davies…she
    has this not-saturated look in a lot of her photos that gives me a feeling of
    belonging to another world and gives me a feeling of nostalgia, but I don’t
    actually want to put the food in my mouth.

    From Aran Goyoaga


    It’s the plums in the hands on left/custard with baked plums & currants on right shot.
    I feel like I want to pluck one of those plums out of those
    hands. I’ve seen the hands-holding-food thing so much that it can sometimes
    feel overdone, but the tight focus on the plums and the refreshing drops of water
    are so beautiful. They delight me! I can’t get enough of those colors together.
    For the pic on the right hand side, it feels very inviting to me.
    I want to taste the custard underneath those lovely fruit
    garnishes. I’m captivated by the reflection on the liquid on the front piece of plum in
    the bowl. The currants are quite inviting, too, with
    the clear focus on their shine, and the way they are placed. Is that pink
    peppercorn? The lighting is so beautiful here, so much of it coming from behind
    the subject. It feels like a bright morning.

  • Kirsty Bowman

    The first photographer whose work really caught my eye was Penny De Los Santos. Her food culture portfolio really captures a story around not just the food but the eating.

    This was one of my favourites:


    I love how everyone is grabbing for food. You want to be at that table trying to get a piece of something yummy that must be on offer. It has also brought a family together (what looks like 3 generations).

    Looking through the rest of her portfolios, this one from the treats section also caught my eye.


    It looks like someone was in the process of making something incredibly indulgent but has stopped to appreciate the beauty of the ingredients they are about to cook with. The lighting and colouring only seek to enhance the feeling of indulgence.

    My second chosen photographer is Matt Armendariz.

    The photo on the right here is particular striking as everything is white – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/8/

    I was amazing how everything looked a different shade and completely crisp when each aspect of the photo was white.

    Another photo from his Food Two collection was the ice cream on the left contrasted with its transformation into a cornetto like ice cream.


    I like how the photograph has captured how the ice cream has started to melt, without it looking messy. The fact that a few of them are wrapped shows the story of the process the person is going through from scooping the ice cream to wrapping it up as a present or to sell.

  • I am definitely a Beatrice Peltre girl. Her images almost always turn me into a good mood while I look at them. I like the natural light conditions, the props she is using and her food styling. It is fresh and crisp and I always would love to eat it. And her images inspire me a lot to take pictures by myself.

    In her portfolio, I really like the 2 toast with salmon, fava beans and fresh greens, lying on an especially beautiful white oval plate. It is called tartines printanieres. For me the image tells a whole story, that is what I like the most. And due to the well chosen props, the food looks special and delicious.

    And then I was attracted by the carrots from Helene Dujardin. It is right in the beginning of the newest work- savories. Orange and violett carrots together. I like the drama the dark background adds to the image and the green comes out very fresh. It looks healthy to me, it makes me want to go to a farmers market and get some fresh vegetables right away. The angle it was shot from seems perfect to me, it is the right amount of carrots, a good mixture of the colors, I like the light….

  • Marie Hajdová

    Teri Cambel – photo of a cheesecake http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/
    – wow, his style is so different from other photographers. I love his photo of
    chocolate cheesecake because it shows the basic of the cheeseecake – heavy,
    creamy, sweet, ful-bodied. It’s quite sexy.

    Helen Dujardin – cherry pie http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

    I like the before/after kind of photos. When
    I look on this picture, I feel summer, holidays at my grandma’s house and

  • The photographer i selected are Matt armendariz and Aran Goyoaga

    The photo which i selected from Matt Armadariz portfolio is

    I love how rustic this photo feels. The pizza feels as if it came right from the oven. i feel like eating it right away.The cheese that has spilled from the cup, the greens felling away from the pizza makes it look so natural. I like the natural light of the photo.

    The photo which i selected from Aran Goyoaga is
    I love how this photo feels. The color of those macaroons maches with the background and even the pink flowers and white background makes it feel so fragrant. I can feel the Aroma coming right from the photograph. It makes me feel like eating it.

    the photo feels very royal and princess like.

  • Rima Kleiner, MS, RD

    1) Carrot Muffins from Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/03vyjdvskg7g94c3ehoc7cf8602q32

    I love the lightness of the photo. It looks bright and airy and relaxing. I want to be sitting at that table eating a carrot muffin and drinking that delicious beverage. I am immediately transported to a country kitchen where life is a little slower.

    2) Can’t choose… the noodle salad and the French macaroons by Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=0

    I love the lightness to Aran’s photos, as well. They are beautiful, colorful and mouthwatering… all attributes I wish my photos had. The styling and colors in these photos are perfect.

  • Nadine

    I picked the carrots by Helene Dujardin: http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    I love the colourplay in front of the dark background and the carrots and carrot greens which are spread out like two fans, that are connected in the middle. This gives the picture a nice dynamic symmetry.

    My second pic of her work is the fishes on ice. by the way she has arranged things it looks like the fishes have just been washed ashore. the food looks very fresh. the gold shine of the fish is a nice contrast to the rather white/silvery color of the image.

    my second photographer is Teri Campbell. I am not even sure whether i really like his photos – they look very edited and have very much of a commercial/advertising style (almost too perfect), but gosh! that packed burger (http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/caption/) really makes me drool. I want to have it now, even though I don´t eat meat. Just by looking at it I can taste the mushrooms and I have no idea what makes this picture do that to me. Same is true for the peace of cheese cake.

    I also like Penny de los Santos and the way how she works with colours!

  • Marta Filippova

    My first choice was a picture of tartines de feves from Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/l0asngwck1shu9j7fhy0xwu2ixftii
    It feels light simple and clear. You immediately see what the subject of the photo is. I love the plate and how it drows your attention and frames the food. Also colors are beautiful.
    My second choice was Aran Goyoaga. I love this cheese tart picture http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=16&p=0&a=0&at=0. I like the shape of the tart and that it takes most of the space. Colors of the leaves play with each other and complement the tart. Light is great too. Background doesn’t draw attention away from the food

  • Ambrosia Pardue-Lee

    Katie Quinn Davies

    It looks like rice pudding/pudding with fruit on top.

    I really like the use of the see-through glass bowls, it really shows off all of the layers, textures, and colors of the dish. The spoons placed in the picture really make you want to grab one and start eating the dessert.

    The scattered nuts & small bunch of mint add color to the otherwise plain table cloth.

    The picture conveys a message of calm, like how you’d feel at the end of a meal with friends and conversations.

    With Katie’s photos, all of the ones I looked through, she uses very plain dishes and tablecloths, etc. which allows all of the food to really pop. I have been hesitant to do that, but I really like how the plain settings/props accentuate the food. Everything in Katie’s pictures are really simple and understated, but she does use linens & other objects for layering and added interest.

    Helene Dujardin
    Under “savories” the photograph with the beef and blood oranges.

    I really like how the layout splits the raw meat and the other ingredients, it’s not that the food isn’t touching, it just really highlights the different ingredients individually.
    I like how she layered the various papers on top of the wood where the meat is, the darker colors really make the red meat pop.

    The green of the herbs is a necessary color addition, otherwise the photograph would be too dark/bland.

    I really like the rustic feel of the wood and paper.

    Helene’s photos are also really simple, placing all of the emphasis on the food (which of course is the point of food photography 🙂 !) Her photos display a sense of warmth. The one thing that I noticed that I’m not too fond of is that basically all of her dishes/food are placed in the same frame, which makes the pictures seem somewhat redundant.

  • Cesar Luiz Ignacio

    From Penny de Los Santos – http://www.pennydelossantos.com
    My first choose is this picture has the feel of a family reunion, simplicity and meeting

    From Matt Armendariz – http://www.mattarmendariz.com
    Already on my second choice gives me the feeling of tranquility and simplicity of the way I like things, the colors are striking and the contrast between elements are fantastic.

  • First I choose Penny De Los Santos
    When I saw the chocolate pictures I felt comfortable. The pictures are clear, straight, no to “playful”, focused on the food, simple but outstanding (for me). I like the dark background. It matches perfect to chocolate!

    Second I choose Aran Goyoaga
    I like the brightness oh these photos. They are fresh, powerful and delicious. I also feel comfortable with them.

  • Guest

    I chose photographers Nicole Franzen and Chris Court. Both of whom I admire as food photographers.

    1. The first is a photo Nicole Franzen shot for a Martha Stewart Living layout (http://nicolefranzen.blogspot.com/2013/07/vietnamese-dinner-for-martha-stewart.html). The vivacious colors of the food and simple table decor evoke a casual gathering that makes me feel invited to a dinner party with friends. I like the approachability of the photo.

    2. The second photo is from Chris Court (http://chriscourt.com/food/). While this one has more moody darkness, again the bright and varied colors of the beets appeal to me and make me feel connected to the food. I appreciate how beets in their simplest form are beautiful.

    I think the links for me in both photographs are the colors and mood.

  • Arienne

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/34/ from mattarmendariz, I like the clean style in this picture.

    Crème amandine aux fruits rouges from beatrice peltre. I like the sharpness and the bright light in this picture. Also the fresh colors. It looks clean and fresh.

  • PrettyPolymath

    I like Marcus Nilssons photo of hte berries on the blackbaord background

    : http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=81&p=1017

    It has a very rustic, farm fresh, just picked type of feeling. The fruits are laid out in an ombre fashion from light to dark both vertically and horizontally. It makes me feel like I’m berry picking out in the garden with the wind blowing thru my hair. Essence of summer,

    Penny De Los Santos chocolate and spices

    I can almost smell the cloves, chocolate and cinnamon. The set up is like organized chaos, which to me baking always is. The shapes of all the items are laid out to be circular or conical. Circular chocolate discs, fanned out cinnamon sticks, etc. I want to just get my hands dirty and start baking..

  • Lizzy | Kitchen Nomad

    I chose photographers Nicole Franzen and Chris Court. Both of whom I admire as food photographers.

    1. The first is a photo Nicole Franzen shot for a Martha Stewart Living layout (http://nicolefranzen.blogspot….. The vivacious colors of the food and simple table decor evoke a casual gathering that makes me feel invited to a dinner party with friends. I like the approachability of the photo.

    2. The second photo is from Chris Court (http://chriscourt.com/food/). While this one has more moody darkness, again the bright and varied colors of the beets appeal to me and make me feel connected to the food. I appreciate how beets in their simplest form are beautiful.

    I think the links for me in both photographs are the colors and mood.

  • leanne

    From Beatrice Peltre http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2014/05/19/in-may-we-celebrate/ The picnic table setting made me feel like oooh I want to sit with them – or be apart of the celebration. Including eing present putting the candles on the cake.It is the setting of the photos that tell a story I’m drawn to.

    From Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/1/ I like the clean organic look of these fresh vegetables that look not staged but natural.

  • Creadora de Imágenes

    Helen Dujardin

    choose this photographer because i like the style of composition. the
    creativity of create beautiful pics and combine fantastically. When i
    choose this pics i felt that is the perfect food of holiday. I felt in

    Aran Goyoa
    i felt with this picture, like in a lunch of summer.

    anyway all of phographer are great artists, your works are amazing

  • 1. Beatrice Peltre
    http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2011/11/17/french-american-thanksgivinggluten-free-celeriac-red-cabbage-tabbouleh-recipe/. I really love this picture. The composition is beautiful. I always afraid using busy print fabric for background but this picture me want to try.

    2. Aran Goyoaga

    I feel I can touch the object, so close, right in front of me

  • Silvia

    I have chosen Matt Armendariz and Penny De Los Santos (sorry for my bad english):

    1) http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/10/
    the candor and simplicity of presentation highlights the photographed subject and therefore the success of the recipe itself … just gives the idea of ​​the perfect recipe … and then puts me in curiosity to want to taste …

    2) http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=2
    the dark background highlights the colors, and frankly, it makes me salivate! Then also gives you a touch of experienced, sometimes rustic, and daily …

    the colors of this photo, the vegetables, the salad I bring to mind what
    I prepare in the summer, taking the vegetables from my garden …

    4) http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=2
    this photo brings me back to my travels in Asia, in the mouth it seems to me almost feel the hotness of the dish photographed … a very succulent dish …

    5) http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/17/
    brings to mind the morning, at breakfast, 1 cup of coffee with milk (cappuccino) is essential for me … the waffles, in particular, are very warm, welcoming, that I greet well just got up in the morning .. .un real comfort food …

    6) http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=2
    this photo makes me think of the smell of fish, which I like very much … these shrimp are succulent, tempt the palate, and with that sauce you might as well soak the bread … let’s say that these Shrimp own irresistible!

    Thanks, bye Silvia

  • Glenda Embree

    1.Penny De Los Santos


    Since plating and lighting the prep process of my recipes is difficult for me in my kitchen with no natural light, I was drawn to this picture of ingredients ready to be made into something amazing. I love the colors and that’s what first popped out at me, but then I noticed the way she used props even in her prep photos — the napkin under her chilis and bay leaves and the shallow stainless steel roaster for the other ingredients I like that the roasting pan almost matched the shade of the background, but still added enough contrast to be interesting without distracting from the food.

    I can see that her light is coming from the front left and the shot is taken from directly above. I love the simplicity of the shot, even though I can see that there was a lot of attention paid to the details of making some of the spills and sprinkles appear random. I also love the use of empty space in the photo. I feel like I could walk up to the table and begin preparing an amazing Mexican dish.

    2. Aran Goyoaga


    This simple photo of cocoa powder in a measuring cup is a perfect example of why I love all of Aran’s food photos. The use of light and aperture to make the food the star is gorgeous! I feel joyful about single ingredients or fully plated dishes, because of the the way everything is bathed in such beautiful light. If there’s a way to achieve this, even in my kitchen with no natural light, I would LOVE to learn it!

  • StefaniaV

    It was quite difficult to choose 2 photographers, they’re all amazing! I appreciated the mood of Teri’s photos, particularly this one http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/20/ since meat is particularly hard to shoot, and this looks great with that amazing bbq fire below it. I also liked the pairing with the photo of the drink on the right, with its gold color and the transparency of the liquid in the glass.
    The second photographer I loved is Matt Armendariz, for the way he uses colors, light and props. Loved all of his shoots, but the one with the vegetables are really vivid, and the subjects really pop out and look so fresh and real! Like in this one: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/35/

    • StefaniaV

      Sorry I wanted to post the actual photos but I can’t do it, I’ll check why it doesn’t work by draggin them 🙁

      …. aaaaaand…. it suddenly posted lot of them, that I cannot remove). Plz mods, could you kindly look into it?

      • it does take awhile for the photos to post. i was surprised myself that boom, they posted 🙂

  • Fanus Vermaak

    Helene Dujardins photos just talk to me. Love the photos of the carrots. I want to grow and photograph them myself.
    Raw meat on wooden bord got beautiful bold colours. Love the rugged props. These photos make me happy.

    Teristudios: the light is stunning. Rich dark colours is masculin. I love it.

    Katiequinndavies. Her fotos is beautiful and alive. It make me want to have a party with friends. Appetizing stunning!

  • Marta K

    1. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1233
    i like the simplicity of the moog, only 2 colours – red and white (and it’s shades) it;s simlpe but tells everyrging, tou don’t really know what kind of beverage or dessert it is bur you know it’s perfect for summer time. I like it’s clear, sher- (see that foam in 2he second line gless). i like the composition – it goes clockwise frome the glass in the center to all others ango back to the man one.

    2. Beatrice Peltre http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a2db34e4b0f0ad7358791b/1369627463562/clafoutisindividual.jpg?format=750w
    I like the way the picture is cropped – it’s quite unusulan because the main bowl – that one in the center is not shown all but bropped from the bottom. That cropp makes the photo more interesting, it’s not boring and vibrant. we know that the bowls are circular so the crop doesn’t distract the reception, we don’t have to think why it’s cropped, it makes the photo more lively.

  • Amylia

    http://helenedujardin.com/#/338022/Newest-Work—Tear-Sheets : because it looks like you can just walk to the table, sit down and eat. It’s clean but warm. You really get the feeling that you can really make the dish yourself…

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/2/ love the colors

    I love it when the picture looks natural. I have a foodblog, everything i cook and photograph… we actually eat afterwards. I want everything to look great, tasty and feasible for my readers!

  • anam bucuresti

    Hi everybody,

    the first like goes to Helene Dujardin for joy, colours, and light. it brings me memories of my childhood and my grandparents.
    i like the contrast and suprinsingly the intense red is not bothering, but peaceful.

    and the second like one goes to Aran Goyoaga also for bright colours and joy – also help me feel the smell and the taste of the fruits.

  • Kristin Nicole

    From the list I picked Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/1/ and Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=0.

    The first photo from Matt clearly tells me how fresh these tomatoes are. I notice the the towel below them, which is also light. I love the way the colors talk to me. I want my photos to feel like this, to look like. this.

    The second photo is from Aran – I love the way the pasta is twirled. This is all setting/staging. You can see the details in the pasta, that it has bacon, fresh herbs/greens and vegetables. They look roasted, so without seeing the recipe, I want to make this dish. This is what I want my followers to want.

    I follow one food photographer that I love, her name is Rikki Snyder http://rikkisnyder.com/home – her photos tell you a story. You want to eat them right out of the photo. Like the sandwich picture I attached. You see each layer, from the turkey to avocado to bean sprouts. You also notice the bowl in the back and the cup of perhaps tea and a nice blue towel to offset the white background.

    Another food blogger I love is A House In The Hills http://ahouseinthehills.com/2014/07/30/heirloom-tomato-bruschetta/ – her bruschetta photos are fabulous. I love the light. I don’t know if she just has great natural light in her kitchen, or a light box or what. But all her photos are the same. This is what I want from my photo’s when I take them indoors.

  • valeria

    My favourite photos are this


    and this


    Both the photos send me an idea of movement: in both the photos the action is happening, the photos tell a story, a situation. I love the dark light of the pictures, the dark wood of the chopping board and the contrast with the colorful food.

  • Desi

    Penny De Los Santos was without a doubt my favourite from all the photgraphers listed above. As I clicked on the link to her site, I was immediately presented with a swirl of chocolate – all shiny and moist and looking like I was busy icing a cake. Absolutely delicious. The tastebuds are tingling and there is nothing else in the frame to confuse the senses. I never knew it before. I never knew it until I saw her portfolio, but everything in her Up Close And Portfolio is exactly what I aspire to be and to achieve. This is love at first sight. The lighting, the colours, and the composition all evoke senses of involvement with the food, and of wanting to eat the food. I am so excited to have discovered this photographer. Thank you.
    At the other extreme, Marcus Nilson is exactly what I don’t want for myself. That whole fish with salt was cold and tasteless to me.

  • I really adore this photo: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/. The burger looks fantastic and it’s so mauthwatering. The vegies looks so fresh and the meat looks juicy. I became hungry while watching the photo. I really like the light and vivid colours. I also like the depht of field because I mainly concentrate on food.
    The secon photo I have chosen is http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=3. I like rythm. I also like fresh chocolate covering cookies that makes them very apetizing. I like this little mess around cookies because it makes the scene look natural

  • Roz

    I enjoyed Aran Goyoaga’s clean, crisp, light photo: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0

    and Beatrice Peltre’s the vivid color contrast of this clean and light radish photo: http://www.beatricepeltre.com/s8p51r2wlum54uxc93iz18ka5088l7

    In both of these photos, I feel a sentimental, nostalgic feeling of simpler times when visiting my family’s farms and picking fruits and vegetables . . . simplicity.

  • Lynn Pennington

    Beatrice Peltre – http://www.beatricepeltre.com/98x9a0ncuadumw1ag7ofawymhvnny4
    I like the simple concept of the bowl of berries. The lighting and composition works for the image. The berries are sharp. The colors are nice and the hand makes it interesting.

    Teri Campbell – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/
    I like the creativity of the honey flowing down. I like the white background – it helps the color of the honey pop. The lighting on the honey and the sharpness of the image is great.

  • Mark_Girouard

    My absolute favorite photographer out of the list we I was given is Teri Campbell, and my favorite photo was of a huge burger on a bun. I really like dark photos with lots of color that compliment each other, and this photo has it all. The range of highlights and shadows really makes this photo jump out at me. The other thing I really like is it’s a perfectly styled photo without looking perfect. There is ketchup,a mushroom piece, and lettuce on the board near the burger, which seems to have fallen off. The cutting board is old looking and scared, and although there are other props in the photo, they are nicely blurred, and do not take away from the burger at all. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

  • R0ht

    1. Teri Campbell
    Pure dark temptation
    rough cheesecake texture mixed with dense, smooth chockolade…
    I don’t eat cakes, I don’t eat chocolate…
    But for how long can I resist?
    2. Nicole S. Young
    I love that colours.
    Warm and bright.
    Balanced somehow.
    And feel saliva in mouth.

  • marion

    Very difficult to just choose 2 photographies, these photographers are so talented
    I choose :

    1. http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

    From Helene Dujardin

    I love diptych photos in food photography. I love the way she captured the chocolate coming on the pear, can’t suceed to do it. I also like that she included the cooker’hand in the pic.

    2. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/4/

    From Matt Armendariz

    Diptych again 🙂 I like to see the uncooked product and the final meal next to each other. Love the colours also.

    These 2 pictures make me hungry even if i just ate ….

  • Ari Sa’n

    I chose these photos:

    1) By Teri Campbell: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

    That burger is so colorful and looks so tasty, probably due to the wonderful lighting. The composition with the quasi-sloppy mushroom in front, the chopping knife at the left, and the beer in the background makes your eyes keep going round and round in this photo. The highlights on the meat, the sauces make it look really juicy and tasty.

    2) By David Hartung, not in the list, but I found him by googling: http://www.davidhartung.com/travel/eat_drink#9
    The cocktail being the subject is sharp, but the blurred object in the background adds interest. I think it is a cheese platter which also contains grapes. The subdued lighting with the partly black background gives it a sense of a stylish night environment.

  • Minna Herranen

    I have chosen Helene Dujardin and Penny De Los Santos because I like their style of food photo.

    Helene photos colours and probs are complementing the food, always her photos tell a story. Here I picked peach-yoghurt-granola shot because colours work well and food as probs is my kind of thing. I like the finished cup with two spoons in picture. There’s nothing unnecessary in pic in terms of probs. Looks something I could make and shoot. I would have taken vertical, but maybe this was ordered work and need to be horizontal. Lovely and fresh.

    Penny De Los Santos use probs less and have more of food as centerpoint. I love all the minimalistic style of photos and moody colours. Food looks good and homemade, makes to to beleive I can do the same. Not too perfect the food, but photos perfect.

    • Sonja

      I love the the bright and light picture of the dessert on the front page of Béatrice Peltre’s website. I love how crisp and clean the shot is. The perfect amount of powdered sugar was drizzled on the desserts. Present but not overdone. Looking at more of her work (http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2014/07/02/food-styling-photography-workshop-sunday-suppers-2/), she captures the same kind of clean look I desire.

      I looked at all of the photographers (I love looking at food photography!), but the second one I chose was the last picture in Katie Quinn Davies Food 2 http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/, raspberry muffins in a tin. I guess I like sprinkles of powdered sugar, because this picture also has that, too. I like the texture contrast of the tin with a little pink kitchen towel, fluffy treats and bright berries. Fresh. Clean. Blurred person holding out the offering of treats. Love it!

  • Elis Fischer


    I like all the photos of Penny de los Santos. My favorite it the one with the pan and the four stuffed peppers. It tells me a story
    of an unpretentious meeting of good friends, who cook together. Who love to eat
    healthy food just harvested in the garden. It shows a very likeable simplicity.


    The same here. This photo is brighter then Penny´s and it reminds me of a
    gardenparty: Friends, who cook together, eat together, laugh together. The
    photo makes me happy and I would love to be one of the guests.

  • Olivia

    Marcus Nilsson Whole Living gluten free breakfast
    I loved the texture of this photo. I’m glad he left the muffins in the old tin instead of putting them on a clean plate. The discarded muffin wrappers were a nice touch too. It felt very comfortable. It looked like something my mom might cook which gave it a homey feeling. I also got this sense from his steak taco photo. Gives a “real food” feeling.

    Helene Dujardin raw steaks with blood oranges
    This photo struck me because all the ingredients were raw. There’s something both beautiful and a little gross about raw meat. As a squeamish meat eater I’m always impressed when photographers can use raw meat to make my mouth water. She also achieved this with the raw fish on ice. The steak photo gave me a sense that dinner was imminent. It felt like I had shown up at a friend’s house a little too early for a dinner party.

  • Mark_Girouard

    My second photographer and photo was done by Penny De Los Santo, and thge photo is of roasted vegetables with what looks like grape leaves on top. To the side of that is a cast iron pan with eggs poaching in a beautiful thick tomato sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and maybe a little dried basil or Italian seasoning. Like my first pick, this too is very dark, but with bright colors. This photo has fewer “props” as it is cropped much tighter. I love Italian food, and this is a dish I would love to try. http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=14&p=2&a=0&at=0

  • Fernando

    My first choice is Teri Campbell. I love his strongth use of lighting and color, and his low angles.

    Second, a view by Katie Davies. Cute, light, with home-loving styling.

  • Irina Dimitrova

    I like this one from Penny De Los Santos:


    I like giving on full screen, saturation and sharpness of image.

    And this from Katie Quinn Davies:


    Here is very interesting colours and composition.

    • Mukul Desai

      Party in the jail with music? Freedom fighter Run away from jail.

  • Picked at random: Teri Campbell

    Cast iron pan with short ribs and vegetables

    As I scanned the thumbnails, this image attracted me almost immediately. Composition always comes first when I look at any photograph. This composition has only 3 elements, simple and zen-like: the table surface, the cast iron pan, and the contents of the pan. Dark colors and the choice of the angular pan lends a masculine edge to the picture. Textures from the wooden table are echoed in the metallic edges of the pan. The variegated surface of the meat plays off both the table and the pan. The heat of the pan is evident from the slightly shiny surface and emphasized by the burn marks in the wood. These short ribs are fresh off the stove. It’s time to ring the dinner bell!

    Hot chocolate with grinder and cinnamon sticks

    Once again composition trumps other elements in this image. Almost all the elements of this picture are monochromatic just like the pan in the previous photo. The difference is the bold use of the mug and it’s color draw your eye directly to the focus of the image. And it is focus which keeps you there. The use of shallow depth of field lets you know about the ingredients and preparation (the chocolate grinder, the chocolate, and the cinnamon sticks) but what we really want is the freshly prepared hot chocolate. Repeating circles of the rim of the mug, the chocolate and the chocolate grinder are elegantly contrasted by the straight lines of the cinnamon sticks and edges of the chocolate’s white wrapping paper.

    Picked at random: Helene Dujardin
    Okra in oval pan
    The image referred to is the 15th in the series

    Even though picked at random, the body of work from Helene contrasts sharply with the selections I made from Teri Campbell. Lighter and airy with a sense of open space. The shot of the okra is dominated by the oval pan. The shape of the pan is handsomely accompanied by the similar shape of the spoon. Once again, the composition is simple, with only 4 elements: oval bowl, the spoon, the table surface and the okra. I might even say the spoon and the bowl can count as one due to the way they were placed and the congruence of grey/silver color. The okra is simply prepared and simply enjoyed and is presented to the viewer in the same manner.

    Sardines on ice
    The image referred to in the 8th in the series

    The coolness and concentric composition makes this work in the most exquisite way. The frame builds from the center with a single sardine to the group of sardines to the ice, to the edge of the ice and finally your eye lands on the galvanized metal table surface. The shape of group of sardines is the shape of the individual ones and the ice mimics the shape of the sardines. Every ounce of this image says fresh and tasty.

  • mezcalito


    Photographer is Penny de los Santos

    I choose this picture because I like how it tells a story. I like to see the ingredients in one side and the end result. I like the combination of colors. I like how the props are cold and the food gives warmth, texture, boldness to the photograph. I like the simplicity of it. Make me feel relax. Make me think of what drink I would enjoy those barbacoa tacos with.

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/sah74an1t51kdm3rlc9tpwtxbfn1oc Second photographer is beatrice peltre. I found this picture fresh, the color she used open my appetite, made me think of a picnic, spring, summer brunch.. White plate acts like a canvas for the food, allow food to stand out and show off the details of the rest of the ingredients that complement the salmon.

  • turmericnspice

    Image 1 from Penny – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=0

    I love action and preparatory shots. Love the play of light and movement in the image. It evokes a feeling of authentic homemade and handmade food in my mind.

    Image2 from Helen – http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    I love the DOF, the backlight and the food styling is so delicate. When I look at this image, it is so inviting, I want to pick up the fork and dig in. I love the blue glass in the background and how it adds so much to the image.

  • Smita Amarnath

    1. Photographer – Aran Goyoaga
    Link – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=21&p=0
    Photo no. 22 – Asparagus and Oyster Mushroom Scramble
    I liked this photograph because its bright, colourful and tempting to want a bite. I like that there are 2 photographs, one of ingredients and the other of the final food item. There is also a contrast in the 2 images – one is clear and the other is focused on only one item. its visually very aesthetic.

    2. Photographer – Marcus Nilsson
    Link – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=94&p=619
    Photo – New York Magazine – Fennel Soup
    I liked this photograph for its classy appeal. The styling and lighting is good, and showing the ingredients in the background looks good. Its visually appealing. The light background and dark soup seem well contrasted.

  • turmericnspice

    Am not sure if my comment got posted, so I am reposting my assignment.

    Image 1 from Penny – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=0

    Love action shots. I love the light and to me evokes the feeling of homemade and hands of experience.

    Image 2- from Helen – http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    Love the DOF and the back light. Just love how delicate the salad looks and how beautifully it is styled. I want to pick up that fork and eat this and enjoy the delicate flavors.

  • First of all, great first lesson Neel! It’s great for novice photographers (Like myself) to learn how to THINK like a photographer, that way we can make the fundamental/technical side work for us to produce compelling picture…This was awesome!

    I decided to do photographers that I was not familiar with.

    My First Photo: Aran Goyoaga


    This picture intrigued me because despite all that is going on in it, it still felt clean and simple. There are a lot of props and styling in this picture! I liked that the two bowls were not garnished the same way – it suggested to me two friends sitting down for a summer lunch together and fixing their portions to their own liking…it made it feel real to me. The other thing I really appreciated about that was that it seemed like a really effective way to communicate the different possibilities the recipe might offer – showcasing the recipe as being flexible, depending on each person’s individual taste.

    My Second Photo: Penny De Los Santos


    This picture made me think of ducking out of the summer heat into a festive little cantina on the beach in Mexico. I live in the southwest, close to Mexico, and the lighting in this photo made me think of how refreshing it is to come into a dark, cool place after enjoying the intense summer sun, and eating a great meal with some friends and a few cocktails. The prawns balance the cool, dark background with bright colors and flavors (cilantro garnish) that made the whole picture feel refreshing and fun to me. I liked the use of the textile to give a cozy, softened feel that balanced out the cool, harsh surface of the slate background.

    My Third Photo: Marcus Nilsson


    The words this photo made me think of where clean, simple, and pure. It made me think of holidays without the baggage – simply enjoying the good, family, and fellowship. It gives enough detail to give the outline of the story, but the canvas is cean enough to encourage the viewer to add their own details – however they would picture the “perfect” holiday dinner. It invites audience participation by not giving every detail.

  • Guillermo Villa

    Terri Studios: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/
    I like the mystery of it, the texture and movement of this image. Not sure what it is but I would like to know more about it.

    Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/48/ (left hand image)

    Very inviting to not only eat them but to look at them… very relaxing. I love it.

  • káča suchá

    1. Penny De Los Santos -Simple, pure photos.

    I choose photo of a table with mexican food and beer -I like the way it is, just like someone left and I come to have a beer and some nachos.


    2. Marcus Nilsson

    Perfect, real photos with a story.

    I choose this photo http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=148&p=1133

    It makes me smile! This photo perfectly shows how to present realy ungly thing with gentle humour.

  • Katie Arkenberg

    For my first photo I chose Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/2a8o0eqitglgvpkvpfxgjk87mqghre The fresh fruit scattered around the cakes, the colors, the orientation of the photo, exactly what I would love to achieve in my own food photography.

    For my second photo I chose Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2 I love the use of props in this photo. Even though there is a lot going on, all the pieces compliment each other.

  • lmwood121


    I enjoyed looking through all of Béatrice Peltre’s portfolio, this photo stuck out to me when I first saw it. I not only love how the food is placed, but also how it is presented. She loves to play with color, and not just with the food but with utensils and napkins and table clothes. I feel like it is difficult to use a floral patterned tablecloth and still have the food be the main focus of the image. The green pops against the teal tablecloth, and you can tell she isn’t afraid to try color combinations like that, instead of relying on a more neutral palate to let the food shine. I get lost in this photo, and the color adds happiness to my viewing experience.

    The second photo I chose was one of Katie Quinn Davies. (I had to screen grab it) I think the neutral palate works in this photo, and Davies’ photos in general. It helps the red of the raspberries stand out, and helps things like the stool in the background add to whole image, not detract from the cake. Another thing I love in this image is including the process in the shot. Here it is the powdered sugar on the table with the sifter and additional utensils. It just feels more natural, and helps the viewer relate to the image being able to see some of the mess. This is a beautiful image, and it makes me want to create something this like in my kitchen.

  • Raia Torn

    1 – The eggs, mushrooms, and spinach piece on Helene Dujardin’s savories page. I like the softness and the background.

    2 – Ribs with carrots and onions from Teri Champbell. I like the contrast and how delicious it looks. 😉

    3 – Bon Appetit popsicles by Marcus Nilsson. I like how the majority of his photos are very simple, not cluttery.

  • 23Carlos

    Helene Dujardin

    All the photos are “mouthwatering! i chose http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories i love to see the texture and the color contrast

    Teri Campbell

    Has a good portfolio, from raw ingredients to processed ones, i rather no to eat the last ones, but all the photos could be mouth opener http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/

  • Eric

    My first choice is Thomas Schauer – http://www.thomasschauer.com
    The food on his photo’s are natural and fresh. The photo’s are clean and with bright colors. I feel that the energy of the food is captured in his photo’s.

    Second choice is David Loftus – wwww.davidloftus.com
    I like his photo’s because the compositions are clear simple and pure.

  • Smita Amarnath

    3. Photographer – Aran Goyoaga
    Link – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=0&a=0&at=0
    Photo No. 16 – Pixie Tangerine Cinnamon and Fennel Pots de Creme
    I mainly like this photo for the colours, looking at it makes me happy.

    4. Photographer – Aran Goyoaga
    Link – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=25&p=0&a=0&at=0
    Photo No. 26 – Stone Fruits
    I like this photo peach and cherry in the whole and cut form, the photo looks awesome and the colours and the styling look really good.

    5. Photographer – Marcus Nilsson
    Link – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1164
    Photo – Whole Living – Sunshine Daydream, last issue
    I liked the photograph because it makes me want to eat that chicken, the lighting and colours look really good.

    6. Photographer – Marcus Nillson
    Link – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=154&p=1235
    Photo No. GQ – Negroni
    I like the photograph for the perfect shadow that it is casting. I love the styling and lighting.

  • My first selection is from Aran Goyoaga. I like the shallow
    DOF in the background and the use of colour on the background. The arrangement
    of the food and the use of the multiple bowls.

    My second selection from this photographer again draws me
    through the use of colour and arrangement. The soft light.

    I then moved on to Helene Dujardin. Here again I’m drawn to
    the use of light and very impressed with the contrast between the food and the
    background. Simple yet effective.

    In Helene Dujardin second photo I like the perfect execution
    of imperfection. The partially eaten pie. The used pans makes the image feel so
    real and not staged.

  • kat_sowi

    It’s not easy too choose as there are many beautiful and interesting photos but below pictures especially attracted my attention.

    1. Marcus Nilsson

    In above photo small pieces of brownie (or fudge?) look like snow falling from the sky. Even though this dessert is definietely not light, in this picture all the pieces look really light. I absolutely love the contrast between the white background, brownie pieces and white sprinkle on the top of the cake.

    2. Penny De Los Santos

    This is all food is about – sharing, When you look at the photo you can get the impression that you’re participating in this meal. Not only you can see ladies eating together but also a bit of their culture. You can see action in the picture and beautiful colours make it even more impressive.

  • I have chosen http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ I kinda like darkness in pictures but feel that it is not my style. 🙂 I was surprised by so much negative space and for first sight not really necessary space. But it tells the story. Everything is so old, vintage.
    Another one: http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets I look at berries. I like the colors. And it is kinda cute that there is no clear focus on some pictures… (or is it my eyes?) For me it`s encouraging. I can feel the taste.

  • Klaudia

    I choose:

    When I look At this Photo I do not have a feeling that It was arranged. To me is more lukę a snapshot from my Memory.

    Second one:

    I like Dark photos. They have some secret element. They are mysterious. This Photo Force me to use my Brain and Wonder what It Will be….

  • Patty Hultquist

    The first image I chose was from Teri Studios http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/. This evoked a lot of emotion making me feel thirst and quenched at the same time. I wanted to eat the amazing looking shrimp wrap. I felt carefree and nostalgic for the ocean.

    Also from Teri Studios http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/25/. The sun dried tomatoes made me feel like I wanted to run to my garden and pick all the ingredients right now to make this. I felt comforted.

    From Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=1&a=0&at=0. These ice cubes made me feel cold but happy like I could make a great cocktail with those special ice cubes.

    Also from Penny http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=2. This Mexican food photo made me feel happy because I love Mexican food with an ice cold beer. It also reminded me of my yearly fiesta party I throw for friends. This photo made me remember those great days. It looks like the makings of a messy but very delicious fiesta.

  • Kevin Timmons

    My 2 favourite food photographers are Teri Campbell with this shot of the meat and salt:
    I love this shot for its simplicity and yet it has motion and energy in the movement of the salt. The composition is simple and makes me think that it would be easy to re-create and yet I know it would be difficult to execute with such panache.
    My 2nd photographer is not listed here, but in my opinion is a master of natural light with food, he is George Seper an Australian photographer who’s work I admire very much. The image I have chosen from Geaorge is this one of the sardines in a can:
    Again it is brilliantly simple and looks easy to create, but the way that shaft of light dances across the sardines and gives a feeling of actually being able to smell and touch the product, it’s amazing.

    • Connie Kays-Gordon

      This was one of my favorites as well. The picture looks as if it would be a simple shot but instead I am sure this picture was not easy to get. Plus I love meat….

      • Kevin Timmons

        Hi Connie, this sure shows Teri knows what he is doing. Have you checked out his studio on his website? Oh my goodness, I would give anything to have a studio like that. 🙂

    • Kathy Thompson

      Agree with you about George Seper – just had a look at his work and love the light and style. Thanks for the link.

      • Kevin Timmons

        Hi Kathy, George is a great photographer, I first found his work via the Photography Institute, an online course that he runs in the UK. I too love his style. Good luck with the course.

  • My two favorite photographers in this batch are Aran Goyoaga and Beatrice Pelre. I think what I like about both of them is the bright, cheerful, colorful approach they take to food photos. So many of the others are either serious or sterile looking. These two photographers bring life to their pictures.

    The first photo I chose from Aran was a photo of fresh radishes. I love the bright red and green popping against the muted background. They feel so alive. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=8&p=0

    The second photo I studied from Aran was the study of raspberries. I like how he combined the fresh fruit with raspberry meringue cookies, and sandwich cookies. The varying shades of red and pink add to the texture of the items in the photo.

    For Beatrice I chose the Bols de fruits rouge because there’s something delicate about this photo. I like the patterned background behind the bowls, and I like the casual disarray of the subject on the backdrop.http://www.beatricepeltre.com/1skpwhpr8pc24e89p4khs0958e1f2d

    For my second photo of Beatrice I looked at the Poulet au Fours which shows a raw chicken tied in twine with garlic and herbs. It’s probably the most attractive raw chicken I’ve ever seen – it almost looks like a gift package! It’s very appealing and it makes me smile.

  • Laura

    I chose Helene Dujardin and Marcus Nilsson. From Helene’s collection I found the salmon in a cast iron skillet with ingredients in various stages of preparation surrounding it. I immediately started imagining what I would do with the ingredients and how the flavors would play off each other. It is set on a rustic blue table which brought out the bright green of the leeks and pink/red of the salmon beautifully. You could see the texture of the salmon but everything else was just slightly blurred and soft. I also stopped at the picture of fresh herbs – all green herbs, parsley on a wood cutting board with just a pop of color in the back from the chive blossoms. Marcus Nilsson had me stop at his strawberry (or raspberry) ice cream. Simple, pink, creamy ice cream, slightly melted in a beautiful rose glass bowl on a white marble slab. The ice cream is also shown in a metal pan which just adds to the “coldness” of the ice cream – I can just imagine how smooth and cold that would be as I dug into it. I think from both photographers what I liked was I could imagine the food clearly, either knowing exactly what I would do to prepare it in the first example, or being able to imagine exactly what it would taste like if I had it sitting in front of me. Neither were “over styled” – they were clear what they were trying to get across in the photo.

  • Ana GR

    I like pink in food, soft, pale pink. it makes me relaxed and sweet. love the sweetness of pink in all mattbites.

    And I love symmetry, and white backgrounds. it means cleanness. And I have noticed it in many of the examples listed

    I love aran goyoaga and beatrice peltre. They are always soft.

    Elen dujardin has beautiful compositions, so modern, so creative, beautifully coordinated, the dyphtics are awesome.

    I also love Sweet Paul and Feryersan(http://yansephotography.com/),the latter with beautiful dark backgrounds, which make all food bright.

  • Martina

    ..sorry,I’m having problems uploading my pictures..I choose Marcus Nilsson,Penny de Los Santos and Beatrice Peltre. Great contrast, great compositions, want to be there right now!!

  • anariva95

    I’ve chose these photos:

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=0. This photo I like the colours, the light and the scenes. It remember me the autum.

    The second from Katie Quinn Davies, http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ I like the textures, the composition and the light. I love this style (rustic photos).

    Another photographers I love are Mikkel Vang http://jmireps.com/photographers/mikkel-vang/lifestyle because he use everyday evocative realities combinated with the food photo and a lot of light. And Lucy-Schaeffel http://jmireps.com/photographers/lucy-schaeffer/food because your photos are very colorist. I feel that I want to eat these dishes.

  • CanonMinolta

    1) The first one is http://helenedujardin.com/# (http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets). The macaroons are classic and clean – they made me think if a wedding or a new beginning

    2) The second one is http://www.arangoyoaga.com/ (http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0). The peaches in a glass cup looked fresh – they made me think of healthy eating

    Two more thoughts. The way the various sites worked was interesting – some worked smoothly and others were clunky. Many of the photos were dark and moodly on a lot of the sites. This may be fine for some of the photos but not the whole site.

  • Stephanie Elie

    Terri Campbell – Chocolate Chip Cookies

    This picture brought me back to my childhood and when my mother would bake cookies that we would eat straight off the cookie sheet. You can see and almost taste the melted chocolate


    Matt Armendariz

    This was also one of my favorite images, to me this image suggests a party or evening out with friends and great tasting wings and wonderful drinks.


  • srividya padmanabhan

    Matt Armendariz is my favourite of the lot, his images bring life to the subject

    Carrots and tomatoes- http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/1/caption

    They look so fresh, say a story in every day life. I love the light background and the green green leaves on the carrots make it look real.
    The tomatoes on the other hand, is organised in a pattern that’s very different. It’s simple but yet unique. The colours of tomatoes just blends through.

    2. Aran Goyoaga –

    Pink macaroons with flowers

    They feel like a still life picture. Even though there is a pink domination in the image it does not look very bold. Again feel of mild and fresh is appealing.

  • Sreevalli E

    I chose Aran Goyoaga & Teri Campbell

    – For Aran Goyoaga I chose the below 2pics



    Pictures are very appealing to eye. They were lit up with light & very beautiful. I love watching them & enjoying how beautifully she presented the simple Ingredients very pleasantly.

    For Teri Campbell



    I Love the dark mood in these pictures. Lighting was perfect & not too much. Pictures were zoomed in & make them irressitably good.

  • Jackie Rudberg

    Aran’s food photography resonated strongly. Captures “Eating with your Eyes”; food looks yummy, and overall feel is light and happy. Captures the concept that food is made for sharing.

  • Jackie Rudberg

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0 forgot to post the link of one of the favorites by Aran

    Penny de Los Santos also has some amazing photographs, especially of drinks. http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=1

    Composition and lighting in this photo really stound out. Makes you want to grab an ice cube for your drink.

  • Zsuzsanna Ötvös

    Teri Studios: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/

    I like two things about this picture. First, motion is captured: the fact that salt is being sprinkled on the meat makes the whole picture very lively and adds an “in action” effect. Then I also like the contrast in the picture: the dark background is nicely contrasted to the colour of the raw meat. The angle chosen also makes the picture more interesting.

    Katie Quinn Davies: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/

    In this picture the subject is a rustic-looking dessert (meringues, I guess) and the styling nicely reflects and reinforces this rustic atmoshpere.

  • Ian

    Penny De Los Santos


    I chose this photo because it seems authentic. Almost like you could walk into nearly any bar in El Paso and find a similar scenario. it is such a dynamic shot. You’ve got what you can see: the cluttered look and feeling of the table, the chips broken from heavy loads of guacamole, the dirty napkins from dripping salsa, scattered salt an limes and empty shots of tequila. These visual keys really open the door for the imagination to roam, painting a wild scene of what is unseen. But what you don’t see is the perfectly aligned lights and strobes, camera and photographer, chef and art director patiently waiting for the perfect shot. The attention to detail and lighting is what really makes this photo great in my opinion.

    Helene Dujardin

    the 9th photo

    The 9th photo in Helene Dujardin’s “Savories” album really stood out to me and it wasn’t the food that really caught my eye. It was the contrast of colors and textures of the photos. In the photo on the left she uses a lot of blue/greens in the background which is a beautiful contrast to the brown earth tones of the stew. The same affect, in a sense, is used on the photo on the right. Helene uses a cream/ off white table cloth that almost blends with the bowl and grits (I honestly have no clue what it really is?). In the dish there are small leaves as a garnish and an creamy green table cloth and also a green glass. these three items are the only things that are green in the photo.

  • joan

    My two choices were Penny De Los Stantos- Photo with lots of dried flowers- they stand out on background. 2nd one is Helene Dujardin with the colored carrots. Nice display and like background again.

  • I chose Penny de los Santos because I really loved pretty much all of her work. She is very good at playing with textures and color, and I also love how she plays with light.
    In the chocolate picture, for example, the subject and backgrounds are all dark, and it’s the light that allows you to see what you need to see- the chocolate. You might think a dark subject on a dark background wouldn’t work, but I love the way it looks.

    I liked the fun, colorful photos of some of the others, but this is one of my favorites, from Teri Campbell.


    I love the way it just scrams summer, and motion. It just makes you want to be part of the photo, and it is taken from the perspective of the person who is eating and enjoying the beach, so you feel like you are a part of it. Between the motion of the drink being poured, and the kite flying, it just is a well planned and exceptional photo for me.

  • Lynne317


    Beatrice Peltre-Tartines printanieres-I love the blue flowered background, the oval plate and the gorgeous styling of this image. It looks very natural and appealing to me. The greens are powerful, but don’t compete with the salmon or the spread on the whole wheat bread.


    This image has beautiful lightning, earthy tones and although, there’s no food to be seen, the photos suggests that a meal is about to happen. The slightly tarnished pewter spoons and forks carry through the rustic theme as does the dried hydrangea and the crockery cup.

    • Lynne317

      I meant “lighting”.

  • Elena

    1. Teri Campbell:
    I think that this is the Pavlova’s cake. My mind goes to the “Black swan”. I like very much the contrast of fruits darkness and white of meringue. I like too, that the white is somehow the principal caracter. I think that, this is the very elegant and, if you permit me, a sexy dessert in the picture.

    2. Beatrice Peltre:
    I like the colors, there is a part of the rainbow.

  • Sandie

    The first photographer I chose was Matt Armendariz, and I chose his photo titled “Wings and Beer” (http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/11/). I’m not sure why, but it seemed like this photo stood out to me the most, even after I had looked through all of his other photographs. Maybe because I really like wings! But, I still vividly remembered this photograph even after seeing the other 40-or-so. What really stands out to me is how “real” the food looks in his photographs, like it’s sitting right in front of me. When I look at his photographs, it’s as though I could touch them and I would feel the actual texture of the food and not the smoothness of the computer screen. And if I licked the screen (I’m not saying if I did or didn’t!), I would taste the perfectly charred and crispy skin on the wings. And I could lick the seasoned rim on that glass of Bloody Mary. They have so much detail. I can “taste” the pictures… They are so natural.

    The second photographer I chose was Beatrice Peltre, and her photograph titled “Champetre” (http://www.beatricepeltre.com/mqehpyeg8httc21g4fq4gdlpr71vtx) is the one that really stood out the most to me. Again, the amazing amount of detail really stood out to me in this photograph, from the individual blades of grass underneath the food to the seeds on the strawberries. The grass underneath the dish seems to bring more vibrancy to the fruit. Again, the photograph seems so real and natural.

  • Hello all,

    So looking forward to learning about food photography!

    The 1st photographer I chose is Marcus Nilsson. The 1st picture that spoke to me was:-


    The beautiful hazy morning is captured perfectly. The grass feels fresh and one longs to walk on it. the picture of blueberry pancakes on the right complements the morning picture. One feels all set to sit outside with a cup of tea and the pancakes!

    The 2nd photographer I chose was Teri Campbell. The picture I chose was:


    It has the coke in a glass, perfectly chilled you can tell from the condensation outside the glass. This picture makes me thirsty and feel like grabbing a cold drink from the fridge. Job well done!

  • suryagoc

    basic ingredients for cooking arranged aesthetically in realistic setup where vibrants color combos elevates the image beautifully

    simple and soothing colors make this pic outstanding

  • Julie @ Texan New Yorker

    From Helene Dujardin: http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    Referring to the left half of the picture, with the bowl of raw potatoes. This picture screams simplicity. It’s extremely unpretentious and that makes it beautiful. It evokes images of a rustic, cozy country home (the likes of which I would love to own someday :)), and it also evokes images of a comforting dinner with people you love.

    From Penny De Los Santos: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=2

    I’m partial to shrimp anyway, they are one of my favorite things to eat. But beyond that, there is vibrant color and wonderful contrast from the orange of the shrimp to the bright green herb flecks, which stand out in a good way. Also, I love how the picture is slightly disorganized. The shrimp are not arranged in perfect symmetry. It makes it look like a real dish that you want to dive into eating. I find that I dislike food pics that are too perfect, too “arranged” if you will. These shrimp are styled perfectly in that they aren’t too fussy but aren’t haphazard either.

  • Daoli Yongjiu

    Helene Dujardin
    Savory- Pasley photo.
    I feel late spring. There’s so much sun and freshness! This beautiful green symbolizes a start of a new day, or perhaps a new meal. or it could be the finishing touch to a summer salad. This photo makes me wanna grab the knife and cook!
    Aran Goyoaga
    Picture with tote of coconut snacks. This suggests a party- and the kid holding it really brings up idea a family style bbq. Summer party feeling is also created with the accompanying milk shakes. The picture suggest to which occasion you would cook that specific item. How you should enjoy it. And again- makes me wanna stop everything and start cooking those delicacies right away.

  • Pallavi Roy

    Photographer:Matt Armendariz
    Fav photo: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/20/

    All his work so vibrant…But this especially is so luscious with various colours and yet it seems less crowded and make you lust for a bite.I think his styling and composition is his forte.Most of his shots are overhead.I tend to like the crowded shots more…#

    Photographer: Beatrice Peltre
    Fav photo: http://www.beatricepeltre.com/98x9a0ncuadumw1ag7ofawymhvnny4

    AT the very first instant which catches my attention is how she weaves a story around her food by adding a humane element in her composition.The depth of field is so amazing.It gives me an emotional feeling an at same time curious feeling what it would have been when she would be actually shooting with the little girl and the apples or the this one with raspberry’s.Did the girl giggle or eat them after the shoot.And her natural lighting shoot is out of this world.

  • Teri Campell – Dessert http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/

    Decadence. The dark dramatic background and the chocolate sauce falling down the side of the cake is almost sexy. The strings and the stack of crackers and chocolate in the background tells the viewer that the dessert is rich, something that should be enjoyed slowly.

    Marcus Nilsson – Bon Apetite Pretty in Pink http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1233

    The background and the lighting look frozen, like the beverages. I feel the cold and the refreshing and frothiness of the drinks. The stark white table makes the berries come alive.

    Penny De Los Santos – Soup http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2

    The warm lighting and the rustic wood makes the soup look warm, hearty, and inviting. I can imagine the conversation centered around the dining table and the sweetness of the creamy soup. Beautiful photo!

    Matt Armendariz – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/18/

    There are so many foods on this small board but he makes it work. It looks inviting, not chaotic. Everything is clear and sharp. This is exactly what I need to learn to do!

  • Elaine Charest

    Make ahead mains http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1239

    As a novice, it makes me want to eat the food. It looks ready to be served in perfect lighting.

    It is a captured moment in time. I can taste the succulence of the burger just looking at it.

  • Charles Weisel

    Terri Campbell cheeseburger http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ is a dynamic example of the effective use of props, spot-on focus and great lighting. The product is bigger than life in this photo and attacks the senses. I feel humbled by this work. http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets the stacked cookies in high-key give a feeling of lightness. It is as though they could float away.

  • Lorinda Clark McKinnon

    I’m a fan of light and airy, so appreciated Beatrice Peltre’s touch. The goat cheeses called to me, but the photo I kept going back to was this one: http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a274cae4b0b3ec2046d186/1369601227554/food5.jpg?format=500w
    The subtle image of milk being poured in the background made me smile, and I could almost imagine a breeze coming through sheer curtains behind it. I couldn’t really identify the food – tapioca? – but it invited me to dip a spoon. Crisp and breezy…homey.

    The stark photo of cheese dripping in Marcus Nilsson’s photo appealed to my senses. I’m drawn to photos that make me want to touch the object, and this made me want to put my hands on either side of the cheesecloth. Juicy, lumpy. The whey streaming from the cloth made it fascinating. I’m glad there was no distraction – no props.


  • Amy Guerra

    “Black Ink” from Marcus Nillson

    I love the symbolism inherent in Nilsson’s photograph. The calculator, the alcohol, the spilled nuts and the money on the subtle marble background… all components of a story. He has a “style” that seems to get lost on some photographers, and it draws me in. I don’t have to know what the meaning or contents of the story— just the fact that there is one intrigues me. I want to know more…

    From Katie Quinn Davies:

    I absolutely love this picture. I love her mastery of light and detail. The sheets of music, tainted with tiny crumbles, the vintage dish… the smooth, creamy colors of the pavlovas/meringues, even the two bites stolen from an otherwise perfect plate—- genius. I love the chipped paint on the stool/table, the backdrop— the color scheme, everything. This is a really beautiful photograph, that to me, has an amazing contrast and composition.

  • Sue

    With the most dismal internet connection in creation this hasn’t been the easiest of missions. Our internet at one end of the house (not the studio) can be great or bad, today its been bad which means here in the studio its none existent. I love Helene Dujardin’s work but I just can’t get to the site all I see is a small white graphic centre page? Actually a number of the sites are really difficult to view if you don’t have a good connection. Why do people still go for flash?

    I looked at the work of Marcus Nilsen first, I have to say I struggle with it. I didn’t find them attractive at all. I was quite surprised. Like Paul Gooder I thought the Martha Stewart ones were best.

    From Matt Armendariz I really loved this: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/19/ I love bread and making it. The picture on the right just had me wanting to tear into the bread. It’s so inviting, so appetising. The picture on the left is just exactly how bread making is and I love the light on both.

    I also liked this one: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/5/ with the corn and the pesto. Lovely light, lovely focus, just makes you hungry.

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/s8p51r2wlum54uxc93iz18ka5088l7 I loved the light and the colours on the radishes picture in the centre here. Simple but fresh, crisp, natural and with a lovely sheen from being rinsed. Lovely simple artisan look styling. I like the one after it with the raspberries too. I thought some pictures might be a bit over done, but this one of the tartes aux tomates is also lovely http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ci4wcpswzh7e8o1ar2pv7iokum0yyz I love Beatrice’s work generally it’s just full of colour, warmth and life, its vibrant and makes you want to be there. I’ve been following her blog for sometime now and her site really works well which also helps.

  • HI there, the first photo I like is from http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2, it’s so simple , it’s so colourful, that you dream to eat the soup even if you don’t like pumpkin one. The photo hits me its composition . Incredible how it works with my mind.

    The second is from http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2
    .I would say- this the same like with penny’s photo. Amazing.. light , wood, warming invitation…This is what I ‘d like to know how to take those pictures.

  • ashamor

    1. Katie Quinn Davies


    I love Katie’s dark and moody portfolio and her use of color, contrast, and textures. This photo takes me to a rustic place, possibly an old kitchen in a small village in France where generations have cooked meals together.

    2. Helene Dujardin


    I’m drawn to dark, moody images using natural light with movement and texture. Helene has all of these in this photo. It feels very in the middle of creating something fantastic.

  • Raquel Bernácer

    Hi everybody!

    My first selection is this photo from Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/10/ . In fact, I’m impressed by all his pictures, the way the light and colors from foods are enhanced, but it’s curious how this photo, which is all white kept my attention during minutes, it’s incredible how white can be shown and perceived in so many different ways giving textures and volume to the cake,

    My second selection are the prawns from Kattie Quinn http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-19-of-96.jpg. This picture evokes summer, long days, fresh food, good conversations with friends… It is a summer holidays picture and makes me feel happy! 🙂

    Other site I like to check is http://www.larecetadelafelicidad.com. Sandra Mangas makes wonderful and joyful pictures!

  • My first one is from Katie Quinn Davies http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/

    I want to try this cake. It feels like someone has had more than one piece: the shallow depth of field allows for focus
    on the cake, while letting you be able to tell that the slice in the dish is not the first slice taken out. The vintage/rustic feel w/ the old coffee pot, the layers of fabric, the silverware that’s just tossed down.. it’s not in a formal setting, but somewhere warm and comforting. (Only bit of confusion, on a second look, is the dish may have ice cream instead of the cake, since there’s spoon and the texture seems just a bit off, even with the blur. Light color nearest the view could be the nut topping tho.) From the technical side, I like using the lighting to highlight the cake & the way the eye is drawn around the picture (the light color of the cake topping and the server handle to the light foam in the glass to the white dish in the front)

    I choose this one from Marcus Nilsson, http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1325, for my second.

    This is a warm fuzzy.
    Brings back good memories (both of food and family) and makes me want to go bake something. It’s clean, simple
    & invoking. Technically, I’m a fan of the high key and being a able to see the reflection of the lid.

  • Sara Bradford

    It was very difficult to chose a photograph from Aran Goyoaga…I chose white cupcakes and powdered sugar cookies because I find photographing white food very difficult and I admired this photos ability to make me feel like I wanted to bounce right in to the pillowy lightness – you could FEEL the texture from the photograph (if that makes any sense) – but I could have something to say about all of them – their vibrant colours captured in a purely appetizing way. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=24&p=0

    Beatrice Peltrie’s “Poisson du marche, Sicily” photo I would put on my wall – it may seem a simple thing to capture all that texture and the beauty of those silvery, rainbow scales – but it looks like a piece of art – and it moved me in a weird way

    This is such stunning work – i love this assignment!

  • How FUN is this?!!! OK, the first photographer/photograph I chose was Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=23&p=0 The photograph is of various berries and cherries all in shades of red. The bowl is white with a red print on it. The photograph invoked feelings of happiness. Red is my favorite color so that may have something to do with it but I simply found myself lost in the details of each piece of the composition and all the textures of the different fruits.

    The second photographer/photograph I chose was Teri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/ . This photograph of the cheesecake was the second photo I saw and I already knew it would be my favorite. This photograph was EXCITING! Many of this photographer’s pieces have action, including this one as the fudge drizzles down over the creamy texture of the cheesecake. But the haphazard placement of the cheesecake unwrapped from it’s paper packaging and nested atop graham crackers and chocolate suggest an urgency. The same urgency one feels when chocolate is close at hand. The background is dark and foreboding making you feel like you are truly about to do something naughty and scandalous but not particularly caring. WOW! If I smoked I’d be reaching for a cigarette!

    Other photos I chose from Goyoaga include the harvest photo on the left: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0 The colors and simplicity have a calming/homey effect that makes me smile from the inside out. I also liked the peas in the pods http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0 . Again, simplicity takes me back to maybe a youthful time. Eating peas directly from my granmother’s garden. I love the interest that is introduced by having a couple of pods open and over stuffed. Great “warm fuzzies” happing with these photos.

    Other photos from Campbell include ALL OF THEM! Campbell gets me very excited about food. This is the type of “food porn” I pour over in my cookbooks that entices me to start rattling around pots and pans in my kitchen at all hours. Specifically I loved this picture of the salted raw meat http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/ The action of the salt falling on the meat is great and the photo itself leaves me with a feeling of anticipation. What is to be of these ingredients and what wonderful dish will be prepared from them? I am used to seeing produce photographed without being assembled into a recipe but raw meat is not nearly as common and, again, a little on the wild side. LOVE that! The grill shot in this photo is also a favorite http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/20/ I am not sure if the smoke rising is truly part of the picture or due to editing but it’s a great element and makes me just want to snatch these morsels right off the grill because they are so inviting and delicious looking!

    Great exercise! Thank you! I can’t wait to scroll through more later tonight!

  • Dina Hassan

    I choose Teri Campbell and Chris Court

    from Terri campbell’s photos I choose meat and salt photo, I loved the lighting the shadow and the motion within the picture although it so simple yet it is so beautiful, I like the fresh feeling of the meat being processed and prepared for cooking.

    from chris court’s photos I choose the caramelized apples, I love the dark and moody feeling of the photo’s colors yet it so beautiful, the photo makes me feel like it’s an early winter’s day with the apples on the table ready to be eaten

  • The first photographer I selected was Chris Court http://chriscourt.com/food/who frequently collaborates with the wonderful Donna Hay. I chose this photo http://chriscourt.com/cache/food/dh59brownies_0329_h580.jpg from his portfolio. I love the dark colours, and how the raspberries pop against the chocolate. I also like that the photo tells a story, it has motion, but is not overly staged or styled, and that the food is the focus, and not the props.

    For my second photographer I chose Aimee from Twigg Studio http://www.twiggstudios.com/ and her gorgeous image of strawberry marshmallows http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-XncA_wW1Tqo/U5XwD6ZxUAI/AAAAAAAAYAk/-yIVdc_4dzg/s1600/SAM_0755.jpg Again I love that the food is the focus. There are no props to distract the eye. The styling is clean, it shows motion and I love the way the marshmallows pop against the dark background.

  • Jasmine

    My first image is by http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/
    I love her work but I don’t remember seeing this image of hers before. I was struck by it and kept having to return because of the amazing choice of colours, they work so well. I do interior design and I could base a whole scheme for a room from this food image. I am heavily drawn to images with teal hues to them so I suppose that is what made me look at it for longer than I would most images.

  • Isabel

    I chose these photos:

    1) http://www.teristudios.com/media/original/500_3_0152.jpg
    In this photo I like the light, the movement of the salt. Shooting meat is difficult, and the salt gives soul to this photo.

    2) http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0
    Many elements. The colors capture our attention. Delicious.

  • Chris

    Burger – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/
    I feel this image takes me into the scene, the lighting, the texture, the rustic background really suits this image.
    Meat (prep) http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#s=3&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&p=0&a=0&at=0
    I love the rustic feel to this image. The lighting really show texture of the meat and the paper it’s wrapped in. It gives a rustic, moody feeling – like being in a butchers shop.

  • Dr Barb, Nutrition Budgeteer

    I looked at Teri Campbell and found her sun dried tomatoes on a dark baking sheet lined with parchment paper to be so appealing. She had a lot of dark colors in the background so that the dried tomatoes just “popped” off the page. Lighting and propping were superb.
    Then reviewed photos by Helen Dujardin. Her photos are full of bright colors. I really like the parsley on a cutting board with bottled herbs in the background. Her photos are fun and joyful. Her lighting and propping were wonderful.

  • John Vaillancourt

    Aron Goyoaga – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=0 I liked the picture of the potato soup. The circular composition led my eye around the photo and I liked the idea of putting an eaten plate of food in the photo. This, I thought, made a simple subject more approachable and although I’m sure there was plenty of planning for that particular dish, it comes off as perfectly natural and acceptable. I also liked the light airiness and allowing the elements in the composition to touch the frame.

    Beatrice Peltre – “Apple and Olive Oil Cake” I liked her idea of removing the slice partially from the rest of the cake. I struggle with how to illustrate a cake and this will help me next time out. I like the low angle – it made the slice look really appetizing, like I was at the table myself and waiting to be served. The airy feel to the photo and the blurred plates in the background help to increase the appeal of the photo.

  • Susan Augustine

    I do love the work of both Penny De Los Santos and Katie Quinn Davies for their rustic nature, but here are the photos I choose:
    1. Burger – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/. I
    like the 3:00 lighting and the composition of this photo. The burger
    also looks very juicy and appetizing, something I would love to sink my
    teeth into.

    2. Rainbow carrots – http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories. I love the moody lighting and the still-life nature of this photo. I also like the selective focus on this. It looks like a piece of art.

  • Raul Tobon

    Beatrice Peltre


    This image is very clean, the composition is pleasant and the subject is shown in a very good way.

    Helen Dujardin


    This image is far away from the standard in food photography where everything is almost perfect. I lovethe concept of food after enjoyed.

    Penny de los Santos


    I find the 90 degrees shoot very interesting. I’m still confused if I like it or not.

  • Jenny

    Creme amandine aux fruits rouges by Beatrice Peltre: http://www.beatricepeltre.com/2a8o0eqitglgvpkvpfxgjk87mqghre

    The photo has a sense of playfulness to it that I’m drawn to. The styling, color choices, composition and light are spot on. There is an ease and lightness to the photo that I really like. I also like this one: http://www.beatricepeltre.com/03vyjdvskg7g94c3ehoc7cf8602q32 (Fennel and Langoustine Salad). Here I like how the color pops and draws the eye. The shallow depth of field also directs the eye to what’s important and adds interest. This photo also has a sense of playfulness, most likely because of the use of color.

    Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/32/

    The photo on the right — There is something about the shot that is relaxing and calm, which is appealing to me. The color palette, styling, and composition are just right. The photo on the left is also pleasing. Again I like the color palette. However, I also like how there is a sense of order, but that the photo doesn’t feel rigid in any way.

  • Mike

    Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=19&p=0

    I seem drawn to the side by side presentation – the raw food and then the finished product. Plus I like the airy, natural light look with textures in the background. This is a rather “simple” image and comes off as very natural to me.

    Matt Armendariz – I could pretty much post a link to any of his images. Very fresh with the lighting I am drawn to. Plenty of texture and layers that take you through each image. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/8/

    Here is another image from Matt’s blog that I like, also.

    • Mukul Desai

      Wow very nice, neat & clean arrangemnt. I always thinking why food photography work opposite to the table manners.

  • Marcus Nillson

    This photo just makes me happy. It seems like a still life with the fruit placed on the slate, beautiful, simple, yet vibrant. The fruit cobbler is like coming home. I love the color and the simplicity.

    The dynamic nature of this photo is exciting, it gets my heart racing actually. Not a lot of color only texture and contrast. I think it is amazing!

    So besides making me hungry, this is a photo I would love to try and emulate. This photo makes meat (which for me is tough to capture in an appetizing way) look delicious. The lighting, color and composition is simple, yet the details make it very interesting.

    Katie Quinn Davies

    This to me is a modern still life. Absolutely gorgeous! The color just gets me so excited. I love the moody lighting…please teach me how to do this! 🙂

    Again, I love the moody lighting of this photo. This gives me a sense of calm, and almost takes me back to a time long ago with the props. The crumble looks so delicious, these photos have such a sense of ease and invitation.


    This photo brings me back to summer vacations and easing into the morning. The bright light and freshness of the fruit is delightful. I love the composition and how vibrant and clear it is, beautiful!

  • Miss Food Fairy

    Katie Quinn Davies – http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ I picked the photo of a frittata in a pan with bread, green salad and chopping board. Rustic, Country Style, simple, the food is the colour – backdrops, props are all colours of greys/browns/neutrals. I felt I was in the country, playing outside as a kid while someone was cooking in the kitchen – I could smell the frittata. I felt a bit upset as I couldn’t play outside as it was cold – that’s the feeling I get with Katie’s photos. They are gorgeous and beautiful photos but I like to feel warmth (personally)

    Matt Armendariz – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/26/ I picked the photo of slices of pork, placed on top of polenta and mushrooms with a glass of red wine & a red napkin. Simple, inviting, home-cooked dinner, happy – I love the use of a bold colour and the food is the standout in the photos. I feel that this is what I aspire to be like and I’m similar in photo taking, where I use the dish and a glass of wine or take the photo of one ingredient. I could reach in to the photo and eat the meal or mushrooms right out of the laptop – I love these photos.

    Almost Food Porn – http://www.yuemeeda.com/almost-food-porn-photography-by-vanessa-ree/ The photo of a red table cloth with colourful plates & napkins and quesadillas, salsa of mango, cucumber and coriander. Bright, colourful, fun, party, inviting & playful. I feel happy & excited like I could dance. I am smiling while looking at this picture imagining I’m at a backyard party in Spain! There’s so much going on in the photo but I don’t feel like the dishes are lost in the photo at all. I love this a lot!

    Your Kitchen Camera – http://yourkitchencamera.com/food-photographer-and-chef-christopher-cina-gives-tips-on-plating-and-presentation/ I picked the photo of cooked fish stacked in a bowl/slices of yellow & purple beet with citrus wedges and micro-herbs. Fresh, simple, colourful, delicious, happy and out-to-dinner. I feel like my husband has taken me to a nice, warm, relaxing restaurant for lunch enjoying these dishes in front of an open fire with a beautiful glass of white wine. The dishes are the main focal point – no props added. This is how I like to take my photos.
    by Nicole Hayward

  • Nancy

    >>> I like this simple and elegant pair of photos of macarons. Pink is sweet and the cherry blossoms are elegant and feminine. Looks decadent and delicate at the same time


    >>>I can smell the corn in this photo of grilled/roasted corn on the cob. the texture and moody color palette make this look smokey and tasty.

  • lydiaf1963

    Katie Quinn Davies http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ Enjoyed the darker colors and the angle of light that suggests an evening shot, especially in the photo of the fruit and cheese tray. The kitchen table appears in several photos and is evocative of a simpler time.

    Helen DuJardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/338022/Newest-Work—Tear-Sheets I recognized some of the shots. What really caught my eye were the magazine and book layouts with text on them and how the photos and text worked together to convey a message. The use of white in the photos (lighting and props) to highlight the food really serves to make the photo memorable. My favorite was the photo of the gazpacho on the white background, sitting on a plate of ice. The ice and the garnishes are the only bit of texture.

  • Patrick

    The first shot that I came across from Marcus Nilsson’s website that I really loved was this one.

    I love the simplicity,and how the colors of the utensils bring out the color and texture of the food.

    The second one is by Katie Quinn Davies.

    The colors of the table and plate are subtle, and make the food pop within the photo.

  • Tricia Joseph

    Smores by Matt Armendariz
    I loved deserts! I love the lightning and I love how haphazard the smokes look. I can see myself licking this off my fingers!

    Dinner by Candlelight by Penny De Los Santos

    I love the intimacy, the bonding and the tradition evoked in this photo.

  • Jayasri Ravi

    Hi Neel, This is my first time and first steps in Learning photography, thanks for this wonderful opportunity, I hadn’t heard few names from the above list, thanks for introducing them to me, choosing photos was a difficult thing though I have always loved Helene Dujardin’s photos always I like her minimal props and clear photos this was one which i liked http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories
    The next one was penny de los santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=1

    I loved those drinks moody and i don’t know to explain it was beautiful, I could give you some more

  • Tricia Joseph

    matt armendariz

    What drew me to this was the lightning. I love the gray metallic feel of this photo.

    penny de los santos

    I felt sweet heaven when I saw this! Although it’s dark I still love it.

  • Helene Dujardin
    I’ve actually seen Helene’s work before, and I’ve been captivated with the reality of her work. It’s common to see in food photography how sometimes it seems like they brought the food straight from the market and into the lens…but her work takes me to her backyard with her BBQ, to her family meals or a coffee with treats. Her work has got a very intimate touch to it, and I love it.

    Marcus Nilsson
    On the contrary of Dujardin, Nilsson is very cold with his shoots. They’re extremely commercial (with the exception of a few in the “gourmet” category) and lack heart. Food is something that nourishes our body, that either makes us ill or gives us health…and it should be treated as such with a camera. It should warm our hearts, make our mouths water or even disgust us…but it definitely should make us react towards it. I feel like his “food” work gives me nothing.

  • Laura Cristina Delgado Montoya

    I chose these two photos:
    1. From Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0
    I love the colors and textures that can be seen when the light approaches everything.

    2. From Marcus Nilsson http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=79&p=538
    I love the lighting of the photo and I feel that tells a story. I feel nostalgia and an unfinished tale to be continued.

  • Dani

    Hi everyone,

    I chose Aran Goyoaga and Matt Armendariz as my 2 photographers.

    Aran’s photo I like is the handheld bunch of Radishes (http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=8&p=0)

    Sorry, not sure how to paste the photo in. I love the simplicity of the shot. The colours are vibrant and highlight the freshness of the produce. Makes me want to grab a bunch and take a bite. I would love to take photos like this.

    Matt’s photo that I chose is the rustic free-form apple and blueberry pie sitting on a paper that is on a rustic wooden tabletop. (http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/12/). Again, I’m drawn by the simplicity of the photo. The composition highlights the food but includes the suggestion of the knife that was used to cut it up. It looks as though you could just pick up a piece of pie and start eating. I like the outdoors feel it has as well – as if it’s picnic food.

    I would love to take photos that are simple, light and breezy feeling, just like these ones. Photos that highlight the food, with just the right amount of props (not overwhelming.)

  • Sarah Linden

    Photo #1: I’m drawn to this photo by Teri Campbell because it conveys the texture and mouth-feel of honey. It makes me feel like if I had never tasted honey, ever in my life, this photo would give me an idea of what I’d experience. Although the photo is simple and captures only one kind of food, it works for me because it showcases the identifying characteristic of honey: that sticky, thick texture. (Also, this photo reminds me that there’s a purpose behind food photography other than taking pretty photos–it’s to convey the characteristics and features that define the product you’re photographing.)

    Photo #2: Aaron Goyoaga…all your photos make me swoon. This one in particular makes me feel inspired. It tells a story, like you spent a leisure, quite day picking hazelnuts and baking mini bunt cakes you’re about to deliver to a friend or neighbor. I feel like I want to sit down with you and hear your story, sipping on that coffee and politely stuffing my face with that cake. 🙂 (Also, I love the idea of publishing the photos in a set like this as it helps convey the complete story behind the pictures.

    Photo #3: Unfortunately I don’t know who took this photo (the link on Pinterest dead ends). I love this photo because it makes me feel like magic is happening in front of my eyes. The movement captured is so whimsical.

    Photo: #4 Photo by Ben Dearnley [http://bendearnleyphotography.com/Portfolio/Food-2/3/] This photo makes me feel like I’m about to eat something refined, modern, and simple. And cold, which may be due to the cool colors of the table and background.

  • raycountry

    My favorite from Matt Armendariz was http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/4/. I think that what moved me most was the amazing color that was used. The use of blue was stark and unusual in food photography, at least in my opinion.

    I randomly chose Teri Campbell and I love http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/. My style is primarily “rustic” and I found a connection with this photo: rustic and primordial.

  • Michelle Blackwood

    The first photographer I choose is Katie Quinn http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/. The photo I chose http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ is light, clear and crisp with nice lighting. Really love her style…The second photographer Penny De Los Santos her special style seem to be from above the food, very nice and detailed composition, she pays attention to details.

  • I love this image. It is so striking to me. I love the richness of the texture, the simplicity of color, the ethereal quality of the mood that is portrayed by the deep colors and the contrast of the whiteness of the meringue with the deep tones of the berries and the cutting board. This image reveals a mastery of light and composition as well as a keen sense of storytelling. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/

  • Donna Currie

    I liked the carrots from Helene Dujardin. http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    The photo was nothing but the carrots on a dark background, and they really popped.

    I liked the burger photo from Teri Campbell. It didn’t look over-styled. Just a big burger that I wanted to take a bite out of. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

  • mukasechic

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ beatrices poisson du marche picture appeals to me. As a script writer, i like pictures to tell a story. The ability of the writer to ensemmble her ingredients to cook the fish but even when uncook impresses me. I am a lover of clean bright food pictures which gives us an imitation or use of natural light…it gives me a dreamy but appetizing appeal

  • Shari Lynne

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2 LOVE the color, the design, the staging! Makes me hungry and it’s a feast to my eyes as well!

  • Look at the color in this image! I love the gathering of mint leaves,
    the sliver in the pepper, and the sprinkling of sugar with the solo mint
    leaf. The side lighting, the variety of produce and spices as well as
    the random scatter of the spices and cloves make for a fascinating
    composite of mystery. What will these ingredients come together to
    produce? http://www.pennydelossantos.co

  • lynn
  • Sarah Bates

    Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/3/
    These photos are bright, crisp and beautiful. I love how the colors pop.

    Aaron Goyoaga: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0
    Beautiful colors. Beautiful lighting and angles. I feel like I could reach through the screen and grab a macaron!

  • Ann G

    I chose these two photos:

    photo is from Marcus Nilsson. I like dark photo backgrounds that make the food
    come alive with a homely atmosphere. I really like his composition of the drink
    simple but elegant.

    photo is from Katie Quinn Davies. I like her simple homely feeling when I look
    at her photo. The embellishments are simple but enhances her presentation
    articulately. The dessert is well composed so that even though you may not be a
    fruit lover you may be enticed to try it.

  • Sunita Colaco Fernandes

    I chose http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/: I like the rustic look of the picture. What also captivated me is the way each detail in the burger has been captured, so also the lighting. The 2nd pic I like is http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/9/. What captures the eye is the vibrancy of colours in a stark white bowl. Here too I like the play on the light.

  • Gory James

    Katie Quinn Davies has a warmth, homie and soul feeling that resembles grandma made food. The lighting is simple, but creates a lot of depth. The cloths and textures help create a sense of lived in feeling. Beth Galton has simple compositions, modern, minimalist but not cold. She creates texture with food.

  • Dorothy Chen

    Teri Campbell’s hamburger has a lot of details and colors that made me want to eat it.
    Penny de los Santos’ food prep photos on the stone really stands out and the vegetables are so vibrant.

  • La Verne Morris

    I love Aran Goyoaga’s work http://www.arangoyoaga.com. I am drawn to his use of color in the backgrounds of this as well as the color of food and how they complement each other so well. I like the use of pastels, it really makes the food come alive for me. The food looks fresh and I like how I feel that these are simple farm fresh foods with dishes I can make at home, or simple pleasures to enjoy in a relaxed setting.

    I also love the work of Matt Mendariz. His work makes me think of entertaining or group gatherings centered around food. Makes me think of people putting down their cell phones and enjoying one another’s company while at the same time having a really good meal and great conversation.

  • Sandy

    The first photographer I chose was Aran Goyoaga. The picture that captured my attention is number 7 veggies http://www.arangoyoaga.com/. I love how colorful, crisp, and bright her pictures appear. Looks like early spring when the veggies have just been picked and cleaned. Her composition brings your focus directly on the veggies even though the props are subdued in the background. Her props pick up the colors of the main focus which are off centered to draw your eyes directly to them. Her salad on the right side looks very appetizing.

    My second photographer is Katie Quinn Davies. Her photos remind of a still life painting, especially the bowl photo http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/. The blues and browns go well together in the photo below. Her picture exhibits comfort and warmth. Like how she added a pattern or slight use of green underneath the bowls. Enjoy how the focus is on the bowls and silverware but also on how it embodies the details of the dried hydrangea.

    • Sarah Linden

      A still life painting…you’re so right. This is a stunning photo!

      • Sandy

        Thank you so much for your feedback. Its greatly appreciated!

  • Robyn MacNeill

    Parsley Roots – Beatrrice Peltre
    At a glance, this photo seems familiar, something you would normally find. But upon closer inspection you realize that there is nothing in the photo that shouldn’t be there. Even the salt on the table and the scattering of basil is perfectly placed. Including shavings of the parsnips creates the feelin that they are in the prep stage. The greens in the napkin, the basil and the parsnips greens ties the whole photo together .

    Blank Ink – Marcus Nilsson
    This collection was absolutely unexpected. The feeling you get is confusing: on the one hand you are saddened at seeing he bits of the pig knowing it was a living breathing animal, and the other more rational side, you realize that you eat animal all the time. The photos are so raw and thought provoking, and definitely push the boundaries of food photography.

  • Cocoawind
  • Irine Gromova

    Hi there! Thank you for your lessons and attention. That means a lot.
    I definetely love this one http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/8/ for its simplicity and process. Firstly, I see the process of making a pie, just a shot of making pastry, but this shot shows the lady’s hands, someone’s mother, who did this pie with all her love. Then we see cooked pie and some dishes for it, means she’s waiting for guests, sho wont eat this alone, this pie supposed to eaten in nice and warmheart company.
    I’m not cheating, I did check other photographers’ blogs! But I fell in love in this one http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/7/ (previous to one above:). First I see the cake. Perhaps just coocked, cause it’s still lying on the grille (I’m so sorry, but I dont know english equivalent to this!!! may be someone will help me to find it :), icing is just made. What is the taste of the cake? Oh, here are some lemons and limes, means this cake unites two tastes – bitter and sweet.

  • Mike

    I enjoyed all of them, but found Katie Quinn Davies’ pictures very appealing. The rustic feel and light are very homey and make me want to eat what I see. I also liked Matt Armendariz but for different reasons. His compositions really push the envelope. It really makes me want to try and take pictures like that.

  • Guest

    1. Marcus Nilsson [http://www.marcusnilsson.com/_files/_database/database41/18122013091203marcusnilssonbonseal11.jpg]
    This shot is absolutly amazing. Light gives texture and feels like it can be tasted. Food Styling is minimal but perfect in every way.

    2. Teri Campbell [http://www.teristudios.com/media/original/500_3_0152.jpg]
    It´s a moment in the life. It plays with my mind making me remember every time i put salt on my meat. Back light gives a home atmosphere. Those salt grains on the air evoques action continue.

  • Joan

    http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=148&p=1320 interesting to put the Ordinary things in with the food items.
    love the look of the cooked turkey .. the “twig” at the right of the turkey adds interest into the shot.


    the two spots of red draw your attention to the beverage.

    the drinks look so refreshing .. the little bubbles make the drinks look “just poured”.


    the bubbles are GREAT


    again the bubbles are so fresh looking …

  • Meghan

    photographer – Béatrice Peltre
    photo – http://www.beatricepeltre.com/mqehpyeg8httc21g4fq4gdlpr71vtx
    Seeing this picture makes it seem like I just went on the most gourmet picnic ever. Fresh picked cherries, strawberries, plums and melon. There’s so many details that make me smile like the little clovers and ridiculously deep, rich and green color of the grass.

    photographer – Marcus Nilsson
    photo – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1232
    This picture has me wondering what it is, where can I get some or how can I make it. I love how everything is on crushed ice, I love that idea. I feel sophisticated and validated to enjoy this creamy treat.

  • Betto

    1. Marcus Nilsson [http://www.marcusnilsson.com/_files/_database/database41/18122013091203marcusnilssonbonseal11.jpg]
    This shot is absolutly amazing. Light gives texture and feels like it can be tasted. Food Styling is minimal but perfect in every way.

    2. Teri Campbell [http://www.teristudios.com/media/original/500_3_0152.jpg]
    It´s a moment in the life. It plays with my mind making me remember every time i put salt on my meat. Back light gives a home atmosphere. Those salt grains on the air evoques action continues.

  • Thiago Cardoso

    Since I didn’t know any of those photographers I pick two randomly: Beatrice Peltre and Penny de Los Santos.

    From the first, I choose the image “le temps des cerises”


    Regarding the feelings and thoughts that come to my mind I saw simplicity on the elements, since the cherries are the only food; lightness and freshness due to bright and the colours of the image and the whole composition can infer a backyard table in countryside with kids playing with the cherries.

    I like of the lighting, nothing is in the dark and the background colours and texture are light while the dishes and the cherries are strong. Everything is fully represented no element was cropped.

    Penny de Los Santos


    The first feeling on this image is the emptiness, but this lead us to two different moments: the main course and the taco ingredients. The fibres of the meat and pepper pops up, the light is very hard while the second, is very soft not only in light but also in colours.

    I like of this separation of the meat and the tacos, the opened avocado and the meat’s tastiness.

    Except by the avocado, all elements are partially represented, but all are distinguishable.

  • Karen Hall Sarraga

    For my first photographer I choose to spend time in Matt Armendariz’s portfolio. I found the majority of the images captivating but this one in particular spoke to me. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/19/
    This set of images captures something I want to do better in my own images – telling the story. I like the intimacy of the hands forming the dough for the loaves of bread, incorporating human interaction without a face. The lighting, bright and white, coming from the side, gives the impression of light streaming in a kitchen window. The baked breads in the sister frame complete the story.

    For my second photographer I selected Penny De Los Santos. I was first introduced to her work when I took an online course via Creative Live. This image http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0 with it’s open space, just perfect for editorial content captured my attention right away. The simplicity of the flour dusting and the scattered utensils and simple ingredients on the perimeter tell a story of preparation with enough mystery that you’re left wondering what the final results are.

    Diving deeper into Matt’s portfolio I chose this image http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/24/ because I loved the use of negative space – one missing treat from amidst the group, natural in their layout, not perfectly lined up, with wild drizzled chocolate adding some action and whimsy. I want to reach in and grab one!
    My third image from Matt’s portfolio was this one http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/4/ A study in blue with a classic overhead shot of blueberries, and blueberry pancakes to bring the ingredients into a meal. I like how he reinforces the “blue” theme – blue rims on the bowls holding the berries, light blue plate and blue background behind the pancakes, all simple props but all adding to the mood.

    Diving deeper into Penny’s portfolio I chose this image http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=0 for it’s simple elements, bold colors and graphic imagery with the sliced and diced veggies on the left and the repeating round shapes on the right. For the third image I chose this extreme closeup of blueberry pancakes. It caught my eye because it shows a variation on what could be done with a single food shots – it’s almost an extension of the third image I chose from Matt’s portfolio.

  • Meghan

    photographer – Marcus Nilsson
    photo – http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1232
    This picture has me wondering what it is, where can I get some or how can I make it. Everything is on crushed ice, I love that idea. I feel sophisticated and validated to enjoy this creamy treat.

  • Jessica

    I went with photographers that I didn’t know just for the sake of learning new images. Both amazing!
    First Aran Goyoaga,
    Raspberry Macarons is so crisp and bright that it makes me want to help along in setting them up for coffee later.

    Marcus Nilsson
    Pretty in Pink is so simple, really focuses on featuring the ice cream. Love the way the glass compliments the color of the ice cream and that little spill underneath the spoon!

  • Ga

    Marcus Nilsson.
    Terry Richardson meets food. Raw Fashion Food Photography.

    Aran Goyoaga
    Fresh, playfull and childlike. Makes me wanna be a kid

  • matantisi

    In doing this exercise, I discovered that I strongly prefer photos of food and ingredients with very few other objects to distract the eye.

    1. Penny De Los Santos: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=0

    This photo shows so much about the textures and colors of the spices: the ground chile catches your eye and is balanced by the fine, slightly darker saffron, and the peppercorns in the middle take you a moment to see. The dark background really make the colors of the spices interesting I could look at the picture for a very long time.

    2. Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/2/
    I like this and the other pictures which contrast the simple palette and texture of the raw ingredients next to the more complicated palette and texture of the finished dish.

  • Anamaria Mejia

    The first photo I selected is from Helen Dujardin, it shows two ice cream sandwiches. It´s beautiful and simple: “less is more”. I really like the clean and bright look of the picture.


    With a completely different style I really like the pictures of another photographer which is not on the list : Francesco Tonelli

    The picture I selected from his portafolio is http://www.francescotonelli.com/FOOD/Portfolio/42/, I love the contrast created by the light and the colors. I also like the “real look” of his pictures.

  • manuel grez

    Turkey from Marcus Nilsson

    Marcus has been able to emit in a pleasant way, something that is commonly considered as cruel and vile. I like what he did with the dramatic shadows, the clear and sharp details, and the B&W balance.
    When I looked at this picture I said, “look, thats a nice and clean, ready to cook chicken” instead of what I would normally say when I see a chicken in this conditions, “thats gross”. He has managed to show the little beauty that remains in this chicken.

  • Nao Tori

    “Apple and Olive Oil Cake”
    I could feel its texture as if i touched the cake. It was like I was about to grab and eat it!

    The 28th photo on Food1.
    Like the other few photos of her, it made me want to know the story behide the photo. Who cooked the dish and was going to have it with?

  • I looked at all the suggested portfolios and found something to admire in all the very different styles.
    I chose this from Teri Campbell’s Campbell’s portfolio: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/ though I could have chosen most of her other images for the same reasons – her work is overall less light and bright than that of many food photographers but it has a warmth that is inviting and draws one in, like the best comfort food.

    My second choice is very different in style and from a photographer not on the list, Piotr Gregorczyk. His food photography is almost entirely, like this image, very dynamic and not comforting at all, but it suggests all the slightly frantic madness that often accompanies certain stages of food preparation. It is highly styled, but there is a chaotic feel about it.http://gregorczyk.co.uk/#collection|collection:3|3:uploads/WeightLoss_HoneyMacrel_2.jpg|”collection:3″

  • The two photographers are Teri Campbell & Katie Quinn Davies

    Photo # 1 Teri Campbell
    As soon as I saw the picture, it brought a smile on my face and that is strange as I don’t drink coffe.. 🙂 Refreshing, another day new beginning

    Photo # 2 Katie Quinn Davies
    Last picture in food 2 album; think those are raspberry muffins
    Morning, perfect sunny morning, I want to eat those although I just had my dinner.

    Photo # 3 Teri Campbell
    Action, Fresh, I want to grill that meat right away

    Photo # 4
    Sunny day, fun time, refreshing drink on a hot day, perhaps some bbq

    Photo # 5 Katie Quinn Davies
    Food 2 album
    Shrimp on a green plate.
    Summer, at a cabin, like the complimenting colors – shrimp on green plate & the red fruit/vegetable

    Photo # 6 Katie Quinn Davies
    Food 1 album
    Photo 25, shrimp in a pan or shrimp curry.. Like the lighting.. It is summer day in a cabin.. rustic, country side, I want to eat the shrimp

  • laurie

    I liked the portfolios of Penny De Los Santos, and Teri

    Favorite photos by De Los Santos: The meringues looked
    The lighting made them look soft and a person could almost imagine the flavors
    and textures one might experience eating one. Seeing some of the light come
    through areas of each meringue gave it depth and interest. This photo made me
    happy just looking at it. I wanted to
    reach in and grab one – and I don’t like meringues.

    Favorite photos by Campbell: The skillet of stew. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/
    The angle drew me in and the ultra-close up held my attention. The
    rustic skillet and the aged table with what looked like many years of patina gave
    a comfortable feel to the picture as a whole. It made me feel the cook was experienced, and comfortable
    cooking in this style. Each item in the set complemented each other.

  • Yesibeth

    Hi Neel!

    From Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/31/

    I like this photo because is simple, the food is the most important thing, you can appreciate the dessert, the caramel… and I can’t stop watching it… I can feel the peace that you need when you are about to eat a dessert

    From Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0

    I just stopped looking for when I saw this picture. I love the composition, the elements that she used, the colors… the food is still the most important thing in the photo, but it’s art, the food is art. It’s shows me that, as food, the picture requires ingredients, materials; It can’t be improvised

    Both photographers I selected were very similar in the way they take their pictures: clean images, soft light, few elements, the food were the focal center… I love pictures that you can stay watching over and over again and feel as you felt the very first time. Thank you for this exercise

  • Stephanie

    1. Honey by Teri Campbell: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/
    It takes a great deal of skill to get a photo like this just right. I love action, or ‘food in motion’ shots, such as this one because it helps bring the photo to life. I also love the lighting. This photo makes me feel calm and relaxed; it reminds me of how good it feels to drink a hot cup of tea on a cold day.

    2. Watermelon Strawberry Pop by Marcus Nilsson: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=81&p=804
    I love all his photos but this one in particular made me laugh for some reason. It just has some sort of personality to it! It distinctly reminds me of summer and chasing after the ice cream man and that brings a smile to my face. I also love the vibrant color of the ice pop against the white background and the focus.

  • Ingrid Ortiz

    The photographer whose photos i was most drawn to was Matt Armendariz. The majority of them were bright, clean but not overly so. The food itself was the primary focus & the chosen props made sense.

    The photographer whose photos i was least drawn to was Marcus Nilsson. His images did not make me hungry.

    I found in viewing photos from all the photographers that many of the photos appeared to have food “falling” out of the frame, which is caused by not shooting directly overhead, correct? i often got caught up in trying to figure out where the photographer was standing instead of wanting to make or eat the dish.

    Surprisingly the two images I was most drawn to were savory dishes and of foods i do not even like. The first image was captured by Katie Quinn Davis…the image made me want to make the gourmet pizza for my children. It made me contemplate trying it myself despite having slices of tomatoes. I also felt like i was viewing a dish that was made in someone’s kitchen. It felt authentic. I couldn’t find anything i would change to “improve” (to my tastes) the photo. The second image was captured by Penny de los Santos & is of a deep fried battered peppered with rice & beans wrapped in a blue corn tortilla. This is my favorite of all the photos i viewed (i looked at all the suggested photographers) . It made me want to grab the wrap & take a hearty bite. Im not especially fond of peppers that have been cooked so that should say something about the pull of the photograph. There is nothing i would change to make the photo more appealing to me.

  • Billy Walker

    My personal hero… Teri Campbell!

    All the folks listed have so many good images on their sites. It’s difficult to say where to begin. But Mr. Campbell has been my hero for awhile. Incredibly delicious images along with a killer studio!


  • Linda @ foodinpixels.com

    Aran Goyaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=20&p=0

    Beautiful colors, her style is clean and simple but with each photo she comunicate a lot. This particular picture really catch my attention, a lot is going on and it gave me a sense of quiet and I feel like I’m about to start eating the soup with the person I love.

    Teri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/

    Impeccable lights, everything is perfect in each shot. The specific photo that I picked really touched me, I feel like I’m right there preparing the meat, I can feel the salt under my finger and I can hear it falling down over the meat and the table.

  • abhilasha

    I Liked Terri Campbell’s photo http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/

    The lighting is perfect.Just enough to highlight the dessert. The smooth flow of chocolate syrup has been captured perfectly.

    The 2nd artist that I liked is Penny De Los Santos.

    This picture uses depth of field to enhance things in view It just draws the eye to the right stuff. The colors are subtle yet varied. Very nice composition.

  • Ana Munoz

    Helene and Beatrice my favorites. Fresh, natural and real

  • Ileana Calero

    I choose:


    I choose it, because the raw meat is sharp, textured and dark became an artistic element. The salt suggest me an action, movement. a process to beginning.


    In this picture, the people having a dinner, is kind of different, suggest me the way to share the food, how enjoy in low light, this is very expressive.

  • surabhi

    i chose Beatrice peltre and Aran goyoaga though its difficult to choose one photo from any collection still…..

    1. is http://www.beatricepeltre.com/iqaif6sgvjr73vwx6j9vvc8svqizn1

    bright red colour in contrast of black background is looking really pretty. by just looking at the picture you can feel the taste of juicy tomatoes. clean picture with minimum props.

    2. is http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0
    the pink colour in the shot making these cute macroons more sweet. i think soft light and soft colour was perfect combination with these sweeties.


    Marcus Nilsson – I have made this cheese. I understand the concept, the science, the nutrition, the flavour; but until this picture I had never seen the beauty.
    Matt Armendariz – once again, I have made this icing. But the white on white – simplicity, purity, mouth-watering…so stunning!

  • Steve O’Hara

    Here’s my first. The blueberry pancake on the right I love. I would say I really feel hungry looking at these – I would like to photograph them (and have made them) and eat them as well. They look so perfect. The colors really just suck you in and want you to take a bite. Everything looks so impossibly random but I know its not. So perfect but also looks to edible.


    Here’s my second. This one says real mexican food. to me. I’m definitely not an expert but this really says that and feels so rustic and again so imperfectly perfect. Makes me want to go to where this is served. The one on the left with the beer feels warm and good.

  • jillrapley

    Spent about an hour studying many of these photos. I chose Aran Goyoaga and Beatrice Peltre’s works .. especially like the Parsley Roots (Beatrice) very clean photo, with some color from the green leaves strategically scattered. They enhance the photo without pulling your eyes away from the roots. Also like her Fennel and Langoustine Salad, the depth of field is perfect, just enough to pull your eye to the salad. Both nice clean photos.

    Aran’s chocolate cookies with the coffee in the background, again a subtle blur from the DOF and a nice clean photo. Spent some time just looking at it. Another of Aran’s I particularly like, the root veges with the plastic cups in the background. Nice color and a bright clean photo with subtle blur on the cups.

  • Christine Walsh

    Hands down Penny de Los Santos had the best photos for me. I can’t pick one. I loved everything about them down to the detail of the wood grain the food was sitting on. Those photos made me want to eat everything. I could smell the food as if I were there.

    The other one I chose was Marcus Nilsson. I loved the stark white and simplicity in his teabag photo here http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1325 which carried over to other dishes and made you focus just on what was being presented. This is completely the opposite in what I look for in other types of photos as I love shadow and moodiness.

  • Joolz

    Aran Goyoaga

    I love the simplicity and clean lines and feel of these compositions and minimalist color palette – shades of pink accented by white and beige. I feel like I’m looking at beautiful art with corresponding feelings of pleasure, lightness peace and I have more energy. I don’t really enjoy macaroons but if I did, this might make me want to eat them.

    Penny De Los Santos

    Stacks of chocoloate. A nice composition but dark and not appetizing. Nice sidelighting but I find it interesting
    that this image doesn’t make me want to eat it and chocolate is one of my favorite things on the planet. I found myself not feeling drawn to the food in many of her photos even though they’re very well done. Many look a lot like other food images I’ve seen and compared to the enlightening experience of the Aran Goyoaga’s images, disappointing. I feel let down.

  • Ashwini

    Teri Campbell… http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/ it shows the best way to spend ur holiday… beach, yummy food, ur fav drink, fresh air… loved the angle in which it is taken….

    http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/ loved the shades of brown.. the tenderness and juiciness of the meat stands out… little bit of green, white, n red here and there shows the right blend to colors.

    Marcus Nilsson: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=79&p=538.. the moment of being with a best friend over a drink or 2 reliving their memories n making a few more memories is what i liked in this pic…

    http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1090… here it shows that the girl is just interested in her fav snack…. the right angle… the cupcakes look delicious and blend of both the pics looks perfect.

  • Connie Kays-Gordon

    So many fantastic pictures. It was hard to pick two photographers. I chose to pick two photos that show the type of food photos that I want to be able to take. I want to take simple pictures where the food is central. Pictures that make you immediately want to eat the dish. Dark moods seem to appeal more to me.

    In this picture http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/19/ I love the simple composition of the picture that sets a mood but does not distract you from the amazingly tender looking steak. You can see how juicy and perfectly cooked the steak is. With the meat in focus and the rest of the picture slightly out of focus this photo really highlights the meat.

    Now this picture really makes me want to go and buy some carrots at the farmers market. http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories
    I love when veggies are shown as beautiful works of art. As a professional chef as well as an avid gardener I find myself of marveling at the beauty of vegetables. Just today I was standing in my garden staring for about 5 minutes at a basket of kale and collard greens that I had just picked. On top of the greens were some perfect tiny red tomatoes with the stem still attached. Just lovely. My neighbors must think I am crazy.
    Helene has captured the beauty of carrots with this fabulous picture. The dark background and the perfect lighting on the carrots creates a piece of art instead of just a picture of some carrots.

  • http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    I enjoyed viewing Helene Dujardin’s work. Her compositions were thoughtful but still highlighted the fresh, natural qualities of the ingredients. I also appreciated her use of low key lighting in many of her photos.


    I also enjoyed Aran Goyoaga’s work. His color palettes were very pleasing and he used shallow depth of field effectively in several instances to draw attention to key elements in his compositions.

  • Kamalika C

    My First pick up:
    Beatrice Peltre – Le Tomatoes Du Marche

    I love the focus, the clarity of the picture and the perfect blending with the light.

    Second pick up:
    Aran Goyoaga – Macarons

    Great composition, The mood is so dreamy and the colour combination. Very well presented…

  • The first photo I looked at was from Katie Quinn. She captures the rustic, country food, almost the slow food movement. She nicely utilizes the lighting with the dark background and the white cake that pops. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-5-of-96.jpg

    The second was from Marcus Niilson. He captures the moment of the holidays with the white ice cream/frothiness, which is a great contrast to the bright red of the raspberries, the green herbs and the candy cane-like straws. Makes it cheerful and celebratory.

  • I like this picture from Terri Campbell. For me it has a lot of home feel to it, like I am with family having a great rustic home cooked meal.
    Aran Goyoaga is the second photographer I liked and his photography seemed vibrant, alive and fun.

  • Katherine

    The first photo I chose is from Matt Armendariz.
    After looking through all the photos I just kept coming back to this one. I love light/bright colors in photos, and I think there is something about seeing part of a person (as in this one just the one hand/arm) with the food that allows you to feel like it could be you there as well. I love fresh/healthy/real foods, and a photo like this one where the carrots still have some roots at the bottom with the fresh greens on top makes me feel like it was just taken from the garden and being brought to the kitchen to cook with.

    The second photo I decided to choose is from Beatrice Peltre
    I love the bright colors that play well with each other. The pink background, blue bowls, red cherries and berries scattered around really just brings a sense of happiness to the photo. I also love that it is so simple with minimal props. The focus is really the food.

  • Charis B

    The photographer I picked from the list is Aran Goyoago. Generally I like the freshness and use of natural light in the photographs. Specifically I loved this one: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=5&p=0 What drew me to this one was the use of a human subject and seeing the food in context. The overhead shot is such a beautiful mess.

    The other photographer I picked is Rosie from Sweetapolita. I adore her photography particularly because she does desserts and that’s what I blog about too. Her colours are so childlike and fresh, and looking at the colours makes me feel happy! Here is a case in point: http://sweetapolita.com/2011/11/bakery-style-vanilla-cupcakes/

  • Dushka Barranco

    The first photo I chose was from Aran Goyoaga (photo number 15) http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=0

    I like how the colors contrast and the light makes me feel how fresh the fruit is.

    The second photo I chose is from Teri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/3/

    It makes me feel like I can touch the flour

  • Kristina Andruškevičiūtė

    1. I love this http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-13-of-96.jpg
    Tiesiog tobula kompozicija, spalvos, apšvietimas. Teikia malonų estetinio pasitenkinimo jausmą.

    2.This one too http://helenedujardin.com/#/548461/Kitchen-Talk.

  • Sean van Tonder
  • — Aran Goyoaga —


    It immediately invokes a feeling of calmness to me. Maybe it‘s the way the color of the flowers complements the color of the macarons (brown+shades of pink) and the white dishes and the wall make the photo calmer, softer. In the second photo, even though only the macarons seem to be the focus, the photo is beautifully divided with white spaces and the three bowls add a lot to the textrure.

    — Penny De Los Santos —


    I would have never thought I‘d like a photo like this, yet it really captured my attention. The different shapes of glasses and the different colors (or even textures) of drinks and the way the glasses are not in a straight line make the photo more dynamic, even sort of „musical“ (perhaps it reminds me of those musicians who play with partly full glasses). The corkscrew is a very nice addition – a totally different object, metal where there is only glass.

  • Gaga

    1. Katie Quinn Davies : http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-12-of-96.jpg
    This photo calls me to sit and eat

    2. Penny De Los Santos : http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=16&p=0
    I like the green and white colors of vegetables in the picture

  • Lus Pepper Heusner-Wilkinson

    I felt that I was seeing the process of salting and drying the Mackerel. I could just see the flesh peeling away from the skin as the fish was cured and dried. The use of the salt under the fish highlights the color of the fish.


    I felt that I was being invited to partake of the mussels and that it was ok as someone else had already started. By having the mussels pushed over to the side it seems as though she is saying please dive in an help yourself.

    The soup on the right also envokes the feeling that this is meant to be shared with the extra bowls and spoons just waiting for me to help myself.

  • Ana Bella

    Eggs on toast: I love the simplicity of this photo. How it focuses on the food. Makes me feel hungry. I love brunch. I love the runny yolk. Looking at this photo makes my mouth water.
    Shawn Taylor

    Macarons with flowers: This photo reminds me of a bridal shower. It makes me happy. I love pink. It makes me want to bake.
    Aran Goyoaga

    I guess I never really try to think of what a photo makes me feel. So this lesson was something I really needed to open my eyes to. Thank you! 🙂

  • Haresh Patel

    Penny De Los Santos
    Teri Campbell
    Great Juicy, Pleasing, feeling hungry, thirsty

  • momchef

    1) I liked this foto by Teri : http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/

    Loved the way the honey flows onto the base, such a fluid action, and the layers are captured beautifully, elegant…

    2) I loved this too by Aran : http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=0

    Rustic, Homely and pleasing. Takes me to the comfort of my home with that soup, and that bread placed on the top. what it represents to me is the way two seemingly disparate photos brought together by a simple collage – thats very elegant and poised.

  • momchef

    1) I liked this foto by Teri : http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/

    Loved the way the honey flows onto the base, such a fluid action, and the layers are captured beautifully, elegant…

    2) I loved this too by Aran : http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=0 (unable to save the image as it’s disabled for save and share)

    Rustic, Homely and pleasing. Takes me to the comfort of my home with that English peas soup, and that bread placed on the top. what it represents to me is the way two seemingly disparate photos brought together by a simple collage – thats very elegant and poised.

  • Julia S

    1. photo by marcus nilsson (i feel visual art, color, not-ideal-food that is still beautiful) and by Matt Armendariz (i feel that smbd eat this pie at this very moment when it is shot, and it is me who eating it – that’s why i feel its taste)

  • My comments suddenly disappeared when I added my name, so here it goes again:

    I chose Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=0. I love how the image shows wonderful contrast in colours. This is a very simple set-up, yet it makes me imagine a rustic old kitching with an old lady who spends her days potting the garden veg and fruits. It makes me dream away, even though it only has 2 objects.

    I chose Marcus Nilsson (I don’t know either photographer but wanted a man and woman). I am not a big fan of his pictures, they don’t really invite me to have specific feeling, however I do believe that in the right setting, with a good article and/or picture and a good lay-out of a magazine, they could inspire. I do however love this picture http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=52&c2=64&p=606 of a woman making flat breads. The image captures the activity well. The lighting places focus on her. Although there is a plain bucket and horrible white tiles behind her, the eye is drawn to her, the bread and the fire.

  • Joy

    Photographer – Penny De Los Santos


    The photo looks very neat, beautiful presentation, perfect lighting, when I look at the photo I feel like picking up the spoon and tasting the soup. The wooden board and the table make the photo look very warm and welcoming.

    Photographer – Marcus Nilsson


    The photo reminds me of thanksgiving in a nice warm home. The turkey looks absolutely delicious. The glaze on the turkey and the white background make the photo look perfect.

  • Sandra

    From Beatrice Peltre – I love the Apple & Olive cake image. It looks amazing and inviting. A piece is being served just for me.. gorgeous lighting which shows the moist cake & icing texture. I love that it looks like it’s a natural photo taken in a real time afternoon tea setting..


  • Assia Othman

    I choose helen du jardin and beatrice peltre.
    They are very unique…one with a vintage rustic touch and the other one with a joyful and bright photography.
    I like how beatrice can mix between flowers and food…
    And I love the very old feeling in helen’s photography

  • Sandra

    Aran Goyoaga’s images really float my boat. I love the before & after’s.. like a cook book without the recipe.. I love the arrangement of foods and the settings – each is unique. Again lovely lighting to show the best of each dish/food. Great composition in every shot.

  • Sandra

    Aran again – I find these images so inviting. The simplicity of the setting is also just beautiful – I love rustic settings! As someone who really enjoys the kitchen, images like this inspire me to cook. I feel that is part of what food photography is all about – of course, the other is to make you hungry 😉

  • Sandra

    Beatrice again – what grabs me with this is the fact the food has been partially eaten. I want to eat it before someone else does. It also says to me, the food is delicious and someone couldn’t wait to take a bite. Perfect lighting and composition yet again. Very very inviting!

    I have to say here.. on my 4th post.. I’m sorry I put down 4 different posts, next time I will put them all in one.

  • Julia S

    2. marcus nilsson – visual delicious chaos, human food

    Matt Armendariz – i feel there is no lie about this food, it is as it is

  • Aparna

    The two photographers which I liked are Penny De Los Santos and Aran Goyoaga. Amazing pictures..though Penny has used darker backgrounds.

    I liked http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=31&p=0 as it tells the whole story behind baking the macaron, The ingredients, how it is going in the oven and the final layout of the macarons. Loved the entire concept.

    The 2 image which I liked is http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=3

    It is just a picture with berries all over but it is just breathtaking. Liked the whole layout with the stained effect on the napkin. The berries seem to want to talk to you… 🙂

  • Adrienn Bako

    HI Neel! I choose Aran Goyoaga’s photo nr.6 from the Food
    section. I really like the colors which come back on the boy’s t-shirt. The
    whole photo gives you a happy summer day impression.

    My other choice is from Veronika Studer (http://veronikastuder.com/): sweet
    corns on a garden chair. I like it because you can feel that this is something
    you can have at your home as well, makes you comfortable. and it is also cheery
    and natural.

  • fif007

    I chose Penny De Los Santos photo of the olives. Simplistic, stylish, depth, colour and boldness.

    I also chose an Australian photographer, Simon Griffiths.


    I was particularly drawn to the photo of the dish and smoke. To me it was moody, portrayed the Australian bush also for me an element of intrigue.

  • For my first photographer, I choose Matt Armendariz, mainly because I heard him speak at a conference. I picked his vanilla wafer banana pudding. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/3/ The photo made me feel that if I were invited to share this treat, it would be a fun time; it’s inviting. I like the clean look of the photo. It’s sort of monochromatic, white, yellow, brown, and yet still very interesting. I’m intrigued by the lighting. It’s bright without glare. I like the way the back of the glass in the foreground disappears in the light. The dish towel under the glasses is angled, giving a sense of movement and drawing the eye to the poor forgotten pudding on the right. Nothing is centered, you can see the rule of thirds at work here. He’s used 3 pudding glasses, odd numbers are supposed to be more interesting, and yet there are only two spoons. I guess a third spoon would have been too busy.

    For my second photographer, I’m using Penny De Los Santos, her roasted tomatoes,
    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=0 My first thought is that this looks like a beautiful mosaic, and yet it’s just a pan of roasted tomatoes. I would have never thought to use a baking sheet with a busy pattern, but it does add interest to the empty places. The subject is so simple that I think you can get away with the pattern in the background, especially since the foreground is circular, and the background pattern is linear. The tomatoes are so similar and yet different, round, oval, pear, red, yellow. The light just catches the tops of the tomatoes. I can taste the sweetness and the tartness of the tomatoes; this photo makes my mouth water.

  • Jennifer Segrest

    I love so many of Helen Dujardin’s photos but the one that stood out the most was the still life with the rich blue background. The blue makes the reds and the greens of the food stand out and pop more.

    I loved Penny De Los Santos photos. It was hard to decide on one. I picked this close up of the peas. The black background brightens the green and makes it stand out. The close up shot brings out the details and textures of the peas.


  • Blue

    I picked Teri Campbell and Matt Armendaris from the list.

    Teri Campbell photos just reveal the rustic feel, that feel when you go country side and you find the only shabby restaurant in the deserted area. I just loved the lighting. And the props he used to bring out that rustic aura. All brown and silver utensils.
    I find it difficult to pick two best photos from his collection. Well here’s one,


    I liked the tray/plate he used for the rustic style. And the burnt like black spots on the food.

    Second photo,


    Pizza on the table, with the flour. Country side feel again.

    Now about Matt’s collection, I liked how he stitched two photos together one with the raw ingredients and the other with a dish prepared.


    Fresh and bright day light just makes it look like morning food. The way he picked green and yellow lemons not to make it look plain with just the yellow lemons. Over all its good.


    Here, the food combination. The Burger and crispy fries. And the angle he took the photo. Composition.

  • Jens Erik Ebbesen

    I – like Dewi below – choose photoes from Helene Dujardin. I picked the one with the strawberry ice cream. I liked the color combination, the overall atmosphere, the choice of props, the smooth light (morning light ). However I would have liked to have had a little more warm light since you seldomley eat ice cream in the morning. I also liked the pears in the brown bowl. Again I was attracted by the color combination, how the pears sticks out, however with a little harsh light. Again nice choice of props.
    Secondly I choose the apples from Arangoyoana, and the lemon cake main of the same reasons as mentioned above.

  • Madalina State

    Hi, the 2 photos I loved are:

    1. Beatrice Peltre’s Creme amadine aux fruits rouges http://www.beatricepeltre.com/2a8o0eqitglgvpkvpfxgjk87mqghre
    It’s so full of light and beautiful pastel colors, I love it.

    2. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/3/

    again, I love the bright colors and how the light glows on the food.
    Also, food is very nicely arranged in both 🙂

  • Sorry for the late reaction, my English is good voor reading, but if I must writing is not so good.

    I choose for the Photographers Helene Dujardin and Katie Quinn Davies.

    I like the depth of field into the Photos. Helene it is a simple photo but it is nice to look a it. Katie it is a photo with mood in it and I like it.

  • aleksandra

    Although I really like bright photos, these two attracted me the most. I suppose it’s the atmosphere, light, mood, composition. The first is from Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2, and the second one from Teri Studios http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/ (and I’m even not a fan of deserts).

  • Raquel Martínez

    My favorite photos:

    1. Aran Goyoaga:


    I like this photo because it is clear, is specific and very sensitive to the composition and colors.

    2. Teri Campbell:


    I like this photo because it shows bright and without any more distractions ornaments which you want to display with incredible clarity.

    3. Aran Goyoaga:


    I like this photo because it is clean, fresh, relaxing, is not overloaded and I think they are perfectly coordinated colors and lights, it is delicate.

    4. Teri Campbell:


    I like this photo because it shows very well the cake seems to be out of screen, when you see it and feel like eating chocolate gives freshness ….

  • So many beautiful images… it was HARD to select just 2! The first one (icescream) is from http://helenedujardin.com

    I love the light that suggest an early morning moment, the pink so delicate that seems almost to fade, the light blu of the tissue so perfect with that of the ceramics and with the metal nuance of the spoons and of the tin box. Cool and serene mood. Love also the composition. Simple, but extremely studied (and keept fresh as well). Icescream is not easy to photograph. The second image I selected (nuts and little cakes) is from http://www.arangoyoaga.com. I love the early morning light, so nordic and serene. Also, what I love is the fact that colour and compositions of both images armonize so perfectly between them despite the fact that one is outside and the other is inside the house. There is a link, a story, told without words. Nature and Cooking match perfectly. I wonder if I ever will be able to shoot with such poetic mood in my own food photography… ^__^;;;;

  • Jiri Hubacek


    I like the photo’s
    color, freshness, good balance of bokeh effect. It’s just as the picture would
    be saying grab the fork and eat the pasta.


    Movement capture,
    lightning , the picture makes you

  • Kristín Couch

    I took a look at every photographer you recommended.
    Each of them has their own style, but like fashion the food styling changes too. Now the rustiness is what is in style now.
    I liked Helene Dujardin. She uses different styles. maybe some pictures are older, but she displays diversity. Her food looks real and not oversetup. (Even if they are of course)
    I picked the pictures with the muffins cakes. I loved the colours. Blue, brown, grey, purple also the softness with hardness. It makes me want to bake and take photographs. And of course eat the muffins 😉

    I also picked Aran Goyoaga. I found his pictures were simple and clean. Compare too Teri studios which are beautiful pictures but completely different processed. Aran can take simple things like citrons and make a beautiful picture out of it. Uses forms and colours nicely.
    I am not a great fan of food pictures that are taken above. I find they miss the mark a little bit. I want to see the layers of the food. But that is just my style 😉

  • Hector E. Jaraza

    I looked at all the website on the list and there are four photographers that caught my attention and these are: Teri Campbell, Penny de los Santos, Helene Dujardin and Aran Goyoaga. I liked their photos for the vivid colors, the “crispiness” of the images, the inter-play of the various visual elements and the way they were arranged for the composition intended, and of course, great lighting. Their images, made me feel hungry and could almost smell the aroma of the food photo in front of me. For the photographers of my choice, I would recommend Tim Hill (timhill.co.uk) and Michael Ray (michaelray.com). I recommended them for the same reasons that the four photographers on the list caught my attention.

  • srividya padmanabhan

    Matt Armendariz is my favourite of the lot, his images bring life to the subject

    Carrots and tomatoes- http://www.mattarmendariz.com/

    They look so fresh, say a story in every day life. I love the light background and the green green leaves on the carrots make it look real.
    The tomatoes on the other hand, is organised in a pattern that’s very different. It’s simple but yet unique. The colours of tomatoes just blends through.

    2. Aran Goyoaga –

    Pink macaroons with flowers

    They feel like a still life picture. Even though there is a pink domination in the image it does not look very bold. Again feel of mild and fresh is appealing.

  • perla bravo

    1.the beauty of the colors, harmony, affection with which the dish is cooked, giving the feeling of how tasty this


    2_ How you can highlight each item in the picture, with no waste your role in this.

    • Mukul Desai

      good selection

  • ambric

    Marcus Nilson

    Helene Dujardin

    these pictures make me feel how delicious dishes are

  • My favourite food photographers are Helene Dujardin and Aran Goyoago.

    Helene’s photo of cherry pie makes me just want to dive in and eat it. The gingham tea towel reminds me of a picnic blanket and the three spoons in the pie give the indication that someone has enjoyed eating it. It is very simple but really works. The lighting looks very natural and is relatively dark. I like the fact that is has been taken from above as well.

    I’ve chosen Aran’s photo of soup: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=20&p=0

    I quite often try to take photos of mush and find it difficult to make them look appealing through the lens. Her photo of soup has been made to look beautiful and tempting by clever use of a pretty napkin, spoons (the “wrong” way round but presumably better composition – I would never think to do that) and lots of pretty green leaves. It’s so clever – I have no idea whether the leaves are relevant to the soup but actually when looking at the photo I don’t question it. It just looks nice. I need to learn to do that more – I’m too worried about the logic and not about the aesthetics.

  • Rebecca Diepenheim

    Marcus Nilsson

    I randomly picked Marcus from the list. I find his photography to be very original. It’s bold, quite masculine and he appears to be prepared to rock the boat and take his photography to extremes (like his pig shot). The photo below is my favourite, as I like how he uses a portion of his setting. The dishes are cluttered to the left, with lots of rustic negative space to the right.


    Beatrice Peltre

    I also randomly selected Beatrice as well. I really love this photo. I like how she’s used various shades of white, with a touch of pastel here and there. It’s fresh, and inviting and because of all the different white foods, it really draws my eye in and encourages me to really look at each item of food to determine what each one is.


    My picks

    Linda Limelino (Call Me Cupcake)

    I’m a huge fan and follower of Linda’s food photography, her food can be so dark and rustic yet still so feminine, and then she’ll be completely the opposite with white and bright, like this fabulous pink shades of rainbow cake. She can have a lot going on in her photos, but it’s like a creation, or a fabulous tea party or picnic in her kitchen.

    My other favourite is Katie Quinn Davies. I have her cookbook and even used one of her photos to replicate for a photography module once. I couldn’t find the photo I wanted to use online, but it was an apple spice loaf she’d wrapped in muslin then photographed on top of stacked antique hardcover books. Her photos have a rustic country feel, lots of organic, home grown, and social gatherings near lots of indoor light or outdoors. Her scenes are like real life eating situations, lots of food, mess and enjoyment.

  • I struggle at shooting in low light and prep pics. No wonder I gethttp://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0& so awed by these type of pictures. I picked http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0 becasue I loved the colours and the angle. The lighting is perfect and it remins me of a rustic indian kitchen – like my grandmother’s 🙂 .
    My second pick is http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/ . The focus is so pefect . it tells you a story of a great party happening with a feast. Even though the focus is kind of on the white plate there are two other dishes that are getting equal focus. The fact that the picture draws the attention towards three plates of food is amazing an admirable.

  • Jason Mountier

    I chose
    Penny De Los Santos
    Matt Armendariz

    Penny De Los Santos photos;
    Photo 1
    I like the rustic setting of the shot, the use of the fabric beneath the plate and the dark mood-lighting

    Photo 2
    Great colours, inviting dish and great composition.

    Photo 3
    Great composition and use of lighting on this one. The colour of the soup pops out against the darkness of the setting.

    Matt Armendariz Photos;
    Photo 1
    The shot of the chicken wings is the one I like here. The clean setting and the light coming in from the top of the shot make it pop.

    Photo 2
    The shot on the left in this arrangement is the one I like. The simple setting allows the dish to stand out. You can see all of the ingredients clearly and the angle of the shot works really well.

    Photo 3
    The image on the left is the one that I like. The arrangement of the items and the angle of the shot really works for me

  • http://www.arangoyoaga.com/food/cherry-blossom-macarons-for-martha-stewart-weddings-4_4_144.html

    It’s crisp and clean, but the color makes me feel nauseous and closed in. Maybe it’s the pink color?

    This makes me feel happy and hungry.

    Welcoming and comfortable

    Makes me feel like I’m there with her. It’s relaxing and welcoming

  • Kathy Thompson

    So many great photos it’s hard to choose just one or two.
    My first choice of photographer is Matt Armendariz and the photo I like straight away is the Home Page image with all the hands reaching for the food. This tells a story. The scene is down to earth and just like when friends get together and have a good meal and a lot of laughs. It makes me want to be a part of that.

    My second choice of photographer is Teri Campbell. Looking through the images they are mostly down to earth food, the sort you just feel like picking up and eating. I love the pan of meat and the pavlova with the blueberries. The lighting creates a lovely mood. Sorry can’t work out how to save that one to display here but it’s No 12 in her Food & Drink section.

  • Riina

    1. My first pick is a mouthwatering burger from Teri Campbell. It is so close and so real, that I can almost smell it. I don’t like burgers, never eat them, but with this one I would make an exception, because it looks really delicious. I like the arrangement – drop of souce and a slice of mushroom on the table. And glass of beer on the background is just perfect.

    2. Penny De Los Santos – baking trays with cookies. Chocolate is still runny. I like that the arrangement is a little bit messy. I think that such realistic pictures can be more inspiring that some nice still life style arrangements.

  • I chose these two photographers: Helene Dujardin and Marcus Nilsson.
    1. Helene Dujardin. I chose the chocolate pear photo. I love the composition and arrangement. the lighting and clearity of the photo are especially clean and look very soft and light. and one thing, (I still have problems with) the depth of field is very artsy.

    2. Marcus Nilsson. The pasta plate with a glass of red wine. I like the color arrangement, the play with structure and the clean shot.

    Both pictures looks very appealing, wanting to take a bite instantly. Fresh, tasty,artsy. I wonder how the manage to deal with lighting..

  • Rafa

    Hi guys.

    The photographer I liked most is Teri Campbell, overall, but probably this one http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4/
    It looks rustic but clean. Juicy but not fatty, clasic lighting, but modern photo, shadows but not dark…. quite a balance!.

    The second one is Helene Duajardn, becouse the photos look clean. Probably too overlighted, but i think that is her style. I cant link to a specific photo becouse that website is using a flash player gallery.

    Although i didint like much the hole style, one photo that really catched my eyes is http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1347 becouse is verey dinamic. Bold in a sense. Althoug i prefer a lot the clean style of the 2 above, this is messy and powerfull. This one opens my mind a little more. 🙂

    One more thing. Some sites are a little difficult to navigate, so i didnt explore them as they deserve.

  • getfitnaturally

    I like the way Teri Studios fades out the background to capture a main focus point in an image. And i like the simple, yet effective style of Helene Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets

  • Steve DeBeus

    I Choose Matt Armendariz and katie quinn davies, I think I’m drawn to their styles because their photos seem to tell a story. While the photos are about the food, the both seem to share something about the preparation or the experience of enjoying the food which I like. Both style are a bit more rustic and I think I’m draw to that.
    Katie Quinn Davies Photo
    Warm, Wholesome , hearty, rustic, homemade, simple
    Matt Armendariz
    Family, warm, sunny, great conversation

  • Mukul Desai

    My 1st photo from: matt armendariz photography – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/20/

    – All round shape vessel – Even rusty plate – Less background more object – Main soft light is from right side – even white salt is exposed correctly – Slightly out of center black bowl with red ring & nuts attracting eyes – Missing Hot feeling of fresh cooked food – Slightly lower top angle of camera – I think vegetarian food – always vessels are cropped in food photography –

    2nd photo: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/12/

    – All vessel in round shape – Main light is from top left side – Red plate with brown cloth – Blue pan red food – One piece of chilli out form bowl & chopped ginger attracting eyes – White rice exposed correctly – Top angle of camera – All vessel in different color.

    3rd photo: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/9/

    – Pizzaaaaaaaa – Color full – Mouth watering – 2 corner balanced with board & 2 corner balanced with yellow cloth – Red chili flacks in small bowl but in center – Beautiful green glass – blue serving plate – wooden spoon/ fork/ handle of cutter with black metal – Light from top right – camera angle top – I can smell it – enough let me have tea first another 3 after tea.

  • Chantal Tellier

    The first two photographers I chose are katie Quinn D and Aran Goyoaga I just love their style all the pictures I enjoyed looking at


    I just wanted to jump in and taste .

    2: Katie Quinn


    Looks delicious I enjoy the richness of her photos

  • Chantal Tellier

    The second two Photographers I chose are Terri Campbell and Penny De Los Santo

    l: Terri Campbell


    wow I love the richness and the background Fesl as if you could really take a bite on the hamburger and drink a bit of beer

    2: Penny De Los Santo


    Mysterious, wish you could touch the chocolate to feel it.

  • Sasikala Balaraman

    very simple picture with no props (or) food styling, yet very
    captivating – making me want to lick it out of the pic. I like how neat
    & crisp the picture is, and the movement in this pic.

    I like the mood of this pic, and the props to go with the mood. I also like the angle & composition of this pic.

    Love the lighting, sharpness, contrast of colors and arrangement of the food.

    Bright, crisp,
    fresh, props used and also the top angle from which it is shot.

    like the way it is messy in the left picture. Mood & lighting is
    good. I love the contrastness in the two pics – the angle from which
    they are shot, color contrast.

    like the movement in the left picture. Again, I love the contrastness
    in both the pics – right from angle, color. Right picture – simple
    arrangement of food, yet want to eat it out of the plate.

  • Kristen Baker

    I had a hard time choosing just two photos I liked. Mostly, I am attracted to photos that have movement; that look like someone was just eating and got up for a minute. That’s what I’d like to capture. I want people to look at my pictures and think that they 1. could make the dish, 2. want to eat the dish, and 3. want to share the dish with friends and loved ones. That’s not too much to ask, right?


  • I chose Katie Quinn Davies as I’m drawn to her fresh, vibrant and ‘make me want-to-sit-down-and-eat-right now’ style. I especially liked this photo of the carrots. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ Contrast, colorful, bright and simple….and how the background makes the carrots pop.

  • May Bagnell

    Ahhhhh Food Photography! Love it! I chose this image from Helene Dujardin


    It just makes me happy! I love the colors all the attention to detail but especially love the nod to a by gone period in time. The idea of a time that had a slower pace where spending time to relish the moment was welcomed. My love for a great picnic is also depicted on they image on the right. Love the rustic feel of it as well. I recently did some work like this and it just made me smile to have it resonate with me. 🙂

    Also thoroughly enjoyed the work of Beatrice Peltre!


    Wow! Her works speaks to my love of finding joy in the everyday. Her use of light and cheerful color palettes delights my soul. This image of the Tomato Tartin makes me salivate and has me running the the market today for the ingredients to make one! Oooh La La!

    The 3rd image I chose because of the great use of color and texture..makes me what to eat it! Yum! And. I love the use of negative space for the purpose of including the recipe. This is the way I would like to arrange some of my food images for my mother’s cook book.

    The 4th image I chose because of the attention to detail, the mood it evokes…warm and nourishing and how it invites you to pull up a chair and nosh.

    THe 5th image I chose completely because I adore the simplicity of the fries being elevated to a gourmet experience. The perspective and angle screams “have one!” and the texture of the salt and herbs invite you in. The use of shallow depth of field draws the eye in and makes you feel you are so close you can reach out and grab one.

    The 6th image I choose because it just makes me happy! What’s not to love? The light, the color choices the placement and not to mention the “smiley face” looking back at me on the right. 🙂 This image feels like a summer day somewhere where fresh cherries and raspberries are ready for the picking. I can imagine the children frolicking along as they go out picking with mom and dad. It is a family experience to enjoy the art of food so of course they bake these in their light filled kitchen and enjoy the aroma fills their home.

    I loved this exercise! Thank you Neel!!! ~ may bagnell

    • May Bagnell

      Fo some reason the images did not post….lets try again 🙂

  • gail


    this one almost had me drooling. warm rich colors and texture. seen from above I notice shape. why does it look so good off center?


    Tells a story of a meal interacted with and shared. again from above I see patterns and shapes.

  • Trish @infinebalance

    I choose katie quinn davies and this photo of the flat bread with tomatoes http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/

    this photo feels like natural and spontaneous, that moment just before everyone digs in while standing around the kitchen table
    there is salt on the table and the pieces are not perfect. it feels intimate & casual – like I’m there with friends. The dark background of the table makes the colours pop – bright and clear.

    I also choose Beatrice Peltre – Red Current Cakes. Here I just love these how bright and fresh these little cakes look. Again, there is a casual, not staged, feeling about the set up – there seems to not be a focal point in the picture. The colours in the table top, wrappes and bowl make this feel spring or summer and a little bit girly. http://www.beatricepeltre.com/exjym0o6cqjg45bt7mhwt45dcf7fkg

  • I’m very new to this so I can’t critique technically like others, but here’s what I chose:

    1. Helene Dujardin (can’t the link to the individual photo) – I enjoy her photos because she takes the raw elements of a food and creates art. She places a simple bunch of radishes, carrots, garlic, etc, adds texture and what I’ll call “mood lighting” and creates a work that is rich in color, depth and texture. Many times it’s not a finished product of food but of appreciating the beautiful elements of the ingredients that make up the finished product. Similar to how chefs use the freshest of ingredients to get the most flavor-rich dish.

    2. Beatrice Peltre – In contrast to Helene, I like Beatrice’s use of light, bright colors. She, again, showcases the raw elements of her food in its simplest forms. Her dishes are a contrast of bright colors and patterns.

    Sometimes the photographers who choose dark colors, background make me feel like I’m holed up in a cabin in the mountains surrounded by 10-ft snow drifts, stranded and left to entertain myself with a frying pan and a warm fire. With Beatrice, I feel summer, sunlight, laughter and children. Intermixing your hands with your kids’ while rolling a ball of dough. Picking dew-kissed berries as the sun creeps over the horizon.

    I can’t say which one I prefer. I guess it depends on my mood.


  • Chris Coleman

    1. Terri Campbell – Hamburger – it feels very rustic and made by a bunch of guys sitting around having an glampping kind of camping weekend. Or in a home pub. Where this kind of food is made many many time before.
    2.Beatrice Peltre – Gateau aux pommes – this has an extra special at home meal to it feeling. Like the person who made it wants to do a bit more than just make a dish. it feels at home but weekend special.

  • Malgorzata Slezak

    I Just love these. They are so monotone and simple in composition but just beautiful. What I like about them is that they do not make me think about food at all, there is no sense of taste and smell that would usually almost immediately follow a dessert photo or burger and fries, etc. There is no distraction when seeing these.


  • Cindy

    1. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=0
    Feelings of sweetness, pink, pretty, spring, parties 🙂

    2. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/27/

    Plain and simply this makes me feel hungry. Being that it has a clean white background it makes what usually could be unhealthy fatty food look healthy. The pizza and chips in these shots look mature.

  • Alain Meessen

    I choose two photographers who have a different subject. I like the pictures of the selection of those you proposed but those are not i had in mind. So my photographers are Bart Van Leuven en Anthony Florio. Belgium photographers, my country.The first one is from Anthony, first impression, modern look, light, fresh, water simplicity, i like the colors, is it photoshop, photography on glas ? Nice light, the different brightness of the same color.
    The second photographer is Bart Van Leuven, his picture of the baguette en the ham, i like it because its funny, nice presented with nice warm light and background. He also put simplicity in this picture, colors but ton sur ton.
    Secnd round i looked for more complexed pictures, the vertical from Bart. Again nice light, no sophisticated background , its again the light who makes a pattern on the background. The last one from Florio, photo from the ground to a glas and black background, plate with snails. Again nice light, simplicity of background, the sauce in a nice presentation.

  • Anu Shoj

    I choose These Photos:
    1. Teri Campbell: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/
    loved almost all the pictures. Very much inspired by the moody/rustic and simple pics.
    They are so clean and clear and so inviting to eyes.
    Food styling is simple but very much gives you the mood. I should say the food talks and the actions make you feel the action.
    This particular pic, makes me feel the chocolate dripping over the cake. Very beautiful in everyway.

    2. Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/8/

    Love the White balance of this picture. Liked all this pictures with regards to before and after of each pic.

    The pictures are crisp and clear especially in white.

    No much props show, which I always love, as mainly that I don’t want to do too much work on props.

    White pics are simply superb. I like colors a lot, but white brings lot of depth to the subject, this is just my opinion.

    his colored pics are very appropriate to the subject, again crisp and clear n clean.

  • Jan Chin

    1) The first photo that I like is from Beatrice Peltre, I like her photography style, i.e. modern and contemporary. Just using some simple prps but can create a very appetizing look and feel.

    2) The second photographer that I like is Aran Goyoaga, her photography style, which is taking before (raw ingredients) and after (finished product) is superb, I just love the whole series of her photos. I like the lighting which is bright and able to capture the natural look of the food, looks natural and appetizing.

    3) The third photograph I have chosen is from Helen Dujardin (not able to upload here, please see the link below)
    Her unconventional way of taking the food photos creates a rustic look, unique yet beautiful.
    4) The last photo, which is from Beatrice Peltre again (she’s my favourite food photographer among all listed here). I like her choice of colour combination. She is using green and white stripes background to match the white chocolate and matcha in this photo , makes it looks so refreshing and beautiful.

  • I choose- Matt’s photos.


    It is fresh, alive and crisp. Simple and yet elegant. It is tough to capture simple things so well. I will love to learn to simple things:)


    Again, so summery and cool.

  • Yvette Gorman

    The first photo I chose primarily because it jumped out at me while I was going through the websites was by Penny De Los Santos of her shrimp, http://www.pennydelossantos.com/sources/mobile/portfolio.php?id=24&art=1#_portfolio_24

    I really liked all her work because I liked that it was different to the usual bright and lovely food photography and more dark, which is something I enjoy myself is more darker versions of things. I love the colours, the detail, the angle of the camera, the composition of not seeing the entire plate, I like the added fork to the side. It all comes together to make me feel as though I am looking down at a meal in front of me on the table. I don’t eat shrimp or any seafood for that matter but this photo would make me eat it as it looks delicious. It also makes me feel rather hungry.

    The second photographer I chose was Beatrice Peltre, http://www.beatricepeltre.com. I really liked that her work was the complete opposite to what I could see from Penny above. I chose her image titled farm eggs, I just love the composition, I love the simplicity of it, the colours, how it draws your eye exactly in, at first I didn’t noticed the little leaves that where lying on the eggs but with the darkness out to the left and the brightness to the right my eye was drawn to where it should be and the little leaves just stood out and incorporated the dark side back in. This image makes me feel relaxed – perhaps that is from the use of the blue material.

    My second image that I chose from Penny is from her treats portfolio, http://www.pennydelossantos.com/sources/mobile/portfolio.php?id=20&art=1#_portfolio_20 it’s just an image of berries on a plate being cut. Again the darkness of this image sticks out to me yet again, the colours are very mild tones which appeals to me! I love the shadows the one half of the berry that is pointing up to bring in a brighter colour is clearly a focal point. This makes me feel a little sad though, I kindof think the owner of this plate of food only has this to eat and nothing else, although in saying that it is again making me feel like I’m sitting look down on my own plate of berries with the angle.

    My second image from Beatrice is, http://www.beatricepeltre.com what she entitles Fava Beans, this one just sticks out with the colours again and the detail, it’s so bright and cheery makes me feel good with the colour combination. The white is acting as a frame for the green beans. It is a lovely photo. Love the detail of each bean sticking out as indiviually as the next.

  • anselm smith

    I chose Matt Armendariz. I like the low angle and the lighting in this shot of the Smores. I also like the other shot of the 3 desserts.
    I like the depth of field and the lighting on this shot.http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/3/
    I also chose Aran Goyaga. This is a nice clean shot. the lighting and angle and focus works well.

    I like the shots of the cupcakes in the first photo of how the blue dress makes the subject stand out and the other shot i like the pink cast and lighting. It really makes this shot.http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=30&p=0

  • shef

    Aran’s photo: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=25&p=0

    I picked because it shows fruit in its natural state, half-eaten, prepped, pitted, etc…In addition, it makes me feel and appreciate cooking as is. That one can photograph not just the final plate but the process. That cooking materials like those little tartlet metal rings, can be a part of the setting/photograph. Evokes an appreciation of the process, not just the result.

    Helene Dujardin’s photo of the berries with a half-eaten pastry is unrefined and hazy and it made me feel like summer on a patio. like vacation and gorgeous weather. like fresh and green and warm from an oven.

  • Kathy Hester

    I really loved looking at all the photographs and seeing the different styles. The first image that I picked is from Terry Campbell: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/11/ loved the clarity of the ice and whiskey in the glass and how it brings the viewer into the photo. I felt like I could reach in and grab the glass.

    The second image is from Matt Armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/8/ I thought the composition and lighting was great. I also love the simplicity of them – especially the all white one.

  • Mercedes Iribarne

    .I choose this 2 photos

    Teri Studios http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/5/

    In this photo i love the lighting, really soft and natural, and the contrast with de dark props. I love how we can note the textures of the food, the mushrooms, the onions and the table wood. I definitly love food photos that shows a mixture of homemade and professional foods. It is funny because in this picture there in no prepared food, just two ingredientes but we can guess that there will be a great dish prepared with this two, simple but textured ingredientes, i fact that is a thing that i love about a good food photo, it makes you dream a little of what it will became later.

    Helene Du Jardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    I love this photo, not only because of the food, but also because it shows a really fresh atmosphere. It makes me think on vacations, on the beach and sunny days, eating something light and really fresh. The lighting is perfect, it seems to be a sunny day, with fresh air and again the different textures of the food is a perfect combination for a really tempting dish, the creamy eggs with the crispy asparagus and the soft cooked cherry tomatoes.Mi mind blows when thinking on that combination.

    And i love that she uses a glass of plain water,it makes even fresher all the atmosphere.

    Excuses on my poorly english!!!

  • Maggie

    1) Aran Goyoaga:
    Her style is so unique. The brightness make me feel confortable and happy at the same time.
    Photo #14 – a bowl of beet salad
    The first thing that call my attention was the contrast of the colours, the food seems so vivid. I could feel the freshness of the beets. The photo was simple, here I could recall “the minus is more”. No many props, but the combination was so simple. It has a “romantic side”.
    2) Helene Dujardin:
    Spaghetti. It seems that the plate was inviting me to sit down and eat.
    Again, no many props, but it seems that there was an invisible invitation to eat.The ambience of the photo, remembers me an autumn afternoon.
    I´m really sorry, but I could not link the photos.

  • rehab elbarody

    1- http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ci4wcpswzh7e8o1ar2pv7iokum0yyz
    I picke this picture because it contains all the elements of balance color scheme and perfect lighting, also gave my eyes a sense of comfort with refresh .

    I pick this picture because it makes me feel warm and originality,the vantage effect with the touch of wood make it a perfect picture in my opinion.

    it makes me smell the grilled tomatoes with herbs perfume emitted from the pic .

  • Adry Foto Pad

    1.i like the photo called Les oeufs fermiers from beatrice peltre…
    what i like about this photo is the whites of the subjects, i couldnt
    ever think of placing my eggs that way to make a art photo… i like how
    she put it along the brown vine and made the eggs dye with the feather
    along it… i always thought u had to respect food and i guess i was
    never taught to see how u can create food with simple objects, im
    beginning to have a different perspective of how food is done in

    the next photo that disturbed me was
    http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=68&c2=92&p=664… the
    one with the cut pork hands , i mean most his photos seem too disturbing
    for me to watch , these look like human parts, its like he places food
    as if they were human bodies all cut up and all … just seeing it wont
    make wanna eat them….

    3. the photo i like is from katie quinn
    davieshttp://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/ .. this
    photo is like thinking out of the box, you got props, objects , mess,
    cluttered , but it all makes the photo fantastic.This is very hard to do
    u need to have a great composition eye to see where u wanna place the
    objects.what attracts the most are the 31, and 1 dates that makes the
    photo stand out and yes i would enjoy them cakes with pleasure .

  • Annette Pensenti-Venditti

    1. Penny De Los Santos

    Penny’s images are stunning and captured me
    immediately. I have always loved the combination of textures, vintage and aged
    serving dishes as well as the color ranges and textures in the fabrics, etc.
    Her food looks real, approachable and something I
    wish was in my plate every time.

    The lighting and mood is what I love as well, not
    overly dark but not light and bright. I feel her images transport me to a
    faraway place filled with food adventures.

    2. Helene Du Jardin

    Similar to Penny’s work, I love the feelings of
    texture and color, lighting mood, etc.

    Helene’s work adds another characteristic of
    creative compositions. I see the connection of organized, real, uniform and comfortable
    disarray and scattered items making the images strong and approachable.

    Her use of color is apparent as well, some very
    monochromatic and some a bold mix of colors and textures combined.

  • Krystallia Giamouridou

    1. Sorry I can’ t separate out my Top 2 favorite photographers. These are the following: Helene Dujardin and Aran Goyoaga.

    The aesthetic, their technique/ability to manipulate natural light, their simplicity on how to use props create a ”zen” atmosphere in all their photos.

    I can feel the mood of each setup and they both give me a ”clean” outcome (comfort zone) and simultaneously trigger me to imagine green field scieneries and perfect household cleanliness.

    –> Helene Dujardin: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40995944@N00/12568097233/

    –> Aran Goyoaga: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cannelle-vanille/5567850851/in/set-72157622424531739/

  • HDasher.wordpress.com

    I had a hard time choosing between Aran Goyoaga and Penny De Los Santos but finally settled on this photo.
    The colors pop even with the perfect moody lighting that I love. The props are simple and organic. I love seeing food ingredients together in their natural form before they are chopped, mixed, and cooked.
    The second photo I chose is from the blog Beard & Bonnet. They are not professional food photographers but I always love their photos. They are masters at capturing that same moody lighting that always draws my eye. They also manage to make colors pop and use beautiful, simple props.
    I love the way the light shines through the ice cubes and lime slices.

  • Rebecca Olkowski

    Right away Penny De Los Santos photos stood out for me. They make you want to immediately eat them. I love the rustic backgrounds and the fact that the styling wasn’t “perfect.” They’re bold and I loved her use of dark worn woods, splotches, crumpled up napkins,half eaten chips etc. It’s like someone was actually having a feast and we are spying on them. There was such a richness about them.

    It’s difficult to pick 2 out of this outstanding group. I have to say some of the websites were slow to load especially on not optimal Internet. I also loved Aran Goyaaga. The images are soft, colorful pastel and pretty. i love that she doesn’t iron the napkins.

  • Bernadette Martin

    I picked Matt Armendariz and this photo: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/ I like the plates, the garnishes on the food, although I can’t tell what it is, and the “action” in the photo. The second photo I picked is from Penny De Los Santos and http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2. I like the rustic look and that isn’t not “perfect”. The spoons are tarnished and there are scratches on the wood.

  • Chrystal M.

    I’m going to pick someone else. I am a huge fan of Taylor Mathis. Taylor has published in many popular food and recipe magazines as well as published his own. http://taylormathisphotography.com/ What I like about his photos is that they are airy and full of light. He seems to really like overhead shots. When photos are full of light it makes me feel like they are clean and light. There are some photographers who use dark light and black backgrounds for pops of color. While i like this look too, I often feel like it makes me feel stuffy.

  • I’m behind (out of town)

    I liked Teri’s photo http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/5/

    Of the mushroom and onion. I did not “love” every photo on her page, some I thought too dark. But this one struck me b/c of content I think. I like the “earthy” feel of the photo. I like how one onion and one mushroom are in focus and the others are blurred a bit. I also loved seeing the texture of the dirt on the herb.

    I liked Matt Armendariz photos the best of the 3 photographers I looked at: I liked the light usage I think and how REal the food looked, like something you might really eat. My favorite was this one:http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/4/ with the blueberries and the blueberry pancakes. It spoke to me in such a way as to give possibillities…showing the transformative power of cooking. The blueberries in the photo on the left were in a cool country container off center of the picture which I like, plus a random utensil (I never know how to put utensils in pictures). He used a solid back ground color which I like b/c it was not too busy of a photo. Also I liked the range of blue colors and again just the “real” nature of the foods.

  • maria cristina ferrari

    My favourite food photographer is Helene Dujardin. I choose this picture http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets. I love the ambience and colour (light pimk, white and lighit blue) of the photo.
    The second is Aran Goyoaga because the photo are full of details in a perfect balance.

  • Jen Haugen, RD,LD

    Beatrice: http://www.beatricepeltre.com
    Like how bright and colorful the shots are, the simpleness reflected in the food. The photos that incorporate kids picking fruit. The photos remind me of simpler times, childhood, that life doesn’t have to be complex.

    Aran: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/sources/ipad/index.php#portfolios/4/1
    Again, the brightness and simple ness reflected in the photos.
    Simple props that invite you to the table (like a table setting). The potato soup photo reminds me of a family sitting together to eat something nourishing.

  • Confessions of a Culinary Diva

    Beatrice Peltre – I love the light, and life in her photos
    Helene Dujardin – her compositions and textures

  • priyasrinivasan

    I loved this photo of Katie Quinn Davies: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-9-of-96.jpg. It is so colorful. the figs and grapes and the syrup oozzing out,feel like licking that syrup! Though it is a very close shot, it is just the food there, it doesn’t look like it is so tightly composed.
    Another one from Katie, straight opposite to the one i selected above is this : http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-11-of-96.jpg. The Negative space in this photo and the how beautifully is that food still playing the hero. I have to learn this art, how to use Negative space. the Color combo again, the table, cutlery and colors on that plate, Awesome!!!

  • Marinel Romana

    My choice of photos are from:

    1. Aran Goyoaga – Photo looks fresh and vibrant capturing the every details of the pasta in the bowl that even granules of pepper.

    2. Marcus Nilsson – photo of red popsicle that showcase not only the bright light, stunning color but also the motion of the object.

  • priyasrinivasan

    I loved the high-key photos of Beatrice Peltre. I m literally scared to shoot with bright backgrounds and everything so bright, but looking at these stunning food pictures, i would love to learn how to do it.

    http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a277a9e4b07c0410a71eb0/1369601968413/favabeanglutenfreetartine1.jpg?format=500w, Loved this picture for a rainbow of colors in it!! And yet,everything at its place, awesome click!!!!

    Another one from the same artist

    Love the story here!!!

  • londonforcooks

    I chose Marcus Nilson series Guts of the beast and Teri Studios:http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/5/ series. Both are photography of ingredients, but a completely different view on them. Whereas it seems that the pictures of Teri Studios are sumptuous, tasty, full of texture, life and flavour, pictures of Marcus Nilson are just minimising the ingredient to what it actually is: the ingredient. Macrus Nilson pictures are minimalistic, sober, logical – they don’t aim at you craving the food, but logicalising the cooking if I may put it like this.

  • Paul Gooder

    I agree Crystal. artsie, yes. Appetizing, maybe not so much

  • Teri Studios was my favorite.
    Light, angle, composition and image processing were the items that caught my attention.

    Arangoyoaga (Second Photo) also won me as being simple, peaceful and great composition.
    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/ # a = 0 & at = 0 & mi = 2 & pt = 1 & pi = 10000 & s = 3 & p = 0

  • I found this assignment very difficult. I have realised that I’ve never really looked at food photos for the photography before, more for the food – thinking about how I could recreate the food, not the photo. So this was an entirely new way of looking at photos for me and one I now realise I should be doing more of. What I discovered most was the style of props I would like to use – perhaps because I don’t really yet understand what makes a good or bad photo. The two photos I liked best were…

    1) Matt Armendariz – the right-hand photo in this link http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/29/
    The photo makes me want to dive in and start eating. I love the crusty cheese beneath the pumpkin – I would never have done that – I would have put it on a clean plate. I really like the two bowls not quite in shot – again I would never have done this, thinking it would detract from the dish but it makes me want to plate some up to share with friends.

    2) Penny De Los Santos – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=0

    This photo must have been staged and taken a while to be set-up and yet it still manages to look so natural. I have a tendency for neatness and perfection so would love to be able to “construct” something “messy”. The tones of orange across the photo add movement, especially the swirl of cayenne pepper. The whole photo makes me want to get out my herbs and spices and play with flavours.

  • Heather

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/17/ I love everything that Matt does. His lighting and composition really appeals to me. I love the action in this shot and I really want an espresso now. I think that is what attracts me the most….the best food photography makes you crave!

  • Here are my picks:

    1) http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=0 I loved the clean lines and the bright colors. The structured grouping made me feel calm and comforted. I also enjoyed the tomatillo picture. I could feel the texture of the skin and again I appreciated the simplicity of the produce. I found the picture with the hands kneading the pasta dough comforting as well. It made me want to make my own.

    2) http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/47/ I can say with certainty, I felt hungry after looking through these amazing photos, although the picture of the potatoes was especially attractive to me. I felt eager to dive into the dish. I also felt light and airy. This picture: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/7/ of the bread was inviting. It made me feel warm and pleased. Last this bird’s eye view of the table: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/18/ made me feel festive and jubilant.
    I’m not sure of the reasons behind my feelings, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • J Mosely

    Teri Campbell

    This instantly made my mouth water. The dish looks meaty, juicy, substantial, and delicious. I love the detail in the meat and vegetables, as well as in the cast iron pan and wood.

    Marcus Nilsson

    The lighting looks great all over the table. He successfully portrayed the idea of an abundant feast.

  • Shruti J

    First one is this: http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a277a9e4b07c0410a71eb0/1369601968413/favabeanglutenfreetartine1.jpg?format=500w

    Absolutely loved the background, light & composition… It looks very much vibrant to me! And the top angel always captures my attention all the way!!!

    And 2nd one: http://www.ankievandijk.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/delicious-waste2-861.jpg

    Is this really a waste? I mean… it looks so gorgeous! I more like it ‘coz I cant think of clicking anything similar. White is more but still orange dominates it!!!

  • Michel Beauchamp

    I choose theses Photos

    1 Marcus Nilsson – Clean, Simple, Contrast and texture

    2 Penny De Los Santos – Textured, Colourful and dark

    Both have similar lighting and are able to make a homy sense to the foods, you can almost taste it



  • Charles

    Nilsson photos pretty much spoke to me as a second I liked the Dujardin photos.
    Nilsson’s photos are high quality and it’s clear that he has a chefs eye or is working with a stylist who has a chefs eye.
    What moves me about his photos isn’t just the styling, content or arrangement but that they conveyed a bit of a story.

  • JoDee

    My photo selections:

    FIRST: Penny De Los Santos. I chose this photographer because her photography of food is loaded with texture and rich colors. It also never looks overly staged…I always prefer natural light for my photography and her photos look like they are lit with natural light…if there’s any artificial lighting, I am not yet able to see it in her work. They are also not overly bright…I prefer a more moody feel to food photos generally, with shadows and contrast. (The link includes 2 photos – I chose the one on the right with the pepper.)
    This photo made me feel like reaching out to touch the food…like i could actually pick it up and eat it.
    And, isn’t that what we all want to evoke? 🙂

    SECOND: Helene Dujardin. Helene’s work is stunning…food becomes art through her lens.
    I chose this photo: http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories

    As soon as I saw it, I said “That!” lol…like I said about Penny’s work, I am drawn to darker photos that bring out rich colors and textures in food. You could say “it’s just a bunch of carrots…” but it’s what she created with the carrots…how she presents them to us… and delicious light…it’s perfection.

  • JoDee

    Katie Quinn Davies…i really don’t have words for her photography…if you’ve seen it, you know. Enough said.

  • RicardoRuizSal

    Hi all. Sorry I’m a little late with my assignment.

    It was a difficult assignment… really choose the ones was hard to do, I love them all and definitely I would like to perform like them.

    I chose this first from Matt Armendariz


    Why? because you can feel the traditional taste of making a pie and the pic includes a messy configuration of elements which gives a sense of a natural positioning and portions served in the rush to eat them.

    The second one was from Penny de Los Santos


    why? Because is a picture that goes far away from a simply food porn from a cell phone. It gives the feeling that after two bites the sandwich was really great to miss a picture of it throwing away the napkin to take the camera. Besides talks about the place, a informal restaurant with tradition and local folklore.

    The other one of Penny:


    It’s a kind of food I Use to eat in my country… Fish Tacos and the pickles to join with them. I chose it because you have a great variety of ingredients for the final meal. And both are very descriptive about the flavors you going to taste.

    And the another one from Matt:

    It’s about real food… it seems like the sandwiches were not arranged and styled, you can see it in the texture of bread. obviously the ingredients were positioned to bright each one among others but you finally can imagine the sense of biting them and mix the flavors together inside your mouth.

  • Robin Martin

    The photographers I chose are:Terry Campbell and Katie Quinn Davies. 

    Campbell’s photo of pizza was so appealing to me because of the colors she uses to emphasize the food. She uses a lot of wooden tables and the colors are comfortable to me. Even though I never had a table like that, it feels like a comfortable home setting. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/3/
    More comfort food can be seen in her chocolate chip cookie. I can taste the cookie as I see it because it appears so real. I am not a whiskey drinker but this photo was so sharp and I appreciated how the light enhanced the glass.

    Katie Quinn Davies food is in a totally different style and much brighter. Photo 39 is a cake with cherries in the center. It looks so delicious. One thing I noticed about her setting is that it looks like my kitchen when cooking with a bit of the food spilling onto the table. This photo appeals to me because it is like one dessert I make in a triffle bowl. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/
    I love the taste of almonds and seeing the tart made me want to taste it. In the bruschetta photo, the basil looked so real as if I could reach out and touch it.

  • Kim Chua

    I have chosen the 1st photo as what looks like a poster or ad. I feel like the image is soft but very captivating. There is depth and excellent lighting on the photo. It has a lot of props but i feel like it doesn’t feel cluttered and that the placements are done properly as to not to distract the main dish which is the ‘dip’. It gave me a feeling of calmness and that I’m going to have a wonderful day.

    The 2nd Photo is from Helene Dujardin. i like it that it made me feel like the subject its popping out of the frame. The photo is strong and very clear. the small detail of props on the side also gives a bit of help on the color and complemented the rough subject and shared a bit of softness in the photo as a whole.

  • Nirmiti C

    I chose photographers : Aran Goyoaga and Penny Delossantos.

    Photographs I choose are:

    http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0 – I feel like getting imaginative with the stuff in my kitchen and putting my creativity, styling and camera to use 🙂

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=0 – I feel like photographing my preparation the next time I cook!!

  • Ewa Piecha

    Hello everyone, I spry about my English but I will try my best…
    I choose this photo by Katie Quinn Davies, I love the chair added to that photo, with that chair the photo can tell us stories, I would like to learn more how to add chairs or corner of tables to food photos.
    I also love Helene Dujardin’s photos, I like how she is using light, I love her outdoors photos of food. special when she is using different colours of glass and the light go through the glass.

  • Michelle Ferrand

    1. http://www.beatricepeltre.com/

    A. Raspberries with ice cream on a dark pink colored tray using an overhead angle.

    I really love the colors of this shot. The pinks are very femen and the photo looks very playful, summer-y, and casual. The blue bowl that the raspberries are in draws my eye to the berries in the left hand corner of the frame, which I love. The scattered berries and the spoons add some interesting points to shift focus on in the image. I feel like the star of the shot is the berries, mostly because the focus is on them. It makes me want to eat the berries, but not so much the ice cream, since I can’t really see how beautiful and appetizing I am sure the ice cream is. I get the feeling like this is a snack/treat served by a parent to their kids and friends during a summer play date while the kids are playing outside. I get the outside vibe because past the background it looks as if the tray is sitting on a lawn.

    B. Small cakes with berries and powdered sugar using an overhead shot.

    I really like this photo because it is bright and the the colors of the berries pop. I like that there are some berries cooked into the cakes and then there is some height ( can you have height in an overhead shot?) from the berries that are not baked in. This also feels very casual to me, especially because the main fork in view looks like a plastic fork. The shot makes me feel like this a an afternoon snack of some lucky kid that has a stay at home parent that loves to bake for them

    C. Whole raw fish on a table with the ingredients used to get it ready for cooking using an overhead shot.

    This is my favorite shot from Beatrice Peltre. I love how bright and colorful the shot is in general and how beautiful and colorful the garnishes and props are, but the focus is still on the fish. The fish is beautiful and keeping the head on it makes the photo interesting, maybe it adds more to the story of the shot. It feels like a very casual setting, maybe someone cooking for some friends on a summer afternoon. I get the casual vibe from the plastic utensils used and the summer-y feel from yellows and the bright blue napkin used as props. I really want to eat this fish once it is cooked!

    2. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/

    A. A cherry gallete with a spoon of melting icecream on top of it.

    I love how few props there are in the photo which makes it super focused on the food. I really want to eat this! It looks extremely appetizing and delicious. I really love the cherry juice around the edges of the crust. I think the melting ice cream adds something cool to the photo, not sure exactly what it is. I really like that the focus is on a small portion of the cherries in the front of the photo. I feel like the story behind this photo is someone made to eat with their partner, but couldn’t wait to plate it to eat it with some ice cream. Since it isn’t plated, the melting ice cream is on it, and looks like it only came out of the oven a few minutes ago, it has a very casual feel to it.

    B. Waffles with a topping, butter, and syrup.

    The drips and movement of the butter and syrup are so beautiful and make these waffles look so appetizing. I really like the use of the props in this photo. The jars in the background look like they were used to top the waffles and the forks make it feel like the waffles were just plated and topped and are ready to be eaten now! The other props, the flowers in the background, the napkins under the plate, and the cutting/serving board the waffles are on make the shot feel like these waffles are being served for a nice brunch with friends. It is very welcoming and not super casual and I really like that about this shot.

    C. Three pear tarts on a cooling rack and one in the foreground on a plate on a dark background.

    This photo is a little on the darker side for me. I normally like bright photos, but what I like about this one is that the backround is dark, but the tart in the foreground is on a lighter plate, which makes it pop and feel like a brighter photo to me. I really like how the tart in the foreground is broken into and the fork is still there. The few crumbs under/next to the fork make the photo interesting to me. I also like that the background is a little dirty with what looks like flour and crumbs, as if the same surface to take the photos on was also used to cook on. It feels very home-y and like something mom would make…but for a special occasion since the food looks somewhat like a special dish, not just some casual sheet cake.

  • Priyanka Prasad

    sorry for completing this assignment so late, i chose-

    1. Marcus Nilsson http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=146&p=1168 i like the way this picture talks. its simple and refreshing. loved the lighting which makes the color pop. loved the details such as used lime, rosemary. liked the angle from which the picture is taken.

    2. Helene Dujardin http://helenedujardin.com/#/600119/Newest-Work—Savories in this pic i loved the composition, color contrast of veggies used, lighting, everything looks, simple, elegant, clean and crisp, exactly as a salad should be.. the angle from which the picture is shot and focus makes it even more appetizing.

  • I’m choosing Penny del Lossantos – her image of the cooked prawns. I love the vibrancy of the colours and the colour combinations used, the interesting tones of grey props used in different patterns and textures.


    My other photograph is from Katie quinn

    showing that you don’t need to have a lot of props, very simple composition with focus on the food.

  • Kairit

    1. Helene Dujardin – photo of making Linzer cookies. I like this rustic country kitchen feeling, it is like grandma`s kitchen. I love the way that cookies are presented, preparation is still in progress, some cookies are ready, some are not. Chef`s apron and hands are showing, dusting sugar.
    2. Teri Campbell – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16/ Pouring honey (or syrup?). Beautiful! Very simple, just the ice cube and clear golden flow of honey, no other props used. I love it!

  • Aya

    The first picture I picked it by
    Béatrice Pelter. I really like the
    colour palette in the picture, which are mostly pastels. What I appreciate about this picture is that
    in a silent and visual way it tells you what the recipe is. In the photo we are told what the main
    ingredient is and although it is uncooked it still invites you to imagine what
    it would taste like. It is very simple yet there are an abundant amount of
    various ingredients that take part of the composition of the picture whilst not
    making it chaotic.

    The second picture I choose is from
    Marcus Nilsson. When I first saw this photograph I thought there was a bit of
    sense of humour behind it. The mix of the pig legs & ears and the razor at
    the bottom forces you to appreciate where our food is coming from — that it
    doesn’t just come in a package all cut up and ready to eat. What grabbed my attention was also the way
    each ingredients was positions in the picture, which almost look like an
    abstract painting. I love the way the
    lighting was done; in a way that we are able see everything in details from the
    pigskin to the skin of the carrots cut up into pieces.

  • Sorry this is going to be short I lost my original comments. For my first image I chose Katie Quinn Davies http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ I love the vibrancy of the colours and the simple props creating a focus mainly on the food, food that I just want to eat.
    My second photographer is Marcus Nilsson who I admire in his bravery to be different, if I was writing or reviewing about an abattoir he would be my man to take the creative photographs or still life’s.

  • Christina Pinheiro

    Beatrice Peltra : Fennel and Langoustine Salad :http://www.beatricepeltre.com/03vyjdvskg7g94c3ehoc7cf8602q32 … Using a white plate to capture white food .. its awesome and th pink , green ad orange color on top just makes it so pretty

    Penny De Los Santos : http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=9&p=1 …the various colors in the different types of glasses and the detailing in each drink makes it wow

  • Camila Calabrez

    I liked this photo (Aran Goyoaga) because it conveys a rustic and quiet ambience, makes me imagine an environment and a very comfortable situation. The image conveys a fluke, but it is very well composed.

    The second photo too (Katie Quinn Davies), even though the environment seem less casual, a more refined atmosphere, but it seems the representation of everyday life.


  • tchilders

    The first photographer I picked was Matt Armendariz. I really liked the two photos found here: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/5/. I struggle with getting the nuances of food. These pictures made me feel at ease with the composition, and that food photographs should not only make your mouth water, but also make you smile in appreciation.

    The second photographer was Teri Campbell. I didn’t have to go far: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ This photo summarizes what I want people to feel when they see my food photography. Mouthwatering. Hungry. Can’t-wait-to-try-that.

  • Leslie

    * Don’t think my first assignment got posted, so thank goodness I saved it somewhere that is still up & not compromised.

    I know little to nothing about food photography, so I picked from the list given:

    #1 Marcus Nilssson-

    A) Black Ink- Guts of the Beast (pig ears & feet)- This picture made me very uncomfortable for several different reasons. One was because it showed the pigs ears & feet, razors make me squeamish & I felt out of my league for a meal that was probably being prepared as a delicacy for the elite. I did feel that they tried to display the parts of the pig in the best light by crossing its legs.


    #2 Teri Campbell-

    A) Shrimp Taco & Lemonade on the Beach (Image 8)- This picture appealed to my senses. Even though you don’t hear the water, wind, pouring of the drink; taste the salt on the glass; feel the breeze, smell the outdoors, it definitely appeals to the senses. The photograph makes me want to drink, take a bite of the crunchy taco after scraping off the cilantro.


    Marcus Nilsson (con’t)

    B) Bon Appetit- Pretty in Pink ( 5 Popsicles)- It was appealing to me. Pink is my favorite color, but I tend to look at things that are purple when I am shopping or just out and about. It looked like a very cool, tasty, expensive Popsicle treat.


    C) Gourmet- Asian Thanksgiving (Vegetables in bowls)- More comfortable than the previous pictures to look at. Seemed simpler than the first two. Very pleasing to look at with the simple round bowls of different & sizes with cooked & uncooked vegetables. This picture was taking very simple objects and foods by themselves and making them more interesting to look at.


    Teri Campbell (con’t)

    B) Meat on the Grill (Image 20)- This image makes your mouth water & can’t wait for the food to be ready. You can just hear the meat searing on the grill & feel the heat from the fire


    C) Oozing honey (Image 16)- This picture makes me salivate with the oooooozing of the honey. Makes me want to put it on a warm biscuit.


  • The first photographer I picked is Aran Goyoaga. I really like the Cherry Blossom Macarons photo. The colors are fantastic and I like how the flowers blend with everything else in the photo. Ultimately, this picture shows how perfect the subject is.

    The second photographer is Teri Campbell. Mostly I liked that her pictures show fresh, tasty food. It makes me feel I want to “dive” in and eat the food directly from the pan 🙂

  • Nguyen Anh Quang

    I choose Terry Campbell and Katie Quinn Davies because those photos show me the beauty of foods , it’s also make me feel hungry . I think the most important thing that the photographers achieve is bring the taste for viewer

  • I’ve randomly chosen:

    1) Katie Quinn Davies: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/
    The egg, ham, greens and toast very simple on a white plate, on a white table. Everything fresh. And I liked how you can see the edge of the table.

    2) Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2

    I always found that making soup to look appetizing is a very hard job. I can;t wait to eat this creamy and colorful soup.

  • Amandalynn

    1). Helen Dujardin – I have followed Helen’s work for quite some time and find her blog to be very inspiring. I love how perfectly imperfect her images are, down to the crumbs on the table cloth and how elegant she can make food feel. (For this assignment I chose the fish on ice image) – The simplicity of the image is so striking to me, textures and color pallet, enhanced by crystal clear focus makes the image feel so fresh and real. I feel like this makes me want to visit a fish market and perhaps bring some home for dinner.
    2). Penny De Los Santos – As a big fan of Savour magazine I’ve followed Penny’s work for quite a while as well, and often find myself very engaged in her work by the stories that are told through her images. (For her I chose the image of the tacos in the “plated” portfolio). This photo feels so much like home. I spent several years in New Mexico and married a man from that region, this is exactly the kind of thing my Mother in Law would serve for dinner – down to the muslin wrap on the tortillas and the orange soda. I can almost smell the red chili cooking and hear children running around the kitchen.

  • Priscilla Law

    The first two photographers I pick:
    1. Matt Armendariz Photography http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/38/
    I choose this one for how it was style, how it shows me the entire scene, the colors are vibrant but not to bright, it invites me to eat it, it shows me by how its style that is probably some kind of picnic and that its for enjoying in family.
    2. Béatrice Peltre Food Styling and Photography http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a2db34e4b0f0ad7358791b/1369627463562/clafoutisindividual.jpg?format=750w
    I choose this one for the bright colors, the color combination, the style, it also looks sweet, and the color contrast let me see wich is the subject.

    The other two I pick:
    1. Katie Quiin Davies
    This one looks like is for an afternoon lunch with coworkers or maybe a friend or even a romantic dinner. It shows is a semi-elegant restaurant (like those that serves wine and are located in the street). Also I like the colors and how is the sizes put together.
    2. Aran Goyoaga http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=0

    This one has a little blur and makes you look right to the subject and its really soft and has this home feeling and it also makes me thing they are organic or maybe from a small garden they have at the backyard.

    The last one:
    Teri Studios

    This one is a more artistic, it feels like a poem in a photo and the contrast is in its climax. It is really sharp and is really simple but calls my attention.

    Priscilla (August 6, 2014)

  • jsk900
  • Carolina

    A bit late to the party, but here are my favourite photos:

    From Marcus Nilsson http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1239

    I love this one because the food doesn’t exactly look pretty but it still makes your water mouth (at least to me!). The focus of the pic isn’t a cute plate, background or table, but the deliciousness of those wings. As someone who loves cooking I find that some delicious meals sometimes don’t look that good in a picture (for e.g. casseroles are so tasty, but look a bit bland when photographed and you can’t properly see all the great ingredients in it), and I guess this pictures shows that there is a way to photograph not so pretty and/or colourful dishes.

    From Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/1/

    Love this one because it brings in the social aspect of food, the hands around the table suggest that it’s a group of people sitting and eating together, which is such an important and pleasurable thing to do, so it adds a story to the picture.

    I also loved his pictures that have a sort of before and after, with the ingredient in its natural form and then used in a recipe. For me these pictures show how cooking can be a little bit like magic, you get these ingredients and transform them into something else.

  • The first portfolio I looked at was Aran Goyoaga. I love the bright colors of the fruit and the inclusion of the hands make the human interaction makes it feel more real and alive. The up close shot of the fruit with the drips of water on it makes it look delicious. it’s fresh, cleaned and ready to eat. It makes my mouth water because I want to taste it.


    The second portfolio I looked at was Matt Armendariz. I love the background and foreground use of the color blue. It feels very “homely” to me. The fork facing toward the camera is a great touch as well as most photos have the fork facing the other way. The stream of blueberry juice coming off the mountain of blueberry makes me hungry. The pancakes are so fluffy and I can just imagine how soft and sweet this dish will taste when it hits my mouth. The powdered sugar brightens up the photo and adds more sweetness to the overall impending taste of the dish.


  • Finally getting a chance to do this I started with Marcus Nielsen but I felt his photos were too stark for my taste.
    So I moved on to. Penny De Los Santos. I enjoyed the last photo from the “plated” portfolio. I liked how it didn’t incorporate a lot of props or have food scattered all over the place. I would never waste food for the sake of plating or photography. But even so, the shot didn’t feel empty.
    Next, I chose Aran Goyoaga and the Asparagus and Oyster Mushroom Scramble Vol Au Vents. Again, I liked the focus on the food that would actually be eaten, and the tight framing of the food without a lot of extra background visible.

  • 1. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=0

    This photograph by Aran looks so divine and light. I love how the shot was taken from overhead angle. Soup itself is not so colorful, but this explains that garnishing with simple colourful ingredients makes it oh-so tempting. I like the composition showing finished product (ready to eat), displaying garnish and use of simple props. Addition of blue table cloth beneath has given me one more idea of using pastels as backgrounds to give the photograph a bright and light feel. Just love it !

    2. http://static.squarespace.com/static/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec33/51a26fefe4b0cf20ca08ec3b/51a6033ce4b0b3ec204b1b8d/1369834313816/_MG_4895.jpg?format=500w

    I am a fan of simplicity and struggle taking photos with simple or no props (I dont actually have too many props!). This simple fries photo has so much depth to it. Its one of the most common angle to shoot, but this photograph is so much more tempting and different. I like the simple food composition with no props! Greens on the top give it a magical feeling. This photograph shows its so good to have 3 or 4 colors in the photograph. If makes food look special.

  • Frode Breimo

    I’m running a bit late but hopefully I’ll catch up 🙂
    I chose 4 pictures from 4 different photographers:
    Photo #1: Teri Campbell, bourbon bottle and glass (http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/11/).
    Makes me want a sip even though I’m not a bourbon drinker. Love the very low angle, the backlight and the colors and textures of the ice cubes. It has a very warm, comforting, yet moody quality to it.

    Photo #2: Béatrice Peltre, Gazpacho (http://www.beatricepeltre.com/k5rr09dts0r21glijx52dodjmqfjgd).
    Nice colors, summery and the food looks tasty. Makes me think of lunch in a lush, quiet garden in summer

    Photo #3: Thomas Schauer, whisk with dripping chocolate (http://www.schauer.cc/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=12&p=0&a=0&at=0).
    I like the shallow DOF, and how the lines of the whisk just pull you in. It keeps you guessing on what was prepared, but you know it’s gonna be something tasty, because of the chocolate.

    Photo #4: Mowie Kay, Oreo chocolate cherry tarts, picture 2 (http://www.mowielicious.com/home/2012/06/no-bake-oreo-chocolate-cherry-tarts.html).
    The darkness in this picture gives me a feeling of sinfulness about the tarts, as if they must be kept a secret. I like the arrangements of the tarts, loose cherries and cutlery.

  • http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/24/

    Teri Campbell–I like the story told in this photo, how it is taken in the middle of the meal, with some of the plate clearly visible and still plenty of food on it.

    Katie Quinn Davies–the composition of her photos, and this one spoke to me for the story it tells with a few simple props.

  • Katriina Mueller

    My first photographer is Teri Campbell. There were two that particularly struck me but this one with the hamburger won through for me; the warmth and supposed spontaneity of pub food; the glistening, dripping readiness to be devoured straight away (desperate for a burger now!) The photographs come across as food that is ready to eat… if it hasn’t already been done so. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/
    The beef short ribs was the second from this photographer, the height/looking down on the meat, the colour and the contrast all give it a dirty warmth that I really like. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/

    My second photographer is Penny De Los Santos and the photography is http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=2 I love the textures and shadows around the prawns and then the pop of colour off centre from the top. Again, it comes across as ready to be eaten straight away, you are just one moment away from crunching your way through the prawns. The messiness of what’s around the plate gives off the love of the food being laid on table: homestyle and made with passion.

  • I chose Helene Dujardin and a photograph of a bowl of garlic on wood. It’s really hard to photograph the monochromatic tones of garlic. I liked the styling very much and how she uses depth of field appeals to me very much. I’m also a fan of diptychs. I love garlic and this shot does the delicate papery skin that covers an intensely fragrant bulb justice.

    Her portfolio has a great consistency I would like to achieve. She uses dark backgrounds so beautifully. Like the first image of carrots in one of her galleries. Perfectly lit beautiful carrots on a dark background. I want to have those carrots!

    The second photographer I liked from the list is Katie Quin Davies. In her lifestyle section she has a meat and potatoes dish that is so well done! The styling is great (I love the vintage props), the framing and composition are “symmetrically asymmetrical” with the potatoes going off the frame. Meat is hard to look lively and it does in this photograph. I want to eat this.

    In her Food 1 gallery she has a bistro table with dirty dishes. Lots of dark wood but perfectly lit without being contrasty. It set a mood as a spot I would like to be sitting at with my after meal coffee.

    This got me looking for more photographers. I love the Donna Hay “Seasons” cookbook I borrowed once and the photographer according to google is Con Poulos. Boy do I love those images, they set a mood of a summer with food and family I’d like to have.

  • mmoy

    1. The first photographer I chose was Marcus Nilsson. I immediately responded to this photo of a fish lying in a bed of salt: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1347. I thought it was clever to evoke the feel of the ocean. The way the salt is positioned mimics sea foam and the movement of waves. This photo piqued my interest because I wanted to know if it accompanied a story about cooking fish in a salt crust, which is a technique that I want to learn. I wondered what would come next.

    Additionally, I chose these two photos from Nilsson: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=148&p=1322. I enjoy the way he plays with color and texture in these pictures.

    2. The second photographer I chose was Penny De Los Santos. This photo caught me off guard: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=6. At first I thought it was just another photo of people eating around a table. And then I saw the baby in the top left corner, and I realized that everyone was sharing this meal while sitting on the floor. When I realized that, I looked more closely at the details of the photograph, wanting to know what was the story behind the photo.

    This photo by De Los Santos instantly made me instantly curious: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=6. I wanted to know where the photo was taken, who the people were, and what they were eating.

    This feels like photojournalism: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=17&p=6. First, I was attracted by the subject of the photo because I often see people like these selling fruit around where I live. I always wonder how they get the fruit and whether they actually make any money. I think about what has to happen in somebody’s life to make selling fruit of the back of your car an attractive option. There are so many little details that tell a much larger story–how nobody is looking directly at the camera, the pile of clothes on the table, the kids in the background.

  • Out of the photographers given in this list, I filtered down based on what looked most appealing to me and which ones would I want my photos to be like. I was blown away by Teri’s photos as they have so much detail and yet, always give you a big picture too. Maybe it’s a fault of the lighting or the camera, but when I want detail, I usually loose out on the big picture and vice versa.
    I also loved Matt Armendariz’s work as his landscape-style food photos which show you so much action happening and so much food are another kind of food photos I like. Since I don’t often have so much food to photograph, I’m unlikely to do this kind but I’d like to. They also seem more staged which might be difficult for an amateur to do.

  • Michael Gnahoua

    I choose:

    1) Helene

    2) Matter

    I like the way they use lighting. Good composition



  • Marjorie Winter

    I picked

    1.-Penny de los Santos the Photo with the meat preparing 2 tacos/ I picked it up because looks appetizing. Looks like home made and make you wonder how the meat was made.

    2.- Aran Goyoaga: the photo of Asparagus and Oyster mushroom scramble because the photographer show the ingredients and then the finish plate . Is like is a telling a story with ingredients. The colors looks so natural and the light so correct

  • Marjorie Winter

    My options are the one of Penny de los Santos wich are a meat beaing serving to prepare 2 tacos. Looks appetizing and that you want to know how was made.

    The Second one was from Aran Goyoaga the Asparagus and Oyster mushroom scramble because you can see the ingredients and then the result. Is like he is telling you the story of the plate. Also the color looks so natural and the light so correct

  • Liz

    My first photo by Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-Two/13/

    In this picture I see balance, freshness, contrast. I am fascinated by this type of photo and transports me to an afternoon tea with my friends and also reflects a delicate taste for someone who thinks differently, out of the ordinary.

    My second photo by Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=2 One spectacular photo, full of life, colors and good contrast, reflects health, balance, harmony, joy and fun. reflects someone who knows what he wants.

  • Ok, I finally have some time to do the assignment. I choose Terry Campbell and Penny De Los Santos.
    The first photo from Terry that I choose is: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/
    I like this photo because is very simple, but at the same time it makes you want to look at it. Terry does not use many props here, the hero is the Pavlova. I like the mood of the picture, the sharpness but most the light.
    The first photo from Penny is this one: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0
    It is again a simple photo, not to many props, but also a photo that makes you stop and look. I like the vibrant colors, the light and when I see this picture I think: this I can do also.
    Another photo from Terry ist this: http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/7/
    Why I like it? Because of it’s simplicity. I would not have thought of taking such a picture of pasta. But will try it definitely out.
    From Penny I choose as second photo this one: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=2
    Simple, moody, vibrant, very nice light.

  • Robin Martin

    The photographers I chose are:Terry Campbell and Katie Quinn Davies.

    Campbell’s photo of pizza was so appealing to me because of the colors she uses to emphasize the food. She uses a lot of wooden tables and the colors are comfortable to me. Even though I never had a table like that, it feels like a comfortable home setting. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/3/

    More comfort food can be seen in her chocolate chip cookie. I can taste the cookie as I see it because it appears so real. I am not a whiskey drinker but this photo was so sharp and I appreciated how the light enhanced the glass.

    Katie Quinn Davies food is in a totally different style and much brighter. Photo 39 is a cake with cherries in the center. It looks so delicious. One thing I noticed about her setting is that it looks like my kitchen when cooking with a bit of the food spilling onto the table. This photo appeals to me because it is like one dessert I make in a triffle bowl. http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/

    I love the taste of almonds and seeing the tart made me want to taste it. In the bruschetta photo, the basil looked so real as if I could reach out and touch it.

  • Franglais Kitchen

    Penny de los santos – atmospheric, intense, involved pictures.
    Helene du Jardin – detail, playing with light, natural

  • Teri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/8/ and http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/10/ You can see the action in both shots, and with amazing detail. These photos make me hungry!
    Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/oy9tmlg5v0ij0v56nfvyedf9u9x463 and http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ci4wcpswzh7e8o1ar2pv7iokum0yyz Beautiful color, bright photos, great angles. The photoes make me feel happy.

  • Nicole Simmons

    I’m behind because I was out of town and had very limited internet access so I am playing catch up.
    1. Aran Goyoaga – the picture of the boy holding the pastries wrapped in the blue and white stripes with the blue and white shirt. I love the light in this photograph and the feeling of complete innocence that it conveys. The second picture I chose is of the person whose hands are shown holding the fruit. Again, the light is beautiful and the details on the persons hands is attractive along with the bokeh.

    2. Teri Campbell – I could not pick just 2 pictures. I was drawn to the rustic qualities in all of the food photos. The window light was gorgeous and the composition and ambiance of each picture is what I strive to capture.

  • Lauri Kurkela

    My favorites


    Focus in the most important ingredient. Golden clip. Natural light and the
    position of the most important part in the picture.




    Penny De Los Santos

    The use of
    light. Positioning. Colors.

  • hcr

    Hi, I was on holiday, so I’ve just began this challenge.

    My first photographer is Teri Champbell. And I chose this photo http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ His photos are generally in dark mood and that makes me to focus on the food.

    Second photographer is Helene Dujardin and the photo is; http://helenedujardin.com/#/322275/Newest-Work—Sweets (18th photo).

    It is simple and makes me feel relax. and also light is good.

  • lilka

    I choose :
    1. Katie Quinn Davies photo because it has a lot of colors and mixed ingredients some are juicy and the other are crispy I really feel that I want to try this dish .
    2. Matt Armendariz photo I like it very much I want to try this now the grills are delicious especially the lines of grills the appear on chicken gives me the feeling that these chicken grilled well done and corns are delicious I want to try them all actually is a scrumptious photo .

  • I visit almost all photographers webs quite frequently and I love all their work but for this lesson I had to chose:

    Helene Dujardin

    It feels so refreshing. The light is tender but bright and the focus goes direct to what she is photographing. There is a perfect harmony in all colours used in props and match perfeclty with the green apple and the purple beetroot. The atmosphere is
    definitely cold around the dish which give me the sense of cold refreshing.

    2) Penny de los Santos

    I can even taste that meet garnished with that tomato based sauce. Beautifully lighted and beautifully modern composed. The black background and dishes make even look food more important in this case.

  • Cecilia

    A little late, but better late than never. I’ve always been drawn to the style of Penny de los Santos and Aran Goyoaga.

    Penny: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=4
    I love this close up of the pancakes with the dripping syrup. The dripping syrup gives the sense of movement and motion, making the photo feel active instead of static and styled. Also, the highlights reflected in the syrup make me feel like I can reach out and touch the sticky liquid.

    Aran: http://www.arangoyoaga.com/sources/print.php?si=3301&base=http://www.arangoyoaga.com/&atn=Photographers&an=Aran Goyoaga&pn=Food

    This photo of the soup has a hint of movement from the swirl in the bowl. The styling is somewhat composed, and the green & orange juxtaposition of colors is pleasant to the eye. I like that the image is bright and well lit. It feels calm and every detail seems delicate.

  • Damithri

    I picked Teri Campbell and Penny De Los Santos. From Teri’s portfolio, my favourite photograph was that of the burger – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/ Every time I came back and looked at that photograph, it made my mouth water, and I don’t eat much beef, so that says a lot for the photo. The second photo I picked from Teri’s portfolio was the blueberry and blackberry pavlova – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/12/. Again, I don’t like pavs, but the words “pretty as a picture” kept coming to my mind when I looked at the photo.

    From Penny’s portfolio, my first choice was the salad – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=2 It seems like a simple photograph but it made me feel like that dish was put right in front of me. The second photo I was drawn to was the slow-cooked meat – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=15&p=2 I really liked how this and the other photos in Penn’s portfolio made me feel as if I could just reach out and touch the food.

  • Mike V

    I chose Teri Campbell (almost skipped after seeing packaging on home page) and Beatrice Peltre.

    Like Damithri below, I was struck by Teri’s burger and the fruit dish. But I also enjoyed his raw meat being salted:


    Rather than describing the pictures attributes, I’ll share some random feelings: decadent, present, authentic, hearty, flame, possibilities. Indeed I was ready for a hot grill.

    Beatrice’ work blew me away. http://www.beatricepeltre.com/s8p51r2wlum54uxc93iz18ka5088l7 I chose the radishes for their simplicity, which I suppose describes much of her work. Again, the feelings: natural, organic, simple, connected, crisp, simple, vacation.

    I appreciated this lesson because I know good photography makes a viewer feel, I had just never listed the feelings a food photograph had elictied in me.

  • Peter Block

    I am playing big time catch up. I like Aran Goyaga because of his simple set ups lets the food shine. good lighting too. – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/ and I like Teri Campbell for the way she works with a darker tone. I would love to do that. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/1/

  • Sorry I’m so late joining in! Hoping to catch up this week:)

    I picked Teri Campbell and Helen Dujardin. I really liked this photo from Teri
    It has such dark back ground but the food is lit so well. I feel like I would be so satisfied after eating these dishes, each dish looks very hearty. The composition is very unique also, he draws your eye counter clockwise through the 3 dishes that are slightly skewed.

    In Helens photo of parsley and wood cutting boards
    the colors really stand out and seen fresh and healthy. The green really pops against the blue subtle background.

  • I picked Joe Lavine who is actually a teacher of mine from when I went to The Art Institute. The photo I picked is the one of the garlic. It is in his personal collection. I like it because it is simply lighted and brilliant. It really stands alone. The other I picked of his is the asparagus. It is in his seamless collection and it is beautiful. He does great work and it is different from others I have seen. The other photographer I picked is Teri Campbell. I picked the cheesecake picture. It feels very dark but it lighted well enough to bring out the texture of the food. The other I picked is the meat picture where it is being salted. I like shots of the beginning stages of cooking food.

  • Sergio


    In both of them I like the perfection to balance the colours, the light, the textures an the idea or th story that the picture is transmiting to me: the atmosphere, the time of the day, the temperature, the feeling of welbeing after being welcomed, the invitation and the refreshing moment after it. I feel happy moments…

  • Nancy H

    I’m late to start. But here goes… My favorite two photographers are Teri Campbell of Teri Studios and Penny De Los Santos, followed by Katie Quinn Davis.

    Teri’s work
    has wonderful moody lighting and dark backgrounds which set an intimate mood
    inviting the viewer in. She uses earthy, organic props to help stage the mood.
    Her work makes me want to start cooking and enjoying a sensuous meal. She has continuity in her themes.

    I think Penny’s work is quite similar to Teri’s but perhaps simpler. Her lighting is
    broader and lights the scene and is less focused on the subject than Teri’s. Her portfolio has continuity as all the work
    of plated food flows nicely together.

    Katie Quinn
    Davies seem to combine a bit of both Teri and Penny. I love her setup for the
    meringue cookies. It creates a sense of yearning, not only for the cookie but
    for a life when times were simpler. The work on the first page of her portfolio
    is very different.

  • Zane Sproge

    Sorry for being so late, but I am here to finally catch you up! So…
    I picked two artists: Helene Dujardin and Katie Quinn Davies.
    My favorite from Helene’s work is a photo with pancakes ( http://helenedujardin.com/#/338022/Newest-Work—Tear-Sheets ). Thick pancakes reminds countryside or childhood, so this photo brings some memories or at least feelings. Background makes this fulfilling story – dark kitchen in old house, some where far away from city, early morning – kind of mess on table – rustic fork, grand-mum’s napkin, someone has pour milk in clay pitcher. One moment and there will be a couple of little feet running to the kitchen and fighting for the sweetest pancake. This is story told by stock of pancakes, dripping honey, unusual shaped plate, some napkin and other kitchen tools in background. This food styling is not perfectly clean, it’s not sterile and that’s why seems so natural.
    Photo by Katie ( http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-3-of-96.jpg ) is so story telling that it’s not important what is that sweet-looking treat in the main place. All detail placement seems to be so correct, just like it is standing there and photographer just caught the moment! This photo seems to be so “true” that there is nothing to add…
    Than more I am going thou photos, than more I realize I like those dark photos with a lot of details in background, where all the things makes one story.

  • Jacqueline

    Hi. Zane can stop apologizing as I am starting in even later. So…

    I picked two artists — one who I just simply like, and one that I sometimes like but always makes me think.

    Penny De Los Santos first. Right up front, I love the first screen. The melted chocolate is compelling and the size aspect makes you want to dive in. Inside I clicked on prep as that is an area that I have trouble photographing. A strong feature in Penny’s prep photos is that they don’t look contrived. There are always things spilled. Take the photo of the tomatillos. The picture gives a real sense of work in progress. There’s one husked tomatillo, its empty husk and some “crumbs” that occurred when husking it. The colors are vivid — green against black –I also like her use of light although I don’t understand why. Many of her photos have a dark side and a brighter side and when I do that I never think it works.

    The second photographer I selected is Marcus Nilsson. I selected him because I LOATHED his opening screen to the point that I am not even sure why I kept looking, but I am glad I did, although I can’t say I love everything he has done.

    Since we are supposed to be talking about things we like, let me talk about the french fries. This is an interesting shot because it is so deceptively simple, An artfully messy pile of french fries on a bright, white surface. There is great light in this and that makes the french fries look freshly out of the fryer. Also there is a good mix of fries at various stages of doneness . There is a real immediacy to this shot -that says “come on, have a fry.” One small criticism — I would have liked to see some salt on them.

    My second photos by both artists are of spices. I thought this was a good way to contrast two different ways of handling something similar. The purposes of the two photos are not identical (on which more follows) but still they are two pictures of the same subject so I thought it would be fun to compare.

    Penny’s spice photo is a prep photo. One of her hallmarks — things are spilled. This is YOUR kitchen where sometimes as you are cooking, some fennel seeds or some salt goes astray. It’s artful disarray and it’s meant to convey a sense of realism but prettier. (My spills don’t usually look that good — do yours?). I love the way she uses color — the two brighter colored spices are punctuated by more neutral colored ones. it looks like it just happened to turn out that way but it works too well to believe that. And, again, I am fascinated by her use of light. It;s darker at oen end which is often the case in real life but again — on her it looks good.

    Marcus’s spice shot is completely different. First of all, it’s not a prep shot. iIs in essence an art shot where he uses spices and seeds as the art material, arranged, like his french fries, to look as if they just happened that way but too beautifully rendered for that to be possible. Visually I prefer this one. but overall I prefer Penny’s because in the prep shot the spilled spices make sense. Here you find yourself wondering why someone spilled all that stuff, even if it looks beautiful.

  • Preethi Krishnan

    OK. I’ m just hoping I can still catch up on the course really fast. So without wasting any more time, here are my picks:


    The one thing that strikes me immediately is the roughness in the picture. Food shots I’ve seen are often on a glamorous and shiny note. But this picture captures the true rawness of nature. Love the textures, the lighting and the reflection.


    This picture just draws me in. The perspective, the roughness of the woodenboard, the chunks, all bind the picture well. But the best part of the picture for me was the frozen motion. Its wonderful to notice how much of a difference an ‘action’ can bring to a picture. Though it is just a picture of meat, freezing the salt in air gives a huge feel of connect with the moment that was.

    I also like this one from teristudios, one of the chocolate and the cake – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/2/

    The lighting on this piece is so good that it makes me want to taste it instantly. Not just stopping with pieces of hard chocolate, adding the molten chocolate to the picture adds an exrta sense of appeal.

  • Kevin Almonte


    I like the way Aran uses colors in his photos.


    From a (an) street/urban photographer’s view I can appreciate Penny’s work.

  • Smitha

    I have picked up
    Aran Goyoaga – http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=0

    Teri Campbell http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/6/
    In both cases loved the way, the props are used though the food is equally colorful.

  • cathy n

    love the work of marcus http://www.marcusnilsson.com/ . He used muffinds lined up with some missing. Use of negative space was really nice. Makes your eyes crawl over the whole photo. Little girl looking down into granola. I love granola and would love to grab a bowl. She is emotionally invested in getting some for herself.

  • cathy n

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food-One/4/ Also really enjoying the work of matt. HIs use of light and placement makes you want to eat whatever is there. Stacking the food is really nice

  • Eji

    I love Mark Nilsson’s work. It’s simple and straight to the point. His style is very contemporary, as well.

    • Eji

      *Marcus Nilsson

  • Zaneta

    Hello Everyone, better late than never. I was impressed by Penny De Los Santos works, especially the photo of the spices because of the richnes of colors, juicy hues, paleete, vintage look, understatement and awesome light. The other photographer whose works caught my eye was Helene Dujardin. Her works attract me because of the meaningful composition and conscious use of focus and the depth of field.

  • Teresa

    I love Kathy Quinn Davies photos. They have this vintage look, structure and although so colorful they make your mouth water. Perfect light and atmosphere. I like simple composition of the first photo, the cake look so delicious it made me hungry… The colors of the background and props are delicate and the make the cake pop out and catch the attention. The second photo reminds me of cold autumn evening when you sit at home with your blanket and a cup of hot tea. It gives comforting impression. I really like the composition, light and an angle of the photograph, also different surfaces and perfect color combination.

  • yishai

    Hi everyone.

    I liked the Beatrice Peltre’s styling, for example this one: http://www.beatricepeltre.com/0v7at3gcd6sbediqmvwfsi1zbmim7n. Just a small fava bean that becomes the expression of spring. The other was Marcus Nilsson’s composition, here: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1347. Combing both photos made a lot of sense.

  • Wendi Spraker

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I picked Penny De Los Santos and Teri Campbell First

    a) Penny’s photo of the lady patting out the doughhttp://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=7&p=0 was one of the first photos that really caught my eye. What I felt about this photo is a reminder of not only myself getting up early in the morning to make biscuits for my family for breakfast but also of my grandmother doing the same thing. This photo makes me feel a lot of nostalgia for those moments – moments from when I was a child – I can almost hear the gentle puff of my grandmother’s hands on her old wooden board as she scattered some flour to start kneading. I can even almost smell her sweet perfume. I can see myself doing the same thing – in the early morning dark – feeling tired and sleepy but standing in my kitchen making biscuits anyway. (I know – that is a lot for one photo – but the question was asked – so, I am sharing).

    b) Teri’s photo of that big ol juicy hamburger – http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4 That photo simply made me hungry! What comes to mind for me when I look at that photo of that big hamburger is feeling terribly hungry after doing a lot of farm work and then finally getting to sit down in the late afternoon and have something to eat and something cold to drink. I feel relief.

  • Wendi Spraker

    For the next two – I picked Matt Armendarez’s photo of the table setting http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-I/14. First of all – I want to go to that party! I’m not sure if it is late afternoon or an early morning breakfast – but I am sure that is going to be for more than one person and it looks good and inviting. I love the colors and the lighting.

    Finally, I chose this photo by Marcus Nillson http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=148&p=1133. This photo appeared in (I think) a food magazine I looked at some time ago – I was a little shocked by it then. I think I can remember showing it to my husband and saying, “Look at this – EWW!” and yet understanding, as a cook, the idea behind the photo being that as a cook you can use all of the parts of the hog. It makes me feel repulsed and yet intrigued. Then, seeing the bic razor – as hogs have hair too – makes me even more curious. Seeing the insides of the ears interests me (I am a nurse in my real life). The spices one would cook with – all a little repulsive – and yet intriguing – like a car accident – I can’t stop looking.

  • Aparna Jha-Kumar

    I picked Helene Dujardin’s garlic and carrot picture on this link (http://www.tarteletteblog.com/2013/03/a-two-day-food-photography-styling.html). The reason I picked them is because the pictures are crisp and I love how the carrot is placed against the dark background. Also, the minimalistic styling appealed to me. The other photographer I picked is Katie Quinn and the picture I picked is the cake with white frosting(http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one). I like the vintage look given to the frame and also how the styling is minimalistic.

  • appu1971

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-I/8 Pesto in a jar. Its so attractive, clear sans all shadows, and just like i want to dip that spoon in and take a taste! its attractive, non cluttered and evocative. to shoot a sauce in a jar and make it look special – i think its quite difficult. I saw all the photographers – once over. I realised i like angle shots, not a big fan of over head shots. i like close ups where i can see the – say – texture of a brownie filling of a sandwiich.

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2 pumkin soup. Its been fussed over and perfected. But to the untrained eye it looks soo normal. Like a shoot before someone is going to eat it. Such clarity lovely back ground. over head shoot, but with an angle. again not too much clutter.

    matt armendariz – burger. I love closeups.THis is again fussy but at the same time calling me to bite into it. the perfect side to a burger – french fries scattered around and a bit blurred adds a perfect touch. clean back ground. Clear picture. No shadows.

    the naked crostini – with just one slice well spread. again an over head shoot, but with an angle. clear. clean.

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=2 loved both these pics. Immensly. the roasted stuffed peppers_ with the juice intact. i cannot point out what was so special. loved the dark back ground. the smudege on the spoon. natural. as it is.

    same with the cooked chicken – natural. nt fussed.


    my favourite — the nachos- most people would take an over head shot. the food is almost too shallow and yet she has managed to take an angle where all layers such as it is – show.
    the stuffed pepper — i just want to eat it right away. loved the way every grain of rice is showing. every bean is shining. the imperfect batter around the pepper…

  • Lata Raja

    I would love to pick Aran Goyoaga’s picture http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=25&p=0&a=0&at=0
    The fruits in the first picture make you dream of what they would be paired into and what a treat that may be. It is as if you can touch the cherries and feel the plump and so with the plums. The second half is what those fruits were cooked into. What I like about this picture is that it gives a feel of “I just put it there for you”. It is a styled food photo, but looks as though you would drop them on your counter and click a picture.
    The next one I chose is the rustic, simple and yet delicious looking pizza from Teri Studios.
    The light, and the simplicity makes you want to pick the slice and have it.
    Like most others i liked also Katie Quinn Davies’ simple cake with white frosting, a wonderment by itself.

  • Catharina Linkenbach

    To start with I picked two pictures from matt armendariz: http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-III/24 and http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-III/10

    he manages to be dynamic without going diagonally across the picture; his pastry lollipops look neat but not boring; they are all nicely lined up, but there is the quirky detail of the bite taken out of one. It makes me smile, it looks as if a child has sneakily taken a bite and then put the lolly back, hoping no one will spot it…LOL. The tea towel adds a bit of colour and movement without ever being intrusive.

    I love the execution of the second shot, the (salted caramel?) tart, paired with potato crisps…unusual in itself. As a pastry chef I love the look of the tart, of course, but also how he manages again to have straight lines mainly. The star of the show is placed right down the middle top to bottom but is broken up by the tart slices that are moving slightly to the sides. To me it looks very appealing, something I would love to taste, although yellow-brown colour scheme isn’t the easiest to pull off.

    next up on my list of favourites are two close ups from Penny de los Santos: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=4 and http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=11&p=4

    first one: WOW. Raw meat. Could be a disaster and really ugly, but with the herbs and the garlic you just know how the house will smell once this tray goes in the oven. A very evocative, olfactory picture. I love it when that happens: there is not even a set up scene in sight, but you still have the whole movie of the dinner to come playing in your head.
    Same goes for the second one, the roasted and filled onions/tomatoes/peppers. Not the prettiest of dishes, but the way she captures it is just yum, juicy and appetising.

  • Katerina Morozova

    I picked this photo of Katie Quinn Davies” http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-31-of-96.jpg . Looking at the image I feel like I’m taking part in family lunch or dinner, like it is not a composed image and build composition, it looks like real life. I want to sit nearby and relax in comfort and harmony. Pasta looks very tempting, like homemade, not sophisticated piece of art.

    The second one will be the photo of Aran Goyoaga: http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KQD_FOOD-31-of-96.jpg Lightness, freshness, joy – these are feelings which appear when I look at this image. The tarts look very tasty 🙂

  • Lidiya Filatova

    I chose the photos Helene Dujardin and Matt Armendariz. I
    liked them a summer mood, very bright and rich colors, sapid
    location of spoons, shape food changes the aspect ratio, easy negligence
    (wakes rasteksheysya salt and honey) create dynamic, it seems that
    these actions just made. This is a very lively picture filled with light.

    http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/foodi#29 – In
    photography salad with green peas and radish edge of the plate looks
    and leads to the overall picture of the table, which already draws our
    imagination. And if so appetizing and beautiful one dish made close-up, the entire meal is completely fine.

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-III/26 – Tart with peaches is very geometric. Dynamics created by the arrangement of peach slices. Like the cut piece, a spoon for honey and cream have acted, they give
    too understandable idea what to do with other parts of a delicious cake.

    I’ve watched the pictures of these authors. Therefore it is very difficult to make a choice, which of the photos like eating more.

    At Helen and Matt almost all the photographs are taken from the top angle. I really enjoy such work, but they need to, I think, very good work on the composition.

    http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/foodi#24 – The
    photo sandwiches can hardly see the toppings, but all the ingredients
    are very nicely placed around, and once it becomes clear that within
    this sandwich tasty toppings. Plus the bright accents of tomatoes, two boards to create different tiers and colorful dishes.

    http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/foodi#26 – Very geometric the early pic break down again into components. Meat is preparing to bake with lots of spices. And the recipe is not necessary. Very alive and talking picture. In it I like the combination of colors and textures. Again, easy negligence, which defines the dynamics of the entire frame. He wants rassamtrivat and consider, although the ingredients are absolutely plain and simple.

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-II/3 – Photos Matt filled with light. Springroll with bright accents, uneven dishes, a combination of shades of blue in a dish and background. Still fascinates. An interesting combination of transparent membrane roll and clear water in a glass.

    http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-I/7 – Dynamic photo with three ears of corn. Widen the finished result and the process – the brush in a jar of pesto and cheese cup, smeared with corn. Photo predlaget do the same with another cobs. Nice work with color. White background and green hues.

    So, in one frame these authors create a simple story about food, we see how it is possible to prepare or consume, what ingredients are used.

  • Vika Flow

    Hi everyone!

    I picked photos of Beatrice Peltre and Penny de los Santos.

    First photo http://www.beatricepeltre.com/ct2dsjx8qi3ddp52quofbvtrpv0psg – The apples. I can smell the flavour! It makes me feel peacefull and comfortable, like in a countryside house with natural hand-grown food. This photo has very calm vibe.

    Second – http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=1&p=3 – Cream. I wanna take a small piece of it and put it to my hubby’s nose!) There is funny and playful mood in this photo.

  • Vika Flow

    And some more photos.

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/0x92xox7vd17sraxs5au42lz3bm2pu – feels like a composition made by kid. But very serious and pedantic one! I love the background so much! Like a lot of Beatrice photos this one is so light and… may be weightless at all!

    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/0albv3q1r5kmblv38pitrh7xumabce – Could not imagine that soup can be mild and sweet like at this photo. It looks like lunch in a dollhouse, very healthy by the way.

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=3 – night chocolate party, when whole family is sleeping and you can enjoy the best treat. Alone!) (My precious!)

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=4&p=4 I don’t know why, but looking at this photo I feel like in a small Europe family restaurant, waiting for dinner with homemade vine. Where you know that the food is super fresh and tastes like nowhere else.

  • Tia Haygood

    Good Evening!

    Helene Dujardin and Terri Campbell are my two food photographers for this assignment. Helene Dujardin has a similar approach to food photography I’ve seen: Overhead shot, cropped plates, diffused lighting. On a technical standpoint I would like to practice more of how she shoots. On her Instagram page, there is a mixed salad shot at a very similar angle as I would typically shoot a photo. The color scheme of green, grey and beige is spot on. The color combination of the wine and food go very well. The background was highly considered when shooting the photo. You can feel the meal. There doesn’t seem to be a mismatch of anything elements at all. Shot very clean. https://instagram.com/p/8wANqrjlWh/?taken-by=helenedujardin

    Next, was Terri Campbell, the photos taken by this photographer are bolder compared to Dujardin. The diffused light on dark backgrounds is exactly the lighting I hope to achieve; I enjoy how Terri uses it. The action shot of the stacked raw beef tips stands out to me the most. Seeing that light highlight the tower of tips as well as the sprinkling salt adds to the anticipation of the meeting being cooked soon. If someone can make raw beef look delicious like that, you’re a darn good food photographer. http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/15

  • Harshita Mahajan-Photography

    I loved the pictures of Matt Armendariz. My particular favorites are these: the colors the textures…I feel something in my gut when I see these photographs. I can taste and smell them. The jam tarts, how the light effects the texture. I love the slightly rustic seemingly careless styling

  • Harshita Mahajan-Photography

    I found another photographer whom I loved. He is not in your list Neel. Mittongtare. His pictures are simple but amazing this example of steaming noodles gives me goosbumps


    He has made plastic cutlery look more fabulous than the most expensive silverwear and the eggs and baken look so fresh… I can taste the egg


    Sinful. The golden honey dripping from this waffle. How well he has used light:

  • cleos

    Hello everyone,

    While all the photographers suggested are extremely talented and I wish I could follow them all, I’m at this time more interested to study images that are bolder. I’ve made the conscious choice to follow Andrew Scrivani and Penny de los Santos. I find their strong and oxidized color palette combined with deeper shadows very impacting.

    My first selection is a picture from Penny de los Santos depicting poached eggs in tomato sauce. My eyes keep moving in a circle motion around the pan and end up falling back on the center. I experienced the same with many photos of Penny. She often shoot from the same overhead angle and convert the subject into a magnet for the eyes. The oxidized color palette, the cast iron and the bread suggest the dish is homemade following tradition. I imagine bold and strong flavors that are typical from rustic and organic food.

    Second choice is again a poached egg over spinach on a croissant. Andrew Scrivani loves moody shot and deep shadows and use them to create a mysterious atmosphere. My eyes pause back to the drip over and over. Again, strong colors, dark shadows, this is how a poached egg should taste … unique and peculiar. I can almost taste the velvety flavor of the yolk, maybe tomorrow morning!


  • Natalie McDermott

    Hi all,

    The first photographer I chose was Matt Armendariz. The first photo I chose was http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-III/8 (the meringue on the cake stand). The colour of the photo was what first caught my attention.

    The other photo I chose was from a photographer not on the above list. The photo is by Adriana Mullen. The photo is of some cheese (http://www.adrianamullenphotography.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=5&p=0). There are three pieces of cheese on a board. Again the colours are what drew me to the photo.

    Both the photos made me hungry and wanting to taste what was in the photo.

  • Linda Thornbrugh

    The first photographer I chose was Katie Quinn Davis. First photo was the Berry Rhubarb Crisp FQD_FOOD (18 of 96) http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/. I soon as I saw the photo I felt like I was a young girl back home with my
    mother in our kitchen. She had only taken this crisp out of the oven 20 minutes ago or so, and dished it up before it was totally cooled – the best way to eat a crisp. I felt a very strong sense of family and love from this photo. I also felt hungry!

    The second photographer I chose was Penny De Los Santos. I looked at her photos and kept coming back to this one http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=3 which is of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries – with many of the berries leaking juice thus staining a white linen napkin. Although I was drawn to the gorgeous colors of the photo I felt annoyed, almost angry at those red stains. That napkin will never be the same.

  • Pablo Minier

    Hello everyone,
    After going through the list of photographers I was drawn to a picture by Katie Quinn Davies http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-one/page/3/ (picture 89 of 96) because it not only looks appetizing but it also feels natural, like something you would be able to cook at home, it felt approachable. I also liked a picture by Aran Goyoaga for the very same reasons. http://www.arangoyoaga.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=20&p=0 (image 21)

  • Christa Chialtas Gault

    The two photographers I chose were Penny de los Santos and Helene Dujardin. Both of these photographers make me “hungry” to eat, gather & travel. They make me feel as if I am right there sharing a meal. Their compositions are simple, yet convey a story. I love the way they use light as well.

    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=0&a=0&at=0 This image makes me want to be at a bbq. The steak looks like it came fresh from the butcher. It is tough to make meat images appetizing, but I feel she is quite successful here. The salt & pepper on the sheet pan are elements that remind me of getting meat ready to grill. A gathering perhaps…I love the crumpled butcher paper and the scattered seasonings on the board. It feels homey…like I’m about to prepare fajitas.

    http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/untitled-gallery#23 This photo reminds me of pulling a hot, sweet dessert out of the oven. I love the 3 spoons in the pan — it reminds me of sharing something indulgent. I can smell the “baked” smell of sweet coming out of the oven.

  • Dorothy Drobney

    The first photographer I chose is Katie Quinn Davies – http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ – as I really like her style of shooting food scenes that are not perfect and sterile as many seem to be. My favorite is 45/109 – the roasted carrots as I feel like I can almost smell and fast them, the colors are so vivid. I also like the use of the crumpled parchment paper and the tarnished slotted spoon for serving. Other favorites were 34/109 and 48/109 – the latter because I love old vintage tins, and the berry muffins look so inviting served that way. The second photographer I chose is Matt Armendariz – http://www.mattarmendariz.com – because his photos are vibrant, deeply colored, and full of life! I am most taken with those in his ‘Still Life’ folder, and my favorite is the series with fresh figs with the varied perspectives, shot from the side and above. Second is the one with linens on the old chair – it’s clean yet rustic, and feels nostalgic. Third is the one with flowers, roses I believe, in the old metal pail with garden shears. It’s a dark and moody photo, yet gives an elegant feel.

  • Gayatri Iyer

    The first photographer I chose was http://www.beatricepeltre.com/0x92xox7vd17sraxs5au42lz3bm2pu Beatrice Peltre. I liked the way she kept the naturalness of the subject and made the whole photograph fun and bright. My favorite were-: 1. Fennel & Langoustine salad- The freshness of the salad comes out so clearly in the photograph, all the elements are very clear and noticable (the subject), a suppleness to that photgraph is there. Second favorite was the Le Tomato cerises: it almost feels that the tomato are grown in a green field which was subtlely highlighted with the green table and the white bandages, The multiple hues of the tomato comes out very clearly. Last photograph is the Les legumes Racines: It looks really fun, cute and colorful. Almost like a little girl who loves playing in the kitchen has designed this, The background cloth also gives a pretty background without stealing the thunder from the sunject. The props of the printed spoon again give a playful look to the whole story. Looks very pleasing and appealing to the eye.
    The second photographer I chose was Helen Dujardin http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/untitled-gallery#8. The first one I liked was Illustration#6 the cake piece with caramel sauce. The dark hues of the picture give it a sense of a dim winter day, which is suitable for a cake drizzled with caramel sauce, a warm feeling after eating one spoon of the cake. Second photograph is iluustration#3 The donuts have a freshness attached to it, a fresh batch of donuts with a layer of fresh caramel sauce. I can imagine exactly how would it taste and feel when I touch it-Sugary, soft and warm. The last photograph is illustration #25 The Bite of the pastry and chocolate has been shot very closely thus giving details on the bite size (almost like a Sherlock investigation), the black background pushes you to see the bite more carefully. A very unusual subject and gives a very detailed shot.

  • Philippa Sonnichsen

    First photo: http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=9&p=0.
    I feel inspired and awed by this photo of mole ingredients. I would never have thought to use a black background, but it works beautifully with the roasted peppers; and I would never have cropped the photo like Penny De Los Santos did, but this adds so much visual appeal. I also wouldn’t have used wilted oregano, but it contrasts wonderfully with the fresh and vibrant bay leaves. The arrangement of color is amazing. I feel inquisitive. I want the recipe.

    Second photo:
    Awe is probably the best descriptor of my feelings about this photo of figs. This is a dark photo on a dark background with large shadows, but I feel uplifted when looking at the photo. There’s a triad of cut figs, and the light green exterior catches the light. Most everything else is muted. The color of the plate is muted, and the placement of an old knife with a wooden handle is perfectly placed. A small amount of light must be shining horizontally from the top of the photo because it casts long shadows. The outlines of the figs to the side of the plate are not visible due to the lack of lighting. This photo is so complex even though it’s just a study of figs.

    Third photo:
    http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/, photo #40
    I chose this photo because it’s just a lovely example of props that work perfectly. Again – it’s inspiring. Katie Quinn Davies’s photo is of waffles, and actually the only time I would eat waffles is when there’s nothing else offered, so I’m not really impressed with the subject, but rather the composition. It also works perfectly with a light but muted background and I love the depth of field and photo angle. The waffles are pictured with a jar of preserves behind them in the same hue of brown. To the right of the preserves is a jar – of yogurt or cream – that is the same color as the plate. To the left of the preserves and a bit behind is a jug of flowers in a clear glass vase. So we have shiny glass and shiny plates. There are actually two stacked plates. Underneath the plates is a frayed grey napkin and underneath that is a circular peel – so we have 3 circles divided by a rectangular napkin. In front of these are 3 forks. They appear to be there haphazardly, but they are meticulously placed and add some shininess to the front of the photo and tie in the shiny plates and glass at the back.

  • Razena Schroeder

    I chose Helene Dujardin and Teri Campbell.

    The first photo I selected from Helene was http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/#3 a simple plated vegetable dish. What appealed to me was the lightness of the image and the beautiful colours of the vegetables. The set up looked very natural and not over fussy with too many unnecessary props.

    The second photo from Helene was http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/#30 a grilled cheese sandwich stack. It made me want to grab a slice. The colours of the melty cheese and the sliced vegetables are eye-catching.

    The first photo I selected from Teri was http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/4 a burger that looked juicy and made me want to grab it to take a bite. Even though there are a lot of brown tones from the bun and the burger meat and the props, the sliced vegetables peaking out gives an added colour dimension that breaks the brownness. I like the way the light catches the ketchup and lettuce on the left side.

    The second photo from Teri was http://www.teristudios.com/Food-&-Drink/16 a pavlova with blackberries and blueberries. The black tones of the berries against the beige background of the pavlova is quite eye-catching. I also like how the light bounces off the blackberries.

  • LindySez

    I chose Katie Quinn Davis as she seems to shoot a lot like how I would shoot. Light, uncluttered food focused. The first one I chose is http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ with the shrimp. I liked the colors in this shot, simple design with great light. The second shot I chose was of the parfait glasses. I actually chose this one http://www.katiequinndavies.com.au/category/food-two/ because I thought it really wasn’t all that great a shot. The light is good, the staging seems fine, but the photo seems out of focus. Not sure what the focal point should be.

    The second photographer I chose is Marcus Nelson. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1510 I love this shot of the steaks, it’s hard to make meat look good and he did. I love the use of the butchers paper in the raw shot, I love the hot flames in the cooking shot, I can feel the fire. I love that I can see all the seasonings on the meat, both raw and cooked. The steak looks very appealing to me. The second shot I chose http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1325. How simple is that? I love that it’s a can of milk. With drips. I love the drip. It’s so simple, yet so difficult to accomplish.

  • Vectoryfloor

    I picked a photo by Marcus Nilsson, it’s a used tea bag on white background. I like the red color that’s coming from of the bag, it could be paint as well. It’s a very minimalistic image, nothing much to see but this beautiful dark red, almost pink droplets from the bag. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1325

    From Penny de los Santos I chose a picture of a plate filled with figs. It’s a dark image, overall with some of the figs sliced open. That’s what attracts me, the bright inside color of the fruits, like tiny lit spots. I love the way the skin looks, velvet and smooth. Most of my pictures are shot against a dark background. http://www.pennydelossantos.com/sources/mobile2/index.php#portfolios/20/14

  • Drew Preston

    I view each photographer listed, I’ve picked one photo from a photographer on the list and went off list for my 2nd photo. Photographer – Tony Roslund. The photo I’ve picked from Matt Armendariz is a juicy cheese burger placed on a wooden cutting board. Its simply, not very cluttered – the main subject ( the yummy cheese burgler ) is basically full frame, positioned for the upper 2/3rds. I’m drawn to the texture in the cutting board, the contrast of colours in the cheese burgler.

    The 2nd photo from Tony Roslund (www.tonyroslund.com) is also a burger – probably shouldn’t have this lesson at supper time – its a close up, melting cheese and placed on a cut biscut of a tree – DOF – the burgler is the focus and the background is intentionaly blurred to bring attention to the burgler. Contrast and colours. Tony Roslund is one of my favourite photographers – Bombay Gin Photo is another that just speaks to me. Presence of the bottle, detail in the label, colours of the blue. The common theme amongst the photos I’ve picked – I want to eat or drink what’s in the photo! http://www.tonyroslund.com/food-photography/spokane-food-photographer-cheeseburger

  • Harry Villamil

    Hello everyone!
    I saw all the galleries and is very exciting to see all that stuff!
    First I want to talk about a photo from Marcus Nilson http://www.marcusnilsson.com/Pictures/?c=78&c2=90&p=1374 is amazing the sensations it provoques to me, is like “yumi” but at the same time is something that i feel like “natural”, I know it have to be a thinking in composition, elements, colour, etc, but I feel it like it have not a great level of production (of course it have it!) but the “natural factor” I fell is just great.

    In other hand seeing Beatrice photos, I choosed this one http://www.beatricepeltre.com/0x92xox7vd17sraxs5au42lz3bm2pu I feel the opposite, I mean I love the photo, it´s like a fairytale of food with these textures, tiny things, contrast, etc, I love it!

  • Carol Kopp

    Both the photographers I chose were from another source. I came across a site, Workbook.com and there are large number of food photographer’s portfolios there. I choose a photo from Jeff Kauck at jeffkauckphotography.com #49 and it is of a couple of jars of pickles, the main one being a big jar of pickled asparagus.The jar looks so clean and clear, yet rustic at the same time, but what draws me to the photo is the shadow of the jar on the wall behind. It gives it an artsy look, clean and bright up front, dark and mysterious behind.

    The second photographer was Ralph Smith at smithphoto.com It is of three pieces of roasted corn #65. It got my attention because I usually don’t like the brightly coloured photos depicting a summer party, (that doesn’t mean I don’t like a summer parties!) I like the festiveness about this photo even the corn looks like it’s there to have a good time. Not too clean, a bit messy like outdoor eating.

  • I chose Helene photo http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/#22. It just feels inviting and I love how the yellow pops. It looks like it’s just been made and ready to served. A homely feel.

    2nd: Matt Armendariz. 5th picture of the scrambled eggs and bacon with potatoes. It just makes me feel hungry! I love how the food is styled without looking staged. I like the 3 forks included in the picture so it feels like breakfast time at the weekend with the family.

  • For this assignment I chose Food Photographers Andrew Scrivani http://www.andrewscrivani.com and Penny De Los Santos http://www.pennydelossantos.com

    The three pictures I chose from Andrew Scrivani were:
    -The 18th picture from the right on the home page entitled “RECIPES FOR HEALTH poached egg and greens crostini”
    This first picture invoked a sense of ‘home-iness’ because I am a healthy eater and love to make myself poached eggs and greens quite
    often for breakfast, so this just took me back in my kitchen making
    breakfast for myself. The up close of the yolk running down the crostini
    helped to invoke this for me
    -The 22nd picture from the right entitled and “RECIPES FOR HEALTH Heirloom Tomatoes”
    This picture created of a sense of ‘wow’ for me. The variety of shapes and colours in the tomatoes against the dark wooden background were amazing!
    -The 27th picture form the right entitled “NY TIMES CLASSICS Smothered Chicken”
    This picture made me want to sit at a table and eat that chicken. I like the use of the rustic cutlery, the chicken looks perfectly cooked and I love gravy! So the use of the gravy just draped along the bottom of the plate was very inviting. I also like the light is coming in from the top left.

    The three pictures I chose from Penny De Los Santos were
    -http://www.pennydelossantos.com http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=2 This reminds me so much of a picture I recently took of some roasted butternut squash soup I made. I like the rustic spoons turned upside down and the use of the pumpkin seeds that are scattered
    -http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=6&p=2 This picture made my mouth water. The random bottle cap in the picture is a unique touch. This picture is active; it makes the viewer want to dish out out a soft taco with some of that delicious meat and chopped avocado for themselves.
    -http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=2 I absolutely love that the shrimp in this picture were kept whole. They are so vibrant and the large rustic fork completes the picture.

  • Sherry Saudi

    I chose Penny De Los Santos image. It tells a story with vibrant colors. It has a distinctive personality. It’s about the ingredients, they seem to dictate how they need to be photography. I like more of a artistic/ still life approach to food photography. It’s something I could hang on my wall as art.

  • Patricia

    I really enjoyed this exercise but it made me realise that I disliked more photos than I liked so my choice took longer than I thought.

    1. The first photographer I chose was Penny De Los Santos

    I liked the photo at

    I liked the fact that it just shows the whole dish without any distractions. For me the textures and colours were prefect. It was just the sort of food photo I like in that you could see it being put in front of you and you cannot resist the urge to eat it.

    The same can be said of the 2 photos at:

    Real food, ready to eat. Your attention is immediately attracted to the food and not the props.

    2. My second photographer was Andrew Scrivani

    The wonderful lighting and simplicity of this cake is inspiring.

    I also liked his gluten free pizza photo. Again it is the simplicity I like. A real phot of food. You are ready to eat it immediately.

    My final choice shows agin a simple dish. The colours, light and choice of garnish are wonderful.

  • Diane Reilley

    I chose Teri Campbell teristudios.com. I am drawn to the dark on dark photos because they bring your eye right to the “hero” and the lighting is just beautiful. His first photo of the burger makes me want to just eat it. Also love the pasta on a spoon photo and the beef in a skillet. All his photos are mouth watering.
    The next photographer I picked was Charles Schiller, charlesschiller.com His photos also are very warm and inviting. My favorite the pork chops in a pan in savory collection, breakfast collection – fried egg on a biscuit, soup, salad, sandwich collection – soup in a grey bowl. The lighting in all of these are just wonderful and make you want to just eat from the page.

  • karthika krishnan

    From the above photographers, I choose still life photos of Matt – http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Still-Life/10
    All the still life photos are styled minimally but then it strikes a chord. Be it a moody shot or bright light photos, it brings out the color of the subject and they are all too good at composition.
    About this particular photo, the leaves are styled using the books and the bottle. It just simple but then our eyes are attracted towards the plant. Both the plant and books are of the same color yet it is designed in such a way that our eyes are redirected towards the leaves. It is sidelit and the way the light is handled in the photo conveys warm feeling and soothing to eyes.
    The second photographer I choose is Teri and this photo
    We eat with eyes first. This photos perfectly fits for that. The photo depicts a breakfast table of a spring morning with light. The shadows are not hard and at the same time, the light is not harsh too. The photo has many elements in it and it is styled in such a way that it doesn’t looks clumsy. The composition of the plate with waffles, ice cream and strawberry invites people and creates tempting to have that which I feel is the real success of a food photographer. It is composed in such a way that light illuminates the entire breakfast plate – be it ice cream, strawberry, waffles and whipping cream – neither one dominates the other. At the back of the plate, there is a beautiful mess of the ice cream melting away which brings real touch to the photo.

    Third photos: http://www.teristudios.com/Food/1
    I loved this burger photo of her as it is shot perfectly to bring out all the elements in the burger – mushrooms, cheese, onion, tomato sauce lettuce, tomato, cheese melting. The photo connects with the readers and it looks fresh and inviting. That cheese melting was captured so fantastically.

  • Ingunn Løvik

    It took me a while to do this exercise as I found most of the photographs to be messy. The first photographer I chose was Penny De Los Santos. I like several of the photos, in particular the “up close and personal” ones. I chose this photo http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=3&p=4
    the cauliflower stands out as a flower, the colors are perfect. There are no props to distract, only the beauty of the cauliflower.

    My second photographer was Teri Campbell and the photo I chose was
    it is a very cozy photo, smells of warmth. Few props hence few distractions.

    The third picture, from De Los Santos was
    My eyes were drawn to the center first, but then I see the knife and then I’m curious and explore the rest of the picture. It is clean, however there is still lots of things in the picture.

    The fourth picture, from Teri was
    this looks very yummy, get’s me hungry. It is inviting, makes me want to join the table. I like the fact that not all of the plate is focused, and the dim light.

  • Anna Barri

    The first photographer I choose is Teri Campbell with this photo http://www.teristudios.com/Food/1
    It is just mouthwatering, I would lover to cross the screen and grab that burger. I also like on all his photos that he know what to focus your view in the principal subject and the dark mood with vivid colors that he uses. Another 2 photos I really like are:
    http://www.teristudios.com/Food/12 and http://www.teristudios.com/Food/23

    The second photographer is Katie Quinn Davies, I really loves the pic with the mini sponge cakes (financiers) with the raspberry in the middle.
    It makes me feel like it is a cold afternoon in the winter, I’m inside my house warm, eating these mini sponge cakes. It also gives me a sense of vintage, like if I was in the past.
    Other 2 pics: chocolate pavlovas and the berry pie. They make me feel the same sense than the first one, but these one for me are less crowded and more focused on the main subject.

  • Wendy Polisi

    I am completely obsessed with the work of Teri Campbell now! I love that most of the photos are darker, yet the colors are so vibrant. The food just jumps off the page and makes you want to eat it. Love the close ups and simple styling. All of the photos spoke to me, but here are three that I adore. http://www.teristudios.com/Food/1



    I also love the brighter look –> http://www.teristudios.com/Food/9

    I had a hard time choosing a second photographer, but ended up going with Helene Dujarin.

    Again, the vibrant colors on a darker background (which I almost never shoot on) really spoke to me. The colors just pop and make me almost taste the crispness of the vegetables.

    The lighting on this one is just stunning!


  • Oxana

    The first photographer I choose is not from list, is a russian photographer.
    I love the vibrant color and colorful pictures, they are almost bright. I also like that she work in different style and with interesting props. For me photos are elegant and luxury. The photos I like are:

    The second photographer is Helén Dujardin
    Bright colors, photos are natural, I like these photos:
    This looks very appetizing somebody has eaten a piece of this and we can see the consistency and component.

  • Margaret Wendell

    VIP student:
    I picked two photos from the portfolio by Penny De Los Santos:
    The first one http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=16&p=3 is of figs and I love it because it is dark and moody. I love the shadows and the way that the light hits the top of the figs. I also love the composition and minimal props. Hmmm … how do I feel? I don’t even like figs so it is interesting that I chose this photo. I feel comfortable and at the same time challenged by this photo.

    The second photo is much lighter http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=3. It is the second photo on that page (the meringues). I am impressed by its simplicity, by the light falling on the meringues and by the board she used as well as the sharpness of the image. I feel light and airy when I look at this photo.

    The second photographer I loved is Teri Campbell and I particularly like this meringue with berries on top: http://www.teristudios.com/Food/12. I again like the dark and moody feeling that I get from this photo. I love the light falling on the berries and the crispness of the image. I feel fresh and like I could just jump into that photo and eat the fruit on top of the meringue.

    The fourth photo I chose is from Katie Quinn Davies because I loved this one too. It is a photo of prune plums and again I like the dark and moody feeling that I get from it. The feeling that I get from this photo is that I want to explore what else is on that table and maybe grab a prune plum.

  • Linda Joyce

    I chose the photography of Helene Dujardin to study.
    I particularly like this one : http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/untitled-gallery#8
    Her depth of field is perfect. The subject is well focused, and the background nicely blurred to avoid competition with the subject. I like how the silverware isn’t overly shiny. The subject looks very tasty and the composition is very nice. I like the way she centered the subject and how she chose a vertical image for this dessert. The restaurant receipt as a prop is something I wouldn’t have thought of – but seeing how it helps to tell the story I understand why it is there, and it ties the food and props together, also giving me a sense of time (the lovely light) and place (restaurant).
    Two more of her photos I love are:
    http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/untitled-gallery#28 This one tells the story of a work in progress. It makes me wonder what the end result will be…cookies, maybe? cake? Yum.

    http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/untitled-gallery#12 I like the composition, focus and the dulled silverware . The spoonful of icing sugar waiting to the right side of the cake is the perfect addition to this photo. I do find myself wondering why there are more spoons sitting on the cake “plate”, although it looks nice anyway. The use of blank space at the top is ideal for adding text, and again, I like the vertical image as opposed to a horizontal. This cake in this image makes me want a piece – with icing sugar of course!

    Next photographers are Todd Porter and Diane Cu – they work as a team
    Photo 1: http://whiteonricecouple.com/recipes/artichoke-spinach-dip/ – I like this one’s very simple styling, and vertical display. The blue background and the coloured bowl and dish, nicely complements the white and green dip, without overpowering it. It tells the story of a party about to happen, and I can easily imagine people dipping the corn wedges into the steamy, warm dip. I want some!
    Photo 2: http://whiteonricecouple.com/recipe/images/Ghiradelli-Chocolate-2.jpg
    This photo immediately speaks to me. It shouts professionalism, yet it is so simple that I’m sure I could assemble this myself if I were to be prepping for company. It says “easy to prepare”, and you don’t even need a recipe. All you need to do is look at the photo and you see all the ingredients, how they are arranged, and exactly what chocolate to buy! Great composition, as there is no doubt what food is the hero here.
    Photo 3: http://whiteonricecouple.com/recipe/images/stove-top-mac-and-cheese-1.jpg
    I like the simplicity of this one. It says cheesy, homemade goodness. The cheesy macaroni pops right out from the blue, blurred background, and the white bowl and dish is not overpowering the subject. I like that there is blank space at the top right of this photo for text. And again, this is something I could put together myself – easy recipe – easy, simple photo.

  • Marina Skår


    I choose Marcus Nilsson – he tells story that I really like!
    First photo from him: http://www.marcusnilsson.com/xaltwfyz64y8mnk1x755qovqluor9r
    There are so interesting colors! And it “looks” like it have not being big preparations work before.

    Second photographer is Beatrice Peltre. I like her creativity and not banality in plots choose.
    http://www.beatricepeltre.com/fjpc63rtq1y5yxzlro3ail6ji79vb5 This simmetry fascinates and charms me!

  • Susan David


    Teri Campbell is my first pick (http://www.teristudios.com). His photographs bring me right into the photo. I feel like I’m the one eating what has been placed in front of me. The vibrant colours and closeups of the food on the darker background seem to pop.
    http://www.teristudios.com/Food/22 – This cookie – I want this cookie so much I can almost taste it.

    Here are two more examples of mouth watering photos of food I want to get my hands on.
    http://www.teristudios.com/Food/12 – I like the soft lighting on the pavlova bringing out the textures
    http://www.teristudios.com/Food/1 – Again the light and shadow play here are great along with the added elements of the glass and utensil

    Mowie Kay is my second pick (http://www.mowiekay.com). I like the freshness in his shots. Simplicity in his ingredient photographs and the fact that he incorporates the human hand in some of his photographs also pull me in. His website unfortunately doesn’t allow me to show specific photos so I’ve pulled some from his Instagram.
    https://www.instagram.com/p/BD8LoMXRqtf/?taken-by=mowiekay – The person sifting flour into the pan is a great example of having someone in the shot. I like seeing the behind the scenes action and the perceived movement in the photo makes me feel as though I’m siting at the table.

    Two more examples I loved:
    https://www.instagram.com/p/BEbN3RmRquy/?taken-by=mowiekay – simplicity of the lemons on the white background make it feel fresh and clean.
    https://www.instagram.com/p/BETcghPRqh2/?taken-by=mowiekay – the moody atmosphere, the steam coming off the tea all pull me in and leave me expectantly waiting for my cup.

  • Anna Zazdravnaya

    Hi everyone)

    I didn’t follow any food photographer as I thought that I would just copy their work and not have my own thoughts. Yes, I see that it was mistake) So, I don’t even know food photographers and I looked through the Neel’s list
    Apparently I have no taste at all because I can’t even understand why Marcus Nilsson is one of the best, I don’t like his pictures at all..
    Well from all of these honorable persons I choose Teri Campbell because I became really hungry after watching his photos)))
    Most of all I liked this one http://www.teristudios.com/Food/8 as it looks very very tasty, delicious, juicy, hot and if I saw this picture in menu I would definitely take this meat) For me that means that photo does its job for 100% and that is my goal.
    My second choice is http://www.teristudios.com/Food/12 that picture make me feel very calm and comfortable, it is fresh, airy and stable, fundamental – all in one, don’t know how to explain better. I would place it somewhere in my home to look at it’s tiny details, to feel freshness and stability. I would place it in my workplace, above my laptop or in the kitchen.
    Third photo is http://www.teristudios.com/Drinks/9 – I liked how he works with ice in drinks. This photo makes me even listen that pssst sound and when tiny bobbles go up and fizz , and I want to drink coda at once)))

    The Second photographer is Penny De Los Santos
    http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=16&p=3 is my favorite. I feel comfortable, solitude and quiet happiness it is like when you read your favorite book and nobody interrupt you. It is so private. Liked it very much.
    I also like that one http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=2&p=0&a=0&at=0 as it feels like spring itself. Very fresh.
    And http://www.pennydelossantos.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=5&p=2&a=0&at=0 these set is looks so natural, tasty, fresh and mouthwatering for me no mater that I’ve never ate something like that, I want to try now))

  • I have chosen 2 food photographers, Betty Liu and Brooke Bass.
    I chose Betty Liu’s ‘Pear and jasmine green tea baked oatmeal’
    The soft greys and whites felt very serene and I loved the way there was a lot of white space around the dishes. The food and the draped cloth created a trangular shape. The two cloths, which were draped around and under the food created a path for the eye to follow.

    The second Betty Liu photograph I chose was one on which partly filled shells were scattered on the picture frame, filling some of the centre and top left hand side but again leaving plenty of white space. It had a playful, unfinished and creative feel about it. The rough grey background with looked as if large drops of water had fallen here and there provided a pleasing contrast.My attention was drawn to the small round bowl with its vibrant green dressing. I felt like dipping my finger in and having a taste.The knife had been cropped so that only some of it was visible which made me wonder what else might be outside the frame.

  • Sara Gennari

    I choose Katie Quinn Davies as my first choice. Dish with plums. looking at this picture I feel a sense of peace, but also of mystery. the atmosphere is rustic and simple but conveys warmth and hospitality.second photo I chose is the chocolate cake with raspberries. the photo gives me freshness and love of cooking, I feel the scent of chocolate and gives me a lot of peace of mind.The third picture is the box of muffins with raspberries, which gives me freshness, sharing and love for the rustic flavors.

    The second photographer is Teri Campbell.The first photo is the pavlova with blackberries and blueberries: gives me peace and quiet, and a warm and reassuring environment.the second is the cutting board with onions and mushrooms, which gives me the love of cooking and the joy of a quiet and peaceful environment.the third is the chocolate cake that gives me a feeling of warmth, freshness and peace.

  • My first photographer is Kyle Dreier
    I love how he work with light and how gorgeous he fills the space in an image

    My 1st choice:

    This makes me feel that I’m on the outdoor, on a warm sunny day, which tends to decline; in my hand a bottle of cold beer and fun evening is just beginning

    My 2st choice


    I like the colors and composition. And I feel the coldness and freshness of popsicles.

    My second photographer is Stephen Hamilton

    I like his work with light too and his magical ability to immerse you in the atmosphere of the image

    The first one is Egg


    I feel coziness of Sunday morning, there is no need to rush, it’s my morning and I have soooo tasty yolk , and I really want to eat this!

    And the second one is:


    I like the warm mood of this photo, and I feel like it smells of freshly roasted pasta!

  • Gerardo Robles Gil

    My first option is TERI CAMPBELL, I like his style and simplicity with which presents the dishes, I like very much the environment that creates the dark background, for me, generates the feeling of peace and warmth, isolating the dish of everything that surrounds it , creates a moment of intimacy between the dish and the observer, by seeing his pictures, I cannot avoid the feeling of hunger. The freshness of the food awakens a whim and a desire to eat immediately. as in the photographs 1/23 the hamburger, the 12/23 merengue with blueberries and the pork ribs 14/23
    My second option is Helen Dujardin, I like the way she presents the dishes, in a way that have already been eaten, makes me want to try them too.

  • Suchita A Kalele

    It was hard to pick just two photographers and even harder was to choose just one photograph from each of them. They are all awesome with impressive photographs to their credit !
    The first image that I choose for my first exercise (lesson1) is by Matt Armendariz http://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-I/7. It’s the image of freshly barbecued corn.
    I like its simplicity! There are very few things in the frame yet it makes an appealing and strong image. I like how corn is the hero here and my eyes go to it first. I feel that story is about freshly barbecued corn ready to be eaten with just a few dressings/condiments. This image brings back memories from my childhood, where during monsoon season the local farmers used to sell freshly cut corn by the roadside on the hand pulled carts. They used to roast the corn on a small charcoal oven and after roasting, they used to douse the corn in lemon and salt red chili powder mixture. I could even smell the freshly barbecued corn looking at this image.

    The second photo is by Penny De Los Santos of three soup bowls http://www.pennydelossantos.com/sources/mobile2/index.php#portfolios/24/0.
    This photo has a very cozy homey feeling to it. This photo takes me to a nice, cozy and warm kitchen during a cold evening, where a nice and warm soup bowl is offered to me and I am instantly comforted. I love the simple garnish of cream, pepita seeds and peprika to make soup more inviting. I like how the colors (props and background) in this image are neutral and compliment each other so well.

  • Christa Chialtas Gault

    First off…I loved all of these photographers. The first image I chose was from Helene Dujardin. It is a coffee image http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com/#14. I love the overall felling that this image evokes. It feels like coffee with a friend on a late morning. The lighting feels ethereal, and I love the way she styles both the coffee and the use of beautiful props in the frame. The second photo is from Aran Goyoaga https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5849d0d9ebbd1a356c42a94c/5879cef32e69cf9945200ccb/5879cf0017bffc8c1ebd8b94/1484377860309/Food6.jpg?format=2500w. I love the visual story that is being told here. She added a “human” element with the sandy feet and the shadows falling on the blanket and food. I feel like I am right there having a beach picnic (one of my favorite things to do on the weekend). I am taking in the whole scene, not just the food.

  • Ked Yamakanond

    I love Katie Quinn Davies photographs. http://www.whatkatieate.com. i love her approach to light. It’s always welcoming and her photos invites you in. I pick a photo of her favourite pasta to make. Spaghetti with tomato,bacon, mint and capers. The photo shows the rustic table and a blurred chair in the background. The pan of spaghetti looks like it’d just been placed on the table ready for you to tuck in!! The use of side light is beautiful and effective. The focus on the food is lovely and sharp, yet creates warmths and comfort.

    Second photo is from Helene Dujardin. http://www.helenedujardinphoto.com. It’s a photo of a salad that had just been served from the main plater. The white table and cloth under the plates gives the the sense of lightness and relaxation. The photo invites you the setdown in a calm and bright atmosphere and have a healthy lunch. The contrast of the green leaves works so well against the neutral background.

    • Great choice. Salads are one of the hardest foods… and Helene has a great style of bring them to life.

  • Robin Donovan

    I started with Marcus Nillson. I like his photos because they give a feeling of fun and playfulness. Saturated colors, messy splatters of food/sauce, makes me want to have fun with the food, not take it too seriously, but enjoy it in all its bright, colorful messiness.
    1. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/gallerygq/teya18fffjphigfu6cmuzaoeblekr3
    I want to be sitting at this table eating these tacos. The background color is bright and fun without detracting from the food. Love the
    way the hot sauce I splattered over the plate, not meticulously applied. This looks like a delicious meal to pick up and eat with your hands.

    2. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/contramar-1/icmcuhnp1wjmjqubu5j5xwbayz048p
    Love the playful arrangement of fish/octopus. Again, the background color and arrangement of the food items make it seem playful and fun. The light leads my eye through the center of the action.

    3. http://www.marcusnilsson.com/gallerygq/4js0lnf4bwi0sgobpox7d9sj4wpehs
    The arrangement of the fruit and the colors make it look playful and fun. Looks like a fun BBQ! I love the pooled juice—is that lemon
    zest in it? Again, the messiness makes it look fun and I feel like I can smell/taste the fruit.

    The second photographer I picked is Teri Campbell. Teri’s photos are much quieter than Marcus’. They aren’t
    serious, but are more peaceful, relaxing, homey. They make me want to sit down at the table and savor the food.

    1. http://www.teristudios.com/Food/15
    This honeycomb picture is beautiful. It is warm and quiet, but also has (slow) movement with the honey dripping down. Love the side light and the way it illuminates the honey comb so that it looks like jewels.

    2. http://www.teristudios.com/Food/5
    This photo of pasta on a fork (with a bowl of pasta behind) is so simple, but it really drew me in. The bright light makes it feel very
    airy—I feel like I am sitting in a café with tons of windows. The pasta looks creamy and delicious. The angle of the fork is unexpected, but the way the light reflects off the fork handle pulls the photo together, directing my eye right to that luscious looking bite of pasta.

    3. http://www.teristudios.com/Food/12
    The light reflecting off of the berries really accentuates their juicy, plump, freshness. The “messiness” of the set up makes it inviting.
    It’s a beautiful dessert, but I wouldn’t be afraid to dive in and taste it. The dark background and antique platter give it a welcoming, homey feel. Like grandma’s kitchen. If grandma was an amazing pastry chef (ie not my grandma!) There is something old-fashioned about the pavlova, the dishes, and the light that makes it feel nostalgic.

  • Jo Clark

    I viewed photos by Helene Dujardin first – just liked her name. And immediately found a shot I liked:


    Zucchinetti! — and fresh shrimp – YUM! I’m ready to dig in…keep twirling that fork! Love it when the photo makes me want to eat!

    Then I viewed two others that didn’t impress me. One was Katie Quinn – part of a “scene” – some too busy – also, not a fan of her website–not what I think of as “user Friendly”

    Then I viewed Marcus Nilsson’s site.


    I LOVE the shadow created by sun coming through the pattern of the glass.

    What I think appealed to me in both cases, was the “fresh and now” feeling – fresh ingredients, looking like they were just made – and being outside (sun making that shadow.)

    Now, for two more from the same photographers:
    Helene Dujardin:


    I like this because it looks like it is “fresh out of the pot” and the cheese is just grated.

    My next shot is from Marcus Nilsson:


    All that lovely fruit, grilled – makes my mouth water. Again, I’m attracted to fresh ingredients – and the outdoors.

  • Alan Sharp

    My first choice was Teri Campbell. I love the large variety of different foods he does.
    The photo I chose was a dish of macaroni, cheese and bacon, although this was a primarily yellow dish it does have other colors in minor amounts. This photo was very stylish, and I could have sat down and eaten this straight away.

    My second photographer was Beatrice Peltre. I love her use of food with berries, as they are on my favorite list. The photo I chose was Chocolate Gratin, although I am not much of a dessert person this dish was both basic and stylish with the use of the berries on the top.

  • Alan Sharp

    Teri Campbell photo 2 is the skillet meat dish http://www.teristudios.com/Food/8 , this dish is well presented, and the meat appears so moist and tender, and it makes you feel that you can actually taste it without even eating the dish.
    Photo 3 is the Pavlova topped with blueberries and blackberries http://www.teristudios.com/Food/12 . Although this is pretty much a basic dessert, it is well presented and with the topping of berries gives a mouthwatering and delicious appearance.

    Beatrice Peltre Photo 2 is Les framboises http://www.beatricepeltre.com/98x9a0ncuadumw1ag7ofawymhvnny4. Although very simple, these berries give the appearance of being offered to the viewer, or as part of another dessert.
    Photo 3 is Red Currant Cakes http://www.beatricepeltre.com/z9tukz0oqjpuowxokcfaaa3v0n6et4 . These have a great appeal in the use of the Red Currents along with the Raspberries, and give the appearance of a basic but not bland cake with the sweetness of the berries added on top.

  • What struck me on both Beatrice Peltre http://www.beatricepeltre.com/k5rr09dts0r21glijx52dodjmqfjgd and Jim Learsch http://www.lerschphoto.com/culinary.htm ‘s images was the use of color to tell the story. Peltre’s use of color is softer and gives more of an impression of a meal sitting outside. Learsch has a bolder use of color, everything is bright and deep. I personally tend towards that kind of color palatte in my own work.

  • Razena Schroeder

    Matt Almendariz – Beautifully lit food with unfussy styling and no superfluous props. The food is always the hero. My choice is the Second photo https://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-II/1. I literally want to reach out and grab a lamb chop from the dinner table. The photos make me think of sharing meals withfamily and friends.
    My other choice is the Couple eating fruit pie https://www.mattarmendariz.com/Food/Food-III/14 – I can imagine sitting at the
    kitchen table having pie with a friend.

    Goyoaga – Every photo tells a story with its subject and styling. The food is always the hero.
    First one is the breakfast table set for three with eggs, mushrooms and cheese. These are beautifully atmospheric and in
    every one there is a reminder of where the food comes from or that it was madefrom scratch.
    The colors and natural fabrics don’t look dull or boring but add their own texture. Second one is Shrimps with garlic that is very simple but looks so inviting to the viewer.

  • Eddie

    It’s hard to pick which one. They’re all good. I think i’ll go with Teri Campbell (http://www.teristudios.com/Food/17) and Aran Goyoaga. Those prawns were well lit. It’s so tantalising. I feel food shots should bring out this kind of feel. As for Aran, the simplicity just captured one’s emotions. I love her colour tones and colour matching. Been trying to get that.